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OAP 157 : The Untold Story Of The 3 Little Pigs That Traded Options

Show notes: A couple of weeks ago I was reading the story of the three little pigs to my daughters. And for some reason, I couldn't help but think about the untold story of the three little pigs who traded options? Yes, it's true, many people don't know this but the three little pigs were actually given a large chunk of money from their mother and each decided to trade wildly different options portfolios when they set out on their own. In today's podcast,...


OAP 156 : The 4 Market Situations You Should Avoid Aggressively Trading

Show notes: Many of our members understand the best times to trade options (i.e. higher IV setups when option premiums are expensive), but should we avoid trading during other market situations? Today's podcast walks through the four general market situations I avoid aggressively trading in and explain why each type requires that you either sit on the sidelines or dramatically scale back your position size.


OAP 155 : Ask Yourself These 7 Questions Before You Put On An Options Trade

Show notes: Everyone loves a good options trading checklist right? Well, here are the 7 questions you should ask yourself before you put on an options trade. Answer each one over the next week and you'll build a strong habit that will keep your positions and portfolio in check before you put your hard earned money at risk.


OAP 154 : The 17 Most Asked Questions By Option Alpha Members w/ Answers

Show notes: We get a lot of emails each day - I'm talking hundreds of emails. Naturally, seeing so many questions and comments come through the system, we found that these 17 top questions keep coming up again and again. So, in an effort to help you, and our team reduce the support inquiries, I'm recording answers to each of these questions in today's show.


OAP 153 : TLT Iron Butterfly & Covered Call Walk-Thru

Show notes: Assignment for some traders can be scary and cause them to freeze up or throw in the towel. On today's podcast, we'll walk-thru another case study in which we got assigned on our iron butterfly position in TLT not once, but twice. Inside I'll move slowly as we look back at each stage in the trade from the original order entry, adjustments, assignment, and ultimately the covered calls we sold after being assigned stock. This podcast is worth...


OAP 152 : Short Straddle Or Short Iron Butterfly?

Show notes: You're looking at a great setup for a neutral trade, but which neutral strategy do you use? Short straddle or short iron butterfly? It's a question we get all the time and today's podcast focuses exclusively on the trade-offs of using one strategy over the other. And while both strategies are built using the same core short straddle position, the choice of adding protection or not using long OTM options can sometimes lead to analysis paralysis....


OAP 151 : Adjusting Short Straddles For $540 Profit (EWZ Case Study)

Show notes: All over the internet, you'll hear stories of why short straddles and short strangles should be avoided at all costs. Stories of how trading "undefined" risk positions can blow up your account when the market moves against you quickly. And while position sizing still needs to be managed appropriately, the fact remains that properly adjusting short straddles and rolling for duration and premium can help turn so-called losers into profitable...


OAP 150 : How To Manage Your Money & Generate Wealth The Right Way

Show notes: As much as I love options trading and following the financial markets, I enjoy the challenge and process of building wealth. I think about wealth building as a 3-step process in broad terms, possibly in the shape of a pyramid even. And since it's our 150th show, I figured I would take a slightly new angle in today's podcast and discuss what I believe are the most valuable insights I can offer from my own experiences and research on how to manage...


OAP 149 : Assigned Option Contract Case Study In Gold ETF GLD

Show notes: For some reason, many traders fear being assigned option contracts as part of an option strategy. Maybe it's the large capital requirement to hold the shares or just the "unknown" around how to manage the position. But, like most things in life, when you slow down and take the time to walk through the position and the mechanics it becomes much easier. On today's show, I want to once again provide another case study on how we managed a recent...


OAP 148 : The 5x2 Trading Psychology Matrix

Show notes: No system is perfect. No trader is perfect. You will have losing trades. But it's how you react to those losing trades, or even false positive trades, that defines how long you'll survive in this business. Today's show focuses on what I'm calling the 5x2 "Victim Matrix" in which there are 2 paths you can take follow each and every trading event. Each path has 5 stages or steps. Which path should you choose? Well, it's all inside our latest...


OAP 147 : Interview w/ Former CBOE Options Market Maker David Lincoln

Show notes: Did you ever wonder what an options market maker is thinking or how they see the markets and regular traders like us? After all, these guys are the ones that are making markets in different securities each week. So, I invited one on the podcast to ask him questions and learn more about the “other side” of the business we rarely see. On today show, I have the opportunity to interview former CBOE options market maker and volatility trader David...


OAP 146 : Are You Making These 11 Common Options Strategy Mistakes?

Show notes: If you trade options and are struggling to find consistency or profitability it's likely because you are breaking, knowingly or unknowingly, some important rules. Rules that are designed to keep you safe, protect your portfolio, and cater to the math and probabilities that drive any options selling system. On this episode, I'll walk thru the 11 common options strategy mistakes you might be making right now. Plus, we'll talk about the core...


OAP 145 : Backtesting Results Trading Monthly vs. Bi-Monthly Options For 10 Years

Show notes: Is less more? Often we hear this phrase thrown about with the assumption that when investing you should do less, sit on your hands or trade further out, in order to generate higher profits and better returns. But is this really the case and does the math and data prove this to be the point? We wanted to put this assumption to the test with a couple backtested short straddles in IWM and EFA. No filters, no profit targets, no stop-loss orders; pure...


OAP 144 : Interview w/ Larry Connors - Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed Book Review

Show notes: On today's podcast, we bring in a very special interview guest, Larry Connors, and discuss his new book Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed. Larry is an established author in the trading and equities space and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation about market dynamics, trading psychology, VXX pricing structures, and the future of the industry with regards to automation. As you listen to this podcast interview, notice the very similar structure and...


OAP 143 : What's The Rationale Behind Entering New Option Trades?

Show notes: Choosing which ticker symbols and option strategies to use when entering new option trades can sometimes seem overwhelming. In fact, many of our pro and elite members continually ask about the rationale behind why we choose one ticker symbol over another or use one strategy over another when building our portfolio. Today's podcast will help you understand the four-step process we use for evaluating how we choose ticker symbols and strategies when...


OAP 142 : EWZ Short Put Option Assignment Case Study

Show notes: Many new options traders worry about what might happen to their portfolio during a short put option assignment scenario. They wonder how they can recover or if they have enough capital to hold onto the stock position. just a few weeks ago we were assigned on one of our short put options in EWZ and were forced to buy stock well above where the stock price was trading at the time. In today's podcast, I want to walk through the entire trade, including...


OAP 141 : Ultimate Guide To Contango And Backwardation Option Pricing

Show notes: In the futures trading world, there are two words that sound cool to say but also might be very confusing for new traders; contango and backwardation. Yet, both of these future pricing concepts are very easy to understand once you know the relationship between three key items. In today's podcast, I want to slowly walk through the concept of contango and backwardation while offering a couple different examples to show you how it works in real life...


OAP 140 : Why Some Option Trades "Explode" In Your Face & What To Do About It

Show notes: Have you ever gotten the feeling that some of your trades just end up exploding in your face and turn into "massive" losing positions? They just never seem to go the way you thought it would and always demand or steal your attention right? Well, there's likely a couple reasons why this happens and it gets back down to some of the most basic principles of options trading. In today's podcast, I'll walk through the psychology behind many of these "bad...


OAP 139 : The 4 "Not-So-Obvious" Ways To Avoid Blowing Up Your Trading Account

Show notes: We all fear losing money, it's a natural human emotion. Myself included, I fear losing money just as much as the next person. But today I want to try to walk through a rational and logic sequence of questions that I believe, if follow the series, will help you uncover the only true risk in the market to your portfolio - and more importantly how to avoid blowing up your trading account in the process. I'd even dare to say that if you follow my 4...


OAP 138: The "Expected Probability Paradox" For Options Traders

Show notes: I'm going to go out on a limb and publicly declare that this podcast will be one of our top 3 to 5 shows we ever recorded. Aggressive and overly confident, maybe - but I have absolutely no doubt this podcast episode will be a game-changer for hundreds of thousands of options traders. The expected probability paradox for options traders, as I have coined this problem, is one of the most understood aspects of option selling and premium strategies....