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#030 Six weird things that erode your wealth

In this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob talks about the ways in which overspending is tied to emotion, and that while we all logically know the best way to manage money is to never spend more than you earn, it’s almost too easy to let your emotions erode your hard-earned wealth. Rob explains that spending money out of a sense of boredom, shame or envy can quickly grow out of control until you’re in debt from spending money you don’t have on things you don’t need. Key Takeaways: Most...


#029 - Choosing the Right (Multiple) Income Stream for You

In this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob lays out the Dos and Don’ts of choosing an income stream that’s right for you and will be sustainable in the long-term. Rob argues against chasing after fads and what seems like it’s working for other people and instead advises knowing what works best with your specific expertise level and resources, as well as leveraging and building off of something you’re already doing. Key Takeaways: Things that are NOT a solid foundation for choosing a...


Start NOW, get perfect later: Special Bonus

Robs latest book is finally live, available on preorder on audbile now. In this bonus short, Rob discusses his new book, its content and some very special bonuses for early buyers.


#028 Is Cheaper Better or is Better Cheaper?

In this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob discusses what it means to spend your money wisely. In this case, it means understanding that more expensive doesn’t always mean better while also knowing that paying for higher-quality products can often save you money because they’ll last longer. Rob also points out the benefits of investing in high-quality material items as tangible assets so that you can enjoy your money while allowing it to appreciate in value in the form of a watch, classic...


#027 The Simple Way to do Less of What You Hate & Earn More Money

Episode Description: In this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob provides a simple but effective strategy for ensuring that you’re spending more time doing the things you love and are good at while also making sure the tasks that need to get done are taken care of, whether it’s by a partner, outsourcer, staff member or assistant. Rob also emphasizes the importance of accountability and a clear understanding of job roles. Finally, he advises that it’s important to keep a healthy separation...


#026 Do What you love or do What Makes Money

Should you do what you love and money will follow? Or should you make money first then free your time to do what you love? Today, Rob shares with us how he got into this difficult situation of deciding whether to ditch the task of recording his audiobook Start Now Get Perfect Later because he doesn’t feel like it or just do it for the community and his business. He got caught up in this paradox but still managed to get out of it and get it done. Start listening to the latest episode to...


#025 How to Stop Spending More Than You Earn

DESCRIPTION You only live once! But that doesn’t mean that you will mindlessly and irresponsibly spend your money all your life. The smartest way to live is to budget, preserve capital, invest, and to save for future needs, emergencies, and escapades. On this episode of The Money Podcast, Rob shares how to avoid spending beyond your means, how to deviate from bad spending habits, and how to spend but at the same time, invest and save money. With his tips, your habits, addiction,...


#024 Stop These 8 (Wealth Draining) Distractions, Now

What are the 8 distractions you need to stop right now and how to do it! Why excuses, complaining, self-doubt, worthless debates or social media can waste your energy and time. How to preserve your finite amount of energy and use it for what you love, for solving problems and serving others.


#023 Is This the Best Business model in the World?

Find out just how great the Panini stickers model is and how and why you should implement this into your business. Learn what we as entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, as people who make, manage & master money. What can you implement into your business from the Panini stickers model.


#022 (When) Should You Quit Your Job (5 Choices)

Welcome to the MONEY podcast In this episode Rob Moore covers 5 options to look at our career lifestyle and ventures. Rob takes us through these options with flare, fire, and enthusiasm, talking us through the possibilities of quitting our comfortable positions with optimism or, staying as we are and being contented with our career as it is. So be prepared to wake up and hear something you have thought about but not had the courage to do, until now. KEY TAKEAWAYS BEST MOMENTS ABOUT...


#021 A Weird Experiment in Receiving (More) Money

Why most people have a problem with receiving money? Why some people are afraid of asking for more money? Rob talks about the value that you exchange with money, why money isn't good or bad and why you get what you attract.


#020 More Money, Followers, Fan & Inpact (Free)

Almost everyone who uses the internet has most likely signed up for any social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. The most popular social media platform, Facebook, has over 1.86 billion users. Imagine getting a huge number of your target audience through one social media platform alone. How could you use these free social media platforms to your advantage? How could you reach out right audience despite the large population of users? How do you maintain the...


#019 Rob Moore Live from Mayfair: The Formula for Wealth

This live talk from the heart of central London Mayfair features Rob Moore talking about the 'Formula for Wealth'. This talked was recorded before the launch of the book and podcast 'Money' in early 2017. Rob talks about judging money, money doesn't buy you happiness, wrong. Money is also the route to all good.


Bonus: Fastest way to make more money

People are looking the one strategy that makes all the money however life is not that simple. If your looking for quick short term income don't go for quick short term fixes. Listen in take notes.


#017 Make Money Without Money - The (In)tangible Nature of Money

The true nature of money and how it really works. Why creativity, solutions, imagination and ideas create money, intangibly, and the importance of intangible assets such as your education!


#016 When is it ever enough? (Money)

How much money is enough? Is it ever enough? Rob shares his thoughts on money, how much money you need in order to retire, support your lifestyle and how money can affect your self-worth.


#15 Money Always Comes at a Price (& not just interest)

What are the real costs of getting money. What you need to know before you borrow money and, downsides and upsides of managing other people's money.


#014 The 7 Stages of Getting Out of Debt Fast

How to set a budget plan, cut expenses, avoid temptations and reduce your debt. Why you need to be honest with yourself about your current situation and why to start reducing your biggest debt first.


#13 What Should I Invest in (What You're Rarely Told)

What you need to know before you start investing. Why to invest in what you love and how to combine passion, profession and investments. How to start investing, which investments to choose, why you are the biggest asset and how to invest in yourself!


#012 How to Get a (Significant) Pay Rise (Employees & Entrepreneurs)

6 steps to ask for a pay rise if you re employed and 6 steps to increase your income as an entrepreneur! What to do and how to do it, plus what you should not do, while asking for a pay rise.