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The entrepreneur life is exciting and scary and there are days when you wonder if you’re on the right track. That’s why Sandra Scaiano is bringing you the Long Game podcast. Her philosophy; showing up, doing the work and being all in has served her and her clients for years. She’s unapologetically taking a stand for women who know they’ve got something to offer. This podcast will provide perspective, encouragement and a dose of real. Sandra’s clients depend on her brilliant, always honest insights. Now you can get that too. Show up for the conversation about business and life delivered with Sandra’s Jersey-girl style.


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The entrepreneur life is exciting and scary and there are days when you wonder if you’re on the right track. That’s why Sandra Scaiano is bringing you the Long Game podcast. Her philosophy; showing up, doing the work and being all in has served her and her clients for years. She’s unapologetically taking a stand for women who know they’ve got something to offer. This podcast will provide perspective, encouragement and a dose of real. Sandra’s clients depend on her brilliant, always honest insights. Now you can get that too. Show up for the conversation about business and life delivered with Sandra’s Jersey-girl style.




Client Feedback... Beyond Testimonials EP 141

As entrepreneurs, we sometimes get so involved inside our own products, systems, and workflows that we can’t see things from a client or user-experience perspective. This is why it’s so valuable to have someone else tell you about what works, what works well, and what has room for improvement. This is where feedback comes in. After all, who could be better to talk about your products and services than your clients? “Client feedback is a valuable tool that can inform what we do in our...


How to Build Community in Your Business EP 140

We all know how important communities are for our businesses. We build them. We are a part of them. They’re there for conversations, support, exploration of ideas, and even sales. Our community can help our business grow, and yes, sometimes even survive. So how exactly do we build and foster our communities? Is social media the only way? What can we build that allows for connection and conversation? I’ve been thinking about this for over a year now, and this episode is the kickoff to a...


Breaking Out of Limiting Beliefs with Erica Rooney EP 139

Let me ask you, what is that one thing that is holding you back? Is it a toxic characteristic? A limiting belief? Maybe it’s your fear of those voices in your head telling you that “You can’t do this.” Or maybe it’s an unhealthy relationship you need to move on from. Our guest, Erica Rooney, is a keynote speaker, coach, and host of the From Now to Next podcast. She’s on a mission to help women get seen, get heard, and get further. “Why do we care that if out of a thousand people, 2 people...


3 Things to Focus on for 2023 EP 138

The New Year is here and with it comes a wave of energy and universal momentum where everybody is gearing up for the year ahead. Now is the time that everyone is reflecting, planning, and making goals and visions. “It’s about vision. Having a vision for where you want to go and an idea of what you’re going to do this year to get there.” -Sandra Scaiano In preparing for 2023, I am sharing with you three things you can focus on to help you build out your goals for 2023: Give yourself the time...


Lensa App, Should You Use It? EP 137

The Lensa images have been flooding social media these past few weeks. How could it not with this AI technology producing images that are stylized, ethereal, dreamy, and intoxicating, making everyone look like fairies, anime or popular paintings? But with the spike of Lensa’s popularity comes its own share of controversies. “This example of Lensa is so tangible. It’s AI that we all have access to and we’re all using in some way. So we are part of the conversation in ways that we didn’t...


5 Steps to Creating a Successful Business-Building Book with Lanette Pottle EP 136

Over 80% of Americans want to write a book and the percentage of them that actually do is actually quite sad. For you entrepreneurs out there, listen up! Writing a book is a great way to build your business, and today’s guest is running down exactly why you’ll want to get started on your book today. “It's about an investment in the long game, and how you can continue to attract and nurture and identify new clients…” -Lanette Pottle In this episode, I’m so excited to have the creator of She...


Bandwidth & Brilliance with Diann Wingert EP 135

Have you caught yourself making plans, agreeing to things, and writing out to do lists in your planner as if time was a figment of your imagination? Are you guilty of packing your days before they ever begin only to beat yourself up for not meeting the most unrealistic expectations later? Don’t be shy, raise your hand… my hand is up too! In this episode, the keyword is bandwidth. My guest today, Diann Wingert, is a business strategist and coach that helps the super smart, savvy, expert women...


The Long Game Is... Anchor Pages with Krysty Krywko Bonus Replay EP 134

Today’s guest is the person who introduced me to the concept of morning pages. Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way, explains them this way: Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. *There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages*– they are not high art. They are not even “writing.” They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes only. Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole,...


Case Study: How She Reached 7-Figures With Her Course & Membership EP 133

Reaching 7-figures is the dream of many entrepreneurs and yet not many ever hit that goal. I want to open the door for you to see exactly how I helped one of my clients pivot from a brick and mortar idea to an online fully digital course that hit 7 figures in 3 years. The Real Deal with Gladys DiTroia is an online weight loss program that has changed the lives of thousands of women already. When I first started working with Gladys, she was in the same position many of you are in right now....


Why You Should be Creating Branded Content Now! EP 132

The stress that comes along with social media includes creating videos, putting yourself out there consistently and getting over the negative voices screaming that this is horrible. Not many of us are enthusiastic about creating, posting and scheduling content. It’s all super frustrating, but what if I told you social media isn’t the only way to get brand visibility. In this episode we’re talking about all the reasons why you should be making branded content now. “Remember that social media...


Launch Organization and Rhythm EP 131

The stress of running a successful launch for your brand can be life changing to the growth of your business. You shouldn’t have to build a system for your launch from scratch every time. I want to take you through the high-level view of what it looks like to create a rhythm in promoting and launching your business that’s successful and repeatable. The details required for a launch, the timelines and moving parts can be really overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to feel out of control once you...


The Long Game is... Divine Timing EP 130

It’s so hard to not look at everyone who seems to be further along you. They’re celebrating the wins you wish you had and you’re living in slow motion and frustrated with your business not growing as fast as you want. You started a year ago, 5 years ago, and it’s hard to not feel the pressure of self-inflicted expectations that you should be further along. Nothing kills the joy of a journey more than thinking you should be at the final destination already. Patience is a virtue and yes,...


Soul Sisters Paranormal with Dr. Kristy Sumner EP 129

Building a robust multi-faceted business is no easy task, not even for the most seasoned entrepreneur. Creating a business that seamlessly incorporates all of your passions while providing a rewarding and fulfilling experience at the same time is the ultimate goal for many people building a business. Dr. Kristy Sumner has successfully combined her passion for historical stories and paranormal into two businesses: Soul Sisters Paranormal, and The Historic Scott County Jail Museum. The work...


The Long Game Is…Your Circle EP 128

Trying to achieve success in your business alone, is a losing strategy. Behind every successful person and every ultra-successful business are teams of people and relationships that make success achievable. Who you surround yourself with is critical to your success and in today’s episode I want to help you understand why your circle matters for the long game. After coming back from a recent trip to a storytelling symposium, I feel compelled to share with you the value I’ve received from...


Relationships Beat Algorithms with George Bryant EP 127

You’ve seen the customer journey maps, diaphragm, 9 steps, funnels, colors swirls and more. Learning about the customer journey can make your head swirl in confusion on how to create one for your business, make sure you hit all the stages and have all of the elements needed. What would it look like for the customer and for yourself if you just simplified it all? Today’s guest is George Bryant, an amazing podcast host, New York Times bestselling author, and digital marketing consultant. The...


The Long Game is... Your Voice As A Lead Magnet with Susan Young EP 126

What is your story? If you’re a business owner that doesn’t know your story, we’re going to expose all the ways you’re missing warm leads to grow your business and opportunities for people to connect and feel more invested with you. My guest today, Susan Young, is a former on-air news anchor that helps entrepreneurs learn how to share their story, get more clients, more visibility and make more impact. This episode is about to open your mind to all new business opportunities that begin with...


Artificial Intelligence and Your Business Part 2 EP 125

In part 1 of this 2 part series, we talked about how artificial intelligence is showing up in our day to day lives with or without us being aware. Because so many big brands are invested in the use of A.I. in their business and systems, we are by proxy customers of A.I., and that can be unnerving if you don’t fully understand all the ramifications of this technology. This time around, we’re diving deep into the dark side of A.I. One of the main issues that comes up again and again in A.I....


Artificial Intelligence and Your Business Part 1 EP 124

The mention of artificial intelligence either gets you really excited or makes you cringe and think of robots taking over the world and enslaving all the humans. Things we don’t yet fully understand feel scary and threatening on a surface level. In this episode, I want to walk you through all the areas where we’ve already been introduced to artificial intelligence or A.I. and how much we have already adopted it into our daily lives without realizing it. We’re going to explore A.I. over the...


The Long Game Is 1, 2, 3

Find out how you can use the threes to help your clients. What does storytelling, photography and religion have in common? This will help you see it so... Breaking down big projects is one the ways I help my clients. Today I share how I do this for all kinds of things. It helps me take action and make progress without feeling overwhelmed. Just give me the 1 2 3. The power of threes. You don’t have to believe me, there’s science behind it! All this plus my new "what I'm loving now." Learn...


3 Ways To Build Your Business That Never Go Out of Style EP 122

In a digital age where trends, data, and feedback are instantaneous, you have to be mindful about knowing the fundamentals and timeless proven strategies that build businesses. Having a melting pot of strong business foundations with modern tools you can use to connect is how we play the long game. Today’s episode is about looking at three ways entrepreneurs can build their business that never go out of style, regardless of technology or trends. Some strategies remain timeless and it’s...