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"Guiding Business Principles'" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Tavi Gallego

My business principles revolve around honesty, integrity, customer-centricity, and giving back through tithing. Honesty is paramount, including admitting mistakes and providing candid advice. Paying taxes diligently, avoiding ethical dilemmas, and prioritizing the customer's welfare are non-negotiable. In our insurance business, we referred customers to better deals when we couldn't offer the lowest rates, fostering trust. Avoid overcharging, offer assistance when possible, and don't fear admitting when you don't know, but commit to finding answers. These principles ensure both ethical business growth and a good night's sleep. --- Send in a voice message:


"Finding Your Business 'Why'" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Adam David Jones

Why start a business? Running one can be tough, and just making money isn't enough of a reason. You need a strong 'why' behind it. Sure, other jobs might pay better, but if you're not passionate about your business, think twice. Find a purpose that goes beyond money, whether it's your love for what you're doing or a personal story that drives you. Life's too short to chase cash without a meaningful reason, so make sure your business connects with your values and gives you fulfillment. --- Send in a voice message:


"The Power of Kindness in Life and Business"" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Brian McGinnis

Kindness matters in three crucial aspects of life. Firstly, be good to your loved ones, including your partner, kids, and friends, especially when you're exhausted from work. Secondly, treat your clients well in the business world, not just in formal settings, because lasting connections often start casually. Lastly, engage with their business journey to build deep, meaningful relationships that go beyond just doing business. --- Send in a voice message:


"Embrace Action: Start Without Overthinking"" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Scott Buell

Don't overthink it; just start. Many people get bogged down in excessive planning and overcomplicating their strategies. Instead of fixating on business plans and logos, take that leap of faith and see if there's any interest in what you're offering. Even if your product isn't perfect, put yourself out there, be willing to look a bit foolish, and have the guts and faith to take that initial step. It's often the willingness to start that sets successful individuals apart from the rest. --- Send in a voice message:


"Believe, Persist, Succeed" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Lexis Serot

When I saw this, you know how strongly I feel about a particular piece of advice. I have at least five such advice, but the one I consider most important is: never let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Don't listen to them. They will try to give you many reasons, but if you believe in something so much that it keeps you thinking all night and day, just keep working towards it. Take one step at a time. Keep moving forward. Don't ever allow anyone to convince you that you can't succeed. --- Send in a voice message:


"Unlocking Potential with Your Kolbe Score" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Richard Canfield

I highly recommend that everyone gains an understanding of their Kolbe score. The Kolbe Index available at has truly transformed my approach, granting me the freedom to leverage my innate talents more effectively. It's distinct from a mere personality assessment; rather, it delves into how you naturally tackle tasks and allocate energy over time. This insight is crucial in avoiding potential burnout. Personally, I find myself discussing this topic almost daily, and it directly correlates with my affiliation with the Strategic Coach Organization, of which I am a member. For anyone embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, I wholeheartedly suggest exploring this avenue. --- Send in a voice message:


"Navigating the Zigzag Path to Success" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Matthew Britt

Achieving success isn't a straightforward journey, but rather a path filled with ups, downs, and twists. To overcome the challenges and setbacks along the way, a strong and unwavering sense of purpose is essential. This clear direction provides the resilience needed to navigate the unpredictable course towards success, which often resembles a winding line rather than a straight one. Without a compelling "why," even minor obstacles can become insurmountable hurdles. Therefore, whether you're starting a business or pursuing any endeavor, ensure your motivation is powerful enough to sustain you through both good days and bad. --- Send in a voice message:


"Apprenticeship: Smart Business Start" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Riggs Eckelberry

Learning through apprenticeship can yield significant benefits. Consider the illustration of initiating an Amazon business. It's crucial not to hastily dive in and commence placing orders from China, as this can lead to predicaments. Numerous instances of such missteps have been recounted. There are essentially two prudent approaches: acquiring knowledge from a mentor or commencing on a modest scale. For instance, initiating with a minor venture like ordering a few Frisbees allows for hands-on learning without substantial risk. This represents the first approach. The second approach, as previously indicated, involves developing a clear funding strategy for the endeavor. --- Send in a voice message:


"Success through Excellence and Relationships" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Andrew Murdoch

Excelling in your field and fostering positive working relationships are essential. With these attributes, you won't face scarcity or job hunts. Should you become available unexpectedly, opportunities will naturally come your way through referrals. This scenario mirrored my own experience post-layoff. A contact, the senior VP of communications, recognized my proficiency and compatibility, leading to a personalized role in her self-owned business. Despite the involuntary layoff, she valued my skills and demeanor, opting to hire me as a freelancer. This outcome showcased the significance of both expertise and interpersonal rapport in professional success. --- Send in a voice message:


"Harnessing Community for Business Growth" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Ryan George

Build a network and understand that communal growth is often more rapid, impactful, and purposeful than solitary business expansion. Whether your company comprises five or fifty people, the latter can connect you with around 200 non-competing peer firms, alongside associations, local communities, and regulators, depending on your field. By integrating into this network, you can become an essential resource, fostering reciprocal growth through business referrals. This approach is especially valuable when marketing funds and time are limited, making it an effective method to enhance your business's awareness and reach. --- Send in a voice message:


"Unforeseen Realities of Pursuing Success" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Adam Conner

I would suggest that regardless of your level of preparedness for undertaking this endeavor, it will require an extensive span of time before you begin to witness consistent and dependable outcomes. Allow me to elucidate the reasoning behind this advice. I was essentially thrust into this domain against my own volition, in my perspective. I possessed this particular skillset and was aware of its potential for monetization. Additionally, I was connected with around 150 eminent storytellers heading prominent brands in the global corporate sphere, ranging from the top 2000 enterprises to the Fortune ten elite. I received calls from CEOs expressing their willingness to engage my services, offering immediate compensation. Despite encountering individuals who might have disappointed me along the journey, I had every justification to believe that I could harness these myriad resources, connections, and competencies to promptly transform them into a moderately consistent source of income. However, reality didn't align with my expectations. --- Send in a voice message:


"Essential Advice for Starting Strong" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Ramin Sedehi

The counsel I offer to the organizations I serve on revolves around prioritizing strong fundamentals, especially aimed at emerging talents and aspiring initiators. It's imperative to constantly uphold these foundational aspects, which encompass your core values and identity. Even if you're uncertain about your values, acknowledging this sets you on a path to ascertain them and translate them onto paper as cherished principles. Furthermore, when creating something, grasp its multi-faceted nature and perceive it within a larger system; a principle I used to teach as part of systems thinking. This understanding underscores the fact that everything operates within interconnected systems rather than in isolation, encapsulating another fundamental facet. --- Send in a voice message:


"Curiosity and Adaptability in Startups" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Eric Schaffner

In the context of startups and small businesses, the essence lies in the ability to be as adaptable as a Swiss army knife. While personal inclinations and competencies are important, these settings necessitate a willingness to embrace a variety of tasks, even those that might be less appealing or unfamiliar. This inevitably calls for a curious mindset – a readiness to explore the uncharted territory. If curiosity doesn't inherently motivate you, it might be prudent to reconsider this path. Succeeding in this environment demands a commitment to perpetual learning and the astuteness to construct a team that can effectively cover your areas of weakness. --- Send in a voice message:


"Nurturing Success: Advice for New Ventures" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Micah LaCerte

The most significant piece of advice for someone new in this field is to truly comprehend the following: As I mentioned earlier, you need to foster this endeavor. It involves not only self-education and the continuous advancement of your skills, but also gaining proficiency in various other areas as you progress. Strive to become the best possible mentor for those within your business. A substantial portion of your business triumphs originates from the atmosphere you cultivate and the connections you establish. The magnitude of this cannot be overstated. Prioritize the well-being of your team. Demonstrate your affection and concern for them, and consistently contribute to their education as well. --- Send in a voice message:


"The Power of Family and Supportive Networks" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ David Burchfield

Ensure that both your network and your family are fully supportive. You'll require assistance from everyone available. The notion of a completely self-made individual lacks validity. I remain skeptical of your claims and might even label them as dishonest. The key factor lies in the individuals surrounding you. Do they offer their backing? As inevitable moments of self-doubt arise, their encouragement becomes invaluable, a steadfast presence. Thus, in my view, my family stands as my ultimate asset. Without question. --- Send in a voice message:


"Business Success: Overhead, Focus, Identity" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Craig Wolfe

Persistently echo the importance of managing overhead costs, urging others to realize that it's not just about revenue generation, but rather the prudent retention of earnings. Look to Apple's modest garage beginnings as a testament to focusing on essential work initially. Allow organic business demands to dictate expansion, keeping a frugal and efficient approach, especially in the early stages, as it's the burden of excessive overhead that often leads to business downfall. Similarly, stress the futility of trying to cater to all demographics, exemplified by the likes of Coke and Pepsi, emphasizing the need to carve a distinctive identity and accept that capturing an entire market is implausible, making strategic focus imperative. --- Send in a voice message:


"Preparing for the Entrepreneurial Journey" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Ari Leeds

Get ready to handle a multitude of tasks – there will be plenty to do. The extent of your responsibilities will largely depend on your incoming finances, but you should acquaint yourself with legal matters, accounting, and HR – aspects you probably never had to consider in previous jobs. Embrace these new challenges; they might not all be things you enjoy doing. Many entrepreneurs start their ventures because of their passion for a particular field, and that passion can be a driving force. However, it's essential to acknowledge that running a business will also involve tasks that may not align with your passions. Be prepared for this reality. Moreover, anticipate that dealing with people will be a significant aspect of your journey. --- Send in a voice message:


"Revisiting Your Purpose: Vital for Business Growth" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Adrian Dahlin

For aspiring entrepreneurs starting a new business, the most crucial advice is to define their core values and priorities early on and periodically reevaluate them. While the initial excitement of autonomy and choice may be exhilarating, business success can lead to unforeseen commitments that might overshadow the original intentions. By consistently reminding themselves of their purpose and adapting as needed, entrepreneurs can maintain a balance between business growth and personal fulfillment, ensuring that their venture aligns with their desired lifestyle and brings genuine satisfaction. --- Send in a voice message:


"Valuing Your Unique Contributions" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Brian Weathers

Appreciate your own experiences and acknowledge the unique qualities you bring to the table. When I began my journey, I possessed remarkable skills, yet I tended to underestimate the significance of my own contributions to the overall endeavor. --- Send in a voice message:


"Embrace Change: Pivot to Success" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Karina Muller

My favorite piece of advice, which I share frequently, is not to fear pivoting. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it is natural to become attached to our original plans, but being open to change and flexibility is essential for growth and success. Embracing the willingness to adjust our course when needed can lead to new opportunities and innovative solutions, empowering us to reach our full potential in the ever-evolving market landscape. --- Send in a voice message: