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HP013: Why It’s Fine to Brag About Volunteering- and What to Buy for a Voodoo Priest

Episode 13 SUPPLEMENTAL CONTENT: In minute 5, Joe mentions the book “Talk Like Ted.” Here’s a link to that book. At about 5:50, in the context of TED talks, Pete mentions “awkward silences. It makes me sweat just to share this with you, but in the spirit of healing from one of the most traumatic 4 minutes of my life, here’s why. Here’s a link to the newest incarnation of the nonprofit that Pete cofounded. For those of you who’ve never had the good fortune of visiting Northern...

HP012: James Pawelski, PhD: "Happy Together," "Positive Humanities," and the Pursuit of Happiness

Dr. Pawelski talks about measuring happiness- and how creative endeavors can boost it. Jon says there’s nothing more American than the pursuit of happiness, dammit.

HP011: Can Happitalists Get the Big Things Done? Also Am I Rich Enough to be a Happitalist?

Episode 11 Happitalists identify and engage in activities that directly maximize their well-being. This sounds pretty indulgent and self-serving; so in this episode we explore how happitalist thinking can help humanity get the big stuff done. We also urge you not to defer well-being until you’re “rich enough” (you are already rich enough). SUPPLEMENTAL CONTENT: Around 10:45, Joe mentions Simon Sinek and his book “Start with Why.” Here’s the relevant website. Plus, here’s a very recent...

HP010: It’s a Miracle We Survived- Pete and the Origins of Happitalism

Episode 10 Pete’s always had a conviction that life should revolve around something bigger than economics. An itinerant childhood gave him an outsider’s perspective, a legal education refined his analytical bent, running a business tested his worldview, an obsession with positive psychology and well-being science coalesced these influences into the economic philosophy he calls Happitalism. SUPPLEMENTAL CONTENT In this episode Pete mentions a talk he recently gave at Traverse City’s own...

HP009: Professor Steve Radelet Says Things Have Never Been Better

Episode 9 Democracy is breaking out all over, leading to notable improvements in most measures of well-being worldwide. But in more developed countries worker wages are stagnating, and income inequality worsening. We discuss the politics and economics underlying these trends with Professor Radelet- and we and consider the way forward.

HP008: Joe Has a Tough Year- But a Great Life

Episode 8 Joe has responded to personal hardship by drawing a line between work and leisure, by giving himself permission to really take time off, and by urgently focusing on the things that reliably deliver boosts in well-being- like family, meaningful work, and time with friends. FWIW he’s more productive than ever. Pete wonders how regular people can do this, and Joe gives some pointers.

HP007: Proceed Until Apprehended- How Happitalism Unlocks Creativity

Episode 7 When well-being is the organizing principle of a business, when staff have free access to information, and when owners listen and trust, creativity flourishes (so do humans). Viewing our time as a limited resource helps us to focus on the direct pursuit of well-being.

HP006: $H and the Happitalist Entrepreneur

Episode 6 The Happitalist entrepreneur seeks to maximize well-being within a business or community (or even a planet!). $H is the level of income that efficiently does this. Aspiring towards an income of $H for all raises thorny questions: how does $H vary from person to person? What are owners entitled to? What should owners want?

HP005: Do the Selfish Thing- Redistribute Your Own Wealth

We talk about fat leopards and tasty springboks, we imagine an ideal day, and we explain why the rich should want to give away their money.

HP004: The Magic- Collateral Effects of Happitalism

Surf camp and disasters, lawyers and moldy drywall: how being selfish can save the world.

HP003: What WILL Make You Happier: Intentional Activities and the Limitations of Pure Economics

Crock pots, the value of horses, bad choices, and an old Ford Taurus: how intentional activities can overcome life circumstances and make you happier.

HP002: The Three Factors of Happiness (and What WON’T Make You Happier)

Joe gets pizza excited, Pete says “chipper” and “boob job,” and we learn that people spend almost all their time on 10% of the happiness.

HP001: Pete and Joe Want to Make You Happier

With tales of Cheetah hair, family memos, and the parable of the water pourer, this episode introduces happitalism, a new take on capitalism, which posits maximum well-being as the point of economic activity.