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#046 Live Money Coaching Call, Business Elements (Start-up phase)

Welcome back to the Money podcast. Today’s Rob shares with you a LIVE money coaching call covering the six elements of any business, from conception and start-up to selling or sustaining for the long term. Rob discusses Start-up, Sales, Staffing & Systems, Survival, Scaling and Sustainability with a particular focus on business start-up. Tune in now, to find out more. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS VALUABLE RESOURCES


#045 Live Money Coaching Call (Money Mindset)

Welcome back to the Money podcast. Today’s Rob shares with you a LIVE money coaching call covering money mindset, beliefs, scarcity and the formula you can follow to create money quicker, easier and serve your clients, customers, followers and fans. Learn what creates money and what repels money and understand the mindset changes you need to make if you’re going to be successful managing money. Money is virtually infinite and it flows easier and quicker to those that serve others so...


#044 If You’ve Ever Lost Money, do This…

If you've ever lost money previously or you've been burnt in the past, this episode will help you get over the fear and the baggage that's stopping you invest and limiting your success. Losing money can have some benefits for your future growth. Learnings that you can take with you along the way and apply in future ventures and investments, there’s a balanced upside to losing money. Every time you lose money you learn a lot more about money than if you make money, and in today’s episode...


#043 How to Get Out of Debt Fast - NEW Series

It doesn’t matter if you’re earning a lot of money or not. You NEED to know how to control your money and understand how to get out of debt FAST. There are two main ways to pick off all of your debts, so you can be liberated, move forward and make the money that you want and deserve. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS “The first thing you need to do is get a handle on what you’ve got and what’s going out. You need to get rid of all the want spending.” “Don’t get into the diminishing law of...


#042 The TRUTH About Millionaires (Being/ Becoming One)

In today’s episode discover the Truth About Millionaires, If you want to become one and if it even matters anyway. There are more self-made millionaires today than ever before, but what does it take to become a millionaire? Rob Moore became a millionaire between the age of 30 and 31 and he now has a network worth billions. Rob has rubbed shoulders with the best and knows what traits millionaires have and what they're really like. It might not be what you think. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST...


#041 How to Motivate Yourself to Wealth

In today’s short episode, Rob explains how to motivate yourself to wealth by merging your passion and profession and linking your money to your mission. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS “To make good art, it costs money.” “Don’t get too greedy because the world will reject you. The balance is to meet your own selfish needs so that you can share your product and your services with your clients and customers” ABOUT THE HOST Rob Moore is the host of the UK’s no. 1 business podcast “The...


#040 Asking for Money (& Getting Over Yourself)

Have you ever had any problems asking for money? Or have you ever asked for too little, when you wanted to get more? Tune in today, to the Money Podcast with finance raising expert Rob Moore to hear why you should never be afraid of asking for money. Discover how to reverse sell anything and ask for money, without de-positioning yourself or actually asking for the money upfront or directly. Learn how to network and build relationships with people on a business and personal level. Build...


#039 Money Mind Tricks Millionaires Know That The Masses Don’t

Tune in today to hear Rob discuss the Money Mindset tricks that millionaires know, that the masses don't. Rob shares with you the 10 tricks you can implement in business and in life to attract more money and create less friction between you and the flow of money around you. Rob shows you that money is a simple exchange of value and of goods and services. Learn how to remove your emotions from money and begin to start, grow and scale your income with a better understanding of how to win...


#038 Money Making Ideas: How to Have Lots of Them (14 Ways)

Who knows… Maybe, the million-dollar business idea might be right under your nose and you are not even aware of it. In today’s episode of The Money Podcast, Rob Moore shares 14 ways to keep you inspired and let the money-making ideas in easily. These 14 strategies are very easy to follow and are proven to be effective since Rob himself has been doing it ever since. Discover what online resources you could use to learn from and to connect with mentors, other entrepreneurs, and your target...


#037 The 6 Stages of Start Up to Scale Up (The 6 S’s)

Most of the millennials nowadays are looking to build their own startup and gain fast money. It’s a long and fulfilling journey to get your business reach its peak. It wasn’t easy for every business tycoon and magnate out there. So, in today’s episode of The Money Podcast, Rob Moore walks you through the 6 stages you’ll undergo from Startup to Scale-up. These 6 stages, or the 6 S, are the Startup, Sales, Staffing, Survival, Scaling up, and Sustainability. You don’t want to be hitting a...


#036 Easier Selling: The 4 Step Sales System That Works

Discover the simple 4-step sales system that works every time. In today’s episode of The Money Podcast, your host Rob Moore shares with you the step-by-step method to guarantee sales and overcome objections without the hassle. You don’t have to be an experienced salesperson to do this, you just need to know the system. Learn how to Agree, Reframe, Bridge & Close and you will master the art of sales each and every time! KEY TAKEAWAYS Step 1: Agree - Meet them where they’re at and agree...


#035 Brutal Truth About Your Prices & Profits

Rob Moore shares the brutal truth about your prices and profits and shows you, exactly how to expand your wealth, knowledge and profit margins with some simple but effective changes to your business. In today’s inspiring episode, Rob challenges you to increase your pricing and attract wealthier clients, and a more affluent audience. If you want to disrupt the marketplace and instantly increase your profits by 20% or more, this episode is for you! KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS “Don't...


#034 Why Raising Debt, Cash & Giving Equity Isn't Always Good

Nowadays, having debts or selling equity is the only seen choice to grow your start-up company or to get you out of financial turmoil. But, it isn’t always the best choice. In this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob lays out the downsides of raising debt cash and equity if not done properly. Instead of growing the company through external financing, you might make a mistake and push your company down in a bad state. No one wants that! Discover from Rob what factors to consider and what...


#033 2x Turnover EQUALS 20x Profit; One Easy Way to Make Way More Money

Welcome to another episode of The Money Podcast. In today’s episode, your host Rob Moore shows you how to instantly double or triple your profits, simply by calling your customers and building relationships. Discover why picking up the phone and making money has never been easier. You too can turn a 5% profit to a 300% profit just by working that little bit harder to serve your customers. You’ve worked hard to break even in your business. You don’t have to work a that much harder to earn...


#032 The Untapped Billionaire in YOU

Rob Moore talks about Millionaires who have found and monetised niches that the world wants & needs. He also talks about expressing your individuality and balancing it with what the world wants through a fair exchange environment. Everyone has the potential to be a billionaire, a billionaire is someone with a concentrated values & they have specialised in a certain niche, they have learnt to monetize this value. Being a billionaire is not that difficult. You just have to unleash that from...


#031 Negative Friends & Family: Surprising Ways to Deal With Them

Rob dives into the subject of negativity, those that criticise and judge and how it affects you. Learn how you too, can deal with the criticism and pessimism of those closest to you. Discover how to become self-motivated, rather than externally motivated and how to re-frame objections by turning it on its head and matching it to their own vision and values. In today’s episode, learn how to take in feedback, assimilate it, filter it and spit it back out in a positive way because the support...


#030 Six Weird Things That Erode Your Wealth (so You Don’t)

In this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob talks about the ways in which overspending is tied to emotion, and that while we all logically know the best way to manage money is to never spend more than you earn, it’s almost too easy to let your emotions erode your hard-earned wealth. Rob explains that spending money out of a sense of boredom, shame or envy can quickly grow out of control until you’re in debt from spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need. Key Takeaways: Most...


#029 - Choosing the Right (Multiple) Income Stream for You

In this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob lays out the Dos and Don’ts of choosing an income stream that’s right for you and will be sustainable in the long-term. Rob argues against chasing after fads and what seems like it’s working for other people and instead advises knowing what works best with your specific expertise level and resources, as well as leveraging and building off of something you’re already doing. Key Takeaways: Things that are NOT a solid foundation for choosing a...


Start NOW, get perfect later: Special Bonus

Robs latest book is finally live, available on preorder on audbile now. In this bonus short, Rob discusses his new book, its content and some very special bonuses for early buyers.


#028 Is Cheaper Better or is Better Cheaper?

In this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob discusses what it means to spend your money wisely. In this case, it means understanding that more expensive doesn’t always mean better while also knowing that paying for higher-quality products can often save you money because they’ll last longer. Rob also points out the benefits of investing in high-quality material items as tangible assets so that you can enjoy your money while allowing it to appreciate in value in the form of a watch, classic car...