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Listen to CEOs, HR managers, and Future of Work thought leaders share their career and business stories, mentoring advice, and 2030 predictions for their industry and job opportunities.


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Listen to CEOs, HR managers, and Future of Work thought leaders share their career and business stories, mentoring advice, and 2030 predictions for their industry and job opportunities.






S6 Ep. 233 Johnny Crowder - Cope Notes

Johnny Crowder is one of the most interesting men you will meet. I met him in 2015 when I was contracted by NAMIGO. He was memorable at that time and even more so now in 2023. Why? It is his focus on mental wellness and positivity. He is a the founder of Cope Notes, an app that sends positive mental health messages to help people find balance. He is the singer and guitarist in the Christian Metal band - Prison. A 2x TedX talk speaker that reflects on the flawed thought processes that...


S6 Ep. 232 Noreen Makosewe - Radical Leap Group

Noreen Makosewe who selected one statement with five words to describe her. Boldly audacious bringer of light, this describe her beautifully. We discussed what real diversity means in today's world and how to create great impact. She is also an author, public speaker and investor that supports women in tech. The Intern Whisperer Podcast is brought to you by Employers 4 Change - Increasing diversity through #Skills based #DiversityEquityInclusion #recruitment and #management for #interns and...


S6 Ep. 231 Mark Moore - Lighthouse Certified Bookkeepers

Mark Moore is the owner of Lighthouse Certified Bookkeepers. He is an experienced accountant on his way to becoming a CPA. His expertise includes profit and nonprofit entities in multiple industries. Tune in to hear what five words Mark shared that describes who he is. One of his five words that he said described him is "humorous and his favorite quote is Just keep going! We invite you to tune and hear what the Future holds for accounting as an industry also. We hope you enjoy this...


S6 Ep. 230 Intern Whisperer 2022 Fan Favorites

Isabella Johnston is the founder of Employers 4 Change and the host of The Intern Whisperer Podcast. She shared, this is our second year for our annual Fan Favorite Podcast vote. Our guests and listeners helped us hit 10,000+ downloads before Christmas. We are excited to announce the top three winners episodes for our Podbean audio downloads and top three Intern Whisperer YouTube video winners. IWS Audio Podcast winners are: First Place - Victoria Yampolsky Ep. 222, Second Place Albee...


S5 Ep. 229 IWS Video Team

This week's episode is very special as we say thank you to our video editing intern team from Cat 5 Studios Josue Gonzalez, Geo Vargas, Lester Echols, and Deena Burks. In this episode you will hear what they learned from their internships, what their PowerSkills are, and what they think the video industry will look like in 2030. We hope you look them up on LinkedIn and be sure to listen to our podcast or watch our show on the Employers 4 Change YouTube channel. The Intern Whisperer Podcast...


S5 Ep. 228 Mariam Nusrat

Mariam Nusrat is a bit of an Einstein in female form. As a Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank (currently on extended leave): 12+ years of supporting education projects globally. She reimagined how to make games accessible to the masses. She built, a platform that empowers users to create, share and monetize their own purposeful #Web3 video games, with no code and at lightning speed. Think #Tiktok for video games. Tune in to hear more of her thoughts about the Future of...


S5 Ep. 227 Ms. Sutherd

Have you wondered what it is like to be an #influencer? You won't want to miss this episode with KiKi Sutherd. Teacher turned #influencer who shares funny stories about what her #students say among others things. She is a gifted #teacher, wicked smart business woman, and a teacher in residence with Class, an #EdTech company and has a heart that She is smart, resourceful, and a wiz problem solver. She looks for the best in situations, people, and opportunities. Her five words that describe...


S5 Ep. 226 Lindse Murphy

This week's guest is the amazing Lindse Murphy. She works with Orlando Economic Partnership and bring more innovative companies to Central Florida. She is also passionate about mental health at work and in personal life. We invite you to tune in and hear her recommendations on what you can do now to help you through challenging times and be inspired by the work she does to help businesses grow in Orlando. The Intern Whisperer Podcast is brought to you by Employers 4 Change - Increasing...


S5 Ep. 225 Jack Henkel

I have known Jack Henkel for about 5 years when he was visited StarterStudio (an accelerator) and was working with UCF I-Corps and . He works with the Florida High Tech Corridor's Cenfluence Program as a Sr. Cluster Manager. Jack is the definition of a #servantleader, he is one of those individuals that is behind the scenes and I am so glad to share his interview with our listeners. Tune in to hear the five words that he shares that will give you insight to who he is and his thoughts about...


S5 Ep. 224 Albee Shanefelter

Albee Shanefelter is a man filled with #gratitude. His interview is especially #heartwarming because he was diagnosed with #Stage 4 #cancer and choosing to change that diagnosis. You will be inspired to change your lifestyle choices, foods you eat, and re-evaluate your priorities. Albee is a startup founder on a mission to share what the meaning of his startup, 3B means - Be Strong, Be Kind, Be Well to the world. Follow him on #LinkedIn and support and donate to 3B because we all need to be...


S5 Ep. 223 Austin Jackson

Austin Jackson is the owner of AJ Marks Entertainment, a company that brings conferences, events, and festivals the gig talent that is needed to support these events. This support the economy, learn about the latest trends and services available in our industry. His interview was awesome from when we started with his five words that describe who is as a man, business owner, dad, and friend. I am sure you will feel encouraged because of his positive outlook on life and business. The Intern...


S5 Ep. 222 Victoria Yampolsky

Victoria Yampolsky is this week's guest on The Intern Whisperer. She shares the hardest lesson she learned that changed life and why she immigrated from the Russia to the United States. Victoria is a financial savant and is launching a program to help women master their fears in financial fluency. We hope you enjoy this episode and Victoria's predictions about the #FutureOfWork in #2030 The Intern Whisperer Podcast is brought to you by Employers 4 Change - Increasing diversity through...


S5 Ep. 221 Amelia Heroux

Amelia Heroux works with a #PEO company. You might be wondering what a PEO company is, mini lesson here - it mean professional employer organization - like a full-service HR benefits for your small business. Her amazing employer is Insperity Other interesting tidbits you will learn about Amelia is how she got started in the sales industry because it predominantly a male industry at the time. I don't normally share all five words that my guests use to describe themselves but I am this time....


S5 Ep. 220 Ryan Estes

Ryan Estes shared four words that describe him and they would make a GREAT book title. Ryan's four words are Chop wood, carry water! Listen to the show to hear what it means. His founder story includes starting two businesses Kit Caster and Go Wild Cast. On the second half of the show we talk about robots, aliens, and ethical dilemmas of AI. The Intern Whisperer Podcast is brought to you by Employers 4 Change - Increasing diversity through #Skills based #DiversityEquityInclusion...


S5 Ep. 219 Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs

Sabrina Greenwood-Briggs was such a hoot as a guest. She is an HR strategist that works with small to enterprise companies. She holds a certificate from the Society of Human Resource Management as a SHRM SCP and has a special designation of a Senior Certified Professional. Basically, equivalent to other high level certifications that demonstrate expertise in skills, knowledge, and wisdom to neutralize problems. Sabrina shared one of her five words that described herself is creative. This...


S5 Ep. 218 Adrienne Garland

Adrienne Garland is a collaborative tenacious woman that also embodies what most will want as a genuine friend and a key partner in business. Why? Tune in to this week's Intern Whisperer Podcast, to hear her share a key challenge in her corporate job that helped her launch her own marketing business She Leads Media, why she decided to launch a book publishing track for women, learn how to find her podcast Sugar Coated and what her predictions are for the future of work. The Intern Whisperer...


S5 Ep. 217 Joe Dalton

Joe Dalton shared the five words that describe him are courage, truth, spirituality, family, integrity. There is an interesting story for each work and why they are so meaningful. Joe has a heart for servant leadership and coaches other entrepreneurs how to be great leaders. He also has a podcast and radio show called Crossing the Rubicon, launched January 2017 and located on Dublin South 93.9 FM (a CRAOL Ireland 2020 Achievement Awarding). The Intern Whisperer Podcast is brought to you by...


S5 Ep. 216 Brian Kornfeld

Brian Kornfeld is the CEO and founder of Synapse Florida, an event that brings together thought leaders, futurists, and innovators. Brian is the luckiest guy around because he gets to see the latest coolest, most innovative technology that is in Florida. Talk about winning the lotto! If you are wondering who the biggest person is that had a huge impact on his life, well you have to listen to the show. The Intern Whisperer Podcast is brought to you by Employers 4 Change - Increasing...


S5 Ep. 215 Steve Isaacs

Steve Isaacs is a lover of lifelong learning, games, and how to solve problems. He is also the Education Program Manager with Epic Games. When you listen to this episode you will learn how he got to Epic Games and sees the role of educators as facilitators for learning. The Intern Whisperer Podcast is brought to you by Employers 4 Change - Increasing diversity through #Skills based #DiversityEquityInclusion #recruitment and #management for #interns and #employees alike. Sign up to be an...


S5 Ep. 214 Marsh Sutherland

Marsh Sutherland was my guest this week. This man is wicked smart, understands recruiting, sales, and interesting fun fact can whip up a tantalizing #lobster #macncheese. Yum! You should really tune into this episode to learn more about this gentleman and how he got involved in #Boston #startup ecosystem. His predications for #future of work, and stories that come straight from an #Recruiting Legend. The Intern Whisperer Podcast is brought to you by Employers 4 Change - Increasing diversity...