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Welcome to The Marketing Layer where we talk all things marketing for online business owners specifically focused on helping new business owners to wade through all the noise and bright shiny objects found online today.

Welcome to The Marketing Layer where we talk all things marketing for online business owners specifically focused on helping new business owners to wade through all the noise and bright shiny objects found online today.


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Welcome to The Marketing Layer where we talk all things marketing for online business owners specifically focused on helping new business owners to wade through all the noise and bright shiny objects found online today.




16: FEAR - Friend or Foe

Fear is a good thing - in controlled doses... When our ancestors faced lions and tigers and bears on a regular basis, having a healthy fear was the appropriate response. It was an actual threat response. And it’s a fundamental survival mechanism. But when fear of change or the unknown keeps you from experiencing life or success, we need to learn to identify and cope with it. The first thing is to understand it. FEAR - Failure Expected And Received FEAR - Future Events Already Ruined FEAR...


15: Tracy Repchuk: How to Build Credibility and Authority

Tracy Repchuk is one of the most sought-after speakers, writers, and business coaches. She's led hundreds of clients to find the gaps in their business and rapidly increase their income. Focusing on the latest technologies to help her clients build better businesses fast, she focuses on building authority and credibility to drive higher-ticket clients. Tracy reveals her process for getting coaching clients the best results with her homegrown formulas. Free Resource:...


14: Ron Douglas: From Wall Street to Online Millionaire

Ron Douglas's path to online business success is like no other. Raised by a single mother in rough neighborhood in New York, a basketball scholarship led him to college. From there, he moved to Wall Street while indulging his cooking on the side. That hobby led to six New York Times Bestselling cook books. From there, he quickly figured out how to use webinars to drive millions of dollars in sales. An incredibly humble friend to many marketers, his is a real success story. Learn More About...


13: Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Have you ever written a blog post and assumed, "I've written it, they will come?" Don't worry. We've all done it. But that's no way to live. In order to get new leads or purchases from your blog content, you MUST drive traffic to it. There are some great tools and strategies to get people off their favorite social media platforms and over to your website. In this episode, we're going to talk about repurposing your blog content into short and sweet marketing pieces that will drive that...


12: Blogging as a List Building and Monetization Tool

Does blogging really work as a list builder? It depends on whether you write just to write or you write with a purpose. When you write content with a purpose you can repurpose and that's what gives you a better ROI on your efforts. In this week's episode, we're talking about tips and tricks to monetize, repurpose, and of course, list build. FREE Resource: Course: OptinMonster –


11: Wayne Crowe: Data Collector and Cash Creator!

Wayne Crowe is a master list builder and online traffic guru and an avowed numbers guy. He's always testing traffic methods to get as much feedback as possible. Feedback helps him understand what works and what doesn't. Wayne and his team are testing hundreds of traffic sources to find the best little-known ways of driving traffic. Not just a traffic guy, he understands exactly how to understand cash flow to create a successful business. Join Wayne's Facebook Group -...


10: Events - Why They Work For Listbuilding

Live events - whether virtual or physical - can be an excellent way of building your list. There are events for all experience levels and list sizes. And you can use these as a guest or a host to create a fast list building opportunity. David explains how he built his first list with this technique and no experience. Free Resource:


09: Never Has There Been a Better Time for Email Marketing! With Matt Bacak

Matt Bacak is one of the original online marketing geniuses and he has adapted with every change in the marketplace. Today, he details how the pandemic has created an incredible opportunity for online marketers today and reveals how to take advantage of the opportunities starting with finding products that people desperately want, creating a process to get it to them while collecting email addresses. Resource: Secret Email System - Matt Bacak on...


08: "D" is for Doing

Productivity is a tricky thing. Sometimes we think we're being really productive when in fact we're just busy. Busy isn't always good. Doing the right things that do one of these three things is always the key: Make money, Save money, or Save time. The first rule of productivity is that if a computer can do it, automate it. The second rule is that if it's a repeatable human process, outsource it. In this episode, we'll discuss how to guard your time and get more done. Resource: Eliminate...


07: "A" is for Affiliate Marketing

There are a ton of reasons you'll want to include affiliate marketing as a major part of your business plan, but you may discover the most important reason is not about the money. That's great too. But building solid partner relationships can not only build long-term revenue but is a real safety net for your business when you need it. Part of your affiliate marketing plan includes participating in launches for great tools at excellent prices and focusing on evergreen offers as well for tools...


06: "E" is for Email Marketing

The reason you build a list is to communicate with the people on your list and build a trust relationship. Even though it seems like an outbound marketing opportunity, email marketing can be your best relationship builder if it's done well while becoming your biggest revenue source as well. Email marketing is the 800-pound gorilla in online marketing. It's where most of your revenue lives. But there are a few techniques to be effective and authentic in your email marketing. And it starts by...


05: "L" is for List Building

In the offline business world, we talked about filling the pipeline. That was another word for converting prospects to customers. Without a constant flow of new prospects, no business will grow. In the online world, we call this List Building. The most important asset you have in your online business is your list. Each person on your list has a monetary value. So, it's really important how you treat those folks and engage with them. In today's episode, we focus on free vs. paid list...


04: From Car Salesman to Online Marketing Pioneer With Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime - Co- Founder and CEO, Groove Digital marketer, author, speaker, software developer, online marketing educator, and marketing consultant-- Mike Filsaime knows online business. Mike Filsaime's companies have done over $150 Million in sales and he has created some of the most influential software and strategies that have changed the way we all market.


03: The L.E.A.D. System

We created a lot of products to solve our customer's problems. With more than 70 courses, mastery series, software tools, and dozens of other resources, we realized that everything fell into 4 categories that we taught. L = List Building E = Email Marketing A = Affiliate Marketing D = Doing (or productivity) Today, we're going to talk about these four major categories before we dig into the many details that make it up. Free 10 Day Business Makeover With The L.E.A.D...


02: Target Market and Message to Market Match

Last week we introduced the Marketing Layer and talked about how important it is to learn how to market and sell. Today, we're talking about the MOST important element of Marketing. And it's called Message to Market Match. We hear about people who can sell ice cubes to Eskimos, but that's not only a rarity but a disservice. The reason we've built such a loyal customer base is that we tell them WHEN to buy and WHAT to buy. And especially when to put the credit card back in your wallet. We...


01: The Marketing Layer

Welcome to The Marketing Layer where we talk all things marketing for online business owners specifically focused on helping new business owners to wade through all the noise and bright shiny objects found online today. Free Course - 12 Steps To Building A Better Business