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"Fortune Favors The Brave" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Richard Blank

Fortune favors the brave. Those who take risks often reap great rewards; those who are courageous are often the most successful. Take a chance in order to get what you want. --- Send in a voice message:


"Keep Your Finances In Good Spot" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Daniel Felt

Make sure that your finance is in a good spot. When you're trying to start a new company and you are financially stressed you will make really hectic decisions. Get more money than you think you need. If you need 50k to start this get 75k, you can always pay back the loan super fast. Have a plan in place so that strategically you can make confident decisions and invest in the company properly in the very beginning. --- Send in a voice message:


"How To Build Prelaunch Hype Organically" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Jenna Zeng

Launching is the big deal. So, making sure that there is the hype about what you are going to be offering in terms of service or product for the prelaunch is massive even if you are still a couple of months away, the build-up is really important. --- Send in a voice message:


"Work On Your Business Not In Your Business" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Kim Becker

You need to work on your business and not in your business. It's not the "what" it's the "who". It's not what you need to do, it's who can you help to what you need to do. Spend more time working on your business by valuing and educating yourself and the employees instead of just pleasing your customers. --- Send in a voice message:


"Strong WHY Of Your Business" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Saul Sutton

Make sure the "Why" of your business is bigger than yourself. That's what going to motivate you to really get up every day when it's tough and hard and also help you to seek that community to support you. So, make your why bigger than yourself and be willing to pivot. --- Send in a voice message:


"Work-Life Balance Is A Myth" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Charles Read

As a new entrepreneur, there is no such thing as work-life balance. It's working all the time, every day, every week, every month for a number of years and that's just the way it is if you want to be successful. If you want to work 40 hours a week don't be an entrepreneur. If you want 2 weeks of vacation every year and Christmas off don't be an entrepreneur. --- Send in a voice message:


"Culture Of The Company" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Craig Rupp

The culture of your company is dictated by the first five people you hire so be very careful about the right attitude. --- Send in a voice message:


"Be Prepared To Work" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Steve Gerritsen

Be prepared to work. There's a lot more work than you realize, it doesn't matter what business you're getting into. So, if you don't like to work or if you're not willing to work, just go work for somebody else. It is a lot less working 9-5 for somebody else than is for an entrepreneur. If you're not willing to put in extra hours it's never gonna work for an entrepreneur. --- Send in a voice message:


"Things Take Time" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Pati McCarthy

Things take a lot longer time than you expect. Pati thought that in six months they are gonna have a super cool product in the market, people using it, getting revenue, and signing contracts but in fact, after six months they barely launched an app in which only three things were working. So basically things take time. --- Send in a voice message:


"Focus On Your Customer" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Antonio Barnes

Put the customer in the center of your business. Focus on solving a problem for a customer. Focus on the pain of the customer. If you focus on what's keeping them from growing their businesses and doing their jobs every day, you can put those problems at the center of your business and your services then you will be successful because now you're solving the pain. --- Send in a voice message:


"Build Operational Business Structure" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Lauren Colson

Spend some time building an operational business structure. Business owners, founders, or CEOs tend to hold everything in their heads and if you're going to be a solopreneur then maybe it's not the end of the world but if you got any sort of scale in mind you're gonna hit a lot of roadblocks when everything is in your head. So, getting things down on paper, whether that's a process, or operating procedures you can share with the team. If you get that organizational structure in place and can...


"Don't Give Up" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Paul Daniels

It's going to take you twice as long as you think, it will probably be 3 times more frustrating and challenging than you could imagine and it's millions of times more rewarding. If you stay the course, ask for help, and don't give up. JUST KEEP GOING. --- Send in a voice message:


"Invest On Your Skills" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Ben Easter

Invest in your meta-skills. Skills like sales, leadership, technical skills, and creative skills. Find out the skills you're most resonant with, like are they interpersonal skills or creative skills, or technical skills, and invest like double down on the things you both love and have a real market value no matter where you go. --- Send in a voice message:


"Instant Millionaire" Expert Advice For Entrepreneurs w/ Dave Combs

The biggest myth deals with the issue that people think, that if somebody has a hit song or a big success on a chart or billboard, they are going to be an instant millionaire or just going to be wildly successful. That is the exception rather than the rule. --- Send in a voice message:


"The WHY Of Your Business" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Ben Sobieck

You don't have to know why you are doing something when you're starting out. The pieces to why you're starting don't have to be in place. If you have a good idea that's good enough for the first few stages of business. The pieces will follow the place later you don't have to know the "why", you might know the what, how, and where but the "why" may reveal itself to you later. --- Send in a voice message:


"Doing Valuable Things Multiple Times" Expert Advice For Entrepreneurs w/ Ryan Murray

People think that when you go to a training, it's a one and done. If you're in a training you actually have to be immersed in it, you've to keep doing it. Training that Ryan finds very valuable, he does them multiple times. The books that Ryan read are very valuable he would read them multiple times. The first you go through anything you're only going to absorb 10-20% of that at a retention level. There are still 80% of things that were said or covered that you're not going to retain after a...


"Lifestyle Of A Business Owner" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Jake Hare

The lifestyle that you have as a business owner should be a big factor in what type of business you wanna start and the goal you're trying to achieve at the end of the day is important too. If you're gonna start something it's going to be your life for 10 years. So make sure you know what you're getting into. Talk to some other people who have done it before and just make sure you're understanding before you startup. --- Send in a voice message:...


"Brand Is The Domain Of Consumer-Facing Companies" Expert Advice For Entrepreneurs w/ Scott Markman

A Brand is only the domain of consumer-facing companies. It's an organizing governing principle that allows decision-makers to make informed decisions faster, better and cheaper. That's what a brand does for anybody. --- Send in a voice message:


"Deliver Quality" The Podcast For Entrepreneurs w/ Amanda Gwin

Your business will continue to grow as long as you focus on what is important to you: delivering high-quality coaching, development, service, or high-quality product that you want to serve. You will continue to grow if your customers know what they are coming to you for: quality. --- Send in a voice message:


"Grocery Is A Challenging Industry" Expert Advice For Entrepreneurs w/ Jeremy Smith

You read so much about the food and beverage industry right now that plant-based and keto and everything else that is going on, you'd think it's an easy industry to be successful in, because there are so many new brands launching. Yes, there is a lot of access to capital but there wasn't 20 years ago it's very challenging and very competitive. Grocery is an expensive market to launch in and one of the myths there is that it's easy to be successful in this industry. --- Send in a voice...