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Center of Influence Process

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Outsourced IT provider frustrating you with bad service?

Here are 3 questions to ask your current outsourced IT provider that might help you get things back on track Today, most businesses are completely reliant on their technology and by extension their outsourced IT provider. So when they have technology problems, it's more than just irritating. It disrupts the business. If employees can't use their systems, then more often than not they can't work. When this happens it might feel like you've got the wrong team supporting your computer systems....

Merry Christmas! | The Greatest Story Ever Told!

I love this time of year as I'm reminded of all my blessings and I always feel hopeful for the future. In this episode, I'm sharing the very best news I've ever heard: That God so loved the world that he sent his only son to save it. It's a beautiful story that I believe to be true. I hope that you have a very happy holiday this season and I wish you the joy of Christmas with all my heart.


Net Promoter Process

Endsight operates a customer experience program that conforms to the Net Promoter methodology. Each quarter, a subset of Endsight's clients receive a survey that among other questions, ask the client to rank the likelihood that they would refer Endsight. Clients that respond with a score of 9 or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 are "Promoters." This video and slide deck outline the process used to identify, engage and activate those net promoters. Podcast / Video PowerPoint Presentation This is an...

Cyber Security Training for your team in less than 10 minutes

Cyber security training can get a little redundant and a little boring, but it's also absolutely vital. It think it's understandable to be a little weary of cyber security training. But repetition and constant vigilance are some of the best tools to use if we want to help our team side step the plethora of attacks and scams that they encounter every day. To stay cyber safe, our team needs to get it right every time. An attacker only needs to get lucky once. Fortunately for some, a quick...

Unplug from technology on vacation: a few tips to help you relax and disconnect

3 helpful tips to keep technology from ruining vacation Our technology helps us deliver great client service and access information quickly. It can also be what stops us from escaping the grinding day to day of our professional lives while on vacation. If not properly disconnected, our technology can rob us of the escape that a vacation provides to think, invest in our relationships at home and grow as a person. In this episode I share 3 tips to unplug from technology while on vacation: Put...

Apple Users Avoid this GDPR Phishing Attack

Be on the lookout for a new Apple-flavored email phishing attack. New European data privacy regulation is going into effect this week. It's called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and bad guys are using it as bait in a variety of ways. This scam looks like it is from Apple and claims that if you do not take action, your account will be "restricted". But in reality they steal your identity and credit card information. Do not click on links in emails, or social media links related to...


Personal Finance Education as a Workplace Benefit

We spend years in the formal education system learning about how to get a job and a career and earn money, but very little of that, if any, is spent learning how to manage that money to reach lifestyle goals. Money and the problems associated with personal finance are a source of a lot of anxiety and strife. This can have a huge impact on personal happiness and our organization's culture. The main culprit, most of us learn about managing our personal finances through trial and error. So how...

5 Reasons you may have outgrown your current accounting software

How do you know when it's time to start looking for a new accounting system? Is the tool that you're using good enough? Can you extract enough value from some future state that would justify all the hassle and headache associated with upgrading to something different? Before you can even start asking those questions, it's important to figure out the current gaps associated with the status quoe approach. In this episode my guest, Doug Kennedy and I talk about a few key indicators that your...

Can you sell your business? How much is it worth? When should you start asking these questions? | Part 2.

*This is part two of an interview that I started in the previous episode.* You can find part 1 by clicking here: Listen to Part 1 What’s the business worth? Who will buy it and at what price? Should I even sell the business? Is there another option? It is never too early to plan your exit strategy. It can take 3 years or more to prepare your business for you to leave and receive maximum economic value. In this episode I talk with my friends and business experts, Thomas Mele and Kirsten...

Can I sell my business? How much is it worth? When should I start asking these questions? | Part 1. - Good Ideas Podcast – Jason Clause

It’s never too early to plan your exit strategy What’s the business worth? Who will buy it and at what price? Should I even sell the business? Is there another option? It is never too early to plan your exit strategy. It can take 3 years or more to prepare your business for you to […]

Identity Theft Post Equifax

We all need to give more attention to identity theft in the wake of the Equifax breach Most of us already know that Equifax reported a data breach that affects more than 143 million US customers, about 44% of the population. It's an extremely serious breach; hackers got access to full names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver's license numbers -- exactly the sort of information criminals can use to impersonate victims to banks, credit card companies, insurance companies,...

Protect yourself from CEO Fraud

CEO Fraud is a very simple and effective cyber attack that can cause significant business losses CEO Fraud couldn’t be simpler. There’s no malware to write and no malicious code or links to implant. It’s a text only email, plain and simple – but it’s the social engineering that makes it work. Due to its simplicity, these spoofing attacks are one of the fastest growing forms of cyber crime. During the period from Oct. 2013 to April 4, 2016, the FBI reported losses due to this kind of attack...

Be Funny, make more friends, get further

Everyone can be funny if they can follow a process.I'll never forget a Chris Rock Interview that I listened to. That was when it dawned on me. Comedians don't just get up on stage and start making people laugh. They follow a rigorous process. The discovery lead me to the San Francisco Comedy College and introduced me to my guest, Rich Stimbra. Rich helped me learn that everyone is funny and he taught me the creative process that comedians use to develop jokes and perform stand up comedy. I...


Forget about setting goals. Focus on this instead.

Goals are great for helping us figure out where we want to go. Systems will get us there. We all have things that we want to achieve in our life and for many, the path to those things starts by setting specific and actionable goals. Goals are good. They can provide direction and even push you forward in the short-term, but a well-designed system will lead to better results. Having a system is what matters. Committing to the process is what will get you where you set your sights. James Clear,...


The Bullet Journal: A pen and paper framework for getting way more done.

There are a multitude of tools and apps in the world designed to help us stay organized. I’ve tried many of them, but I’ve never come close to achieving the organizational zen that I’ve hoped for. That is until now. In this episode, my guest Aaron Lowe and I talk about Bullet Journaling a pen and paper based framework for capturing and saving information, to do lists, schedules and much more. There’s no software, no hardware. Just pen and paper. It seems too simple, but Bullet Journaling is...


3 inexpensive things you can do to increase IT security

61% of cyber attacks by hackers each year involve small to medium-sized businesses. At least half of those companies won’t even know the attack has happened until it’s too late. IT system security and data protection have always been important. But as the statistics highlight, the need to focus attention on security is increasing for companies of all sizes. Larger firms have the resources to spend heavily on the issue, but what can a small or mid-sized firm do? In this episode, I share 3...


Stay in the know with a daily huddle

My first reaction to the daily huddle was, “What can we possible have to talk about everyday?” But what I came to learn was that the daily huddle can be the cornerstone of a team’s meeting rhythm and a system by which everyone is constantly vetting, in a very transparent manner, their tactical actions against the organization's goals, core values, brand promise and core purpose. In this episode I share how my team structured its daily huddle and I share a few articles about the topic. Show...


5 Root causes of employee under-performance

It can be frustrating as a manager when we’re not getting the results that we expect from an employee. Assuming the team member wants to be successful and is giving us his best effort how can we help him get unstuck? In this episode we're going to talk about a framework that I learned from a really smart manager, Rick Scherle, for diagnosing the reasons why an employee might be struggling. Spoiler alert, it's probably the manager. Show notes: Excel Tip - How to Use Structured Formula...


Develop shorthand & communicate quickly and effectively with your team

It's just easier to use shorthand. This is never more true than when working with your team. It allows a manager to leverage habits and pre-agreed to norms of behavior to quickly communicate with team members. But to work properly, our shorthand needs to be carefully scripted so that we can eliminate as much ambiguity as possible. In this episode: We build on some of the concepts we talked about in the previous episode and share a few ideas for building and developing shorthand with your...