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Welcome to the “Coffee With Friends – An Espresso Shot of H.R. Disruption” podcast, where I talk with business leaders, authors and HR disruptors on how to build amazing company cultures centered around purpose, people-first mindset, and love for one another. The podcast is part of the Human Rebellion platform, a grass-root community of conscious leaders and HR rebels who want to build a better workplace together. To learn more, visit

Welcome to the “Coffee With Friends – An Espresso Shot of H.R. Disruption” podcast, where I talk with business leaders, authors and HR disruptors on how to build amazing company cultures centered around purpose, people-first mindset, and love for one another. The podcast is part of the Human Rebellion platform, a grass-root community of conscious leaders and HR rebels who want to build a better workplace together. To learn more, visit


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Welcome to the “Coffee With Friends – An Espresso Shot of H.R. Disruption” podcast, where I talk with business leaders, authors and HR disruptors on how to build amazing company cultures centered around purpose, people-first mindset, and love for one another. The podcast is part of the Human Rebellion platform, a grass-root community of conscious leaders and HR rebels who want to build a better workplace together. To learn more, visit






Ep. 106: Culture tips from a 'head' geek.

When COVID hit, most organizations had no choice but to move to remote work. Interestingly enough, the transition was quicker and smoother than many had ever thought. Working remote has its challenges, whether they are human, cultural or technological. Some organizations adapt, some don’t. Some leaders and employees adapt, others don’t. It’s not very common to see a head geek (i.e. a CTO) with a highly developed sense of culture. The tech geek stereotype doesn’t necessarily include a...


Ep. 105: Beyond engagement: focusing on the whole person experience.

In today’s altered landscape of COVID and social unrest, the shift in how and where we work has created a critical need to redesign the employee experience. With boundaries between life and work removed, and with persistent health and safety concerns for many employees, traditional employee engagement strategies are not enough to understand the whole-person experience. The context for work has changed, and there is an obligation for companies to provide something greater, act responsibly,...


Ep. 104: Having productive internal communications on topics that matter.

2020 has been an emotional roller coaster for many of us. COVID has impacted many lives, from job losses to financial challenges, from remote work to isolation, from social injustice to wanting from equality and respect, and not mentioned the emotional toll of the presidential elections. It’s become more important than ever for organizations to communicate to their people with transparency, with clarity, with candor about the challenges both employers and employees are facing together....


Ep. 103: Leading with intention, making people visible.

My eX Podcast guest this month is the ultimate culture engineer, modern elder and no BS Tom Frank. Tom has helped launch a multitude of business in the hospitality and tech sectors, with a focus on building an amazing culture as the foundation for future growth. Nowadays, through his Round World Management consultancy, Tom delivers, ‘Culture Alignment Workshops’, builds dynamic Culture Alignment Platforms for his clients around the country, and speaks at conferences and conventions on the...


Ep. 102: Give permission to your people to feel a certain way, and that’s OK.

Pre COVID-19, many organizations had internal discussions around flexible schedules, remote work, less micro-managing but rather empowering and trusting people to manage their own time and contribution to the collective output. Most organizations never got to the point of moving from intent to execution because of mid-management pressure, old-school mindset or whatever excuse leaders could find. After being forced to move their workforce to remote work due to COVID-19, the same leaders...


Ep. 101: Designing the Employee eXperience in a post COVID-19 world.

The COVID-19 crisis has been an unprecedented disruption in our professional and personal lives all at once, affecting billions of people across the globe. It forced business leaders to react, adapt, make drastic decisions (usually people-versus-profit decisions), as they are faced with accelerated change, new challenges and a shift in priorities. The unfolding events are undoubtedly impacting the Employee eXperience, and employees must be at the center of how organizations and leaders...


Ep. 100: Let’s take this opportunity to reset the rules of leadership.

This episode is very special to me as it marks a major milestone for the eX Podcast: the 100th episode. It’s been an incredible journey, full of amazing encounters and so many insightful conversations. I hope you feel the same. For this special occasion, I wanted to do something a little different and be surrounded by friends with whom I deeply share the common belief that Leadership and Human Resources can become more people centric, more human, more purposeful to deliver greater business...


Ep. 99: Doing good for your people while running a profitable business.

There is a small, but growing movement of employers in today's business landscape who have fully embraced the philosophy that taking great care of their people (i.e. employees) provides a direct benefit to all of their stakeholders, including better financial results. The truth is that by doing business the right way – being truly an authentic leader, showing vulnerability, committing each moment of your day to your purpose and ethics, and caring about your people (employees and customers)...


Ep. 98: Doing great work and being a great place to work are linked.

Culture is like a DJ’s mixing desk. It’s a series of themes, behaviors, and ways to do things that make up the tone and vibe of an organization. Often a good way to get a quick measure on a company is to ask the question ‘how does this place feel to me’. Culture is granular - built up over time through the many micro actions, turns of phrase, occasions and moments that an organization experiences everyday. Which means every culture is highly nuanced. Therefore to understand it, leaders...


Ep. 97: Be quick to recognize, slow to criticize.

Think about it… 80% of employees’ days are spent working in teams. And yet the teams most people find themselves in are nowhere near as effective as they could be. 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures, according to Salesforce. Teams are often divided by tensions, dissension, and dysfunctional teams drain employees’ energy, performance, and creativity. Building cohesive, productive and multi-generational teams can be a...


Ep. 96: A dive into Expedia’s Employee eXperience.

The Employee eXperience is the employee’s perception of everything that happens when he or she interacts with your company, from recruiting to onboarding, to career path development and offboarding. The Employee eXperience should be designed around “moments that matter” to your employees. Think of EX as the sum of the impressions you leave as an organization on your people – before, during and after their journey at your company – that defines if people come to you, stay or leave. It’s...


Ep. 95: How to sustain your culture in times of change.

Change happens whether you like it or not. It’s up to each one of us to decide what we want to do with change. As a CEO or HR leader, it’s your responsibility to lead change, but also to create an environment and a company culture that support constant change and business growth. Employees don’t have to suffer through change, they should embrace it and thrive. They should feel excited about what’s new, they should feel included in being part of the journey. How do you sustain your culture...


Ep. 94: Why career pathing matters to your employees.

Employee engagement – despite all the talking, the literature and a growing a billion-dollar industry – continues to be a challenge for most HR teams. Employee development and career pathing are critical elements in attracting and retaining talent. An intentional, well-designed career pathing strategy makes your employees feel like your company cares about their professional progress and is willing to invest in them. In return, research shows employees are willing to invest their time,...


Ep. 93: Why building a culture of learning is important.

Our Mom and Pop’s generation was attracted by the type of companies that offers a strong sense of job security and good benefits. That was pretty much it. Job security is gone. Employees benefits such as 401K, health insurance, PTO are commoditized; they’re no longer a differentiator to attract or retain talent. They are a basic expectation like getting a paycheck. Today, employees are more focused on finding a company that has a positive, strong company culture revolved around learning...


Ep. 92: How to create an extraordinary Employee Experience.

Creating a positive, meaningful and impactful Employee Experience starts with an outside-in perspective, i.e. focusing on how employee perceive their own experience rather than how the organization perceives the experience of their employees. Adopting an employee-centric approach is easier for companies that already have a customer-centric mindset. These companies understand that continuous testing, iteration, obsession for customer/employee feedback is the foundation for developing a...


Ep. 91: Building the employee experience in a rapid-growth company.

When a company grows big at a very fast pace, change is both constant and exciting. During periods of rapid growth, companies often revel in the glory of increased revenue, high performing teams, a sense of pride and belonging that comes with a positive trajectory. On the other hand, this success can also bring its own challenges – call them growing pains – that can create tensions, hiccups and negatively impact the company culture. As each new hire brings something new, influences and...


Ep. 90: Inspiring lifetime loyalty from employees.

“Many companies operate from the point of view that employers deserve the loyalty of their employees simply because the companies pay those employees.” Modern workers are less likely than ever before to remain at a single company for long periods. Job-hopping doesn’t mean loyalty itself has lost its value, it’s just that the concept of loyalty has evolved. Some organizations and leaders still excel at cultivating remarkable loyalty within their teams. But loyalty doesn’t stop when an...


Ep. 89: A dive into Microsoft’s Employee Experience.

Over the past few years Microsoft has gone through a culture journey, exploring what change was needed to remain competitive with the likes of Apple and Google. The focus on understanding their employees’ behaviors, pain points, and motivations from a point of empathy has led the organization to shift its mindset towards purpose, learning and development. “By fulfilling the basic needs of an employee first, you can then explore the true impact of higher self-actualization needs”,...


Ep. 88: Leading change in the intersection of Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Organizational Development.

The digital transformation of the last decade has forced companies to embrace new mindsets and engage in new business models to respond to drastic changes in customer behaviors and stay relevant in the market place. Successful companies put the Customer Experience at the center of their corporate strategy. The focus, emphasis and empathy placed on customers as humans – not sales numbers in reports – has resulted in the personalization of the experience. Some of the same companies are now...


Ep. 87: How to build a ‘Remote First’ culture to grow your business.

When employees work remotely, it can be hard for them to experience the culture, feel connected to one another, be engaged and aligned with the company’s vision and objectives. Creating a thriving work culture for your remote team is actually not that difficult, but it does require establishing a clear vision, strong online communication, hiring people with the right mindset, giving them the tools they need to succeed and making everyone feel valued and included. Wiktor Schmidt, CEO and...