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Exploring how insight and humanity impact modern marketing to build stronger brands.

Exploring how insight and humanity impact modern marketing to build stronger brands.


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Exploring how insight and humanity impact modern marketing to build stronger brands.








That’s a (Virtual) Wrap: CES 2021

Michael Liu, VP, Director of Innovation & Mobile at Carat and Sarah Stringer, EVP Head of US Media Partnerships at dentsu discuss the impact of virtual CES & the topics that owned the “show floor.”


Podcast Year in Review (Christmas Fish, Part 3)

Your Human Element hosts and producer are back with their third annual “Christmas Fish,” year-end podcast reflecting on the wonderful guests who have joined us and (of course) some holiday memories along the way.


2021 Media Trends

We are joined by Danni Wright, National Head of Strategy & Connections Planning at Carat Australia; Dan Calladine, Head of Media Futures at Carat Global; and James Allen, SVP Head of Strategy at Carat US to review our marketing and media trends and predictions for 2021.


Voice & Commerce

We sit down with Nate Shurilla, Global Director of Commerce & Voice at iProspect and based in our Tokyo offices, to discuss the impacts of the pandemic on commerce, how brands should be building trust and authenticity, and the growing influence of voice on marketing.



This week we took some time to speak with a few of our Carat US team members to share what they are most thankful for in this challenging year and are most looking forward to this Thanksgiving.


The Brand EQ Study

In this very special episode of the pod, Fiona Lloyd, Managing Director and Global Client President, and Sean Healy, Global CSO at Carat join us to talk about the launch of Carat’s most significant research study ever, identifying the most emotionally intelligent brands for 2020.


The Bipartisan, Not-So-Political Election Predictions Pod

This week The Human Element hosts Robert Schwartz, Global CMO, and Chelsea Radovanovic, Director of Marketing, and Producer Jason Oberholtzer attempt to make a few predictions about one of the most historic US elections. While the predictions across the presidential, senate, house and select ballot initiatives are serious - the tone of our little crew is not.


The Spirit of Radio

We invited a new perspective into the pod this week as Donna Halper, Boston-Based Historian, Radio Consultant and an Associate Professor of Communications joined us to discuss the evolution of radio, this political moment for her communications students, media ethics, and the moment that helped define her career: discovering the band Rush.


Learning from Kids Media

Dylan Collins, CEO at SuperAwesome, joins us again for a discussion of recent developments in kids digital media and privacy, the implications for advertisers and social platforms alike, and the recent news that SuperAwesome is joining the Epic Games family.


The Art of Influence

In this special edition we gathered Stef Michalak, Creator and Producer of The Michalaks YouTube channel, Denia Souli-Vounisiou, Client Account Director at Carat UK; and Amy Bryant-Jeffries, Partnerships Director at Gleamfutures. They joined us to discuss our recent proprietary report about unlocking growth through influencer marketing and digital-first talent.


Brands and Content

This week Erin Schmidt, Chief Strategy and Client Service Officer at Branded Entertainment Network, joins us to share her perspective on the biggest shifts in content development and distribution, building trust with consumers through human insight, and how her mom led her into the marketing business.


Media and the 2020 Campaign

In this episode Mike Law, US President at Amplifi; Martha Matthews, SVP Group Director Local at Carat, and Eric Bryant, VP Director of Local Media Activation at 360i join us to discuss the implications of the upcoming US election on brands, from inventory and pricing to market pressures, all based on our weekly, proprietary 2020 political briefings.


How To Market Love

Melissa Hobley, CMO at OkCupid, joins us to discuss the business of love. From shifts in the online dating landscape to leveraging human insight to build genuine experiences and connections, Melissa shares her perspective on all elements of marketing.


A Mid Year Review of Our 2020 Media Trends

Dan Calladine, Global Head of Media Futures and Haley Paas, EVP, Head of US Strategy and Insights at Carat sit down with us to revisit some of the media trends and predictions we initially had for 2020. (Hint: a few things have changed since January).


Digital Leadership in a Pandemic

JiYoung Kim, Chief Digital Officer at Carat USA, sits down with us for a chat on all things digital. From marketer’s biggest concerns of the moment, balancing performance and brand strategies, and how to handle advertising during the upcoming election.


The One About Facebook

Alex Heath, Reporter at The Information who covers all things Facebook and its competitors, joins us for a special edition of the pod as we talk about Facebook’s past few months, how employees have texted internally, where they go next, and what on the earth the government may have in mind for them. (Oh, plus a TikTok update!)


Keeping Up with X

Xavier Jernigan, Head of Cultural Partnerships at Spotify and host of the podcast, The Window, joins us to share an insider look at podcasting, his approach to servant leadership, and advice for CMOs in an era of social unrest.


Leadership, Boycotts, and New Media

Alex Lieberman, Founder & CEO at Morning Brew, joins us for a special episode of The Human Element to discuss the responsibilities of a new media company, supporting journalism, the real challenges of boycotts - and leading a company through it all.


Race & Equality: The Role of Media

Samir Sheth, Head of Content at Morning Brew, joins us to continue our discussion on race and equality in marketing and media. We talk about social media boycotts and the role of media companies to better serve underrepresented communities.


Quarantine Summer

It's been a very, very heavy few months, so we decided we could all use a lighter hearted episode. So, our Human Element hosts and producer sat down to do just that - and this is what happened...