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32. Serial Low Performers and How to Exit Them With Coach, Counsel, Shoot

Every now and then you’ll get a serial low performer that is a toxic presence in your team. They can be incredibly stubborn and many leaders find dealing with these people the hardest part of their work. In these cases it is unhealthy for both them, yourself and likely several other people in the team if they don’t seriously change their ways or move on. I cover a three step process for removing them from your team Coach, Counsel, Shoot. This is sounds tough and brutal but it really...


31. Spiritual GURU Damien Price on Staying Connected to Your Soul and the Ultimate Purpose of Life

In this episode we take an entirely new angle. I’ve been wanting to bring in some gurus on particular topics and it brings me great pleasure to start with our spiritual guru Damien Price on Spiritualism and how it fits in the corporate world. Damien Price is a Christian Brother and has taught for over thirty years in schools throughout Australia and New Zealand. Over the past twenty years Damien has been involved in working with disadvantaged youth, homeless men and women, refugees and...


30. P2R2 - Automating the Pursuit of Excellence

In this episode we cover the power of high performance lifecycles and how to use them to automate the pursuit of excellence. The pursuit of excellence lies at the heart of all great performers. It means mastering your craft and continually working to improve yourself. It also means leading your team to work collectively to improve itself. The long term benefits have an incredible compound effect on your ability to get results and rise above the pack. I outline: - the Prepare,...


29. John Lee Dumas on Being Insanely Valuable, Thinking Outside the Box and How to Finally Win

In this episode we hear from John Lee Dumas, Founder of Entrepreneurs on Fire. John is the founder and host of Entrepreneurs ON FIRE, an award winning Podcast where he interviews today’s most successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. JLD has grown into a 7-figure business with over 2000 interviews and 1.5 million monthly listens. Some of the questions I ask John: • What was the most important lesson you learnt from your time as a soldier in Iraq that shaped you the most? •...


28. What To Do When Your Boss Is In The Clouds

Most of us at one time or another have had a boss who seems totally disinterested in our work. They’re the opposite of micro-managers, leaving us completely to our own devices and at times in more senior regional roles can go missing for weeks at a time. Here is what you can do.


27. Hetty Johnston, AM, Founder and Chair of Bravehearts

In this episode we hear from Hetty Johnston, AM, Founder and Chair of Bravehearts. You can support Hetty’s work through Bravehearts at CHANGE OF PLAN Normally I put a detailed set of show notes. In this case, I’m electing not to. This will make sense when you’ve heard this episode. Hetty is someone you have to listen to. She is one of the most influential leaders of modern Australia and summary notes just won’t do her justice. So find an hour to really focus on...


26. Why You Should Run Across A Desert (And Love It)

In this episode I talk about why you should run across a desert (and love it). Huh? What I really mean is why you should do something epic. In 2007/8 I conducted a personal growth experiment by tackling the Gobi March a 250km ultra marathon across the toughest terrain in the world. This is a bit of that story and what I discovered on…and didn’t expect.


25. CEO Brad Gordon on How to Create a Vision and Game That Inspires Your Team and Attracts the Best Talent

In this episode we hear from Brad Gordon, former CEO of Acacia Mining Limited. We cover the importance of getting out from behind your desk, how to create a game that inspires your people and attracts the best talent. ABOUT BRAD Until recently, Brad Gordon was the CEO of Acacia Mining Limited. Prior to that he has also been the CEO of Entrepid Mines Limited, Emperor Mines Limited and was Managing Director of Placer Dome, New Guinea. Key Questions I ask Brad Gordon: • What you do...


24. How To Get And Keep A CEO Mentor

In this episode we are going to cover How to get and keep a CEO mentor. Every CEO I’ve met has had a mentor of some sort in their career. Interestingly, in most cases, these were through a reporting structure and weren’t formal mentoring relationships. How to convince a CEO to mentor you CEOs are insanely busy people in very high demand. And yet, every one of them I have met finds time to mentor several of the next generation. The fact is they want to help and give back, but they don’t...


23. Ownership Precedes Victory

In this episode I cover one my personal mottos “Ownership Precedes Victory” and how to use it to really take control of your career and become a great Chief Life in the chaos of the modern business world can be crushingly difficult. The rapid pace of change in technology, as well as new customer and employee expectations is now amplified by a hyper-competitive global landscape. Executive teams now have to navigate their companies through transformational change just to survive. For those...


22. Geoff Lloyd, CEO Perpetual Limited on Being a Guide Not a Guru and Ensuring Clarity and Focus

In this episode we hear from Geoff Lloyd, CEO and MD of Perpetual Limited. SUPPORT GEOFF IN THE CEO COOK OFF FOR OZ HARVEST HERE ABOUT GEOFF Geoff joined Perpetual in August 2010 as Group Executive of Perpetual Private and led the development and implementation of the growth strategy for this business. He took on the additional responsibility of Head of Retail Distribution in September 2011 and was appointed Managing Director and CEO in February 2012. Geoff was previously General...


21. Are You A Professional Or An Amateur?

In this episode I want to talk about a deep mindset shift that can lead to meteoric improvement in performance. And that is different between viewing yourself as a Professional or an Amateur. In general terms, an Amateur is someone who turns up and has a crack. They go through spurts of increased interest and their performance spikes and troughs. They don’t take the pursuit as as an artform they are looking to master. And that is where the big line is drawn. Mastery. Being a professional...


20. How To Deal With A Micro-Managing Boss

Why leaders micromanage and how you can adjust your approach to improve the working relationship so that it is a. more effective and b. less soul destroying. Before you dive in and start trash talking your overbearing boss - it is wise to seek some understanding as to why they might be micromanaging you. Take a few minutes to think deeply and through their eyes about what might be causing them to dip down. Full summary can be found at


19. Angela Buglass, CEO, Trilogy International Limited

Our CEO this week is Angela Buglass, who has recently returned from 15 years in the UK where she held the role of VP Marketing for LF Beauty, part of the global sourcing giant Li & Fung. Her experience includes roles with leading players Procter & Gamble, L'Oreal and Estée Lauder (working on the AVEDA brand). Angela is now the CEO of Trilogy International Limited which you may know through beauty products like Trilogy, Ecoya, Goodness and CS&Co. Her work has taken her from NZ all around...


18. Automated Response Systems

Kung Fu the most difficult situations with SARS (Smart Automated Response Systems) Have you ever found yourself in a situation and not known what to do?Ever tried to stop a certain scenario at work from happening but it always seems to repeat itself?Ever lose confidence at key moments? In this episode we will be talking a technique that emerged through my work in elite sport and an in particular in martial arts and how you can translate this to the business world. Full summary can be...


17. Greg Steel

In this episode you’ll hear from Greg Steele, CEO Arcadis Asia Pacific. He is also the Chairman of Engineering Aid Australia and on the board of Roads Australia. He was the Managing Director of Hyder Consulting before the Arcadis takeover. I came across this special man at a mindfulness conference where his authenticity and honesty about the challenge of keeping balance in the corporate world blew the audience away. I couldn’t wait to get him on the show. We cover the importance of...


16. Taking The Path Less Travelled

In this episode we will be talking about another pattern that has emerged through many of the CEOs on the show and that is “Taking the Path Less Travelled”. Have you ever found yourself boxed in to a role or industry? Ever felt stuck in your growth or feel like your network and knowledge set is limited to your profession and industry? Ever had the nagging gut feeling that you need to do something drastic to change things up but you find any number of reasons why you shouldn’t? Feel...


15. Sue Murphy

In this episode you’ll hear from Sue Murphy, CEO of Water Corp. Sue spent 25 years at Clough engineering after completing an engineering degree where she was one of only two women out of 300 students. She has been the Water Corporation CEO since 2008 and on the board at the Fremantle Dockers for 12 months. She is also a director at Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). We cover how to be honest, fun and make a difference in your work. Subscribe on iTunes...


14. Beating Overwhelm

In this episode we explore the terrible consequence of Overwhelm, the high level neuroscience of the brain, the triggers and a rock solid solution for removing it from your life, Subscribe on iTunes here: Subscribe on Android: Key Points: The top quotes and messages from this episode include: The Triune Brain The consequences of overhwlem: What triggers...


13. Daniel Herbert, CEO of SSKB and Former Wallaby

In this episode you’ll hear from Daniel Herbert, CEO of SSKB. We are going to be covering some powerful strategies that he learnt through 67 tests for the Wallabies. He was apart of the glory era of Australian Rugby, won the RWC in 1999, the Bledisloe Cup and beat the British and Irish Lions in 2001. He Captained the QLD Reds and was world player of the year in 1999. Critically he has now gone to a successful corporate career with the commercial side of the QLD Reds and is now CEO of...


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