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Thank you for listening to The Networkers Quest
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Thank you for listening to The Networkers Quest






Interview with Founder of Rainfield Marketing: Jocelyn Lu

Jocelyn Lu has a passion for outdoor adventures and marketing strategy. She is a seasoned marketing strategist and project manager having managed and led numerous campaigns and initiatives since 2004 including annual report/website designs, conservation program, and product launches, retail point of purchase campaigns, social photo contest campaigns and customer journey maps/personas. In 2011, she moved to Australia and completed a two year MBA program in one year and then traveled all over...


Interview with Tim Gourlay: Founder and CEO of Fitset

Tim Gourlay is a first-time entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Fitset, Edmonton's multi-studio fitness pass. Tim is also a former professional athlete and is convinced that life is just better when you're physically active regularly. This belief was part of the original inspiration for starting Fitset and it is Tim's vision to bring Fitset right across Canada. Fitset’s mission is to push the active lifestyle mainstream, which was formed around his core belief that life is better when...


Interview with Morissa Schwartz: Entrepreneur & Publisher

Morissa Schwartz is the owner of - a marketing and writing company and - a publishing company, which has produced six Amazon bestsellers. She is currently earning her doctorate in literature at Drew University and has a Masters in Communication. Morissa broke a Guinness World Record for creating the World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets, has sung on MTV, speaks professionally about inspiring others through words and entrepreneurship, and was named the...


Throwback: How to navigate difficult conversations with Kim Hyshka

We are on the road to our new destination in Toronto, Ontario and we have a special throwback episode to share with you featuring Kim Hyshka! Learn how to communicate effectively with others! Navigate through difficult conversations to create change, breakthrough and meaningful and lasting relationships! Have you ever been in a situation where a challenging conversation is needed and have felt very uncomfortable and somewhat unprepared? Welcome to the human experience and join the club!...


Behind The Scenes Saturdays: Rewire Your Brain

Rewire and program your brain for success! In this episode, we share how to train your brain to start thinking in a more positive and productive manner to work towards your goals and dreams.


Behind the Scenes Saturday: How To Overcome Rejection

Let's face it, we have all experienced some form of rejection in our professional careers and businesses, but sometimes it can be tough to move through it. Join us in this episode as we talk on five key points in overcoming rejection. The Alberta Podcast Network: The Networkers Quest believes in personal growth everyday. Listening and reading great content helps us all achieves our goals. Use the following link to receive two FREE audio books when you sign up...


Interview with Cierra Fischer: Financial Broker

Cierra Fischer has always had a passion for helping people and has wanted to make a massive impact in the world. She grew up playing sports and was fortunate enough to be in multiple leadership roles. There she learned how having the right mentor and coach could really change and impact someone's life. She fell in love with the idea of being able to one day be that coach and mentors to others. Cierra has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a burning desire to help people see their own...


Behind The Scenes Saturdays: Replenishment Is Important

Join us on location in Las Vegas, Nevada as we chat about the importance of taking time to replenish and recharge to be the best you can be for your business venture.


Interview With David Papp: Technology Pioneer and Founder of Mtek Digital

Join us in this episode, live on location in the Mtek Digital recording studio for an epic interview with David Papp! David is a tech pioneer specializing in CyberSecurity & Privacy, Social Media, Technology Management, and Blockchain. With a degree in computer engineering and numerous industry certifications, he has established his reputation over 25 years of professional field experience. He spends his time helping businesses and individuals embrace technology to thrive in the online...


Behind the Scenes Saturday: The Power of Networking

The most valuable gain in your entrepreneurial journey is many times, not a monetary gain, but rather the relationships made through networking that will lead to further opportunity and business connections. Join us in this ‘Behind the Scenes Saturday’ episode as we chat about the power and importance of networking and how surrounding yourself with a variety of people can allow your business and dreams to soar. The Alberta Podcast Network: The Networkers...


Interview with Anna Mittal: Founder of Mpower Advisors

Anna Mittal is a mediator, social worker, and conflict coach. She has found her joy by empowering clients to transform their lives from being stuck in conflict, in either their marriage or divorce, to shifting their mindset into the future as successful communicators. Anna founded Mpower Advisors in 2004 and has enjoyed the freedom and the flexibility of being an entrepreneur. Anna is a lifelong learner, loves spending time with her 2 kids and her husband, and loves to spend time at her...


Behind the Scenes Saturday: How to create a new habit

Creating a new habit in your life can be a challenge! Join us on today's Saturday episode as we discuss how to change and maintain your new desired behaviors to create the ultimate lifestyle you want. It takes a little mental gymnastics, a touch of routine and a motivation to just start. You can kick that old habit to the curb after listening to this podcast! The Alberta Podcast Network: The Networkers Quest believes in personal growth every day. Listening and...


Brave Adventures Are For Everyone; An interview with Kieren Britton Founder of ‘The Lady Alliance’

Since the ripe old age of 6 weeks, Kieren has been camping, road-tripping and exploring. Her specialty is any adventure that involves a challenge. Whether it's cycling across Canada at the age of 20 to raise funds for Prostate Cancer Canada, or converting a school bus into a mobile home (Skoolie) for an 8-month road trip around North America, Kieren likes to think up the ridiculous and make it a reality. After being told too many times that she was "brave for a young lady", Kieren had...


Behind the Scenes Saturday: How To Deal With The ‘Nay-Sayers’ On Your Path To Success

On this Saturday podcast episode, Matt and I talk about how to deal with the ‘nay-sayers’ on your pathway to success. These people who are negative or do not show support to your business or passions can be negative for a variety of reasons, in which we uncover in this episode. It is important to understand that not everyone will always agree with your decisions, however, we believe people can come to mutual grounds of understanding and we hope mutual respect. Most importantly, we speak to...


Interview with Krystal Anderson: Holistic Health Care Professional & Founder of Little Bird Holistics

Krystal Anderson is a Holistic Healthcare professional and owner of Little Bird Holistics in Edmonton, Alberta. She joins us at The Networkers Quest to share her inspiring story of how she went from experiencing overwhelm, fatigue and burnout in her previous career, as well as having an unexpected battle with cancer, to then creating Little Bird Holistics, where her passion for self-care and cancer-care can meet, for her to share her knowledge and experience from a genuine place to help...


Behind the Scenes Saturday: Working Together With Your Spouse

One question Matt and I get asked frequently in our business journey is “How do you work well with your spouse?” Being a married couple and in business together, we have practiced and learned a lot about effective communication. Join us in this behind the scenes episode on The Networkers Quest as we answer this question on how we best work together. We go through our organizational strategies, communication tips and overall mindset of working together effectively and as a team player. The...


Interview with Emma Donnelly: Entrepreneur & Network Marketing Professional

Emma Donnelly is an Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Professional who is passionate about living her best life and showing others how to do the same through the power of the network marketing industry. Emma knew she always wanted to be an entrepreneur. She started by obtaining a bachelor degree in commerce and marketing. It was shortly after she jumped into the entrepreneurial world with her boyfriend’s family business, that she also found the network marketing industry. Much to her...


Interview with Lynda T. C. Peralta: Founder of The Pocket Palette

To all inventors and creators out there, this podcast is for you! Lynda T. C. Peralta is the founder of The Pocket Palette, a single-use, full face makeup kit for the woman on the go. Her years of working in retail, operations, and marketing, have led to developing a consumer product that simplifies the busy woman lifestyle. Lynda has an MBA from George Washington University and a BA from the University of Southern California. In this interview, Lynda shares her inspiring story of how she...


Family interview with Jasmine Duncan: Event Coordinator and Founder of SP Events and Successful Parenting, accompanied by her three entrepreneurial daughters.

Well, this is a first! Join us for this first ever family interview with Jasmine Duncan and her three entrepreneurial daughters. Jasmine is an Event Coordinator and the founder of Sp Events and Successful Parenting. As far back as she can remember, Jasmine always had a passion for planning, decor and creating connections. The idea of taking a thought and transforming it into a reality has always captivated her. Being a single Mom with three amazing daughters, Jasmine has quickly realized...


Interview with Dr. Tilean Clarke: Chartered Psychologist & Kick-Ass Behaviour Change Expert For High Achievers!

Meet Dr. Tilean, a British chartered Psychologist, and behavior change expert for entrepreneurs, high achievers, and creators. In this interview with Dr. Tilean, we dive into the conversation of finding and creating ones’ purpose, being fulfilled by your passions and overcoming the destructive habits and mindset that is holding people back from achieving greatness in their lives. Dr. Tilean shares tips to manage and change behaviors, as well as some of her personal story of developing her...