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Rethinking the customer journey in consumer banking

In this podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Sophie Scholes talks to Andrew Bester, CEO of The Co-operative Bank. Bester talks about the challenges both the consumer banking sector and The Co-operative Bank face in a digital world and the steps The Co-op Bank is taking to overcome them. He also shares the need to always put people first—both inside and outside the organization—all along the customer journey.


Risk, experiment, and fail: A perspective on the insurance industry of the future

In this podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Francois Kouroriez talks to Pradip Patiath, senior partner at McKinsey & Company. Patiath discusses how innovation and digitalization are changing the insurance sector and the consequent challenges the industry is facing. He also shares his perspective on how insurance companies must evolve and become willing to take risks, experiment, and fail in order to meet consumer demands.


A sport for all: World Rugby’s inspiring brand transformation

Heidrick & Struggles’ Richard Sumner talks to Brett Gosper, CEO of World Rugby, the world governing body for the sport of rugby and rugby sevens. Gosper talks about the organizational transformation World Rugby is going through and its successes to date. He also shares his views on the role of sports in society and his discovery journey from running an advertising agency to being the CEO of a sports organization.


Succeeding in e-commerce starts with the right talent and a growth mind-set

Theun van Halewijn talks to Piet Coelewij, CEO of Wehkamp, the first and now leading e-commerce platform in the Netherlands. Coelewij explains how the company went through both a digital and organizational transformation to become a full e-commerce business. He discusses how hiring and developing the right people and cultivating a growth-oriented culture have been key to Wehkamp’s success as much as having the right strategy and tools in place.


Shaping the future of banking

Heidrick & Struggles’ Liz Simpson talks to Colin Walsh, CEO and founder of Varo Money. Walsh explains how banking has become ripe for disruption and the role technology has been playing to transform the sector. He discusses both his journey as a leader and the skills he has been seeking in his team to thrive through change.


Small teams as lighthouses: Modelling organizational change

Heidrick & Struggles’ AJ van den Berg speaks with Rainer Baumann, Head Group Digital and Information at Swiss Re. Baumann explains why it is important for organizations to be agile to survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment. He discusses not only the necessary leadership skills to make agility a reality but also the mind-set and behaviours that enable this organizational shift.


Accelerating across a changing landscape

Heidrick & Struggles’ Stefano Salvatore speaks with Andy Palmer, chief executive officer of Aston Martin. Andy explains how advancing client expectations and technologies are revolutionizing the standards of the automotive industry and how Aston Martin outperforms the competition by encouraging its teams to take risks and be creative. He also discusses how Aston Martin needs to behave like a “105-year-old start-up” to break through the status quo and navigate such a disruptive environment.


Transforming with agility, leading with purpose

NiQ Lai, chief operating officer of Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), discusses how striking the right balance between fulfilling the company’s purpose and achieving bottom-line results led to the company’s expeditious growth.


Lessons from the disrupted

Heidrick & Struggles speaks with Steven Overman, Chief Marketing Officer at Kodak. Overman discusses both Kodak’s and Nokia’s journeys through disruption: the challenges they faced and how the strategy to overcome them.


Wind of Change

Heidrick & Struggles’ Jamie Page speaks with Peter Weckesser, digital transformation officer for Airbus Defence and Space. Weckesser discusses how Airbus is navigating continuous disruption while undergoing one of the most dynamic digital transformation programs in the aerospace and defense industry.


Understanding The Online Breadcrumbs

Heidrick & Struggles’ Michael Netzley speaks with Jørn Lyseggen, founder and CEO of Meltwater, the global media-intelligence company. Lyseggen discusses how exploiting digital data—the “online breadcrumbs”—will greatly help businesses make more effective, real-time decisions and thus execute their strategies more quickly.


Perfect Chemistry

Heidrick & Struggles’ Lewis Adams speaks with Antonio Carrillo Rule, outgoing CEO of Mexichem, one of the largest chemical companies in Latin America. In their conversation, Carrillo Rule recounts Mexichem’s journey from a national firm to becoming a diversified global player. He also explains how Mexichem integrates its strategic acquisitions into its greater culture and the need for adaptability in the Industry 4.0 age.


Culture Through the Regulator’s Lens

Senn Delaney’s Priya Dixit Vyas talks to Natalie Ceeney, chair of Innovate Finance and former CEO of the UK Financial Ombudsman. From the regulator’s perspective, Ceeney explains how corporate culture in financial services was a major factor in the 2008 financial crisis, and how the advent of FinTech is now changing that culture, 10 years on.


Powering the Future

Heidrick & Struggles’ Jamie Page speaks with Cedrik Neike, Member of the Managing Board at Siemens. Neike discusses how Siemens is using innovation and technology to better the future of the industry but also that of society.


Reimagining the Role of the Bank CEO

Heidrick & Struggles’ Daren Kemp talks to Antony Jenkins, Founder and Executive Chairman of 10X Banking and the former CEO of Barclays. Jenkins explains how corporate culture in financial services was a key factor in the 2008 financial crisis and 10 years on, how FinTech is helping to transform that culture.


Beyond Diversity to Inclusion

Heidrick & Struggles’ Bill Bradley speaks with David Casey, vice president of workforce strategies and chief diversity officer at CVS Health. Casey discusses the distinction between diversity and inclusion and why gathering together the right skill sets and perspectives is a crucial business capability. He also describes how he built a level of trust with senior leaders and used culture-shaping principles to shape CVS Health’s efforts in developing an inclusive company culture.


Mastering digital innovation at GE

Heidrick & Struggles’ Mark Livingston speaks with Ashley Haynes, vice president and general manager of global support at GE Digital, the division within General Electric focused on leading the industrial giant into a new era of digitized, cloud-based operations. In a conversation at the GE’s offices in California, Haynes explains how GE has moved from a traditional industrial company to a fully digitized one that embraces the Industrial Internet of Things. She also offers tips on how to...


In Pursuit of Omnichannel Nirvana

Heidrick & Struggles’ Sam Burman speaks with Raghav Lal, EVP and Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Westfield Retail Solutions, the division within Westfield Corporation that is focused on reinventing the shopping experience. In a conversation via Skype, Lal explains the innovations traditional “bricks and mortar” retailers have developed in order to keep up with online businesses. He also analyses whether the chasing of distinct physical or digital channels in recent past has been...


From Race Track to Real World

Heidrick & Struggles’ Rory Singleton speaks with Ian Rhodes, CEO of McLaren Applied Technologies, a division of the world-famous racing team and supercar manufacturer. Rhodes started out at Rolls-Royce developing aircraft engines and spent much of his career at PA Consulting, where he supported technology, healthcare, and life sciences companies in driving innovation. In a conversation via Skype, Rhodes discusses McLaren’s cutting-edge technologies for the automotive and racing industries...


Turning the Tanker

Heidrick & Struggles’ Rory Singleton speaks with Denzil Samuels, global chief channel officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Samuels joined HPE from GE Digital, where he served as the global head of channels, alliances, business development, and ventures. In a conversation via Skype, Samuels discusses GE’s digital transformation and the keys steps the company took to accelerate its growth and performance.