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Special Episode - Jon & Wendy talk to Debra Squyres of Namely

In this very special episode, we're joined by Debra Squyres, Chief Client Officer for Namely. We talk about her time as an HR practitioner, what a Chief Client Officer does, and what Debra is learning from her clients about the major issues they face daily. Debra's recommendations: (HR Open Source) How to reach...


Episode 32 - Jon & Wendy talk to Chris Orozco

We're joined by Chris Orozco, Team Member Relations Manager with Win-River Resort & Casino in Redding, CA. We talk about how he first got into HR, being genuine online, what he wants to do when he grows up, and Wendy gets a kick out of Chris' favorite music. Chris' recommendations: (Eric Barker) How to reach...


HRSocialHour Wonder Women Episode 1 - Wendy & Anne talk to Margaret Spence

In this special series, Wendy and Anne Tomkinson will be interviewing women of color in and around the HR profession. Their first guest is Margaret Spence, speaker, consultant, and founder of the Employee to CEO project. Margaret's recommendations: How to get in touch with...


Episode 31 - Jon & Wendy talk to Mary Faulkner

We're joined by Mary Faulkner, Director of Human Resources for Denver Water in Denver, CO. We talk about how she got into HR after pursuing a physics degree in college, avoiding issues with your company management in writing a blog on leadership, being involved in Disrupt HR, and Mary gets her own theme music (a first on the podcast). Mary's recommendations: (Paul Hebert) How to reach...


Episode 30 - Jon & Wendy talk to Ben Eubanks

We're joined by Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst with Lighthouse Resarch & Advisory in Huntsville, AL and host of the "We're Only Human" podcast. In this mega sized episode, Ben shares his passion for our profession, how AI is really changing HR, how he gets everything done with a young family at home, and Jon tells the story of how they first met (trust us, you won't believe it). Ben's recommendations: How...


Episode 29 - Jon & Wendy talk to Carlos Escobar

We're joined by Carlos Escobar, Learning and Talent Management Specialist with Alamo Colleges in San Antonio, TX. We talk about his the differences of working in private business and academia, being the Director of College Relations for Texas SHRM, and Carlos blows Jon's mind with his current favorite band. Carlos' recommendations: (Brene Brown) (Laurie Ruettimann) (Jessica Miller-Merrell) How to reach...


Episode 28 - Jon & Wendy talk to Melanie Peacock

We're joined by Dr. Melanie Peacock, owner of Double M Training and Consulting as well as an Associate Professor of Human Resources at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We talk about how she fell in love with HR, presenting at SHRM18, and laugh...a lot. By the end of the episode, you'll see why Jon and Wendy both call Melanie their favorite Canadian. Melanie's recommendations: (Dave Ulrich) How to reach...


Episode 27 - Jon & Wendy talk to Amanda Brunson

We're joined by Amanda Brunson, HR Generalist with RW Block Consulting, Inc. in Orlando, FL. We talk about how she figured out what she didn't want to do early in her career, being part of SHRM's YPAC group, and all of us complain about the heat. Amanda's recommendations: (Andy Masters) (Steve Gilliland) How to reach Amanda: Be sure to join us...


Episode 26 - Jon & Wendy talk to Gemma Toth

We're joined by Gemma Toth, owner of All in HR Services Consulting in Omaha, NE. We talk about challenges she's encountered in her career, being part of the #SHRM18 Blog Squad, and Wendy talks about her birthday plans (don't worry, I don't sing to her). Gemma's recommendations: (Jonathan Segal) #HRTribe If you're an international listener and are interested in taking part in the podcast, contact us. Be sure to join us the 4th Sunday of each month at 7...


Episode 25 - Jon & Wendy talk to Dave Ryan

We're joined by Dave Ryan, Director of Human Resources for Mel-O-Cream Donuts in Springfield, IL. We talk about a time before Federal Express, getting management to buy into using social media for recruiting, and how he came to be known as "The HR Czar." Dave's recommendations: (Mike VanDervort) (John Hyman) (Eric Meyer) How to reach...


Episode 24 - Jon & Wendy talk to Claire Petrie

We're joined by Claire Petrie, Talent Acquisition Manager with Remedy Intelligent Staffing in Buffalo, NY. We talk about making the move from corporate HR to third party, how LinkedIn video has helped Claire in networking, and Jon and Wendy introduce a new segment to the show, HR Superfriends! Claire's recommendations: (Mary Faulkner) How to reach...


Episode 23 - Jon & Wendy talk to our international SHRM18 Blogger pals part 2

It's the second part of our conversations with several of the international SHRM18 Bloggers. We spoke with Mofota Sefali (Pan-African as she describes herself), Anish Aravind from India, and Renee Robson from New Zealand living in Australia! How to reach Mofota: How to reach Anish: How to reach Renee: Be sure...


Episode 22 - Jon & Wendy talk to our international SHRM18 Blogger pals part 1

We had the great opportunity to talk to several of the international SHRM18 Bloggers and are sharing those conversations with you! First up, Sel and Ben Watts of Watts Next HR from Australia and Kavi Arasu from India! How to reach Sel: How to reach Ben: How to reach Kavi: Be sure to...


Episode 21 - Jon & Wendy talk to each other

In this mega episode, Jon and Wendy sat down face to face with a microphone LIVE from SHRM18 in Chicago, IL! Jon tells a story that's bound to become HRSocialHour legend, they ask each other questions that you the listeners developed, Wendy does her best Linda Belcher impression, and more. You'll laugh, you'll cry (maybe), you'll definitely learn a lot more about your hosts. How to contact Wendy: How to contact...


Episode 20 - Jon & Wendy talk to Paula Harvey

We're joined by Paula Harvey, Vice President of Human Resources for Schulte Building Systems in Hockley, TX. It's hard to describe just how special this episode turned out to be as Wendy and Paula decided they're sisters! Family being made on the podcast... Paula's recommendations: How to reach Paula: Be sure to join us June...


Episode 19 - Jon & Wendy talk to Jessica Miller-Merrell

We're joined by Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of Workology. We talk about why she started #NotAtSHRM, upcoming enhancements to the Workology site, and Jessica and Jon connect over classic rock and marching band! Jessica's recommendations: How to reach Jessica: (request to join the Not At SHRM...


Special Edition - Jon talks to Gordon Collier of My Career FIT Podcast

In this special edition, Jon talks to Gordon Collier, Owner of Pipeline Search Solutions and creator/host of the My Career FIT podcast. Jon and Gordon talk about their parallel career tracks in Richmond, how HR and recruiting is the Collier family business, and why Gordon decided to start his podcast to market job opportunites to prospective candidates. Listen to My Career FIT at or on your favorite podcast...


Episode 18 - Jon & Wendy talk to Cheryl Nelson

We're joined by Cheryl Nelson, Human Resources Manager with Robins Kaplan LLP in Minneapolis, MN. We talk about the changes she's seen in HR and the legal profession during her career, the benefits of blogging, and she tells us where the skeletons are buried. Cheryl's recommendations: (Sharlyn Lauby) How to reach...


Special Edition - Wendy talks to Justin Kruger of KyndHub

In this special episode, Wendy talks to Justin Kruger of KyndHub, an online community for practicing, sharing and inspiring kindfulness. To learn more, visit


Episode 17 - Jon & Wendy talk to Mary Williams

We're joined by Mary Williams, Vice President of Operations and Human Resources with Clear Digital Media/ClearSounds Communications in Naperville, IL. We talk about Mary's experience as a "Department of One" and Jon pulls a connection to her favorite TV show. Mary's recommendations: (Simon Sinek) (Cy Wakeman) (HR Book Club) How to reach...