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Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Shipper / Carrier Experience with Erik Malin

download the audio file [00:21] Opening / Introduction [01:04] Erik, please tell us about your background? Where did you grow up? Where did you go to college? [02:06] You went to MSU for finance. What made you pursue a career in logistics? [03:17] I have seen Loadsmart in the news a lot lately – clearly bringing some innovation to the freight brokerage space. Tell us about it. [04:57] What exactly is artificial intelligence and how does it work? How does it add value to the process? [08:12]...


Is Powerloop Good for the Freight Business with Andrew Kelley

download the audio file [0:43] Please tell us about your background. [1:15] How'd you get into the freight business? [2:17] What are you doing today? [3:07] Tell us about Powerloop and its implications on the freight business. [5:02] Is it good for shippers too? [6:25] What is the overall landscape for assets like tractors and trailers? [9:53] What does this mean for the average broker or 3PL? [11:36] Do you think the ELD mandate influenced the creation of Powerloop? [17:28] Do you...


Buying and Selling Transportation/Logistics Companies with Peter Stefanovich

Podcast Summary: Today’s guest is Peter Stefanovich, co-founder of Left Lane Associates, a business brokerage specializing in the transportation and logistics business. Peter shares his insight that he has gained from working with both buyers and sellers in the logistics industry. He tells us such things as why now the best time is to sell a logistics company, things to do when preparing to sell, how long the selling process takes, and why sellers choose to use a broker. Podcast Show...


5 Ways 3PL Sales Has Changed and What You Can Do About It with Ann Holm

Download the audio file Podcast Summary: Joe is joined by Ann Holm who, in addition to being a good friend of Joe’s, is an executive coach who often works with people in the logistics field. The two inform the audience of 5 ways 3PL (third-party logistics) sales have changed, along with plenty of advice on how to deal with these changes. We also learn about a sales improvement course specifically for people in the logistics industry that Joe and Ann are co-facilitating. Podcast Show...


21st Century Sales Skills for Transportation and Logistics Professionals

Download the audio file Podcast Summary: In this podcast, Joe Lynch welcomes Ann Holm to the show. Joe and Ann discuss their upcoming sales improvement program. The program, 21st Century Sales Skills for Transportation Logistics Professionals begins Wednesday, September 19th, 1:00 p.m. EST and last 10 weeks. The sales improvement program was designed specifically for transportation and logistics professionals and their hectic, unpredictable schedules. The program will be delivered...


How CRM can (finally) Increase Transportation Sales with Troy Goode, CTO

Download the audio file Podcast Summary: In this podcast, Joe interviews Troy Goode, Co-Founder and CTO of Lanetix, about increasing transportation and logistics sales for companies using customer relationship management (CRM). Troy oversees the Lanetix product management, user design and engineering teams between the San Francisco and Washington, DC offices. An experienced software developer, Troy is a proponent of “intuitive and beautiful products” who most recently lead the engineering...


Lose Your Why, Lose Your Way with Mike Temple

Download the audio file Podcast Summary: Joe is joined by Mike Temple, Executive Coach at TranStrategy Partners. Initially, Mike was Joe’s client, but over time they became great friends. They have collaborated on numerous articles, webinars, and research. Mike earned a degree in Business Administration from Utah State. In the podcast interview, Mike explains what happens when companies lose their purpose and what they can do to get it back. Podcast Show Notes:...


ELD, Driver Fatigue and Safety with Dean Croke

Download the audio file Podcast Summary: Today’s guest is Dean Croke, Chief Analytics Officer at FreightWaves. Growing up in Australia, his family owned and operated a trucking business. Dean has been in and around the trucking business for over 50 years and he has driven over two million miles as a driver. Over the last 20 years, Dean has been focused on trucking analytics, especially related to driver fatigue, safety, sleep schedules and hours of service. In the podcast interview, Dean...


Sales Personality Types with Ann Holm

Download the audio file Podcast Summary: Joe is joined by Ann Holm, who Joe first met as his Executive Coach many years ago. Since then, she began to collaborate with him on many different projects. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology, Speech, and Hearing as well as a Master’s of Science in Speech, Language, and Pathology, both from the University of Michigan. She provides insight on the importance of sales personalities and how to communicate with the different types. Podcast Show...


Carrier Insights with Kevin Hill

download the audio file Podcast Summary: In this episode, Joe interviews Kevin Hill, president and founder of Kevin has an MBA from the University of Oklahoma and was a freight broker. He also worked on Wall Street using business intelligence to inform mergers and acquisitions. Today, Kevin takes us through his journey creating a CarrierList of 22,000 with the goal of building up a carrier network and database ready for shippers, brokers and 3PLs. Podcast Show Notes:...


Entering New Logistics Markets with Steve Elwell

download the audio file Podcast Summary: Welcome to the first episode of The Logistics of Logistics podcast! Today, host Joe Lynch interviews Steve Elwell, a consultant and an executive who helps businesses improve sales revenue. Over the course of his career, he launched over 30 products and services in industrial B2B and technology markets. He has been a CEO of 5 professional service, manufacturing, and technology companies. Today, he walks us through his start in the...