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OAP 126 : Manage Multiple Option Positions Without Having To Be In Front Of The Screen All Day

Show notes: We're all busy; with work, family, school, kids, etc. And although many people might lead you to believe you have to be in front of the screen all day in order to manage multiple option positions, the reality it's not true. Yes, you do need to have access to the markets in order to trade right now (not in the future though), but you don't have to be glued to the computer screen all day. You can use some simple triggers and alerts to keep tabs on...


OAP 125 : Learn How To Trade Options By Eating An Elephant In 90 Days

Show notes: Want to learn how to trade options the right way but feeling overwhelmed? It's like this big giant elephant is standing in front of you and you have to figure out a way to consume it. And the best way to do anything in like, like eating the proverbial elephant, is to tackle it one bite at a time. So today, I want to introduce two ways of learning how to trade options; the first using frameworks, and the second using concepts. Both are effective...


OAP 124 : The Ugly Truth About Selling Cheap Options

Show notes: Selling cheap options with very high probabilities of success makes rationale sense on the outside. I mean, why sell options with a 70% chance of success when you can sell options further out that have a 90% chance of success. No brainer right? Well, not so fast. The options market is fair and efficient - and selling these far out-of-the-money options might look good from a win rate perspective, the total dollar profits you'll generate far...


OAP 123 : Stop Focusing On ROI Options Trading Possibilities Until You Cross This Trading Bridge

Show notes: At Option Alpha we believe (and the research confirms) that the options trading possibilities for retail investors are nearly endless. Higher returns and better performance for your portfolio, but only if, you cross this one trading bridge first. So many newbie traders learn about options and the stock market and experience a rush of energy and motivation to jump in with both feet and start trading. Naturally, this jolt comes from the expectation...


OAP 122 : The "Big Rocks" That Should Be A Priority For All Options Traders

Show notes: As options traders we need to focus on the levers that really move the needle in terms of generating income and cash flow for our portfolio. There's no point in doing something if it doesn't contribute to the overall profitability of the portfolio right? It'd be like shoveling your driveway before a huge snow storm. Or washing your car before it rains. The wrong activity for the sake of being active serves no purpose. Today's show resets the...


OAP 121 : Small Tweaks When Managing Larger Trading Accounts

Show notes: Trade long enough and save enough money and eventually, you'll need to make a couple small tweaks to your options strategy as you start managing larger trading accounts. Today's show is all about transitioning your options strategy in a way that optimizes the increased capital you have to invest. If you're not yet at the "large account" level we talk about, don't worry. One, you'll get there over time if you stay committed. Two, the concepts are...


OAP 120 : Option Trader Success - Why Some Traders Are Frankly Always More Profitable

Show notes: Over the last 10+ years I've seen thousands, and coached hundreds, of traders navigate the markets. And if you study option trader success long enough (and geek out about it as much as I do) then you'll quickly come to realize that success is nothing more than a persistent person with great habits and a clear mind. Today's show focusing on why I believe some traders are frankly always more profitable than others while re-visiting six key areas...


OAP 119 : Don't Use A $6,000 Trade To "Practice" Trading Options

Show notes: The last couple weeks of trading for many newbie investors was quite the learning experience. The market fell from all time highs quickly and then recovered nearly half of that move in a single week. Still, we got a flood of emails from people who were not well positioned for the drop in equity prices and learned the hard way why you can't practice trading options with large, one-sided trades. One unfortunately person placed a single $6,000 trade...


OAP 118 : Top 5 Options Trading Psychology Lessons I Learned Over The Last 18 Months

Show notes: It's always good to look back and analyze what happened in the past. Often times it can help shape the future (good or bad) and how you trade moving forward. In today's show, I want to take some time to share my top five options trading psychology lessons I learned over the last 18 months. Many of these I scripted out well before the recent mini-crash we saw in equities so it's fitting to talk about now because my comments might not have hit home...


OAP 117 : Let's Talk About "Deltas" For Options Trading

Show notes: One of the most popular and widely used options greek is Delta. And while I believe that you can't necessarily learn about option pricing and option greeks in a vacuum as they all work together to represent potential price action for changing market conditions, having a solid understanding of how Delta works is important both in entering new positions and managing your basket of trades in a portfolio. Today's show dives a little deeper into the...


OAP 116 : Debit Spreads Vs Credit Spreads - When To Use Each

Show notes: You've targeted a stock or ETF setup you like and want to make a directional trade. Maybe some technical indicator alerted you to a possible turn in the underlying or you just needed to hedge your portfolio with a new trade. Whatever the case, you are now left wondering why type of options strategy to pick. How do you decide between trading debit spreads vs. credit spreads and when should you use each style? In today's podcast, I'll walk through...


OAP 115 : How To Avoid The Big Mistakes Executing An Options Order

Show notes: As with many things in life the 80/20 principle can help guide and focus our attention on the most important aspects of options trading. In particular, trade entry and executing an options order correctly is critical to your success. I've often said that great entries save you from having to be good at everything else, like adjustments and rolling contracts. Today, I want to help you avoid five of the big mistakes you can fall subject to when...


OAP 114 : Managing Inverted Option Positions - Once Difficult, Now Easy

Show notes: Short straddles and short iron butterflies are some of our most profitable option strategies, and a consistent staple when trading in our PRO and ELITE membership levels. However, when it comes adjusting these positions and going "inverted" it can cause even the most experienced traders to freeze up. In today's podcast I wanted to walk through the process of managing inverted option positions and help you understand what numbers to track and how...


Free Options Trading From Robinhood: Our Exclusive Interview With Co-Founder Baiju Bhatt About The Future Of Online Trading

Show notes: Often times people ask me why I continue to run Option Alpha and give away so much free content, courses and training when we could easily charge for it? And the simple answer is that I'm in it for the relationships I build, the people I meet, and the investors lives we change by teaching them how to have more confidence and place smarter trades. Today's guest needs no introduction in the investing world as the company he co-founded is the...


OAP 113 : Long Straddle Earnings Option Strategy Backtest Results

Show notes: Often times when new traders go through their first couple earnings cycles and experience large moves in the underlying stock, it can feel almost natural to want to buy contracts via a long straddle earnings option strategy as opposed to selling options the way we teach here at Option Alpha. In today's show, I'll preview some of the new research we've been doing in the field of earnings trading and cover the results from three major companies we...


OAP 112 : Does Trading Every Day Really Make You A Day Trader?

Show notes: Depending on where you started your options education, trade frequency was either glossed over or talked about in-depth. Here at Option Alpha, we've suggested for almost a decade now that to find success you need to be placing trades almost daily. But does this frequent trading activity classify us as "day traders" in the options market? If so, what are the implications that could impact your account? If not, how do we increase our trade...


OAP 111 : Should I Buy Back My Penny Options Or Let Them Expire Worthless?

Show notes: You made an options trade and the position has gone well, leaving you with a nice fat profit as expiration approaches. Now the question becomes, what do you do with these cheap out of the money option contracts you sold? Do you buy back your penny options or let them expire worthless? Are there risks to do one over the other and when should you lean one way or not? On today's show I'll talk through what our research shows about exiting trades...


OAP 110 : Become A Better Options Trader By NOT Watching The Market

Show notes: Why do we still believe that magically someday we'll have some inside scoop or tip that alerts us to market tops and bottoms? As hopefully rationale adults we often get lured into a false sense of understanding in the financial markets brought on mainly by the media and talking heads. Today I want to help you become a better options trader by not watching the market, focusing and more systematic trading setups, and providing the single most...


OAP 109 : Say Good-Bye to Unlimited Risk Option Strategies Forever

Show notes: Unlimited risk option strategies get a bad rap in the investing community among newbie traders. And while our backtesting research has shown that unlimited risk positions like short straddles and short strangles generate the best overall returns, you might be restricted in trading them because of your account type or just fear the big potential drawdowns. In either case, on today's podcast I want to conceptually walk through how you could covert...


OAP 108 : Rolling Up Strike Prices vs. Closing Out Trade - What Should I Do?

Show notes: If you trade options longer than ten days you'll undoubtedly run into a scenario where you get challenged by a stock moving either higher or lower against your position. When this happens the first question many people ask is "Do I start rolling up strike prices and adjust the position or work on closing out the trade completely at a loss?" Naturally, we are in the camp where we believe, and our backtesting confirms, that rolling your strike...


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