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The best and the brightest in the healthtech industry sit down with the Rosenman Institute to discuss life, career, and lessons learned. Tune in for the lessons they’ve learned over their long and storied professions.

The best and the brightest in the healthtech industry sit down with the Rosenman Institute to discuss life, career, and lessons learned. Tune in for the lessons they’ve learned over their long and storied professions.


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The best and the brightest in the healthtech industry sit down with the Rosenman Institute to discuss life, career, and lessons learned. Tune in for the lessons they’ve learned over their long and storied professions.




Dan Riskin: Leading with Authenticity

COVID brought medicine and politics together on the national stage, and left many Americans wondering: how are healthcare decisions actually made in Washington? As an M.D., inventor, and veteran Congressional speaker, our guest today Dan Riskin has the unique insight into both politics and healthcare to answer this question. His Congressional testimony in the 21st Century Cures Initiative in 2014 helped define the 21st Century Cures Act passed in 2015, and his companies and products...


Andy Doraiswamy: Moving the Needle

Andy Doraiswamy is the founder and CEO of Koya Medical. Koya is dedicated to addressing chronic lymphatic and venous diseases. Before Koya, Andy worked with various healthcare organizations to revolutionize medical technology and patient care. Most notably, he invented sight-restoring intraocular implants, which were used successfully on over 6 million patients across the globe. He’s an innovative CEO and, surprisingly, a skillful mountain climber. In this episode, Andy talks about some of...


Steve Wigginton: The Leadership Baseline

Steve Wigginton is the CEO of iCario, a health action company, and he has over 20 years in the healthcare industry under his belt. Some companies he’s worked with include NoviHealth, Sutter Health, Valence Health, and Evolent Health. Steve knows, working successfully in the healthcare industry means having an excellent understanding of human behavior. In this episode, we talk about how behavioral psychology affects access to care and why the digital divide exists, plus a good deal more. Do...


Nancy Lurker: Getting Out There

We are kicking off 2022 with Nancy Lurker, a giant in the pharmaceutical industry. She has more than 30 years of experience in both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. She’s an accomplished businesswoman and leader with a track record of advancing new medical therapies and implementing very successful US and global drug launches. She also serves on many boards across public and private companies. Currently, she’s the President and CEO of EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, an ocular drug delivery...


Adrienne Schneider: Reputation is Everything

Adrienne Schneider is a veteran of the health benefits industry as well as newly minted CEO of the Camille Group. She spent a good portion of her career with American Airlines, where, as head of health benefits, she was in charge of the implementation and execution of health programs for over 100,000 beneficiaries. Now, as the founder and CEO of The Camille Group, she uses her years of experience and business acumen to help clients tailor their operational strategies. In this episode, she...


Nicholas Conn: The Seat of Power

Nicholas Conn is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Casana, where he developed the “Heart Seat,” the first toilet-seat-based cardiovascular monitoring system. He earned his PhD in Microsystems Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology and worked as a research scientist while developing the “Heart Seat”. In this episode, he takes me through his career journey and how accessible medical technology is increasingly necessary. Do you have any thoughts? Please email us at...


Kimberly Smith: Good Trouble

Dr. Kimberly Smith is a Senior Vice President and Head of Research and Development at ViiV Healthcare. She oversees the development of the ViiV Healthcare marketed and pipeline assets. Before joining ViiV Healthcare, she spent twenty years as an HIV clinician and researcher. Dr. Smith is the recipient of many awards over her career recognizing her HIV patient care and advocacy, including the Black AIDS Institute "Heroes in the Struggle" Award, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Award of...


Catalina Hoffman: Fighting the Nos

Catalina Hoffman Muñoz-Seca, created the revolutionary “Hoffman Method” at only 26 years old, which changed the industry’s understanding of elderly care. Since then, she’s been appointed president of SECOT, awarded the Prince of Girona Foundation Award, and founded the Catalina Hoffman Holding Group. She’s also been in the top 100 Women Leaders in Spain and the top ten CEOs. Throughout her career, she’s always aimed to use her cognitive science background and entrepreneurial skills to aid...


Reimagining Diversity

Professor Frank Dobbin is the Chair of Sociology at Harvard University, and author of the critically acclaimed book Inventing Equal Opportunity. Frank’s work on diversifying the workplace focuses on developing an evidence-based approach to understand how and why businesses often remain segregated. In this podcast, Frank talks about the roots of the diversity problem, and how better business diversity practices benefit everyone in the long run. It’s a complicated issue affected by management...


Peter Hames: The Only Person Awake

Peter Hames is the co-founder and CEO of Big Health. Peter is also an NHS Innovation fellow, and holds a Masters in Experimental Psychology from Oxford. As a former insomniac, Peter was frustrated by the limited treatments available for sleep difficulties. And so, inspired by his own success with cognitive behavioral therapy, he founded Big Health in order to deliver CBT-based insomnia treatment and mental health care to patients all around the world. Today, Big Health delivers fully...


Chris Hemphill: The Ethics of Our Algorithms

Chris Hemphill is the Vice President of AI at SymphonyRM and an expert in the field of healthcare data and analytics. In this episode, Chris explains how systemic biases in data collection can affect how companies care for their patients. We discuss how these biases can impact underserved communities and look towards some solutions. Do you have any thoughts? Please email us at We post new episodes every Monday. “The Health Technology Podcast” is produced by...


Lindy Greer: The Culture of Curiosity

Lindred (Lindy) Greer is the Associate Professor at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan who specializes in effective team organization strategies. Lindy’s research has been published in numerous prestigious publications ranging from the Academy of Management Journal to the Journal of Applied Psychology. She has two degrees under her belt (one from the Leiden University Netherlands, one from the University of Pennsylvania), features in the New York Times and Forbes, and...


Michael Favet: Following Your Passion

Our guest today is Michael Favet. His current work at NeuroPace, where he serves as President and CEO, focuses on their new and innovative technology tracking brain waves to predict epileptic attacks and prevent them by electrically stimulating the brain. Although Michael was actually an engineer straight out of college, he has had a long and storied 30-year career in the medical device field. He has served as CEO of multiple different companies and spent three years as a venture investor....


Nicole Malachowski: Breaking Through the Noise

Colonel Nicole M. E. Malachowski is a retired fighter pilot in the United States Air Force. She was among the first group of women allowed to fly a modern fighter plane and was recognized for her accomplishments in the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2019. With over 21 years of experience in the United States Air Force including 188 hours in combat and more than 2,300 logged flight hours, she built an incredibly successful military career as a leader, an officer, and a fighter pilot. But...


Stephanie Tilenius: Treating the Body and the Mind

Stephanie Tilenius is the founder & CEO of Vida Health, a licensed virtual medical care platform with therapists, coaches, and nutritionists operating in all 50 states. Vida allows consumers with multiple diagnoses to receive care uniquely suited to their needs by addressing a range of medical conditions, rather than singling any one condition out. Before she launched Vida Health, Stephanie ran consumer experience platforms in big-name companies like Google, eBay, and PayPal. We talk about...


Mehdi Peikar: Fighting Tooth and Nail

Dr. Medhi Peikar is the inventor and founder of BRIUS Technology. Dr. Peikar started as a dental student in Iran, traveled to the United States for his PhD in Biomechanics from Johns Hopkins, and against all odds became a huge entrepreneurial success while in residency. BRIUS’ revolutionary tooth-straightening method doesn't show from the front or require constant checkups, which differentiates it from other methods like braces or Invisalign. Although today BRIUS boasts FDA approval and...


Joel Klein: Making the Most of IT

Joel Klein is the Chief Information Officer of Maryland Medical System, where he oversees the operation of medical information technology for over 29,000 employees in fourteen different hospitals and fifteen different practice locations. As CIO, he uses his experience as an emergency physician and his technological expertise to make medical technology work for the people who use it every day. We discuss a day in the life of the CIO of such a large company, and how experience as a physician...


Chris McFadden: The Future of Care

Chris McFadden, Managing Director at KKR, a leading global investment firm working with healthcare companies. Chris is also a founding member of the COVID Patient Recovery Alliance, a contributing author to MedCity, and a board member of several medical and healthcare companies. In this episode, Chris discusses what it means to work at a global investment firm, which leads to some big questions about medicine in a post-pandemic world. What are the benefits and drawbacks of telemedicine? How...


Vinod Khosla: Hubris and Paranoia

Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures and cofounder of Sun Microsystems. Vinod is an entrepreneur, investor, and technologist as well as a mentor to entrepreneurs building technology-based businesses. Vinod discusses the differences between the practice of medicine and the science of medicine. We also explore the value of exercising two extremes: hubris and paranoia. Do you have any thoughts? Please email us at We post new episodes every Monday. “The Health...


Hemant Taneja: Greater Intention

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Health Technology Podcast! Hemant Taneja is the managing partner of the venture capital firm General Catalyst. Hemant is a visionary leader in the healthcare space. He is an investor, founder, and author of several books including Unscaled and his 2020 book UnHealthcare: A Manifesto for Health Assurance. We talk about what it means to truly deliver access to health rather than just access to care. Hemant advocates for Responsible Innovation, which means...