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Thank you for listening to The Networkers Quest
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Thank you for listening to The Networkers Quest






How To Navigate Difficult Conversations With Positive Outcomes

Learn how to communicate effectively with others! Navigate through difficult conversations to create change, breakthrough and meaningful and lasting relationships! Have you ever been in a situation where a challenging conversation is needed and have felt very uncomfortable and somewhat unprepared? Welcome to the human experience and join the club! Listen in on this podcast of The Networker’s Quest, as we are accompanied by consulting expert, Kim Hyshka from Dialogue Partners to help us...


Mental Health and Entrepreneurship: An Interview With Dr. Peter Silverstone

Mental health is something that can affect us all. Whether it be difficult life transitions, overwhelming stress, anxiety or depression, these signs can be the tipping point into isolation from others and a feelings of hopelessness. Dr. Peter Silverstone, entrepreneur and professor in both the Department of Business and Department of Psychiatry at the University of Alberta believes that these elements of mental health can be more present in the life of an entrepreneur. In this episode of...


Ripped Audio - How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the top fears amongst people. There is something about standing in front of an audience, all eyeballs on you, that puts people in a stressful state. We have definitely felt that way before, and so we are here to help you out! In this video of ‘Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking’, we discuss the mindset of overcoming your fear, and give practical tips on how to execute your presentation with less anxiety. We talk about the importance of preparation, give...


Social Media To Grow Your Business: An Interview With Michael Martindale

How important is social media to the success and growth of your business? How do you properly use social media to engage viewers and add value to the market place? If these are some of your questions, then you are going to love this episode of ‘The Networkers Quest’! In this podcast, we interview owner of ‘Amped Social Media’, Michael Martindale to uncover key questions on the value of social media in todays economy and how to use social media to enhance your business. Michael is a local...


Learning Who You Are And Who You Are Not: An Interview With Coach Kyle James

Pursuing a business plan that you are passionate about is an absolute must! Just ask Kyle James, Owner of Orbis Sports. From a young age Kyle has loved sports and fitness. It was when Kyle was pursuing a high level fitness certification in California, he stumbled upon the product of his dreams that changed the direction of his business. In this episode of The Networkers Quest we interview coach Kyle James on his journey of creating ‘Orbis Sports’ and his process of integrating his passion...


Why Networking Is Important!

Networking with new people to grow your business or social circle can sometimes be intimidating, but we are here to tell you it doesn’t have to be! It is not about having firework connections with everyone you meet, but more importantly being yourself to allow the right people to connect with you is the goal. In this episode of The Networkers Quest we chat about the importance of networking to grow your circle of influence and impact. In this fast pace society we live in, with many...


Ripped Audio From The Youtube Channel - How To Get Out Of Debt - Part 2/4 Mini Series

Working a budget is a lifestyle not a yoyo diet. In this 4 week mini series of crushing debt and building savings we chat about the fundamentals on staying on track with your budget. There are many ways of creating more cash to work towards your goals! This week we discuss creative ways of acquiring and saving money, such as cool hacks, intentional DIYs and selling excessive items around your house. No matter your strategy, being creative with filling your ‘money jar’ is taking you one...


Why Givers Always Gain: An Interview with Realtor Adrian Michelutti

For most people starting a business in your forties can be quite frightening, but not for Adrian Michelutti. On this episode of The Networkers Quest we interview Realtor and owner of ‘Adrian Sells’ Adrian Michelutti. Adrian took the leap into entrepreneurship in his forties leaving behind the job life for good. Adrian had been in a management position for many years, many times pondering the thought of, “I would do this differently” or “I could do that a better way”. Finally, the day had...


An Interview with Kaylor Betts: Owner of Alchemi Marketing Solutions

On this episode of The Networkers Quest we interview social marketing entrepreneur Kaylor Betts. Kaylor has been an entrepreneur at heart for as long as he can remember. Despite not graduating high school, Kaylor believes and is proof that your education does not define your success and ability to impact others. He started out as founder and owner of TNP gym. After the hard decision to close that chapter, Kaylor discovered his passion and skill for the social marketing world, which lead...


Ripped Audio - How We Paid Off $85,000 Worth Of Debt In Two Years

Being in debt was not the way we wanted to start our marriage. We recognized we had problems with our finances and had to figure out a game plan to pay it off. We quickly got on a budget and learned to implement the snowball method. In this video, we share our journey of implementing a first time budget plan and paying off $85,000 of our consumer debt load, which included credit cards, car loans, student loans and lines of credit. We had to learn to work together as a couple and to have...


Ripped Audio From The Vlog - Our Story, Vision Of The Networkers Quest

In this ripped audio from the YouTube video we share our personal story, our upbringing in Newfoundland (Matt), and Manitoba (Collette), how we chose the careers that we did and the reasons why we wanted to look at different business ventures. Matt talks about why he believes everyone is one to two key relationships away from creating breakthrough and Collette shares about what it felt like when her family gave her resistance on her choices. We talk about the vision behind The Networkers...


An Interview with Fouad El-Masri: Co-Founder and CEO of Visio Media

On this episode of The Networkers Quest, we dive into conversation with entrepreneur Fouad El Masri. Fouad is a Co-Founder and CEO of Visio Media, an elevator advertising company that uses powerful technology to bring massive value to the digital advertising world. Fouad shares with us his story of becoming an entrepreneur, his journey of moving to a new country at the early age of 16, and how solving a problem transitioned him into creating a rapidly expanding nation wide business. Fouad...


An Interview With Rosalyn Fung: Unleash Your Inner Wonder Woman

On this episode of the Networkers Quest, we interview life and business coach, Rosalyn Fung. Rosalyn is a self-love life and business coach for women and entrepreneurs. She specializes in helping women entrepreneurs who suffer from “not enough syndrome”: self-sabotaging behaviors, overwhelm, burn out, and lack of confidence by shifting core beliefs and developing business strategy systems so they can create more connections, make more money and achieve high impact in the world. Rosalyn’s...


An Interview With Johnathan McDonald. Host Of Best Wrestling Podcast And Writer For Daily DDT

On this episode of The Networkers Quest we talk with Johnathan McDonald–co host of Best Wrestling Podcast, and writer for Daily DDT. Johnathan opens up about why he finally decided to take the plunge, and begin doing something he is clearly very passionate about. Matt and Collette ask Johnathan about his influences, his motivations, and whether he experienced any “lightbulb” moments as he started podcasting and writing on professional wrestling. Not surprisingly, Johnathan encountered...


An Interview with the Owner of Dialogue Partners, Kim Hyshka

On this episode of the Networkers Quest we are excited to have the owner of Dialogue Partners, Kim Hyshka in studio with us. Dialogue partners is a global community engagement consultancy. They specialize in high stakes, high emotion projects. They engage in conflict, instead of shying away from it. Kim and her team involve the public, facilitate conversations, and create positive change. Their belief is, anything is possible with a little dialogue. Kim is a kick butt mom of two young...


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