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The No B******t Marketing Podcast is all about living in a world free of BS marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the BS and listen to our guests discuss their Big Idea about messaging success.

The No B******t Marketing Podcast is all about living in a world free of BS marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the BS and listen to our guests discuss their Big Idea about messaging success.


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The No B******t Marketing Podcast is all about living in a world free of BS marketing, and full of bold solutions. Tune in each week as Dave tells you how to cut the BS and listen to our guests discuss their Big Idea about messaging success.






412: Why Telling Your Success Stories is Important For Your Business

In this episode, Dave discusses the importance of being intentional with telling your company's success stories. He goes on to provide an example of a MASSolutions client success story.


411: How Your Personal Catchphrases Can Enhance Your Storytelling

In this episode, Dave emphasizes how your personal catchphrases can enhance your storytelling by using one of his favorites as an example: It's the issue, not the instance...


410: How to Handle “F Words” When You’re Hit With Them

Dave talks about 3 F Words that most No BSers will encounter during their career: Fired, Forced Out, Frustrated. He provides insights on how you can better manage yourself and your situation while remaining the No BSer that you are.


409: Marketing Tips for Graduating Seniors

Every year, graduating seniors ask Dave marketing questions surrounding the current state of marketing or how to prepare for a marketing major in college. In this episode, Dave highlights what marketing tips he shares to graduating seniors who are entering the marketing field that overall drives successful marketing and communication.


408: Learn How You Can Really "Meet Them Where They Are"

Cliches are cliches because the phrases are easy to understand, memorable, and make an emotional impact. But buzz words, cliches and catch phrases can also be misunderstood or misinterpreted. Dave outlines how a catch phrase like "Meet Them Where They Are" loses impact and how you can make the most out of it.


407: How the Four Marketing Value Drivers Can Drive More Business to You

Dave helps you cut through the BS around marketing so you can leverage the four marketing value drivers to improve both your top and bottom line.


406: What Can We Learn from Seinfeld about Storytelling?

Dave breaks down his Seinfeld Storytelling Approach which includes two key components that can help you tell better stories to reach, connect and engage with each of your target audiences. Here’s a clip from The Pitch, a famous Seinfeld episode that ties back to the No BS Seinfeld Storytelling Approach and is classic George and Jerry.


405: The BULL$H!# around the word BULL$H!#

Dave breaks down some of the history, research and meaning of the word BULL$H!#. He explains how you as a communicator and leader can leverage a No BS approach to your storytelling. Then he calls out some BULL$H!# from some BULL$H!#ers! Hope you enjoy this No BULL$H!# Episode!!


404: 3 Storytelling Tips You Can Take from the COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging Campaigns

In this episode, Dave discusses a research report from the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health with their guidelines related to the COVID-19 Vaccine Messaging Campaigns. He ties it all back to how YOU can better tell your story in a No BS way to reach, engage and connect with your target audiences. You can find the article about the research report here.


403: Can Making Fun of a New Initiative Help It Succeed?

Leaders drive change, plain and simple. It's a big part of what we do and how we're evaluated over the long-term. How we communicate the why of the change is often as important as the actual change itself. Some might even say it's more important. You as a leader, need to leverage the power of storytelling to reach, connect, and engage with each of your key target audiences to drive the positive change. In this episode, Dave highlights how PwC successfully communicated a new initiative by...


402: Do You Manipulate When You Mean to Motivate?

Storytelling is a key part of effective leadership and strong communication. It’s also the one tool that is used across generations and cultures. We set out to motivate others with our storytelling but often unknowingly manipulate rather than motivate. Dave talks about how we can leverage storytelling to motivate rather than manipulate by breaking down what the difference is, when we subconsciously or unintentionally manipulate and how we can better motivate others. Whether you want...


401: Part 2 of Alec, Brevin and Carter "Redoing" Episode 100

This episode is Part 2 of our celebration of hitting the milestone for 400+ episodes. Dave's sons Alec, Brevin, and Carter continue to "redo" their appearance from 2016 on Episode 100 by answering the same questions Dave asked them back then. Check out how much they've changed and how much their marketing views remain the same. Hope you enjoy celebrating with us.


400: Alec, Brevin and Carter Return as a Follow Up to Episode 100

We’re celebrating the milestone 400th episode of the No BS Marketing Show by having Dave’s sons Alec, Brevin and Carter return as a follow up to their appearance on Episode 100 way back in late 2016. Dave asks the same questions about branding, storytelling and marketing that he asked them back then. We even play clips of their answers from episode 100 when they were younger and sounded a bit different. Hope you enjoy celebrating this milestone with us.


399: How Has Marketing Changed (And Stayed the Same) After a Year of the Pandemic?

It's been about a year since the world changed in all aspects of our lives due to COVID-19. Dave talks about what's changed and what remains the same when it comes to Marketing and Storytelling today and into the future.


398: Can We Learn Empathy From Virtual Reality?

Successful leaders often have a high EQ or Emotional Quotient. Empathy and vulnerability are traits that their teams appreciate and many want to emulate. Can we learn empathy? Or is it an innate ability? Mursion is a San Francisco-based company that believes empathy can be taught through virtual reality-based training. Hear how interacting with avatars just might help us hone our people skills without the risk of negative impact on you or your company.


397: How The Corporate Lattice is Replacing The Corporate Ladder

Daves chimes in on fellow Vistage member Gustavo Grodnitzky‘s workshop about five generations working together called Ready or Not Here They Come! Dave ties it back to how important B2E storytelling is to your team. He even pulls out ‘Getting’ Gen Y from A to Z from back in 2008 and again walks through The Generation Trap of Marketing and how it can hurt your storytelling.


396: Serena Williams' Press Conference Teaches Us About Emotional Intelligence

In 9 Words, Serena Williams Just Taught a Major Lesson in Emotional Intelligence. Instead of focusing on Williams abruptly walking away from the interview, which is the reason the press conference made headlines, it was a perfect presentation of "emotional intelligence and personal courage." In this episode, Dave dives into William's emotional conference and shares his insight from his perspective as a leader. Link to Mindy Zetlin's article: Click here


395: How and Why You Need to Become a Better Listener to Become Better at All You Do

People often ask Dave “How do I become a great speaker?” His answer starts with “Are you a great listener?” In this episode, Dave focuses on why that’s a key question to answer because focusing on being a better listener helps you become a better speaker, presenter, teammate, communicator and leader. Dave walks through how we have to overcome our brain’s natural tendency to give us mental shortcuts which hurts our ability to listen. This episode gives you the tips you need to become an...


394: Super EQ Shown in Post Super Bowl Leadership and Communication

Dave talks about how important EQ is to leadership and communication. He gives examples from the Post Super Bowl messaging of Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and the New England Patriots. Dave mentioned the books On Apology & The Dynasty which he’s referenced in previous blogs and podcasts.


393: Super Bowl Special: 6 Steps to Make Your Company or Personal Brand Super

Dave talks about Super Bowl Week and all the amazing stories tied to it. He breaks down how you can make your company or personal brand super, including how you can leverage the Seinfeld Storytelling Approach and reach and engage each target audience. Dave also touches on his ranking of The Top Super Bowl Ads of All Time You gain tips you can use immediately to help with your personal brand story or your company’s.