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This show will explore ways to truly understand your strengths that make you unique and learn how to apply them in the most fulfilling and profitable way. We will bring former over-hustlers, new business owners, happy 925ers, proffesional career coaches, and other industry leaders to bring the most up-to-date and valuable information to you.

This show will explore ways to truly understand your strengths that make you unique and learn how to apply them in the most fulfilling and profitable way. We will bring former over-hustlers, new business owners, happy 925ers, proffesional career coaches, and other industry leaders to bring the most up-to-date and valuable information to you.
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This show will explore ways to truly understand your strengths that make you unique and learn how to apply them in the most fulfilling and profitable way. We will bring former over-hustlers, new business owners, happy 925ers, proffesional career coaches, and other industry leaders to bring the most up-to-date and valuable information to you.








To be or Not to be a Mental Health Professional with Dr. Ely Weinschneider REVISITED

You may think that you understand how other people think and feel. But should you make a career out of it? Do you have what it takes to work with people one on one as a mental health professional? Is there another way you can serve this same population in another environment? In this episode, I interview, Dr. Weinschneider where we go deep into these questions and broaden the conversation a bit. We also discuss the business end of this. How do you attract new clients and retain them? Enjoy!


43: To be or Not to Be a Mental Health Professional Dr. David Rosmarin Ph.D.

If you are thinking about becoming a mental health professional and are wondering what it's really like, then this is the episode for you. In this episode, I asked Dr. Rosmarin the questions that should help anyone entertaining a career in this field. Here are some of the questions that we covered in this interview. Is it really easy money? How do you fall asleep at night? Can you actually enjoy listening to other people's issues all day? Is that what you actually do all day?


42: Achieving Quantum Business Success With Deberah Bringelson

The struggle is real. We all have our areas in life where we feel we are simply not making enough progress because we are not good enough. Deberah shares how she has personally worked wonders helping people understand themselves on a deep level. She uses the principles of Quantum Physics to bring out the best in people. Richard Branson, President Reagon, Tony Robbins are just a small sampling of the clients she has worked with to achieve massive success. Enjoy!


41: Motivate, Manage and Maximize Your Sales Team with - Adam Lieberman

How do you identify a potential rockstar sales professional to hire and add to your team? Once you determine that someone is a great fit for your team, what other traits or nuances should you be looking for in this candidate? How do I ensure my sales team are performing at their highest level without micromanaging them? In this episode, master sales trainer Adam Lieberman shares his 30 years of experience dealing with these very issues.


40: Discover Your Bigness with Rob McGuinness

In this episode, Robert Mcguiness shares with us his personal story of stepping into his area of bigness and shares how he is expressing his unique gift to the world. With over 50k followers on Instagram, he is apparently striking a chord with a very specific audience. Robert shares that most of his business leads come directly from Instagram! Listen to the end of this episode to learn how you can apply this technique and start living your every waking moment expressing your unique greatness.


39: With Brian Burke

Meet Brian Burke, Owner and CEO of Brian majored in finance and chose a career in eBay selling instead. Learn how he discovered his path to professional success. He listened to what people were asking him to do and made a business out of it.


38: Little Voice Big Business With Nadia Finer

Nadia is unique. Although she is an adult, when people call her home they ask to speak with her mother. You see, she sounds like a little child because her voice never fully matured. Leave an awesome review here. Listen as Nadia shares how she turned her weakness into her biggest strength. She now helps other entrepreneurs harness their challenges into their biggest successes. The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.


37: Define Your Unique Ability with Mike Zagare

In this episode, Mike shares with us his personal journey from a physical therapist to master Amazon seller to PPC Entourage. Mike has focused on growing himself and then expanding from there to grow his business. After spending over 70k on personal development, the payoff came. Mike's company PPC Entourage now assists Amazon sellers to automate some of their bidding strategies. Really fascinating and worth the listen. Enjoy :)


36 Mindfulness: Living in the Present

While planning is a great habit to get used to, constantly focusing on the next steps can have a crippling effect on yourself and your ability to stay productive and healthy. In this episode, Ari Margolis, explains to us how we can use the concept of mindfulness to focus on more productive thoughts. This would eliminate the negative and anxiety producing thoughts that would otherwise fill our minds the rest of the day.


35: The Business Consultant Inside You – With Estie Rand

Does it seem that everyone and their brother-in-law is becoming a career coach or business consultant? They seem to simply put up a website, create a sales funnel, hang up their shingle and start making money. Although there are certainly some people out there taking advantage of the ease of marketing through the internet, many are really great at what they do. And you may be excellent at this too if you'd only embrace who you truly are AND JUST START!


34: Understanding Instagram and Snapchat and Why You Need Them with Brock Johnson

Have you been hesitant to dive into Instagram and Snapchat because you don't have the headspace to learn yet another platform? You are not alone. In this episode, stories and marketing expert, Brock Johnson helps us understand how these platforms work, why they are unique and how we could see real business results from them. Enjoy!


33: From Artwork to AdWords with Isaac Rudansky

It was so exciting to have Isaac on the show with me. I was expecting to hear all about AdWords and digital advertising (which he delivered). However, we got much more than that from Isaac. He shared with us great general business practices that can be applied across industries as well. You're gonna love this episode! Enjoy :)


32: Schedule Your Priorities With Matt Balducci

In this episode, Matt gets really vulnerable with us as he shares his earlier challenges and failures and the lesson that brought him the success he enjoys today. We will learn the lessons with him and understand what we are currently doing in our personal or professional lives that are hindering our success. From fitness to family and mental well-being, we can have it all, if we only prepare and schedule it properly. Enjoy!


31: Marketing VS Disruptive Marketing

In this episode, we meet Dan Moyle, former TV news reporter, turned digital marketer for a large financial company. Dan shares with us the tips and trips of today's new world of digital communication. This was such a fun episode and we really both got fired up in this conversation. The new world of digital marketing is just that exciting!


30: Professional Passion; The Real Truth with Nancy Ganzekaufer

What I love most about this episode is how Nancy's career evolved and took a really unique pattern of twists and turns. We are so accustomed to putting people into boxes or categories that it's so refreshing to see someone really trailblaze their own path in life.


29: From Success to Significance with Dan Lok

In this episode, Dan shares with us his humble beginnings, how his parents divorced, his dad went bankrupt and they had very little to live on. Dan went on to found several successful companies and has become an online business and consultant guru. This is where Dan explains the ideas that he learned along the way and how we can achieve similar success in our own lives by implementing these principles.


28: Online Marketing Tactics with Neil Patel

In this episode, we learn from Neil Patel: Serial entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, top influencer on the web according to The Wall Street Journal. We go deep into content marketing and SEO to gain traffic and leads to your site. Enjoy :)


27: Proper LinkedIn Networking with LinkedIn Expert Viveka Von Rosen

In this episode, Viveka Von Rosen, the LinkedIn Expert, shares some lesser-known powerful tools on LInkedIn. Viveka shares the power of LinkedIn Jobs, Video and salary. Enjoy :)


26: Learn to Find Work You Really Enjoy with Dan Miller

In this episode, Dan shares with us his personal journey to work that is really appealing to him and he helps others to do the same. You will learn: to define your signature strengths and passions how to create a sustainable business model around that passions that actually pays the bills. that there is more than just one application of your passion in the business world. Enjoy :)


25: Take Massive Action and Upgrade Your Career with Alison Cardy

In this episode, career coach, Alison Cardy shares with us her unique approach that lessens the overwhelming feeling in a successful career pivot. Alison explains how it doesn't need to months to accomplish and is so worth the effort. Once in the right setting, the sky is the limit to your success. Enjoy :)