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HRSocialHour Wonder Women Episode 7 - Wendy & Anne talk to Jen Daniel

n this episode of #HRWonderWomen, Wendy and Anne talk to Jen Daniel, Native American talent acquisition pro out of Seattle. Jen is a member of the Wendat (Wyandot) Tribe. We talk about the challenges of bias and language and Wendy commits to no longer using the HR Tribe hashtag — take a listen. As we discussed on other episodes, words matter. Jen recommends: Katrina Kibben Twila Baker @indigenia on Twitter Dr Katherine Crocker @cricketcrocker on Twitter SMDiversity: Steven Matly and...


Episode 58 - Jon & Wendy talk to John Baldino

We're joined by John Baldino, President of Humareso in Philadelphia, PA. We talk about what John sees as the biggest issue employers are currently facing, the power of Twitter, and challenges trade organizations are dealing with in 2019. John's recommendations: How to reach John: If you're attending WorkHuman 2019, be sure to look for Jon (and John). Be sure to join us...


Episode 57 - Jon & Wendy talk to Christie Engler

We're joined by Christie Engler, Director of Client Services at Consolidated Employer Services, Inc. in Columbus, OH. We talk about challenges of HR in small businesses, blogging, and Styx. Christie embraces living in the gray and you'll understand why after listening. Christie's recommendation: How to reach...


Episode 56 - Jon & Wendy talk to Don MacPherson

We're joined by Don MacPherson, Polymath-in-Training and founder of 12 Geniuses. We talk about how he started in employee surveys, what excites him about the future of the workplace, and how HR practitioners can guide change. Don and Wendy also talk about how growing up in small towns helped shape them. How to reach Don: Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each month at 7 PM ET for the #HRSocialHour chat on Twitter!


Episode 55 - Jon & Wendy talk to Brad Galin

We're joined by Brad Galin, Director of Human Resources for Portage Public Schools in Portage, MI and President of Allegro HR. We talk about making the move from private to public sector, HR challenges he faces in public schools, and rollercoasters? Yes, rollercoasters! Brad's recommendation: How to reach Brad: Check out...


HRSocialHour Wonder Women Episode 6 - Wendy & Anne talk to Wendy Berry

This is the Wendy-squared episode. We talk about the challenges an LGBTQ+ woman faces in the workplace; we even talk about FMLA! Wendy is the first openly gay West St Paul city council member and we talk about her campaign, her kids and her best advice for employers: don't wait for employees to ask, you can make those easy small changes to start the road to gender-inclusiveness. You can reach Wendy on Twitter as @thewendyberry.


Episode 54 - Jon & Wendy talk to Tiffany Kuehl

We're joined by Tiffany Kuehl, Director of HR Search for Versique in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. We talk about the differences between third party and corporate recruiting, the challenges of leading volunteers (Tiffany's also the Director of the Minnesota SHRM State Council), X-Files, and baseball. Tiffany's recommendation: How to reach Tiffany: Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday each...


HRSocialHour Wonder Women - The Future of Wonder Women 1 on 1

Wendy & Anne share their vision for #HRWonderWomen. We will continue to share the voices of under-represented women, but look to share their individual stories! The shortest distance between two people is a story. We are always looking for under-represented female voices to join us on the show and we look to you to make new introductions! Join the conversation with us on Twitter (@wyndall93 & @annetomk) and share your story!


Episode 53 - Jon & Wendy talk to Natasha Desjardins

We're joined by Natasha Desjardins, a Human Resources professional based in Washington, DC. We talk about her path to HR, her passion for serving others, and much more. She's an amazing human being and we're glad to have her as part of our community! Natasha's recommendation: How to reach Natasha: If you were a Girl Scout, contact Wendy to take part in her daughter's podcast. Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each...


Episode 52 - Jon & Wendy talk to Tracie Sponenberg

We're joined by Tracie Sponenberg, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for The Granite Group in Concord, NH and the founder of HR Rebooted. We talk about her interest in HR from an early age, why she started HR Rebooted, and she gives us a teaser for her presentation at SHRM19! Jon and Wendy also share their 4 words for the year. Tracie's recommendation: How to reach...


Episode 51 - Jon & Wendy talk to Jonathan Segal

We're joined by Jonathan Segal, a management attorney, writer, and public speaker. We beat technical issues to talk about being a male ally, pay equity, and cats...a lot about cats. All this and Wendy introduces the new and improved question connection! Note that there is no legal advice issued during this episode. Jonathan's connection recommendation: How to reach...


Episode 50 - Jon & Wendy celebrate!

We made it to 50! In this episode, we answer listener questions, talk about our favorite moments over the last year, and laugh...a lot. Thank you all who have taken part so far and stay with us for more! You can find Ben Eubanks' book here. Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each month at 7 PM Eastern for the #HRSocialHour chat on Twitter!


HRSocialHour Wonder Women Episode 5 - Wendy & Anne talk to Tamara Rasberry

In this episode of #HRWonderWomen, Wendy & Anne talk with their good friend Tamara Raspberry. We talk about the importance of the words you choose and how can we as HR professionals start normalizing conversations around mental health. Who is Tamara reading? Sarah Morgan and Margaret Spence. Connect with Tamara on Twitter.


Episode 49 - Jon & Wendy talk to Chris Fields

We're joined by Chris Fields, owner of Résumé Crusade. We talk about résumés good and bad, his involvement with Performance I Create and Code Crew, and Chris tells us visiting a certain musician's estate will more than likely make him pass out. Chris' recommendations: How to reach Chris: The speaker application for Namely's HR Redefined is due...


Episode 48 - Jon & Wendy talk to Andi Devers

We're joined by Andi Devers, Human Resources Business Partner and blogger. We talk about her path to HR from a Biology/Pre-Med degree, the challenges of being an HRBP, and Andi answers the biggest question the HRSocialHour faces, "Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?" Jon and Wendy also say farewell to the Hostile Work Environment podcast, which you should listen to if you haven't already ( Andi's...


Episode 47 - Jon & Wendy talk to Anthony Paradiso

We're joined by Anthony Paradiso, HR Business Partner and Account Executive with Industrial U.I. Services in the greater New York City area. We talk about how he landed his job through Craigslist, unconscious bias, and Anthony's volunteering at all levels with SHRM. Anthony's recommendations: How to contact Anthony: Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each...


Episode 46 - Jon & Wendy talk to Baskaran Ambalavanan

We're joined by Baskaran Ambalavanan, Principal Consultant with Hila Solutions in Irvine, CA. We talk blockchain, working globally, and Jon recaps his experience presenting at DC Podfest. Baskaran's recommendations: How to reach Baskaran: Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each month at 7 PM Eastern for the #HRSocialHour chat on Twitter!


Special Episode - The 2018 Pop Culture Roundtable

In this very special mega sized episode, Jon is joined by previous podcast guests Michael Mullady, Chris Orozco, and Lorena Pabón to talk about the year in pop culture. We talk about our favorite movies, TV shows, podcasts/music, and events of 2018 that were memorable. We don't talk much about HR however you're bound to pick up some great recommendations for things you should check out. How to reach our...


Episode 45 - Jon & Wendy talk to Jason Lauritsen

We're joined by Jason Lauritsen, speaker, author, and HR consultant. We talk about starting in sales, his new book "Unlocking High Performance," and more! Jason's recommendations: How to reach Jason: As we approach our 50th episode, please let us know about your favorite episodes, guests, and moments of the show! Tweet, email, carrier us. Be...


HRSocialHour Wonder Women Episode 4 - Wendy & Anne talk to Aiko Bethea

In this episode of the #HRWonderWomen, Wendy & Anne talk to Aiko Bethea and discuss the challenges not just for Women of Color, but those in the LGBTQ+ community. Aiko’s recommendations: Cher Jones Avis Jones-Deweever How to reach Aiko: Instagram: rare_coach Thanks to Skill Scout for their production assistance on this episode.