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Denise Duffield-Thomas is a coach and motivational speaker who helps exceptional women create outrageous success. Her book "Lucky Bitch" is a practical and fun take on the law of attraction and what it really takes to manifest your wildest dreams.

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a coach and motivational speaker who helps exceptional women create outrageous success. Her book "Lucky Bitch" is a practical and fun take on the law of attraction and what it really takes to manifest your wildest dreams.
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Denise Duffield-Thomas is a coach and motivational speaker who helps exceptional women create outrageous success. Her book "Lucky Bitch" is a practical and fun take on the law of attraction and what it really takes to manifest your wildest dreams.




How To Manage Your Money

Hey gorgeous, let's talk about something really real today, because I'm seeing this a lot in our industry. Making money is one thing, but how do you actually take care of it, so you can manifest more? I've seen a ton of women over the last year really sabotage themselves, fall into really unhealthy habits, and have to quit their businesses altogether, which is tragic. But that doesn't have to be you. It really can be simple to become a better steward of your money, so the universe can send...


The Dirty Secret of Passive Income

Today I’m talking about the dirty secret of passive income. Now, this might be a little bit disappointing to hear, because if you’ve been involved in the personal development industry or the entrepreneurial industry, passive income is like this holy grail that everybody wants. And I don’t blame you, it’s pretty awesome. But I wanted to have some Denise real talk with you…


3 Essentials To Making Money Online

Years and years ago when I was working a job that I hated and I desperately wanted to ax myself, I was always searching around for how to make money online. To be honest, I kind of did some weird things like that internet dating ebook that I created many years ago. I found a lot of things that didn't really work for me. In fact, I made almost zero money out of that. Now, the problem with that kind of thinking, that desperation feeling of like, "Oh, I gotta make money online" it actually...


3 Ways Money Blocks Are Killing Your Business

Hey, gorgeous lucky bee. Let's talk about money blocks, but specifically how money blocks might be killing your business right now. I know that sounds super serious and dramatic. But don't worry. I've got lots of solutions for you so you can get back on the money manifesting train. So money blocker number one. Burnout and overwhelm. Now the first way that money blocks might be showing up for you and killing your business right now is really where you're freaking tired and overwhelmed, and...


Be a contributor

Today I want to share with you one of the biggest lessons that I have learned in my business in the last year or so, and one that has really helped me tame my mindset about the role I can play in the world, and how we can all best show up for our communities. So the year that I turned 37, I did a post about 37 lessons I learned from becoming a self-made millionaire. Number 35 blew peoples' minds. I said, "You don't have to be a guru, you can be a contributor. If you really care about a...


3 Money Goals You Need To Set This Year

3 Money Goals You Need To Set This Year Definitely DON’T set your income goal or targets for 2018 without watching this! Then join me live for my free live Masterclass: How To Have Your Biggest Money Breakthrough in 2018 Without Selling Your Soul, Burning Our or Breaking Your Business. Reserve Your Spot: xx DDT


What’s a money block (and do I have any?)

If you haven’t been in the Lucky Bee community for long you might not have heard the term “money blocks” before. The concept of money blocks is strange because on the surface, why wouldn’t we want to make more money? It’s weird when you think about it. Plus, even if you think you know about money blocks, the bad news is that you can never entirely get rid of them. They’re with you for life. That’s why you have to be vigilant and constantly work on them. Then there are questions like how...


Should You Go Into Business With Your Best Friend?

Have you ever thought about going into business with your best friend? After all, you’ve known her for years and together you could make millions, right? Maaaaaybe. And if you DO decide to take the plunge, it’s best to be prepared. That’s why the Money Archetypes Quiz I have for you today is something you both should do before you make any business decisions together. Let’s unpack this juicy topic now to see if you’re onto a winning idea, or about to make the biggest mistake of your life...


6 “Big Business” Tips for Introverts

I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’m the world’s biggest introvert. Yes, really. Super introverted. I know that many Lucky Bee entrepreneurs are introverts too. And I regularly hear women saying that they can’t build a big business “because they’re too introverted”. I’ve already talked about three of my top tips for introverted entrepreneurs. But this topic is very dear to my heart, and I’ve created a million-dollar business since then… so today, I’m sharing six more tips on...


Denise Interviews Natalie MacNeil

Natalie MacNeil is an amazing entrepreneur. She’s a speaker. She is a mentor and a coach to so many women around the world. You might know her from She Takes on the World, her amazing book, and also her amazing online TV show. Or you might know her from her Conquer Club – Accelerators or her Conquer Club year-long implementation program - or her Conquer Club planner, which she does every year as well. xx DDT


The Importance Of Finding Your Success Dream Team

Hey, Gorgeous! Today, we're talking about finding an awesome mastermind and why you really do need one as a success tactic. It really can be hard to find a good mastermind, especially one that's going to drive you forward in your business. But, out of all the personal development that I've done - countless seminars, books and working with coaches - one of the most useful and productive things I've ever done is to create success masterminds with like-minded people. Think of a mastermind...


What Profession Has the Biggest Money Blocks?

Hello gorgeous, today’s video digs deep into a topic that I find so interesting: which profession do you think has the biggest money blocks? It’s pretty safe to say that everyone has money blocks, even if they don’t know it yet, and while it’s true that there are many commonalities amongst the women I teach in the Money Bootcamp, some industries have money blocks totally unique to their industry. And it’s clear too that unless you’re willing to work with and clear your money blocks on an...


Kate Northrup on Entrepreneurship and Motherhood

Hey, gorgeous! Today on the podcast, I’m interviewing a wonderful entrepreneur, activist and author, Kate Northrup. We had a really great discussion about juicy things like batching – what works and what doesn’t – having kids and making you a better CEO because of it, working with your spouse, some juicy money convos and more. I really hope you enjoy this conversation with Kate Northrup. xx DDT


When Potential Clients Say They Don’t Have The Money To Work With You

We’ve all been there… that moment when someone says, “I love what you do and I REALLY need what you offer, but I don’t think I have the money to work with you right now.” Or they say that they need to talk to their husband first. Grrrrrrr, right? Especially if you KNOW it would be an amazing fit and create a lot of transformation for them. How do you deal with the disappointment or make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place and is there a way to turn it around? It’s a situation that...


Denise Interviews Ann Wilson on Money and Debt

Today, I’ve got a special guest, Ann Wilson of The Wealth Chef. So many women in the Lucky B Community ask me about how to clear debt and also what’s next in the world of money. A lot of you, like me, we don’t want to get money for money’s sake. We want to create more richness and wealth in our lives. Not just for our generation, but for others as well. Ann is going to talk to us today about clearing debt and about this new wave of money consciousness that’s coming – she calls it Money...


Business Breakups: How to Part Ways with Your Coach or Supplier

Today, we’re talking about a difficult topic: breakups – and in particular, breaking up with someone who provides you with a business service. This could be a coach, assistant or practitioner of some kind. Breakups are never fun; but for us female entrepreneurs, the business-related ones can be especially awkward and feel really personal. Many women I know lose sleep over how to say goodbye to service providers. In fact, we’ll often stay with people for way longer than we should to avoid...


How to Deal With Negative Friends and Family

Hi there gorgeous, We’ve all had it happen: you’re clearing blocks like a mofo, decluttering your life, making upgrades and manifesting like a pro when suddenly someone says something that brings you crashing down. It can be just a simple sentence, but the effect is HUGE. Worst, it can often come from the people closest to you, who SHOULD be happy for you that you’re creating success in your life. Sometimes these people have so many money blocks themselves that they just don’t realize...


Denise Interviews Danielle LaPorte on Money

This week I interviewed the incomparable Danielle LaPorte on all things MONEY related. Danielle and I talked about her latest book (LOVED it), her views on pricing (maybe controversial and I don’t 100% agree), and why she recently got rid of all her crystals (doesn’t mean you have to though!). Listen in! xx


3 Money Affirmations to Change Your Life

So before we start, what are affirmations? Here’s a reminder. Affirmations are positive, brain-training statements that help to shift your focus from the negative – where a lot of us spend our time – to the positive. They’re great pattern interrupters as well, and they just feel great. xx DDT