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New Influence by Ste Davies is a podcast covering the new technologies influencing communications, culture and the world today.

New Influence by Ste Davies is a podcast covering the new technologies influencing communications, culture and the world today.


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New Influence by Ste Davies is a podcast covering the new technologies influencing communications, culture and the world today.








Bitcoin in the UK with Danny Scott from CoinCorner

Danny is currently the CEO and co-founder of CoinCorner, a bitcoin exchange in the UK. A software developer turned entrepreneur, Danny first heard of bitcoin during University in 2009, but didn't pay attention to it until 2011/12 while working at an internet startup that looked to use it as a competitive advantage. After this company was successfully acquired he went on to co-found a software company in 2012. Providing software solutions, the business worked with clients such as Microsoft...


Social media’s growing influence on the financial markets

"Markets are conversations" is the central theme of the 1999 book, The Cluetrain Manifesto, which predicted that the internet was about to unleash new ways for people to communicate with each other. This Cambrian explosion of conversations would inevitably allow businesses to be a part of them creating a new dynamic of brand and customer interaction. The book says as the internet proliferated throughout the world, new channels such as websites, forums, chat groups and email would...


Why bitcoin could be bigger than the internet

If you've spent any time lurking around the bitcoin community on Twitter or Reddit as I have you may have come across the term 'hyperbitcoinization'. This is the theory where bitcoin surpasses all global currencies, including the US dollar, to become the world's reserve currency and, ultimately, the world's only currency. The hyperbitcoinization theory is, of course, just that - a theory. At the time of writing, the dollar is very much still the world's reserve currency and the...


How to stop Facebook Inc tracking your every move and using your data to manipulate you

There are two companies in the world that know more about you than perhaps you know about yourself. Both of which are, of course, Facebook and Google/Alphabet. In this podcast we focus specifically on Facebook Inc and how to stop its list of services (namely Facebook, Instagram and Messenger) from harvesting your public and private data and behaviours and selling it on to advertisers. Data collected from what we do online is used against us. There are no benefits to us, the Facebook Inc...


Password managers guide. How to create, store and use passwords securely

In this podcast we discuss the importance of good password hygiene and management. Too many times people use weak passwords across multiple sites and services exposing themselves to hackers and data breaches. In fact, a recent study by the UK government's National Cyber and Security Centre found people are still using ultra-weak passwords like 123456 and qwerty leaving themselves wide open to a hack. Every password you use across every website needs to be at least 15 characters long, made up...


Why you need to ditch Google Chrome and use the Brave browser

In this podcast we discuss the Brave browser - a privacy browser that's been developed to prevent you from being tracked across the web. The humble web browser is perhaps one of the most important software creations to date. It turned the internet into a consumer-friendly medium spawning the creation of the various online services we use today. It is one of the few online tools most of us use multiple times a day. Yet, many people still don't give much thought to the browser they use. In...


A guide to virtual private networks (VPNs)

In this podcast we’re discussing virtual private networks or VPNs as they're more commonly known. As we've seen over the last few years, online privacy is almost non-existent. At any given time, what we do online is being tracked by internet service providers, large advertising companies like Google and Facebook and even hackers looking to steal personal details about us. The fight back has begun as more people begin to realise how unprotected their online privacy is especially in modern...


Influencer marketing in 2020 with Scott Guthrie

Scott Guthrie is a strategic influencer marketing consultant, conference speaker, guest university lecturer, top 10 PR blogger, and media commentator. He is co-chair of the CIPR influencer marketing panel, a PRCA council member, a founding member of the BCMA influencer marketing steering group and an editorial board member of both Talking Influence and Influence publications. Show highlights 1:57 Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond in influencer marketing. 2:45 The shifting demand for...


Analysing state-backed disinformation social media with Alexa Pavliuc

Alexandra Pavliuc is a social network analyst, whose research on disinformation operations has been published by NATO Defense Strategic Communications and funded by the Mozilla Foundation. Findings from her research have been disseminated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Engineering & Technology Magazine, and The Startup. Alexandra has collaborated with government bodies to develop disinformation research tools, and teaches data science for Decoded in London. Alexandra holds an MSc...


Five macro social media trends on the horizon

In this podcast we’re talking about the future of social media and the macro trends on the horizon. And even though you can't predict the future by looking at the past, it's always worth paying a visit. In 1995, Bill Gates wrote in his book about the future of the personal computer, The Road Ahead, “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” Of course back...


Browsing the web with privacy with Des Martin from Brave

Des Martin is Head of Marketing & Growth at Brave. Prior to joining Brave Des lead marketing teams at Qualtrics, nearFrom and Perkbox. His north star is to do interesting things with interesting people. He is passionate about building a better web with new business models for content creators. Show highlights 1:48 Des introduces himself and the Brave browser. 10:59 Do consumers understand how much surveillance capitalism is tracking them and what is driving adoption? 14:43 User growth and...


Notes from Mexico

I'm currently spending the winter in Mexico, avoiding the horrendous European winter. Why spend time in the cold, wet and miserable weather when you can be in the sunshine by the beach sipping on a margarita? In this podcast we bring you a mini guide to Mexico and what you can expect if you intending on visiting. Mexico is a big country and there are lots of places to visit so I can only give you my interpretation of what I've seen which is mainly Mexico City and the east coast area of...


How to protect your online privacy and security in a surveillance capital world

Over the last few years we've come to realise how much of our online activity and data is being tracked by governments and the big tech companies. This wasn't the original intention for the open web. Far from it in fact but in a world of data harvesting, data selling and data leaks, people are now finally waking up to what their data is worth. In this podcast we cover the steps you can take to protect your online privacy and security in a surveillance capital world. Included is the best...


Facebook cryptocurrency: Everything you need to know

Facebook has been reportedly launching its own cryptocurrency for the last couple of years. During this time it has made a series of external hires, created an internal crypto team, registered a crypto company and founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has hinted at payments being a priority for the company. In this podcast we delve into what cryptocurrency is, the types of cryptocurrencies there are and everything we know about the Facebook cryptocurrency. Full disclosure, this is not investment...


Influencer mass delusion and finding your zen in social media with Trey Ratcliff

Trey Ratcliff is an artist on a somewhat quixotic mission to help spread consciousness and mindfulness to the world through photography and creativity. Running the #1 travel photography blog in the world,, has taken him to all seven continents over the past decade, and Google has tracked more than 140 billion views of his photos, all while building a social media presence with over 5 million followers. Chris Anderson from TED called him a “pioneer” of the now ubiquitous...


Performance driven influencer marketing with Nic Yeeles of Peg

Nic Yeeles is the co-founder & CEO of, an end-to-end software platform that powers influencer marketing for 1,700+ leading brands & agencies, across 169 countries. At just 12 years old, Nic started making videos as a hobby. He has since founded a video production company, a creative agency and co-ran the fastest growing YouTube channel in the world (gaining ~100m views) prior to building Peg. Along the way he’s worked with major global brands including Sony Music, Unilever, Adidas and...


Employee advocacy with Rachel Miller of All Things IC

Rachel Miller is the Director of All Things IC and advises Internal Communicators via training, consultancy and her popular blog. Her clients include ARM, BBC, LEGO, NHS, Transport for London and British Red Cross. She’s a highly experienced and multiple award-winning practitioner who has trained hundreds of Comms pros via her monthly and bespoke Masterclasses. Communicators say working with her increases their skills and boosts their knowledge and confidence. Rachel is a Chartered PR...


How creators monetize with Andrew Kamphey of Influence Weekly

Andrew Kamphey curates insightful articles each week as the editor of Influence Weekly. He has lately turned his editorial lens to encompass all of the creator economy. Creating lists and charts that explore different aspects of influencer marketing. Andrew has been working as a content creator for ten years, five of which spent on cruise ships as a videographer as well as working in the LA Film and TV industries. Andrew is currently traveling Southeast Asia. Show highlights 1:35 Andrew...


Running an influencer-first agency with Harry Hugo of Goat

Harry Hugo co-founded influencer-first marketing agency, Goat, in 2015 and since then the company has grown from 3 to 120 staff in three years, with offices in London, New York, Singapore and Monaco and has worked with brands including BBC Sport, New Look and Malibu. As Chief Campaign Officer Harry oversees campaign success, ensuring the strategic fit of influencers with wider brand goals. Harry set up his first business when he was 16, a football fan site network with 60 websites and over...


Influence… not influencer with Rand Fishkin of SparkToro

Rand Fishkin is the founder of SparkToro and was previously co-founder of Moz and He’s dedicated his professional life to helping people do better marketing through the Whiteboard Friday video series, his blog, and his book, Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World. When Rand’s not working, he’s most likely to be in the company of his partner in marriage and (mostly petty) crime, author Geraldine DeRuiter. If you feed him great pasta or great whisky,...