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Janelle chats with interviewers about business, societal and cultural issues.

Janelle chats with interviewers about business, societal and cultural issues.


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Janelle chats with interviewers about business, societal and cultural issues.








The Inner Millionaire - Building a Personal Brand

Our Guest on today's episode is Tequila Cousar is a Personal Branding Coach, She discussed her journey to becoming an entrepreneur in the coaching space. She shared some insights to building a personal brand and practical strategies to accomplish it. Finally shared 5 important steps to building a sustainable personal branding aimed at client satisfaction. Tequila Cousar is a Personal Branding Coach, 2 x #1 International Bestselling Author, Entreprenuer and Founder Of Intoxicating Brands,...


Creating Balance Between Businesses and a Life - Hani Anis

On today's episode, Hani shared her experience with starting a clothing line and a Marketing agency. Also gave some perspective on balancing the business side of things and family life. As a young entrepreneur she shared some advice on how to navigate the early stages of entrepreneurship in order to have business that can stand the test of time. Hani Anis, Founder & CEO of Kahani Digital & Anis Collections. With her career starting in the world of Investment Banking, stopping to take a...


The 3 Key to Longevity of Business - Jennifer Mackey-Mary

On today's episode, Jennifer a wardrobe stylist shared some business and styling tips that are essential to the life of a woman as an entrepreneur. Furthermore, she spoke on client retention and satisfaction as a core success of every business. Guest: Jennifer Mackey-Mary is a wardrobe stylist who gives everyday style advice to everyday women. Her business, Everyday Style, is on a mission to inspire women to love the way they look, and give them the tools to make style easy. She’s the...


How to Create CEO Success Loop Strategies as an Individual With ADHD

In today's episodes, we meet Danielle Rakson, who discussed how she started her business as an Online Business Manager (OBM) with ADHD. We also discussed issues arising as a Business owner with ADHD and some practical solutions. Finally, we spoke on how staying focused on micro-routines helps your business development journey as an entrepreneur. Guest: Danielle Ralston is the founder/CEO of Be Boss Girl, LLC, the umbrella for Organized Operations, ADHD Boss Girls, and SEO Link Machine....


The Essence of Organic Marketing - How to leverage it to Build a Sustainable Brand

In today's episode with Charmaine, we chat about the importance of list building for email marketing versus other marketing channel. The essence of organic marketing to build and sustain your brand identity. Keeping track of metrics to inform marketing decision to build a profitable brand. Charmaine is a mom of three children, two diagnosed with Autism and one diagnosed with ADHD, Charmaine has been an advocate and mentor to parents in the special needs community for over 10 years...


Sex Therapy Shouldn't be Taboo

Today on the podcast I have a special guest, meet Michelle, She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, with additional training as a sex therapist, somatic (mind-body) coach and massage therapist. She is also a certified provider for Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) and is a Strategic Intervention and Relationship Coach through the Robbins-Madanes Institute. We discussed about her experience with sexually abuse from a young age to overcoming the trauma. How to practice...


It's Time to Thrive

Meet today's guest, Renae is a Mum of 2 and a Life Transformation Coach helping Mums design their dream life and business, ditch the guilt cycle and show up as their best self. Her mission is to help women thrive, not just survive. In this episode, Renae and I discussed the experience of first time motherhood and post-partum anxiety. How to thrive as a mother and entrepreneur. Also discussed some pain point we face as a mother juggling business and having an amazing family. Finally...


Assessments are the key to live your life authentically

In this podcast episode, I spoke with the dynamic Dominque Vacheresse, who specializes in helping you figure out how to live your life authentically! We discuss our love for learning about ourselves through a good assessment and the power you can harness when you know yourself. The key to a successful life is a personalized productivity plan. We ended the episode with a marketing audit of Dominque's newly launched business. Dominique Vacheresse is the Founder & CEO of Quick Candor Consulting...


Mother's Day Motivation

Happy Mother's Day! In this episode, Janelle inspires mothers by giving words of advice and pulling from her affirmation deck of cards. If you are a mom, mompreneur or you just need some positive words this episode of the Janelle show is for you!


Setting yourself up for Success

In this episode, Janelle discusses how to make sure that you are ready for abundance in your business, and life. Stay connected with me! Instagram: Facebook: Linkedin: Youtube: Learn how To Build Your Business Credit in my best-selling book Approved!: Janelle...


Marketing Strategy with Video Producer Toya Glenn

At the very beginning of the pandemic, I lost my job as a social media content specialist. I'd held this role for over 10 years! I have been propelled into full-time entrepreneurship since then and have found it to be a true blessing. Going LIVE is a great way to gain exposure for your brand, it helps you to quickly build know like and trust. I absolutely love managing and producing live shows and events for businesses and organizations that help to elevate others in mind, body, and spirit....


How to maximize your day with Janelle

In this episode, Janelle talks about how she use her time optimally to get things done while taking care of her family and business. She gives insights on how to achieve this and how to become more productive in very practical steps.


Avoid The Learning Curve - Jillian Michaels

In this episode, Jillian and Janelle discuss why you need a coach and the essential part to excel as an entrepreneur. We learn that having a coach decreases your chances to make an error and the steep learning curve is overturned in a short period. Guest: Jillian Michaels is a Fitness Coach and a Certified Nutritionist with years of experience and has various clients in many industries. She is best known as the coach on the hit television show The Biggest Loser.


Black Women and Entrepreneurship - The Importance of Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness in today society is a real thing that most people struggle with especially woman of color. Jamie Clarke an Expert in this field and a Spiritual Life Coach discuss how this can be overturned and making sure it doesn't affect your spiritual, emotional and financial life. She also discuss the black women and entrepreneurship, how to stay motivated and shares things no one tells you about owning a business. Guest: Jamie Clark is the owner of soul paradise, a metaphysical shop...


Journey During The 4 Age Phases - Twila True

In this episode Twila discuss the journey during the 4 age phase of woman, the very small box most people want you stay in. The additional insights, sensitivities and intuition a woman has that will continue to close the wealth gap along the glass ceiling. Guest: Twila True is currently CEO And Co-Founder of true family enterprises, a privately held investment firm developed to create manage its own companies with over 50 companies in his portfolio. Several of the core businesses are true...


Making Massive Changes - Rose Hulsey

Rose Husley discuss making massive changes and shrink the wealth gap for woman and also shared her personal experience on how she transitioned from politics to media by starting her own business. Highlighted how woman can empower themselves to make sure they thrive their business to success. Guest: Rose Hulse is CEO and Founder of Screen Hits TV, A curated app-based streaming aggregator. Rose began her career in politics working for Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan. She transitioned to...


Woman of Color Vs Wealth Gap - Darlyn-Feythe Valentine

In this episode Darlyn-Feythe Valentine discussed how woman of color can breach the wealth gap in the society simply by having a side hustle and through Entrepreneurship. Also discussed brand Awareness and PR Strategy, How to leverage social media and PR to increase your business revenue and Client base. Guest: Darlyn-Feythe Valentine a Southern California native, the Founder of L.Woods PR which started 5yrs ago. After working in various parts of the Fashion industry (design, development...


Evonya Easly - The Entrepreneurs Journey

The journey of an Entrepreneur starts with the mindset of achieving success. Evonya Easly shared some useful insights on how to make your entrepreneur career the best the decision and also highlighted some practicable steps to make you achieve success. Evonya Easly is a certified personal stylist, published author with over a decade of experience in the personal styling and fashion industry. She is also the founder and CEO of Style by Love a personal styling on demand mobile app for busy...


Kelly Whitmann

She loves chatting about all things related to business and more specifically, branding :) Learn consistent branding: why it's important, how to get it, how it makes your business easier. Her website: https: Facebook:


Linda Enoh

Linda would love to super your audience with easy content marketing strategies to help them create engaging content that converts. Create engaging content that converts.How to stand out on social media with your content.How to create content super fast and show up consistently.