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Eric Schleien interviews great value investors from around the world.

Eric Schleien interviews great value investors from around the world.
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Eric Schleien interviews great value investors from around the world.






#43: Eric Schleien & Brian Langis discuss Investing in Cuba

In this episode, Eric Schleien & Brian Langis discuss the merits of investing in Cuba. Hope you enjoy! -- Follow Brian on Seeking Alpha, Twitter, and his blog. Follow Eric on Seeking Alpha, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and GSCM. Disclosure: I, Eric Schleien, have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I also have no investments in Cuba nor plan to have investments in Cuba within the next 72 hours. I recorded this podcast...


#42: Queen City Investments (QUCT)

In this episode, I interview a guy know by the handle, "Spekulatius". This is our second guest who would prefer to stay anonymous - and as always, I honor that commitment to privacy. We talk about an obscure OTC company he owns called Queen City Investments (QUCT). For those of you who follow Nate Tobik who runs Oddball Stocks, he did a writeup on the company back in 2012 which you can see here. here here A transcript for this episode is also available for this episode.


#41: Comments on the recent market correction

Hey guys, it's Eric Schleien. Today's episode I've recorded on Christmas Eve after a recent market correction. No interview today, just my own personal thoughts/commentary. If you're a seasoned investor and not worried about the market correction, this episode is NOT for you. However, if you're a listener who isn't a full-time investor and you're worried or overwhelmed by the recent stock market decline, I think it's crucial you listen to this to help cut through the emotional noise. Links...


#40: GCI Liberty

If you could take 30 seconds and give us some honest feedback on iTunes, it would be much appreciated! In this episode, I discuss GCI Liberty (GLIBA) with Anthony Morley, founder of Delphi Value Investments.


#39: John King, Netflix, Sears, Tribal Leadership

***Please consider taking 1 minute to give the podcast a recommendation on iTunes! It makes a difference and helps keep the show going!*** Episode #39 - Description & Show Notes - Interview with John King, co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Tribal Leadership - Companies discussed: Netflix, Sears, Ben & Jerry's, Trupanion - Discussion on Tribal Leadership Work + Bringing Aristotle's Work Back - How this all ties into being a better business operator - Discussions on Leadership...


#38: Facebook

In this episode, I bring Marcelo Lima back on to talk about his investment in Facebook (FB). Pretty interesting discussion. Disclosure: I own Facebook shares for both myself and my investors at Granite State Capital Management, LLC. This could change at any time without notice. Additional disclosure: All information for this podcast was derived from publicly available information. Investors are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence into these factors. Additional disclosure: This...


#37: Amazon

Eric Schleien & Marcelo Lima talk about Amazon (AMZN). Marcelo is the Founder & Managing Member of Heller House. Eric is the Founder & CEO of Granite State Capital Management, LLC


#36: Getting into the weeds on marijuana stocks (we aren't so high on them) + Update on BAM & TSLA

In this episode, Eric Schleien & Brian Langis do a re-cap on Brookfield Asset Management & Tesla. To read the article associated with the podcast, click here: Then, the rest of the episode is dedicated to the marijuana industry and the publicly traded companies poised to benefit. Neither will touch that shit with a 10-foot pole...or bong...or whatever you want to use NOT to touch these stocks that are priced to...


#35: Liberty Latin America

Eric Schleien of GSCM & Anthony Morley of Delphi Value Investments discuss Liberty Latin America (LILA, LILAK).


#34: Tokenized Real Estate Assets on the Blockchain

In this episode, Radu Bolohan co-hosts with me to interview Matthew Sullivan who is the CEO & Founder of QuantmRE which seeks to disrupt the real estate industry by putting it on the blockchain. I don't believe I've ever been so tough on a guest. Radu & I asked Matthew some tough questions and to say we poked at him would be an understatement! This show is filled with lots of meat & substance & isn't some pump for another coin. This ended up making for a fascinating interview (IMO...


#33: Danielle Strachman; 1517 Fund

If you like these episodes, you can subscribe to the show and get notifications about new episodes here: Subscribe Would you kindly leave some feedback for the show on iTunes? It makes a huge difference. Click the link to give some feedback: Give Feedback Show Summary: In this episode, I interview Danielle Strachman who is the general partner of the 1517 fund. What is the 1517 fund you might be asking? Well, it’s pretty rad, hence why I wanted to bring Danielle on the show. 1517 supports...


Liberty Atlanta Braves

Eric Schleien of Granite State Capital Management, LLC & Anthony Morley of Delphi Investments discuss the Liberty Atlanta Braves which is a tracking stock of Liberty Media.


Fortran Corp (FRTN); NoNameStocks; Dan Schum

In this interview, I interview Dan Schum from I've had Dan on before for his very first podcast interview and he's back on today to speak about Fortran Corp. There's a blog post he wrote about the company recently as well which I link here: Hope you enjoy the episode, Eric Schleien


Interview with Whitney Tilson

In this episode, I interview Whitney Tilson who is the founder of Kase Learning and someone I have known since I'm a teenager. Before starting Kase Learning, Whitney founded and, for nearly two decades, ran Kase Capital Management, which managed three value-oriented hedge funds and two mutual funds. He is also the co-founder of Value Investor Insight, an investment newsletter. Whitney has co-authored two books, The Art of Value Investing: How the World's Best Investors Beat the Market (2013)...


NoNameStocks; Interview with Dan Schum

In this episode, I interview Dan Schum who runs an incredible blog called We go over how Dan got into researching some of the most obscure investment securities on the planet and we discuss a few names during the show. This is an episode you won't want to miss! All the best, Eric Schleien. PS - For full disclosure, clients at Granite State Capital Management, LLC (my firm) hold shares in CNGA & HAUP. Nothing in this podcast is a recommendation and is for informational...


Is Tesla a Fraud?

In this episode Eric Schleien & Brian Langis discuss Tesla. Show Notes: Post Article Brian is a Chartered Business Valuation (CBV) by profession and also manages an investment holding company. Check him out here! Twitter: @absolut_brian Blog: SeekingAlpha: Hope you enjoy the...


Tom Jacobs; Huckleberry Capital Management; The Curious Case of Maurece Schiller

Hello, it's Eric Schleien again! On this episode, I interview Tom Jacobs of Huckleberry Capital Management. We discuss special situations investments and unravel a very interesting financial mystery as it relates to a relatively unknown investment manager many decades ago.... Maurece Schiller. {the sound is a little weird at the beginning and I did my best to fix the sound here} To find out more about Tom and Hucklberry, visit the website:...


Brian Langis; Stocks & Poutine

Hello! It's Eric Schleien again and this episode I interview Brian Langis who is a business appraiser out in Canada, eh! We discuss the Canadian Stock Market, and take a dive into the merits of Brookfield Asset Management run by Bruce Flatt as well as some other random stuff like some insanely crazy filing from Access Power. Check out the link, it's literally batshit insane! Brian...


Permanent tsb

Eric Schleien and Tim Bergin discuss the Irish Bank, Permanent tsb. Tim is the founder of OnBeyondInvesting Eric serves as the CEO of Granite State Capital Management, LLC - an investment management firm based in New Hampshire.


Kinder Morgan Canada: Analysis

Eric Schleien and Tim Bergin discuss Kinder Morgan Canada Tim is the founder of OnBeyondInvesting Eric serves as the CEO of Granite State Capital Management, LLC - an investment management firm based in New Hampshire.