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The Modern Experience Marketer is a collection of expert interviews, best practices, tips and ideas to help multi-location marketers convert customer experiences into revenues.


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The Modern Experience Marketer is a collection of expert interviews, best practices, tips and ideas to help multi-location marketers convert customer experiences into revenues.



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Birdeye View 2023: Unlocking Enhanced Digital Customer Experience with BirdAI

Deepak Bahree, Chief Marketing Officer at Birdeye, leads us through an insightful expedition, spotlighting the transformative influence of BirdAI on Digital Customer Experience. This session delves into the evolution and ascension of the BirdAI platform, shedding light on its intricacies and its formidable impact on customer interaction and marketing strategy, exemplified through substantial use cases. Session overview: With a foundation solidly built upon groundbreaking technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial Intelligence (AI), BirdAI emerges as a monumental advancement in the domain of Generative AI. Deepak elucidates the platform’s architecture, constructed upon five pivotal pillars: AI Everywhere, Secure, Best of Breed, Contextualize, and Human Control. A riveting use case involving Vetco, a veterinary service provider spread across 55 locations, provides a pragmatic perspective on how BirdAI has redefined their customer interaction and marketing strategy, ensuring a smooth, proficient, and customer-centric experience across all digital touchpoints. Key takeaways: Evolution of BirdAI: Understand the technological advancements and pivotal development milestones of the BirdAI platform. Five Pillars of BirdAI: Dive into the foundational principles that underpin BirdAI, including its ubiquity, security, superiority, contextuality, and human control aspects. Transformative Customer Interaction: Discover through Vetco’s use case how BirdAI has transformed digital customer interaction and marketing strategies, ensuring optimal, efficient, and customer-friendly experiences. Multifaceted Functionalities: Learn about BirdAI’s diverse capabilities, from generating review and survey summaries, optimizing listings, and creating FAQs from website content to enabling AI in chat solutions and automating social media posts across varied locations.


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Birdeye View 2023: Birdeye CEO, Naveen Gupta Unveils the Future of AI-Driven Customer Experience

Birdeye CEO and co-founder Naveen Gupta, kicks off the Birdeye View Conference with a keynote, revealing exciting announcements and outlining his vision for the future of digital customer experience. Join us for this inaugural two-day event, where we’ll dive into AI's role in improving customer experiences for local brands and businesses all over the world. Hosted by Deepak Bharee, CMO of Birdeye, this conference is packed with insightful sessions into the future of digital customer experience. Key takeaways: Insightful Announcements: Gain firsthand insights into the latest announcements and future visions shared by Naveen Gupta, steering the path for innovative digital customer interactions. Expert Discussions: Dive deep with industry leaders from tech titans Google and Microsoft, and engage with experts from over 50 companies sharing invaluable knowledge and strategies to enhance your reputation and customer experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn, share, and grow with Birdeye at the forefront of AI-powered customer experience innovation! AI-Powered Innovations: Discover how AI not only shapes but elevates customer experiences for local brands and businesses, providing practical strategies and implementations that you can incorporate into your brand journey. Connect with us: Website:


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Birdeye View 2023 - Fireside Chat with Google

Welcome to “Birdeye View 2023 - Day One - Fireside Chat with Google” where Dave Lehman, President and COO of Birdeye, steers an illuminating discussion with Uday Ghatikar, Field CTO at Google, and Kiran Bellare, Head of Product - Generative AI at Google. This insightful chat explores the formative role Google plays in crafting the digital space, with a lens focused on customer reviews, their business impact, and strategies for effective integration into marketing efforts. Session overview: Embark on a journey exploring: The considerable weight customer reviews carry in impacting businesses and aiding customer acquisition. Integrative strategies for Google reviews in marketing, spotlighting their significant influence on customer trust and decision-making processes. The nuanced functionality of Google's Local Services and the Google Guarantee, highlighting their ability to boost business visibility and credibility in the digital arena. An exploration into Google My Business, delineating its pivotal role for businesses striving to solidify their online presence and connect authentically with audiences. Key takeaways: Power of Customer Reviews: Grasp the substantial impact customer reviews on Google have, understanding their role in shaping business perception and influencing customer acquisition. Incorporating Google Reviews in Strategy: Recognize how effectively integrating Google reviews into marketing strategies can notably impact customer trust and decision-making. Unlocking Google's Local Services & Google Guarantee: Understand how to harness the potential of Google's Local Services and the Google Guarantee to amplify digital visibility and credibility. Leveraging Google My Business: Explore the strategic usage of Google My Business as a vital tool to establish a substantial online presence and foster deeper audience connections. Learn more about Birdeye Review Management:


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Birdeye View 2023: Harnessing AI for Local Businesses - A Discussion with Dave Lehman and Eric Boyd

Dive into a captivating dialogue from the Birdeye View Conference 2023, as Dave Lehman (President - GTM at Birdeye) and Eric Boyd (Corporate Vice President of the AI platform at Microsoft) guide us through the riveting trajectory of Artificial Intelligence and its impactful presence in local businesses. Session overview: In this illuminating session, Dave and Eric unfold a profound conversation, highlighting the transformative journey of AI through its various stages of evolution. With Eric’s vast expertise and crucial role at Microsoft, gain an enriched understanding of AI’s swift advancements and its burgeoning relevance across diverse sectors. Especially pivotal for local businesses aiming to augment their operations and customer engagement, this session carves out a pathway to comprehend and leverage AI most efficaciously. Key takeaways: AI’s Evolutionary Journey: Gain a glimpse into the transformative progression of AI, understanding its growth and influence across varied sectors. In-depth Insights from Experts: Learn from Eric’s extensive knowledge and pivotal experiences at Microsoft, providing a nuanced view of AI's rapid advancements. Strategic Leveraging of AI: Discover best practices and strategic insights into leveraging AI technology beneficially for local businesses, with a special emphasis on operations and customer engagement enhancement.


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Lessons for the Data-Driven Experience Marketer

This episode we talk with Matt Murphy, the Founder and the CEO of Fusion92, a marketing innovation company that he’s been leading for over 20 years. This episode really goes into depth on the breadth of changes in the modern experience marketer’s world over those 20 years - and how it continues to evolve. Matt provides his informed perspective on everything from the eclipse of advertising to the power of data to the prominence of customer experience in the modern marketer’s day-to-day work life.


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Serving Over Selling: Relationship Marketing 101

What does it mean to truly serve customers, rather than sell to them? How does customer relationship marketing start from within - and what results come from doing it right? This episode we talk to Jessika Phillips, founder of the NOW Marketing Group and an expert synonymous with the world of relationship marketing. Our Q&A with her will help you to better build your brand, establish customer personas, bring in referrals from happy customers, and to engage in true, holistic experience marketing - with terrific advice and a framework for building an Experience Marketing-focused organization from the inside out. Learn more about Jessika Phillips and reach out to her at


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The Do's and Don'ts of Patient Experience Marketing

How has patient experience management evolved in recent years, and how has one of the leading US dental affiliate management companies, Smile Brands, been able to successfully navigate this evolution across hundreds of locations? How do they ensure strong online reputation, maintain listings that help every location be found and chosen, and drive extensive patient referrals? This episode we talk with Jody Martin, the Chief Marketing Officer at Smile Brands. This particular episode is truly relevant to our listeners because so many multi-location businesses happen to reside in the healthcare sector, in medical or, as in the case of Smile Brands, in dental. Their challenges in holistically and successfully managing the full patient experience have a few components that are unique to their industry, as you’ll hear - yet most of it applies to anyone in customer Experience Marketing, whether you’re in dental, financial services, retail, automotive, personal services and more.


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How To Conduct the Experience Marketing Symphony

How do modern multi-location marketers coordinate the many customer touchpoints - online reviews, listings, surveys, chats and more - that make up today's customer experience? This episode we talk with Melissa Cameron, the VP of Customer Acquisition at National Storage Affiliates. Melissa takes us through what she calls the "symphony of marketing efforts", a symphony that multi-location marketers need to conduct in order to effectively convert customer experiences into revenue. She talks about the importance of online reputation management, extracting insights from what customers are saying about you online, and why your Google listing is one of the most important experience marketing tools you have.


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The Agency Approach to Feedback, Search and Social

Want to hear how a modern Experience Marketing agency counsels healthcare organizations and local businesses on how to be found and chosen online? This episode we're talking with Bobby Dimovski, the Founder and CEO of 4MJ Social. He shares how he and his team succeed at building up their clients’ online presence through listings, online reviews, social media and chat. It’s a great 20 minutes or so of best practices and advice from an agency who definitely have their clients’ best interests at heart, and who are really focusing on what actually works in 2021.


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How - and Why - to Build a Voice of the Customer Program

The Modern Experience Marketer talks with Ashley Cash, the Senior Manager of Customer Experience at Globe Life, and we focus on how multi-location businesses can better understand the Voice of the Customer. Ashley takes us through her extensive experience and the challenges she faced in building a Voice of Customer program at Globe Life, and how what she’s learned can be applied to your business. We talk about the importance of establishing baselines, setting personas and how your online reviews might just might be the very best source of customer data that you have.


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Reviews to Revenue: How Listings & Reviews Supercharge SEO

The debut edition of The Modern Experience Marketer podcast features a Q&A with Joey Randazzo, the CEO of Portland, OR's Becoming Media. We talk about how multi-location marketers can use accurate and well-considered business listings and online customer reviews to drive top-of-page SEO results, as well as how Google's algorithm works to reward companies whose customers think highly of them, and who in turn are focused on driving world-class customer experiences. It's a 25-minute crash course for local and multi-location businesses on how to better be found and chosen online, with tips, advice and best practices for managing your online customer experience.