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Welcome to the Hawk Vision Podcast Your host Chuck Hawkins Jr will bring you interviews and talks from some of social media's most influential game changing entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Rather it be in the arena of love or money, we can all learn from someone that has successfully gone before us. Where Vision, Work Ethic and Belief come together!#HawkVision#HawkVisionPodcast


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Welcome to the Hawk Vision Podcast Your host Chuck Hawkins Jr will bring you interviews and talks from some of social media's most influential game changing entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Rather it be in the arena of love or money, we can all learn from someone that has successfully gone before us. Where Vision, Work Ethic and Belief come together!#HawkVision#HawkVisionPodcast




Strategy Over Everything! Feat: Brooke Daniels

Brook Daniels is a phenomenal CEO who’s proven methods have allowed her clients to secure over 75 million dollars in venture capital funding. She’s been seen in USA Today, featured in Tech Crunch, and is one of the sharpest minds in the D.E.I. and tech spaces, where she sits on various boards and partners with some of your most recognized companies to help secure mutually beneficial, long lasting career paths for black and brown innovators of color. In this episode, Brooke gives a deep dive...


How To Maximize Your 401k- Feat: Tremaine (The Great) Wills

Tremaine Wills owns MIND OVER MONEY, an investment advisory firm where she is helping black women change their emotional relationship with money and create recession proof financial plans with the goal of helping them retire early. In this episode, Tremaine breaks down key strategies that you can start using today to protect your retirement accounts from the recession, enter the recession from a position of power, and what types of accounts you can use to grow your money confidently, even if...


Venture Capital For Black Founders Featuring: RESILIENT VENTURES

Resilient Ventures founded by Keith Daniel and Tom Droege, is an early stage, committed capital fund supporting African American founders. They’re embarking on a historic movement to disrupt systemic economic injustices facing black founders by expanding access to capital, networks, and opportunities. In this episode, this powerhouse duo based out of North Carolina discusses how they got their start in both entrepreneurship and venture capital work. From there, we talked about closing the...


It's Time For A New Face of Men's Luxury Watches Feat: Shanayla Sweat

Shanayla Sweat is one of the most impressive and influential entrepreneurs around. Not only is she a leader in the tech space, and a highly sought-after speaker and coach, She is also putting the entire men’s watch industry on notice with her “A Few Wood Men” brand. With over 11 thousand fans across social media and sales that are increasing by multiples year over year, she is proof that her secrets to success are leading to a business that is growing and expanding daily. Her attention to...


Rub My Back, JUST MY BACK- Feat: Dash

This interview is an instant classic. Dash is an extremely successful entrepreneur who specializes in intimate massages. This interview MAY NOT BE SAFE FOR WORK! With over 15 thousand followers and reviews that say nothing but greatness, she is someone you will be hearing a lot from in the future. The CEO of, Dash talks openly about the ups and downs of working in this industry and building a business doing something that she absolutely loves. Support The Show! Guest Site:...


She Wrote The Life She Wanted- feat: Mya Kay

Mya K is one of the most talented writers, entrepreneurs and business coaches in the nation. As the CEO of GIRLS ANTHEM BIZ Mya has take her talents as an AMAZON BEST SELLING AUTHOR and is now teaching her clients how to tell, write an monetize their life’s stories. In this interview we discuss the internal commitment required to become a successful entrepreneur, some key ways to invest in your personal growth, and we learn more about how Mya learned to use past trauma to catapult her...


Day Trading For Beginners Feat: DB Bedford

DB Bedford is one of the most effective teachers and leaders in emotional intelligence space. His newest venture is a well researched entry into the world of day trading. In this episode, DB discusses his 5-day course that teaches you how to become a profitable, emotionally intelligent day trader with little to no experience. Buy The Host A Coffee: Want To Launch Your Own Podcast? Guest Site:...


How Your SYSTEMS Can Make Or Break You! Feat: Krista Jennings

Krista Jennings is a movement all by herself. As an international business coach, she teaches entrepreneurs all over the world how to use, leverage and refine their business systems to increase their profitability. With these newfound sustainable infrastructures, the business coaches and business owners that she mentors are experiencing massive success. In this episode, Krista discussed what happens when entrepreneurs try to scale their businesses too early, the 3 most important parts of any...


The Crossover: From Hardwood To Corner Office feat: Julia Rock

Julia Rock is a career and leadership development coach with a mission to help 100 more current and ex basketball players successfully transition from the court to the corner office. Having already helped hundreds of ambitious black and POC professionals secure six-figure salaries, Julia is now focusing her company ROCK CAREER DEVELOPMENT on impact and expansion. In this episode, Julia shares her unique insights around the sport of basketball, and what it takes to be successful after ball is...


The 30 Day- 30K Blueprint to Real Estate Investing- Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee is emerging as one of the leading online voices in the real estate investing space. With thousands of engaged and connected followers that depend on him to teach them the secrets that eliminate the hurdles that allow the masses to enter the real estate game, Anthony has cemented himself as a trusted source for industry cheat codes. In this episode, Anthony shares several key strategies that he teaches to secure personal lines of credit, how to get 30 thousand dollars in 30 days...


Attacking Your Goals at 200MPH Feat: Brian Beane

Fresh off the purchase of 40 acres of land in Atlanta, Brian Beane joins the show to discuss goals, motivation, and strategy. He retired at the age of 22, and has since, traveled the stages of the world teaching people how to maximize and monetize their personal and professional experiences. He is a master trainer, and one of the country’s most successful motivational speakers. With an active community of over 100 THOUSAND followers online, Brian has a living resume of success that is...


Keep The Money Flowing- Feat: Cecilia Nichols

Cecilia Nichols is a true visionary, and more importantly she is actively changing the thought process around black wealth. Her goal is to help keep the black dollar in circulation longer than it has been over recent years and she has merged ecommerce with the message to ensure the opportunity has legs. She founded which is an emerging online space that specializes in showcasing black owned products. With everything from health and beauty products to luxury handbags and more,...


When Your Name Speaks For You! Feat: Kailei Carr

Kailee Carr is one of the most powerful, intuitive, and visionary speakers that has ever been on the show. As an executive coach, and speaker that has worked with some of the world’s most successful companies, Kailee has separated herself as one of the most trusted sources for high achieving women. Her executive clients, and workshop leadership experiences are just part of the framework that she uses to teach her clients how to not only polish their executive presence, but also show them how...


Pretty Girls Don't Procrastinate- Feat: Danielle Matthews

Danielle Matthews has one of the most engaged fanbases on Instagram where she has created an entire faith based community of entrepreneurs that are not only launching profitable businesses, she’s also teaching them how to legally protect your business. Danielle has spent several years mastering the LLC and Trademark creation processes in multiple states, and is now sharing that knowledge with the masses. In this interview, Danielle talks about the process of relaunching a business, and how...


Is The Singles Ministry Failing The Church? Feat: Dr. Tunya Griffin

Tunya Griffin has been one of the most powerfully gifted and outspoken women in both the Christian community and the women’s empowerment space. She has advocated for women’s rights and is a leading voice and activist in her community who has recently been hailed as both the hero and the villain for recently deciding to speak out about her long term “situationship” with a very well-known pastor in the black community. With the aftermath of that revelation still hot off the press, Tunya...


What's Blocking YOUR GENIUS- Feat Mike Zeller

Support the show: Mr. Mike Zeller is an extremely accomplished business owner and performance coach that helps people across the country identify their area of genius. With over 12 successful businesses generating over 300 MILLION dollars in revenue, Mike Zeller knows what success looks like in both mindset and execution. In perhaps one of the most thought-provoking interviews to date, Mike directly speaks to the positive impact of investing in...


Energy is EVERYTHING- Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas is a master of keeping the main thing…the main thing. With several successful years as an entrepreneur, Emily helps women all over the world understand that all success… begins with energy. Instead of living with the popular talking points, Emily teaches her clients to unlock their energetic DNA framework, which allows them to operate efficiently and thrive in their chosen space. During this interview, our thought leader and visionary shares how to identify the mental and...


Denise The Broker- Real Estate, Rap Snacks and her Billion Dollar Empire!

Support The Show: Denise “The Broker” Williams has both grown and leveraged her successful real estate firm ( Williams and Co. Realty ) into the center of a business empire that is growing into one of the most recognized brands in the country. In this episode, Denise breaks down how she has been able to leverage her success in real estate, expand to commercial investing and how she has networked with some of the worlds best entrepreneurs and business executives. From her client appreciation...


High Value, High Ticket Power Coaching- Feat: Kyshira Moffett

Support the show: Kyshira Moffett is blazing a trail as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. She is more than a 6 figure business coach to other women, Kyshira is also an award winning entrepreneur that helps people master their messaging, monetize their gifts through her strategic frameworks within the Power Collective which she launched back in 2017. In a short amount of time, she has established herself as a certified and trusted voice in the business coaching arena. Her “Power Collective”...


Power Moves And Belief Systems Feat: Terry Griffin

Support This Show Terry Griffin is one of the leading voices in the entrepreneurship space. With thousands of online followers as well as a trusted inner circle of business owners, his influence, energy and impact are undeniable. As a content creation coach and event space host, Terry understands the power of belief and investing in himself. In this episode we discuss the process of creating a long-lasting network for success, the importance of affirmations and the specific steps that Terry...