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6: Brexit: It’s a bit of an animal

Kevin is an EU citizen, an Irish man who works as a driver for UK business Fresh Logistics, who waits uncertain of his post-Brexit future. Andrew Baxter is managing director of Europa Worldwide Group, he campaigned to leave, admits there will be short term complications, but hasn’t changed his opinion. Brexit is a huge and heavy topic across our industry and its many levels. Brexit is being described as a ‘logistics problem’ and as we sway between deal and no-deal scenarios, logisticians...


5: Who won? The Logistics Awards 2018

This year's The Logistics Awards was SHD Logistics' fifth ceremony. It celebrated some of the most impactful logistics projects over the past 12 months from companies including Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Wed2B. SHD Logistics’ assistant editor David Tran highlights some of the most memorable moments from the awards, held on Thursday 20 September at the UnderGlobe, Shakespeare’s Globe. Hear from some of the night’s winners, including online supermarket retailer Ocado, which won three awards...


4: Will machines takeover? People & Automation

Dark human-free warehouses? This isn’t the picture being painted by this month’s podcast guests as we discuss machines, humans and job titles of the future. This episode explores how human roles are changing, collaboration and embracing automation. Guest Alex Harvey, head of robotics and autonomous systems at Ocado, says automation frees up humans to do jobs that use their cognitive abilities. Erik Fjellborg, CEO of workforce software company Quinyx, shares some insight on the types of...


3: Property special: Inside Magna Park with John Lewis

John Lewis’ base in Magna Park, Milton Keynes is a gigantic 2.1m sq ft space which initially opened in June 2009\. Its operations are spread across two warehouse facilities, Magna Park 1 and Magna Park 2, working harmoniously to fulfil online customer orders and in-store stock. Ever wondered what goes on inside these vast facilities? SHD Logistics assistant editor David Tran went along to visit one of the UK’s best loved retailers to find out. David summarises some of the key features in...


2: The death of the high street debate

“If the high street is dying then why is it that Amazon and Missguided…and others are opening high street shops?” That’s Professor Neil Ashworth. He leads the debate in episode 2 around the life and death and life of the high street. We also talk about the collapse of ToysRus with former director of distribution Chris Howes. SHD hits its local high street and interviews shoppers Chelsea and Amanda who add their shopping habits into the mix. Stuart Higgins, Director – Retail at...


1: Black Friday is back

You can’t run. You can’t hide. Black Friday is back. It returns on 30 November 2018 and planning should have already started. This episode we speak to experts/survivors of Black Friday including: John Munnelly, head of operations – Magna Park, John Lewis: “We’re very much at the beck and call of how the other retailers actually trade.” Duncan Licence VP, Global Solutions and New Products at Metapack Group: “Black Friday has changed not just Christmas but the whole of the peak trading...