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Sharing weekly tips about intern management. CEOs, HR managers, and Future of Work thought leaders share their career and business stories, mentoring advice, and 2030 predictions for their industry and job opportunities.

Sharing weekly tips about intern management. CEOs, HR managers, and Future of Work thought leaders share their career and business stories, mentoring advice, and 2030 predictions for their industry and job opportunities.


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Sharing weekly tips about intern management. CEOs, HR managers, and Future of Work thought leaders share their career and business stories, mentoring advice, and 2030 predictions for their industry and job opportunities.






S5 Ep. 184 Jane Oates - President at WorkingNation

You won't want to miss listening to Jane Oates share her forecast about the Future of Work. Jane is president of WorkingNation and a former U.S. Department of Labor official who has played a key role in WorkingNation’s mission to raise awareness about the challenges facing the American workforce. Jane served as Assistant Secretary for the Employment and Training Administration under Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis, after being nominated for the position by President Barack Obama in 2009....


S5 Ep. 183 Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel -Voted Fan Favorite

Tune in to listen to one of our favorite guests and most downloaded episodes - Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel. Learn more about the launch of her podcast and more about work passion.


S5 Ep. 182 2022 Future of IWS and Work

Tune in to hear what the 2022 Intern Whisperer will hold for our listeners. Insightful thought leaders, innovative entrepreneurs & CEOs, and HR professionals share 2030 predictions on the Future of Work.


S4 Ep. 181 2021 Intern Whisperer Fan Favorites

Tune in to this live review of the 2021 fan favorite shows. Hope you enjoy the snippets; and if you missed any, be sure to download and listen. We love your feedback and comments sharing what you liked about the show and our guests. Our next year's show will highlight Diversity, Equity, Inclusion experts, Skill Development, Future of Work Gurus, HR Professionals, and Employer 4 Change thought leaders.


S4 Ep 180 Best of 2021 with Becca & Isabella



S4 Ep. 179 Best of 2021with Nick & Isabella

Come join us to review season 4's most memorable moments and takes in the Intern Whisperer Podcast.


S4 EP 178 Best of 2021 Alex Teal & Isabella

In this week's episode of the Intern Whisper, Isabella talks with one of the video editors of the podcast episodes, Alex Teal. They discuss Alex's picks for the best of 2021 podcasts: Ep. 167 Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel Ep. 171 Lonnie Snyder Ep. 175 Jason Krauss Ep. 177 Kent Gustavson and Randy Baker They discuss Alex's passion about film, his future projects, and what he thinks the future of the film industry will be.


S4 EP 177 Kent Gustavson & Randy Baker

Join Isabella as she interviews Thought Leader Path founders, Kent Gustavson & Randy Baker. In this week's exciting podcast episode learn about what led Kent and Randy to starting a podcast, doing a TED talk, and writing a book. What to learn who did what? Be sure to listen to their stories.


S4 Ep. 176 Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Tune into this podcast to laugh and learn about the history of Thanksgiving. There is a side that most people do not know about. What does the future of Thanksgiving hold for us in 2030 - hear what the poultry industry looks like.


S4 Ep. 175 Jason Kraus

Join Isabella speak to the founder of Prepare 4 VC, Jason Kraus. They talk about the steps Jason took to write his book, and what positive impact his company is having with people.


S4 Ep. 174 Rajiv Menon

Join Isabella speak with Rajiv Menon about his company, Informulate. In this episode we learn about Rajiv’s company and the impact it makes in India. Learn more about the differences between education in the US and India. Sign up on our website here: Check out more on our social media websites. Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn:...


S4 Ep. 173 Mac Prichard

What a great guest Mac Prichard, you will laugh and learn so much about the innovation and future of his industry.


S4 Ep 172 Dana Marie Roquemore

In this episode of The Intern Whisper podcast, join Isabella and Matt speak with the head The Dinner Party Project, Dana Roquemore. She speaks about here travels around the world, and how that led her to creating The Dinner Party Project.


S4 Ep. 171 Lonnie Snyder

For this week's episode, join Isabella and Matt interview with Chief Information Officer of the 2022 USA Special Olympics, Lonnie Snyder. He shares what it is to work with kids with intellectual disabilities, including Down's Syndrome. Learn more by listening to this week's podcast episode.


S4 Ep. 170 Joseph Simmons

Tune in to hear Joseph Simmons share what it was like growing up in the hollar of West Virginia and when he decided to be an entrepreneur. Talk about inspiring - the challenges will have you feeling a lot of emotions and then laughing with Joseph. Good stuff!


S4 Ep 169 Jessica McClintock

On this week of The Intern Whisperer, join us as we talk to Jessica McClintock. We discuss things about her job with FuelerLinx, and NBAA. Learn more about about what it takes behind the scenes on working on a plane.


S4 Ep. 168 Kevin Millar

Tune in and listen to Kevin shares his wisdom and thought about work passion and his company invivo. Be sure to subscribe to our Podcast on Facebook, YouTube, or your favorite podcast channels.


S4 EP167 Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel

When you tune into this episode you get to know Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel. This powerhouse leader will inspire you to learn more about positive work passion, multicultural work practices and how it improves work morale.


S4 Ep. 166 David Washington

Join Isabella and Elizabeth as they chat with David Washington, the founder of Meyers & Washington. David shares his educational background, how he got into political consulting, and how technology and AI could effect marketing and branding.


S4 Ep.165 Wildcard Show

Join Isabella and Elizabeth as they chat with the IWS team.