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Funnels, Sales, & Marketing with Mike Killen KDS: 011

Every time I talk to Mike Killen I feel like I've drunk from a firehouse of awesomeness. Mike's energy and enthusiasm for what he does are infectious. Mike and I connected 5 or 6 years ago and a lot has changed in his business, which is why I wanted to have him on the podcast (and quite frankly I don't know what took me so long to get him on the show, so sorry about that Mike ;-) ). Like a lot of people, Mike started out freelancing and then moved to the agency side of things. His next step...


Running A Business When Life Goes Sideways… And My Secret Project KDS: 010

I debated about doing this episode... mainly because I'm still in the thick of things and I'm pretty raw. However, I also know that the best way of getting to the other side of things is through it. After 48 years on this planet and a lot of inner work, I've learned to tame the ego a bit and have found a lot of peace in the surrender, even if it takes me a longer than I'm comfortable with. So, fair warning: if this stuff makes you uncomfortable, then now's the time to stop listening. My...


Introducing The New Brizy Page Builder With Dimi Baitanciuc KDS: 009

I have to admit... being a huge fan of page builders, I was pretty excited to see another page builder hit the market. Some people might think we don't need another page builder for WordPress, but I truly believe that competition is good and not every page builder will work for each person. Even though many of the page builders have similar features, the UI and feel to each page builder is unique. What may work for one person will feel clunky or confusing to another. The other benefit of...


Digital Agency Life with Kronda Adair KDS:008

I guess I should give you a little warning with this episode... the audio gremlins came out in full force. The first half of the interview was done with Zencastr, then we hopped over to Skype to wrap things up, so bear with the change in the audio. That being said, I went deep in this interview with Kronda, of Karvel Digital, who shared her journey from retail jobs to getting a degree in web design, being fired for culture fit and then moving on to working for herself. One of the things...


Why I Launched A Totally FREE Course KDS: 007

It's been a year of changes for me, all of them good (now that I'm on the other side of things, it's much easier to see the lessons and blessings). When I decided to pivot to my personal brand from The WordPress Chick, I knew my focus was going to be on content marketing and pretty much anything relative to content (tools, apps, people... whatever grabs me and is worth sharing). I had done a few different lead magnets about creating content, but they all felt sort of... forced? The value...


Build Your Audience FIRST KDS: 006

The idea of 'Build Your Audience First' isn't new... yet so many people still think they can grow a successful business without building an audience. This is beyond my own personal opinion (although I don't have data to back this up, I simply know a lot of people who have done this and continue to do it). That being said, I thought I would try something new this week. I hosted a live stream in my Facebook group, Content Creators, with a co-host (my good friend Davinder Singh Kainth)....


Storrito App for Instagram – Interview with Max Weber KDS: 005

Yes, this is another tool I'm using and loving. Before we jump into the interview, let me just say that as much as I love watching Instagram stories, I don't always want to record video of what I'm doing because quite frankly, it's not always that interesting. AND... there's always the added issue of having to 'get ready' to be on camera (if and when you see me on camera with no makeup, it's safe to say I've had a huge growth moment). My other challenge (which I'm getting over also), is...


Brian Kurtz on Advertising, List Building & Relationship Capital WPCP: 168

I was having a conversation with my friend Lee Jackson the recently on a Facebook live stream and we were talking about how sometimes it feels like we're 'cheating' when we're podcasting because we get to spend an hour with these brilliant minds and it's almost like getting a one-on-one mentoring session with them. That was exactly how I felt the entire time I was talking with Brian Kurtz. It's been a long time since I've connected with someone new, who I instantly respected, and thought...


One Click Upsells for WooCommerce with Chris Mason of WooCurve WPCP: 167

I have a little confession to make before we get into the podcast with Chris Mason of WooCurve. One of the products sold through WooCurve, Handsome Checkout, was something I had thought about creating with my LeadSurveys business partner, Gordan, about a year and a half ago. Then we pivoted to LeadSurveys (which is good because I'm super excited about LeadSurveys, but that's another conversation). Needless to say, WooCurve has created two amazing products for WooCommerce users that are...


Creating Content with Kyle Gray and The Story Engine WPCP: 166

I was introduced to Kyle from my friend Tom Morkes (who I need to get on the podcast still, he's brilliant at what he does and is a stellar connector) and responded like a little kid with who was just given a new puppy! Because my happy place is content and content creation, I was thrilled to get to talk to Kyle who has a brilliant book and was also partly responsible for growing WP Curve with their content strategy (he took over for Dan Norris when Dan got too busy). The more I dig into...


Creating Systems & Processes with Jürgen Strauss of Innovabiz WPCP: 165

This episode is brought to you by my sponsor, Content Snare This podcast interview is long overdue (we recorded a few months ago) and I'm excited to finally share this with you. I had the good fortune of connecting Jürgen Strauss a few years back through a mutual friend. Jürgen is one of those people who instantly makes you feel at ease and is a true pleasure to talk with. He also has a brilliant understanding of processes and systems, how to grow a team (through outsourcing), and how to...


Content Bottlenecks and Designing to Delight with Christine Thatcher WPCP: 164

This episode is brought to you by our sponsor, ContentSnare Anyone who has ever worked with clients to create their website can tell you that the hardest part of the process tends to be getting the content from the client to put into the website. My guest today, Christine Thatcher, and her business partner, Michelle Hunter, have solved this problem and are now showing other people how to do the same. What's fun is that I connected with Christine through our mutual friend (and sponsor of...


Live Streaming Success with Ross Brand WPCP: 163

I have a confession to make. I was SUPER hesitant to jump into live streaming. For a few reasons. The first reason was that I would have to "get ready", as in, do my hair & makeup every day (O.K., technically I don't have to do that. I get that most people really don't care if what you look like if the content is good, but this was my hang up). Another reason was that I didn't want to just jump on at talk at people. I wanted to have a strategy, plan it a bit, and make sure I had some time to...


Of Course No One Is Listening… And The New Tools I'm LOVING WPCP: 162

Thanks to this episodes sponsor, ContentSnare, Get Website Content From Clients Without The Hassle Feel like No One Is Listening? I've been there. And I'm going to warn you, this might be a bit of a rant, but it needs to be addressed. It seems like lately, I'm having a lot of conversations about people feeling frustrated with their business, or wondering "what to do?" I don't think this is a coincidence since I feel like I've finally gotten clarity around all of this myself. The thing that...


Organic Facebook Marketing with Ben Perry WPCP: 161

As someone who has done more organic marketing than paid traffic, when I first came across Ben Perry and his Organic Facebook Marketing I was immediately intrigued. I think the ideal situation is organic with a paid strategy, but when you're first getting started (or rebooting things), then having an organic strategy in place is a must. The beauty of a good organic strategy is also that you're getting data without having to pay (at least monetarily, you're going to have to pay with your...


Wondering Why You Haven't "Made It" Yet? WPCP: 160

I've been thinking about this a lot in the last month or so and knew it was time to share it on a podcast with you guys. Hopefully, through the writing of these show notes, I'll be able to articulate exactly what I mean and it makes sense to you (hopefully by now you guys are familiar with 'Kimspeak' though and this will flow for you). I've been sharing how I've been a little obsessed with all this stuff 'behind the scenes' lately... and it's working. Taking the time to work on this stuff...


Catching Up With Dan Norris WPCP: 159

When I looked back to the first time I had Dan Norris on the podcast I was floored to see that it was almost 100 episodes ago! Dan as always has been busy creating, producing content, and even launching a brewery! I had a ton of questions for Dan about Black Hops as well as the sale of WP Curve his books, and the fun project he launched for explainer videos, BoredAF ( I told you he's been busy). At the time of this recording, Dan and his partners with Black Hops Brewing had just hit a...


Entrepreneur or Technician… And the Missing Piece of The Puzzle WPCP: 158

O.K, guys... This episode is a little different in that I recorded the episode from the car before I wrote the show notes. My standard process for solo show episodes is that I write out the show notes first, then use those as a guide to record the episode. I've been thinking about how to proceed with the show notes for this episode and am going to do something a little different. I'm going to give you the bullet points and then will include the transcripts after the fact (I'm still working...


Complete Software Developers Career Guide with John Sonmez WPCP: 157

Don't let the name of this show (or book, The Complete Software Developers Career Guide), fool you. Having this conversation with John Sonmez, one of the co-authors of the book, was a little bit of a shift for me in term of what I talk about on the show but it's also one of my favorite topics. We talked a lot about self-development, personal productivity, books that changed John's life and how you can take a different perspective on all of this. The amazing thing about John is that he's got...


Content Snare: End The Content Gathering Nightmare with James Rose WPCP: 156

Content Snare is the product every web dev person has been waiting for. I know, I know, that's a big claim. But ask anyone who has ever done a website for a client... I don't care if it's an individual or an agency, getting content from clients is a pain in the arse! Projects can go on way longer than necessary and before you know it, you've got yourself into work debt (basically you start feeling like you're working for free because the project just keeps going on and on and on...). With...