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The Member Engagement show is the podcast for anyone tasked with boosting retention, gaining new members, and deepening member engagement for associations and organizations. Guests share expert advice on the many facets of building and providing ongoing value to association members. You’ll come away from each episode with strategies proven to transform your organization.


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The Member Engagement show is the podcast for anyone tasked with boosting retention, gaining new members, and deepening member engagement for associations and organizations. Guests share expert advice on the many facets of building and providing ongoing value to association members. You’ll come away from each episode with strategies proven to transform your organization.








Member-Generated Content with Sarah Spinosa

On this episode of the Member Engagement Show, Kelly talks with Sarah Spinosa, Product Marketing Manager at Higher Logic and a member of the ASAE Marketing Advisory Council. Sarah has 15 years of marketing experience and served on the 2023 ASAE MMCC Program Advisory Council and as an ASAE Gold Circle Award judge. The conversation revolves around member-generated content and touches on: *What member-generated content is *Why it's important for associations *Ideas for leveraging your members’ expertise *Ways to gather member-generated content *Making it easy for members to submit content *Tapping into sponsors and partners for content *Encouraging content from newer, younger members who are earlier in their careers *Promoting and highlighting member-generated content Sarah will be presenting a deeper dive on this subject at the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition August 5-8, 2023 in Atlanta, GA.


Insights and Tips from the Higher Logic 2022 Email Benchmark Report

In this episode Higher Logic's Sr. Marketing Automation Manager and email marketing expert Stefani Read touches on some of the learning from Higher Logic’s annual Email Benchmark Report and gives tips on how to operationalize the revealed insights. Topics include: how to cope with it Download Higher Logic’s 2022 Email Benchmark Report. Read more about how to adapt to Mail Privacy Protection in our blog post, The Impact of Email Privacy Rules and Tips for Adapting.


Ideas for Engaging Gen Z Members and Staff

Associations need to be able to draw in each new generation (both as members and staff) to continue grow and thrive. As Gen Z enters the workforce, how should associations adapt in order to demonstrate their relevance? Our guest this episode is Hanna Holman, a 2021 graduate with a BA in strategic communication journalism. She was a project manager with Mountain Tennessee Outreach Project, a group working to alleviate substandard housing in rural Appalachia, and is now the membership assistant at Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research, a non-profit dedicated to advancing ethical research. There, she handles member recruitment and retention, produces member content, and serves as a primary point of contact for PRIM&R’s members. The episode covers: Keep exploring this topic during Higher Logic's free webinar on March 21, Attracting and Retaining the Next Generation of Association Members and Staff. During the webinar, a panel of association professionals will discuss:


The Power of Job Boards and Career Development for Associations

This episodes guests, Alexey Gutin and Josh Slyman of Web Scribble, walk us through the enormous value that job boards and communities that incorporate career development bring to associations, employers, and members. Alexey is Co-founder and CEO at Web Scribble while Higher Logic alumni Josh is the company’s Director of Product Strategy. In this episode, we cover: Higher Logic Thrive Jobs Josh Slyman will also lead a session at Super Forum 2023 about how strategically connecting careers and community to protect your member’s careers drives membership, revenue, engagement, and forwards your mission. Register to gain more tips and tactics - April 10-12 in Washington, DC!


Looking Ahead at Trends and Needs for Associations

This episode, we talk with speaker and thought leader Reggie Henry, Chief Information and Performance Excellence officer at ASAE about what associations should be thinking about in 2023. We cover ground such as: Learn more about ASAE and their upcoming events at Registration is now open for the 13th annual Super Forum, April 10-12 in Washington DC! You won’t want to miss this comprehensive conference for association professionals. There will be a whole host of sessions dedicated to helping you enhance your member experience, and you’ll have the opportunity to share ideas, strategies, and challenges with your peers in the field. In a challenging economy, it’s more important than ever to stay on top of trends and tactics to keep your members renewing and to help your association thrive - and that's easier to do with a community of colleagues beside you. We hope to see you there!


Insights from Higher Logic’s Association Member Experience Report

In this episode, host Kelly Whelan talks with Higher Logic Product Marketing Manager Sarah Spinosa about the recently released Association Member Experience Report. There's nothing like going right to source when you want to find out what members want, like, and wish they were getting from their association memberships, and that's exactly what this report outlines. This is an episode not to be missed! Topics covered include: Download Higher Logic's 2022 Association Member Experience Report to learn more!


Making Social Initiatives a Part of Your Association’s Strategy

The Guest: Suzanne F Stevens. Suzanne is a professional speaker who has served on many boards, including as past president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers. As the founder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group, she works with organizations to grow Conscious leaders, their influence, and Social Impact – sustainably. Suzanne merges her social initiative expertise in the nonprofit and for-profit worlds to create an enriched experience that will attract, engage, and retain a diverse membership. The Topics: Handy Links: You Me We Organization Higher Logic's 2022 Association Member Experience Report


Member Engagement Through Being a True Servant Leader

In this episode of Higher Logic's Member Engagement Show, Kelly talks with Marianne Fray, CEO of the Maternity Care Coalition, an organization that works to improve the health and well-being of pregnant women and parenting families, and enhance school readiness for children 0-3. With a 30+ year career inspiring diverse teams to do more together than they could alone to strengthen communities, Marianne has stablished two successful cross company industry communities that drive business innovation in the project management and life sciences industries. She has advised F100 companies on diversity and inclusion practices and is a founding member of a 501c6 non-profit organization called Women of Color in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This episode explores: To learn more about Marianne Fray and about black maternal mortality and morbidity, check out her article in Women's Way. To learn more about Maternity Care Coalition's work, check out their 2022 Annual Report: Advocating for Parental Autonomy. You can also download Higher Logic's 2022 Association Member Experience Report to learn more about what members value most from their associations.


The Value of Volunteering at an Association

Our guest on this episode is Dominick Mondi, President of the MidAtlantic Society of Association Executives and Executive Director of the NE Spa and Pool Association. In it, our host Beth and Dominick discuss: Don't forget to subscribe to Association Marketing Pros (AMP), Beth's weekly newsletter for association marketers.


Ways to Incorporate Podcasting Into Your Association Communications

In this episode, Beth Arritt speaks with guests Frank Humada and Colby Horton with Association Briefings about the power of communicating through audio and the ins and outs of launching a podcast for your association. By listening to this show, you'll learn: Be sure to check out Colby and Frank's podcast, Engaging in the Next - especially Beth's episode with them. And don't forget to subscribe to Association Marketing Pros (AMP), Beth's weekly newsletter for association marketers.


The New Ways to Form Productive and Profitable Corporate Sponsorships

This episode's guest, Bruce Rosenthal, has an amazing mastery of how to maximize the relationship between associations and their corporate sponsors for both NDR and better member servicing. Corporations re-evaluated during the pandemic what works best for them in pursuit of their overall goals, and associations need to pay attention to those changes. Bruce is a longtime strategic advisor and consultant to associations, helping them advance corporate sponsorship and partnership programs, identify strategies to increase revenue and member value, create added value for corporate partners, and develop corporate sponsorship and partnership implementation plans. In this episode, you'll discover: Don't forget to subscribe to Association Marketing Pros (AMP), Beth's weekly newsletter for association marketers.


The Past, Present, and Future of the Digital Member Experience

This week's guest, Jim Catts, explores how technology has presented both challenges and opportunities for association marketers. Jim is a career technologist who's currently co-funder and CTO of Rhythm Software. He's been working with associations to smartly apply technology to the work they do for around 20 years. In the episode, we cover: Don't forget to subscribe to Association Marketing Pros (AMP), Beth's weekly newsletter for association marketers.


Running Corporate Partnerships & Alliances

This week, our guest is Annie Henderson, who made the change this year from membership marketing to corporate marketing at her association, ASBO International. Annie and Beth talk through how to navigate the differences of marketing to corporates, particularly at an association, and what techniques you can use to try to bring in sponsors and exhibitors at every level. In this episode, you'll discover: Moving from the member marketing to partners marketing mindset Why you need to what your corporate partners’ timelines for activities The challenges faced in winning partners and getting them engaged and involved further Competing against bigger competitors Moving partners beyond exhibiting The tools and tactics you can use in corporate partnerships The power of personas What a treat deal “sweeteners” can be Treating your partner like member, not a bank Taking on your challenges and opportunities in the right order Don't forget to subscribe to Association Marketing Pros (AMP), Beth's weekly newsletter for association marketers.


Fostering and Maintaining Trust Between Your Association and Members

According to our guest, Kiki L'Italien, trust is an indispensable commodity. Gaining it takes both time and ongoing proof that trust in your association is well deserved. KiKi has honed her approach to communications and strategy for many organizations – nonprofits and corporate alike – including Optica, American Red Cross National Headquarters, QVC, and the American Institute of Architects. Now a senior consultant with Tecker International, she speaks regularly about management strategy and cultivating communities of trust. KiKi is also creator and host of Association Chat, an online community, blog, and podcast reaching 72k individuals monthly. In this episode, you'll discover: Don't forget to subscribe to Association Marketing Pros (AMP), Beth's weekly newsletter for association marketers.


Top Takeaways from the 2022 ASAE MMC Conference

This year, ASAE's Marketing Membership & Communications Conference in Washington, DC was back in person and in full effect. Higher Logic's association evangelist and podcast host Beth Arritt and Product Marketing Manager Sarah Spinosa were in attendance, and summarize this grand event where over 700 marcom and membership professionals and experts gathered to learn and network. If you couldn't make it, hear Beth and Sarah cover some of the main points and takeaways in this episode of the Member Engagement Show, including: We always invite you to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss any tips on how to get better member engagement for your association. And also don't forget to subscribe to Beth's AMP newsletter.


Marketing Plays You Can Borrow from 3 Association Marketers

How can you reach your diverse member segments in a personalized way? Why aren’t "best practices" always the best for your audience? How can you use mute campaigns to prevent unsubscribes? Hear three association marketing professionals discuss these topics and more with Beth Arritt. You’ll come away with marketing plays you can adapt for your own association.


3+ Success Stories with Association Marketers in Australia

How can a solo marketer reach members in a personal way? How can you reduce member email fatigue? What happens when your marketing software doesn’t integrate? See how our fantastic panel of association marketing professionals solves these challenges, and more. You'll hear from: Along with Beth Arritt, your host and former marketing association VP.


Interviews with Innovators: How AMGA’s Joe Delisle Keeps It Fresh for Members

Do you want to make a difference at your association? Get members engaged and excited about all you have to offer? Listen to how Joe Delisle, Director of Council Relations at the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), makes this happen at his association. In this episode, he walks through examples of where he’s innovated with AMGA’s online community, events, membership benefits, and how it’s creating great results (to the tune of happier members, improved retention, higher NPS scores).


Meet Higher Logic Thrive w/ Chief Product Officer James Willey

Did you hear the news? Higher Logic Thrive just launched! Our new platform makes it easy for associations to create powerful member experiences. Listen in to Beth's conversation with Chief Product Officer James Willey about how Higher Logic Thrive came to be. They’ll share everything it means for your association and your members. Here’s a sneak peek of what Higher Logic Thrive Platform enables you to do: engage members meaningfully throughout their lifecycle while saving time on key processes.


What Motivates Members with Author Todd Henry

What drives your members to join and participate in your association? Do you really understand their motivators? Listen to speaker, author, and advisor Todd Henry discuss the approach he lays out in his book, The Motivation Code, and how it applies to association professionals. Understand that your members’ motivators will be different from yours, and learn what motivates them, and you’ll be much closer to creating programs, content, and member benefits that meet their needs.