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Inospire’s The MOD Report with Dr. Ryan Giffen. A show on all things HR and the crazy things we go through as hospitality professionals that you’ll be discussing with friends, family, and colleagues.

Inospire’s The MOD Report with Dr. Ryan Giffen. A show on all things HR and the crazy things we go through as hospitality professionals that you’ll be discussing with friends, family, and colleagues.
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Long Beach, CA


Inospire’s The MOD Report with Dr. Ryan Giffen. A show on all things HR and the crazy things we go through as hospitality professionals that you’ll be discussing with friends, family, and colleagues.








A Culture Of Trust And What Poor Management Looks Like

Businesses fail to make good leadership hiring decisions 82% of the time. In fact, only 1 and 10 leaders on your team are considered "great." Why? It's because an assumption is made by leaders that all people should be promoted simply because they "been there...done that!" Also, it's because of a lack of trust on both sides. Managers don't trust employees to do the work and employees don't trust their managers. In this episode, we explore the paradox of poor hiring decisions and trust issues...


A Gen Z Perspective Of Hospitality Education, Is It Worth It? With Amber Michael

First, Dr. Giffen rants about the serious price for poor leadership in hospitality. Then, Amber Michael, an Executive Meetings Manager at a resort in Huntington Beach, California provides a Gen Z perspective about hospitality education today. A discussion of whether a degree from a University in hospitality management was helpful and how programs today can better serve students by offering sales courses. Lastly, for the MOD report, a once upset guest later try's to make a love connection...


Your Organizational Culture Stinks: Let’s Fix That!

Organizational culture in the hospitality industry is broken. Listen to this episode to learn how abusive supervision hurts culture. Poor organizational culture fosters disengagement, low productivity, and even smaller profits. If hospitality companies wish to improve culture, an environment that is supportive and team-oriented is necessary. By engaging employees first, the overall organizational health will improve. Transcript-Ep.-8-Your-Organizational-Culture-Stinks-Lets-Fix-ThatDownload


Why You Are Losing Millennial Guests with Elliot Ammon

In this episode, Dr. Giffen first rants about abusive supervisors in the hospitality industry and its impact on organizations and the bottom line. Then, a long-time friend and millennial, Elliot Ammon is in the studio to discuss his perspective (from a guest point of view) of poor guest service encounters in the industry and the need for repeat business. Lastly…..on the MOD report segment, something smells like poop……yes….poop as in feces and a urine-soaked hotel mattress....


Robots Taking Your Jobs with Giovanni Prada

First, Dr. Giffen rants about bad bosses in the restaurant industry and why we love to hate them. Then, we have a conversation with Giovanni Prada a corporate director of digital marketing for a hospitality group where we discuss robots and the possibility of taking over your jobs. Lastly, we dive into the final segment of the MOD report. We don't want to give too much away. But it entails search warrants, police officers, and the manager on duty rolling out of bed at 2:00 A.M....


People Serving People-Hospitality is Needed Everywhere

In this episode, Dr. Giffen argues the importance of all organizations adopting a hospitality 'people serving people' mentality. If you want customers to feel valued, cared for, and gain repeat business, you first start with hiring and retaining the right people who have a spirit to serve people.


The Recipe to Happiness and Productivity-Passion, Care, and Love

Passion, care, and love play a role in employee happiness and productivity. Just ask the founders and CEO's of company's of all sizes including JetBlue, Away, Spanx, and many more. Listen in to Dr. Giffen's key take-away's after recently meeting and talking with founders, CEO's and entrepreneurs at NPR's 2019 How I Built This Summit.


Employee Performance Management-The Easy Way

If you're a leader or supervisor in the role of managing employee performance and find yourself struggling with delivering performance reviews, listen in on some simple steps you can take to deliver effective performance reviews that will likely motivate employees and help build a business culture while retaining great employees.


Employee Turnover and the Toxicity Behind Workplace Cultures

Poor workplace culture cost the U.S. economy $223 billion in the last five years. Why? Because employees left managers who they believed created a corrosive environment. What can HR and leadership do to drive more profit to the bottom line? Listen in as Dr. Giffen provides 3-ideas on how to create a fun culture that will retain your employees longer.


California 2020 Employment Law Predictions. What is Governor Newsom Thinking?

The California legislature introduced 2,576 employment bills in 2019. We discuss which employment laws will impact your business and the steps you can take.


HR in Hospitality Podcast Trailer

The HR in Hospitality podcast delivers on all things human-resource-related for hospitality industry leaders of today and tomorrow. From University students studying hospitality management to managers, leaders, and high ranking executives, Inospire will deliver some fascinating content that is HR and business solution driven specific to the industry.