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The PR Maven® Podcast uses a combination of traditional networking techniques and the power of social media to help you build your personal and professional brand. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders, top executives, media personalities and online influencers about public relations and their personal brand. Each week, Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®, connects with a special guest to talk about their career, and business or organization, as well as the latest news and events that will give listeners a unique perspective on the world of public relations, marketing and personal branding, including actionable takeaways.


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The PR Maven® Podcast uses a combination of traditional networking techniques and the power of social media to help you build your personal and professional brand. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders, top executives, media personalities and online influencers about public relations and their personal brand. Each week, Nancy Marshall, The PR Maven®, connects with a special guest to talk about their career, and business or organization, as well as the latest news and events that will give listeners a unique perspective on the world of public relations, marketing and personal branding, including actionable takeaways.





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How To Use Digital Media To Build Relationships for Print Publications With Lisa DeSisto, CEO and Publisher of the Maine Trust for Local News – Episode 47

How are these Maine newspapers adapting to the digital age? CEO and Publisher of the Maine Trust for Local News, publishing Central Maine News, Portland Press Herald and Sun Journal publications, Lisa DeSisto explains in this episode. Lisa shares how she was initially hired at MaineToday Media in 2012 because of her digital expertise, helping balance the existing print publications with all the digital possibilities. Using social media and email as well as industry tools to focus on trending topics and headlines that perform the best, these publications have been able to reach readers where they are and build relationships that result in subscriptions. This episode is also filled with fun Maine stories from lobster roll-snatching seagulls to a whoopie pie theft. 00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven® Podcast 01:03 Introducing Guest: Lisa DeSisto 02:05 Lisa’s Career From Boston to Maine 04:14 Balancing Print and Digital 07:02 How Social Media Is Used To Spread Journalism 10:26 Using Email To Acquire Customers 11:25 How Stephen King Helped the Portland Press Herald Gain Subscribers 14:10 Former President Trump’s Opinions of the Media 19:27 Important Forms of Measurement for Publications 24:28 Using Social Media To Build Your Network 31:11 Helpful Resources 33:07 How Special Events Connect the Community Related Episodes How This Magazine Is Growing In The Digital Age: Owner of Journey Magazine, Carolyn Delaney – Episode 277 Episode 265: How To Help Journalists and Create Quality Content, With Deirdre Stires, Former Portland Press Herald Outdoor Reporter Episode 106: Telling the Stories of Maine, With Erin Ovalle, Host of Maine Life About Lisa Lisa DeSisto oversees the publishing of five daily newspapers in Maine – the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, Morning Sentinel, Kennebec Journal, Sun Journal and Times Record – and their websites. The network also includes 17 weekly newspapers and a commercial printing operation in South Portland. Lisa serves on the board of the Associated Press and the board of the Portland Regional Chamber. She hosts a live event series, “Like a Boss,” in which she interviews other Maine CEOs on their leadership principles. Before joining the Maine Trust for Local News (then MaineToday Media) in November 2012, Lisa spent 17 years at the Boston Globe, where she served as chief advertising officer and vice president/general manager for A native of Stoneham, Massachusetts, she is a 1985 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Lisa lives with her family and a herd of alpacas in North Yarmouth.


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Tips To Become the Most Sought-After Podcast Guest with Michelle Glogovac - Episode 279

This podcast episode is sponsored by Pitchcraft. In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, host Nancy Marshall sits down with Michelle Glogovac, THE Podcast Matchmaker™, award-winning publicist and founder of the MLG Collective. They discuss the importance of traditional and digital networking techniques for brand growth. Michelle shares her circuitous career path from corporate aviation to podcasting, her influence in helping entrepreneurs and authors tell their stories, and practical tips on how to effectively pitch oneself as a podcast guest. She emphasizes the significance of authentic storytelling, creating engaging marketing content from podcast interviews and repurposing such content for maximum reach. 00:00 Introduction to The PR Maven® Podcast 01:56 Introducing Michelle Glogovac 03:59 Michelle's Career Journey 07:28 The Power of Podcasting 10:49 How To Become a Podcast Guest 18:09 Promoting Your Podcast Appearance 21:21 Pitchcraft Sponsorship Highlight 23:57 Preparing for a Podcast Guest Appearance 32:58 Final Thoughts and Farewell Related Episodes Episode 73: How to be a great podcast guest Episode 113: How to share your message through podcasting, with Peter Koch, safety management consultant and manager of digital technology at MEMIC Episode 90: Why repurposing content should be part of your marketing plan, with Jaclyn Schiff, founder and CEO of PodReacher About Michelle Michelle Glogovac is THE Podcast Matchmaker™, an award-winning publicist, host of the “My Simplified Life” podcast and author of “How To Get On Podcasts.” Michelle is working with clients who make an impact by defining their stories and matching them with the perfect podcasts. She has helped entrepreneurs, authors, nonprofits and advocates hone their storytelling abilities, grow their businesses, and elevate themselves as thought leaders on over 1,000 podcasts. Michelle is a sought-after speaker in this niche and has presented to thousands of publicists and groups on how to not only perfectly pitch a podcast, but to create marketing content from every interview. She has coached 14,000 authors through the process of creating and launching a podcast book tour through the Nonfiction Writers Association. Michelle is a wife, mom of two, stepmom of two, and a fur mom. She has her B.A. and M.S. in law, and is the founder and CEO of The MLG Collective®. Michelle resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a sushi lover.


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How to Start Your Personal Brand, With Kit Huffman - Episode 190

How do you build a personal brand? Find out in this episode as Kit Huffman explains how to start a personal brand, sharing her tips and the steps she uses with her clients. Kit explains what personal branding is, how to identify a goal for building a personal brand and talks about how networking will give your brand a boost, sharing tips on how to network. In addition, Kit shares how she built her own personal brand, and how that fits into an overall marketing strategy. 00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven ® Podcast 01:33 Introducing Guest: Kit Huffman 02:59 Why Kit Went to Business School 09:00 Definition of Personal Brand 11:24 Identifying Your Personal Branding Goal 17:18 Why You Need a LinkedIn About Section 19:33 The Importance of Networking to Personal Branding 26:09 Personal Branding Steps 30:25 How Kit Built Her Own Personal Brand 32:28 Personal Branding in an Overall Marketing Strategy 36:38 Helpful Resources Related Episodes Episode 88: The evolution and essentials of personal branding, with William Arruda, Personal Branding Guru Episode 141: How to use your strengths to develop your personal brand, with Christine Tieri, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach at Chris Tieri Corporation Episode 198: How To Combine PR and Personal Branding To Create Success for Your Business, With Amber Lambke About Kit As a seasoned executive ghostwriter and communications consultant, Kit Huffman leverages years of experience ranging from writing with Fortune 500 c-suite executives, billion-dollar brands and prominent startups. As a result, clients have turned to her to help navigate joining culturally sensitive conversations, celebrating venture capital funding rounds, announcing company layoffs and sharing deeply personal stories. After years of working as a personal branding strategist, Kit founded SENECA, an executive branding agency, that focuses on amplifying the voices of innovative business leaders. SENECA’s team of strategists and ghostwriters foster close relationships with clients to craft attention-grabbing content that strategically shares their personal stories, lessons and expertise to cultivate engaged online communities, become thought leaders within their industries, and build identities separate from their work titles. This episode is sponsored by: Pitchcraft -


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What Personal Branding Means To A Champion Ski Racer, With Sam Morse - Episode 278

In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, host Nancy Marshall, introduces her guest, Sam Morse, a professional ski racer with the U.S. Ski Team. Sam discusses his journey from learning to ski at a young age at Sugarloaf, to achieving impressive results on the international stage including a top 10 finish in the World Cup. The conversation delves into his background, the influence of his upbringing in a faith-driven family, his education in mechanical engineering at Dartmouth College, and his efforts to build a personal brand. Sam also highlights his advocacy for promoting ski racing, his interaction with the media, and his unique celebration gesture, the 'Moose Antlers.' The episode is sponsored by Pitchcraft and includes insights on how PR professionals can benefit from their platform. 00:00 Introduction to The PR Maven® Podcast 01:03 Meet Nancy Marshall: The PR Maven® 01:47 Special Guest: Sam Morse, Professional Ski Racer 02:36 Sam Morse's Skiing Journey 08:14 Public Speaking and Media Relations 15:10 Training and Racing Year-Round 22:59 Social Media and Personal Branding 28:32 Sam Morse Fast Camp and Holistic Athlete Development 33:43 Conclusion and Contact Information About Sam Sam Morse began skiing at the tender age of 23 months at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. From playful days on the slopes as a toddler to becoming the number one downhiller in his age group in the FIS race circuit — Sam's journey is indeed incredible. He quickly progressed from local races to global competitions, including the Olympic track in Sochi and the World Cup Finals in Aspen. Sam is also a mechanical engineering student at Dartmouth College.


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Why It Is Wrong To Think the Press Release Is Dead, With Jody Fisher - Episode 208

As a public relations veteran, Jody Fisher brings his vast knowledge to this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast. Jody shares some of his secrets to success, in particular, always trying to be helpful to the reporter rather than just trying to get a result for your client. He explains how he trains his clients for media interviews by making sure they are confident in the messages they want to get across. Jody also explains why the press release is not dead and emphasized the use of video to get results. 00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven ® Podcast 01:33 Introducing Guest: Jody Fisher 03:45 A Career Shift From Radio to PR 08:00 How To Think Like a Reporter 16:48 Preparing for Media Interviews 23:39 Why the Press Release Is Not Dead 27:16 How Press Releases Can Be Repurposed for Content Marketing 30:22 The Importance of Video 34:18 Helpful Resources Nancy’s Episode on The PR Podcast: Related Episodes Episode 16: Molly McPherson, Leading-Edge PR Practitioner, Speaker and Executive Coach How To Build Your Own PR Business With Delaney Vetter – Episode 276 Episode 275: Public Relations Reimagined with Pitchcraft: A Deep Dive with Founders Kelsey and Derrick Ogletree About Jody Jody Fisher started his career as a radio reporter in the world’s biggest media market, New York City. Working in newsrooms and on the air, he came to understand why stories get coverage and why others don’t. In his 25-year career as a PR leader, he has worked with New York-based clients that include the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Silverstein Properties at the World Trade Center, Friends of the High Line, the New York Post and Wall Street Journal and many more. He has told stories for clients on a local, national and global scale. He is also the host of The PR Podcast, a weekly show that spotlights guests with expertise in public relations and the news business.


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How This Magazine Is Growing In The Digital Age: Owner of Journey Magazines Carolyn Delaney - Ep 277

In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, Nancy hosts Carolyn Delaney, founder and CEO of Journey Enterprises. Carolyn shares her transformative journey from leading IT departments to founding a media company dedicated to making recovery from addiction visible and reducing stigma through inspiring stories, resources, and community events. Journey Enterprises, primarily through its print magazine and various engagements, seeks to offer hope and practical insights into the multiplicity of recovery paths beyond traditional programs like AA. Carolyn discusses her deep-rooted mission to spread awareness and accessibility of recovery options, her vision for a world that celebrates recovery, and how personal branding and strategic PR have been instrumental in amplifying her message and building a supportive community around Journey's mission. 00:00 Introduction to The PR Maven® Podcast 00:43 Special Guest: Carolyn Delaney's Journey and Mission 01:57 Carolyn's Career Shift and the Birth of Journey Enterprises 05:39 The Impact of Personal Branding and The PR Maven's Influence 10:20 Utilizing Public Relations for Social Impact 13:55 Building a Community Around Recovery 23:09 The Power of Print in a Digital Age 28:05 How to Connect with Journey Magazine 29:18 Closing Thoughts and Contact Information About Carolyn Delaney: Carolyn Delaney is the visionary founder and CEO of Journey Enterprises, a pioneering media company dedicated to making recovery from addiction visible and accessible in everyday places. With a remarkable career transition from leading IT departments to championing recovery stories, Carolyn brings a wealth of experience and a deep personal connection to the mission. Her leadership at Journey Enterprises encompasses producing a celebrated print magazine, organizing community events, and engaging in vital speaking engagements to promote a message of hope and diminish the stigma around addiction. Having witnessed the transformative power of sharing recovery stories and resources, Carolyn aims to create a world where recovery paths are well-known and celebrated, inspiring others with her optimistic, mission-driven approach. Get $200 off your first month of Pitchcraft using the code PRMAVEN. Free download about the top ways to build relationships with journalists. This episode is sponsored by: Pitchcraft -


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How Marketing Can Help Overcome Challenges in Higher Education With Cheryl Broom - Episode 168

After beginning her career as a journalist, Cheryl Broom got her start in public relations as a public information officer. Her career led her to higher education, which has been her focus ever since. In this episode, Cheryl describes the types of clients she works with, the challenges they face and what role marketing can play to overcome those challenges. Cheryl also talks about the changes marketing has seen since the beginning of her career, including her work with diversity, equity and inclusion. 00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven Podcast 01:32 Introducing Guest: Cheryl Broom 03:12 Transitioning From Journalism to Public Relations 07:11 Public Relations for Community Colleges 10:31 The Role Marketing Plays in Bringing Students Back to College 13:54 What Has and Has Not Changed in Marketing Over 20 Years 19:36 Including Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in PR 25:14 Why Cheryl Focuses on Marketing Higher Education 29:26 The Biggest Challenges Clients Face 30:41 Helpful Resources Related Episodes Episode 146: Public Relations and Marketing in the Arts With Raffi DerSimonian Episode 11: Stephen Woessner, CEO of Predictive ROI Episode 264: Conversion Rate Optimization Explained, With Marty Greif, President of SiteTuners About Cheryl Cheryl Broom is a national community college leader with a passion for student success and a deep commitment to serving her clients with integrity and passion. For 20 years, Cheryl has worked for and served community colleges across the nation on projects ranging from bond passages to complex marketing campaigns. A former television news reporter, Cheryl brings her knack for storytelling to everyday projects as well as to her presentations. An accomplished speaker, Cheryl has keynoted higher education conferences across the nation. You’ll also catch her teaching Communications 101 (the dreaded public speaking class) at community colleges across San Diego. In her free time, you'll find her lifting weights, spending time with her family and golfing.


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How To Build Your Own PR Business With Delaney Vetter – Episode 276

In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, host Nancy Marshall welcomes guest Delaney Vetter, an independent PR strategist and copywriter specializing in the food and beverage and consumer packaged goods (CPG) sector. Delaney shares her journey from a food-obsessed kid to a PR expert, her experience interning at a marketing agency in Portland, Oregon, and her unexpected transition to freelance work due to the pandemic's impact on the job market. With a focus on helping brands connect with their community and media through strategic, creative actions, Delaney discusses her passion for working with food brands, the importance of understanding a brand’s voice, and her personal enjoyment of exploring her Brooklyn neighborhood's culinary scene. The conversation also covers essential PR strategies, the significance of building relationships with journalists and clients, and leveraging personal branding in the PR field. Delaney’s approach to securing media coverage and her tips for PR professionals on effective pitching are highlighted, alongside a discussion on the power of word-of-mouth marketing and the invaluable role of research before pitching to journalists. 00:00 Welcome to The PR Maven® Podcast With Delaney Vetter 00:30 Meet Delaney Vetter: PR Strategist and Food Lover 01:44 Delaney's Journey into PR and Freelancing 06:56 The Art of Branding and Storytelling in PR 13:07 Building Relationships in the PR World 25:33 Effective Pitching Strategies for PR Success 32:54 Delaney's Inspirations and How To Connect About Delaney Delaney Vetter is a beacon of innovation and strategic communication in the PR and copywriting sphere, particularly within the food and beverage and CPG industries. As an independent consultant, Delaney excels in elevating brands through her expert navigation of media relations, event curation and brand voice development. With a lifelong passion for the culinary world, she brings a unique blend of experience and enthusiasm to the table, making her the go-to specialist for food brands aiming to connect with new audiences. Delaney’s journey from a college intern at an integrated marketing agency, through the tumult of entering the job market during a global pandemic, to establishing herself as a sought-after freelance professional, highlights her adaptability, creativity and unwavering dedication to her craft. Whether she's hunting for the perfect croissant in Brooklyn or helping a client become a household name, Delaney's passion for her work shines through, making her a distinguished voice in the world of PR and brand storytelling. This episode is sponsored by: Pitchcraft - Get $200 off your first month of Pitchcraft using the code PRMAVEN.


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Episode 147: How Innovation, Sustainability and Employee Wellness Build a Brand, With Rob Tod

Innovative products are not always immediately accepted by customers. This was the case for Allagash Brewing Company owner Rob Tod who explains his journey to success in this episode. After shifting customer tastes, Allagash was hit with another challenge – COVID-19. With seventy percent of their business coming from bars and restaurants, Allagash started to focus on employee wellness while riding out the COVID-19 storm. Rob also explains how supporting local grain farmers improved sustainability. Innovation, sustainability and focusing on employees comes together to build the brand and makes for great stories to share with the media. 00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven Podcast 01:21 Introducing Guest: Rob Tod 04:52 The Role Breweries Play in the Maine Brand 08:11 Breaking Into the Beer Industry 15:33 How Allagash Focused on Employee Wellness During COVID 24:31 The Process of Becoming a B Corp Business 38:42 The Role of Public Relations for Sharing Allagash’s Stories 40:45 Allagash Brewing’s Awards and Where to Buy 46:11 Helpful Resources Related Episodes Episode 133: Mental Health During COVID-19, With Lindy Graham, LCSW, Founder and Director of WellSpace Maine Episode 222: Will You Really Make Money by Doing What You Love? With Michael Katz, Chief Penguin at Blue Penguin Episode 134: Why Maine is Not Just Vacationland, With Katie Shorey, Director of Engagement at Live + Work in Maine About Rob After graduating from Middlebury College with a major in geology, Rob headed west. Following a couple of years in Colorado, he suspected his track would eventually lead him either back to geology or woodworking. Before heading down one of those paths, he took a detour to Vermont where he washed kegs at Otter Creek Brewery. While at Otter Creek, he happened upon the beers of Belgium. In these inventive and surprising brews, Rob saw an opportunity to give American beer drinkers an experience they’d never had before. He left steady pay and founded Allagash Brewing Company in 1995. The brewery has since grown from a one-man operation into one of the top 50 craft breweries in the United States (by sales volume) and has earned a spot on Maine’s Best Places to Work list for seven years running. Rob is the past chair of the Brewers Association trade group and received the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Producer in 2019. This episode is sponsored by: Pitchcraft -


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Episode 275: Public Relations Reimagined with Pitchcraft: A Deep Dive with Founders Kelsey and Derrick Ogletree

In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, host Nancy Marshall welcome Kelsey and Derrick Ogletree, founders of Pitchcraft, a people-focused PR platform that aims to restore integrity and accountability in the media industry. Founded in 2021 and based in Florence, Alabama, Pitchcraft distinguishes itself by integrating a journalist's perspective into PR strategies, emphasizing relationship building among PR professionals, writers and editors. The platform offers membership to PR professionals, providing resources, content and community support to foster better connections and earned media placements. The founders discuss their journey from conceiving Pitchcraft during the pandemic to moving from Chicago to rural Alabama and the challenges they faced. They also highlight Pitchcraft's unique approach to PR, including focusing on lifestyle sectors, offering flexible payments and fostering a supportive community. Additionally, they share useful tips for crafting effective pitches and stress the importance of developing genuine relationships with media professionals. The episode concludes with a special offer for PR Maven podcast listeners and insights into the future of PR and media relations. 00:00 Introduction to The PR Maven® Podcast 02:07 Meet the Founders of Pitchcraft: Kelsey and Derrick Ogletree 03:30 The Origins and Mission of Pitchcraft 04:50 Pitchcraft's Unique Approach to PR and Media 09:04 The Evolution of Pitchcraft: From Pandemic Idea to PR Platform 12:43 The Future of PR 15:50 Building Relationships in PR 24:25 Crafting the Perfect Pitch: Tips and Strategies (continued at 34:15) 29:10 What Defines Newsworthiness 31:03 Walking The Line Between Being Helpful and Annoying With Journalists 37:00 Closing Thoughts and How to Connect with Pitchcraft Get $200 off your first month of Pitchcraft using the code PRMAVEN. Free download about the top ways to build relationships with journalists. Related Episodes Episode 135: How To Borrow Credibility and Build Relationships, With Beth Nydick, Publicity Strategist at Beth Nydick Media Episode 230: How To Infuse Storytelling Into Your Brand, With Mads Hanna, Founder of Curated Compass Episode 130: How Small Businesses Can Earn Media Coverage, With Sabina Hitchen, Founder of Press for Success About Kelsey and Derrick Pitchcraft was co-founded in 2021 by husband-and-wife team Derrick and Kelsey Ogletree, who live in Florence, Alabama, with their 1-year-old son Asher. Having grown up in small towns and with strong family values, they’re passionate about bringing people together in meaningful, authentic ways. Through Pitchcraft, they aim to help restore integrity and accountability to the media industry through putting people first. Kelsey, CEO of Pitchcraft, is a Medill-trained independent journalist whose work has appeared in many print and digital outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Travel + Leisure, AARP The Magazine and others. Derrick, COO of Pitchcraft, is a graduate of the University of Alabama who previously spent over a decade in corporate finance. This episode is sponsored by: Pitchcraft -


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Episode 274: 680,000 Followers on Facebook but Only Earning $800 a Month! Hear From Lisa Steele, Founder of Fresh Eggs Daily, on Evaluating and Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy

In this podcast episode, host Nancy interviews Lisa Steele, the founder of Fresh Eggs Daily and a fifth-generation chicken keeper, about her journey from a career on Wall Street to becoming an authority on backyard chicken keeping and her recent pivot to the culinary world. Lisa shares insights into her childhood, her initial hesitance towards chickens, and how she turned her passion into a successful brand with a massive following, multiple best-selling books, and a television show. The conversation also delves into Lisa's strategic approach to personal branding, the importance of building a solid foundation beyond social media, her tips on avoiding burnout, and exploring new projects like a second cookbook and another season of her TV show. Additionally, Lisa talks about the significance of directly connecting with her audience through an email list and provides advice on building and maintaining a strong brand. 00:00 Welcome to the Podcast: A Chat with Lisa Steele 01:36 The Journey from Chicken Keeping to Cookbook Author 03:31 Diving into the Culinary World: From Chickens to Cookbooks 05:34 Personal Branding and the Power of Connection 07:52 Navigating Business Success and the Importance of Pivoting 08:35 Exploring Future Dreams and Expanding Horizons 11:18 The Strategic Approach to Blogging and Social Media 12:42 The Value of an Email List in Direct Marketing 16:25 The Art of Avoiding Burnout and Embracing Change 21:53 Considering the Future: Potential Sale and Brand Evolution 26:20 Final Thoughts and How to Connect with Lisa Steele About Lisa Lisa Steele is a fifth-generation chicken keeper, author, and founder of Fresh Eggs Daily. With nearly a million followers worldwide, Lisa has been dubbed the queen of the coop and is known for her expertise in raising backyard chickens. She has written several top-selling books on raising backyard poultry and recently released her debut cookbook, the Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook. Lisa's career transitioned from chicken keeping to the culinary world through her passion for natural preventives and herbs, and she continues to focus on product development and brand marketing.


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Episode 273: How DECD is Empowering Maine's Youth, With Kaylin (Kay) Kerina

This PR Maven Podcast® episode features Nancy's conversation with Kaylin (Kay) Kerina, the Maine Career Exploration program manager in Portland, Maine. Kay shares her journey from a varied career background to youth workforce development, emphasizing the importance of helping young Mainers find meaningful employment opportunities. She discusses her work in social justice, youth advocacy and community outreach, aiming to implement systemic change and support communities through a trust-based approach. The Maine Career Exploration program, part of the Department of Economic and Community Development, aims to connect 6,000 young people to work experiences in various industries, fostering passion and providing mentors. Kay also touches on her personal joy in gardening and how Maine employers and young people can get involved with the career exploration program. 00:00 Welcome to the PR Maven Podcast with Kaylin (Kay) Kerina 00:34 Kay Kerina's Journey: From Social Work to Career Exploration 04:25 The Mission of Maine Career Exploration 06:39 Personal Stories of Career Guidance 09:12 Engaging Young People in Maine's Workforce 11:30 The Importance of Passion in Career Choices 19:35 A Gardening Detour: Kay's Personal Passions 22:15 How Employers and Young People Can Get Involved 25:00 Back to Business: Expanding Career Opportunities in Maine 27:24 Tools for Productivity and Contact Information Related Episodes Episode 134: Why Maine is not just Vacationland, with Katie Shorey, director of engagement at Live + Work in Maine Episode 91: Why living and working in Maine will be valued more after COVID-19, with Edward McKersie, founder and president of ProSearch, Inc. and founder of Live and Work in Maine Episode 86: How your network can help during hard times, with Martin Grohman, executive director of E2Tech and host of the GrowMaine Show About Kay Kaylin (Kay) Kerina is the Maine Career Exploration Program Manager, with a background in social work, human services and alternative education. With over seven years of experience, Kay is dedicated to serving students with barriers to employment and advocating for youth in the community. Her work in Youth Workforce Development focuses on supporting youth to find meaningful work opportunities and implementing systemic change for the communities she supports.


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Episode 54: Achieving Success in Marketing and Your Career, With Michelle Hood

In this episode, Michelle Hood, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the American Hospital Association and former CEO of Northern Light Health, talks about her career in academic, national faith-based and rural healthcare integrated systems. In addition to talking about her career, Michelle gives career advice on risk-taking, establishing a pattern of lifelong learning and having enthusiasm for your work. Michelle and Nancy also talk about marketing and PR including the doors that can open through social media, the importance of a brand promise and measuring success. 04:35 Developing Leadership Skills 08:39 Risk-Taking Advice for Young People 9:42 Doors That Can Open Through Social Media 15:05 Why Politics Can Be an Obstacle to Success 24:14 How Digital Activity, Surveys and Patient Satisfaction Can Measure Success 26:47 The Importance of a Brand Promise. 34:12 Helpful Resources 36:42 Establishing a Pattern of Lifelong Learning and an Enthusiasm for the Work 37:38 A Parting Thought About the Privilege of Living in Maine Related Episodes Episode 71: Top 10 PR Maven® Podcasts of 2019 Episode 223: Building a Strong Brand Community, With Gale Auclair, Senior Development Director for the Trek Across Maine Episode 99: How AI is changing the world of health care, with Piali De, CEO of Senscio Systems About Michelle Michelle Hood is executive vice president and chief operating officer of the American Hospital Association. During the recording of this episode, Michelle was the president and CEO at Northern Light Health in Brewer, Maine. At Northern Light Health, she focused on healthcare policy and design models at the state and national levels, positioning the system to be successful in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Michelle is the past chair of the Maine Hospital Association Board, the University of Maine System Board of Trustees, Vizient New England Board and Health Insights. Michelle received a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University and a Master of Health Care Administration from Georgia State University.


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Episode 184: Lessons of Intention From a Tiny Kitchen, With Annie Mahle

In this episode, Annie Mahle shares some of the lessons of intention she learned from working in a tiny kitchen on her windjammer and how those lessons can spread to your life overall. Annie defines what a tiny kitchen is and how working in a tiny kitchen inspired her to write a cookbook, “The Tiny Kitchen Cookbook: Strategies and Recipes for Creating Amazing Meals in Small Spaces,” to help others with tiny kitchens. Annie also talks about how she has built her personal brand around intention, from using all the food in the fridge, to what she brings into her home, to her morning routine. In addition to discussing the benefits of PR, Annie shares how she puts together her social media calendar. 00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven Podcast 01:47 Introducing Guest: Annie Mahle 03:05 Getting Into Cooking Through Windjamming 06:41 Cooking in Small Kitchens 11:00 Annie’s Favorite Way To Cook 13:29 A Personal Brand Focused on Intention 19:59 PR Lending an Outside Perspective 22:16 The Benefits of PR When Compared to Advertising 25:48 Creating a Social Media Calendar 27:35 Helpful Resources Related Episodes Episode 219: Growing Your Passion Into a Brand, With Cherie Scott, Founder and Owner of Mumbai to MAINE Episode 198: How To Combine PR and Personal Branding To Create Success for Your Business, With Amber Lambke Episode 212: The Difference Between PR And Advertising, And Where the Lines Are Fading About Annie Annie Mahle has been cooking professionally for over 30 years in her own kitchens and other people's kitchens. Annie trained at The Culinary Institute of America and owned and ran the Schooner J. & E. Riggin, a Maine Windjammer, with her husband. In that tiny galley, she prepared three meals a day for guests all summer long. Her cooking, recipes and cookbooks have been highlighted on TODAY and Throwdown! with Bobby Flay. Her food and the Riggin have been featured in the Food Network, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, the Boston Globe and more. Her award-winning cookbook, “The Tiny Kitchen Cookbook: Strategies and Recipes for Creating Amazing Meals in Small Spaces,” has been well received in the tiny space community, but also in larger kitchens where home cooks are looking for healthy, smart recipes for two.


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Episode 56: A Careers Worth of Tips Every PR Practitioner Should Know, With Chip Carey

In this episode, Nancy’s mentor, Chip Carey, shares his top tips from his 40+ year career in marketing and public relations. Find out why it is important to treat your hometown paper well, how to build relationships with reporters and journalists, and the benefits of telling a visual story and making it easy for the media to share those visuals. The most impactful tip for your career: don’t be afraid of change. Stay on top of changing technologies. Don’t be afraid to change how your brand is perceived. The ability to adapt and change will help you stay in touch with your audience. Speaking of audience, make sure you know who your customer is, so you don’t waste time and money targeting the wrong people. All this and so much more as Nancy and Chip reminisce and share special stories from their work together. 00:00 Introducing Guest: Chip Carey 01:52 Introduction to the PR Maven Podcast 02:53 How a Love of Photography Led Chip to PR 07:32 How To Build Strong Relationships With Reporters and Journalists 14:15 A Lesson of Making a Story Visual 16:31 Why Social Media Shouldn’t Fall Under PR 21:34 Chip’s Time at Sugarloaf and Jackson Hole 29:17 The Battles Between Sugarloaf and Sunday River 39:32 The Legend of Paul Schipper 50:27 The Importance of Events in Attracting Media Attention 55:31 Being a Student of the Game Related Episodes Episode 104: How To Grow an Already Established Brand With Karl Strand Episode 10: Bill Green, Reporter, Anchor and Executive Producer at NEWS CENTER Maine Episode 164: How To Adapt to Changing Customer Preferences, With Dana Bullen About Chip With 46 years of experience in the ski industry, Chip Carey has held positions at many ski resorts across the country. Carey worked at Sugarloaf for 26 years, filling roles in sales, marketing and public relations. He also took on a position at The Canyons resort in Utah, where he was responsible for the NBC Today Show live coverage for 14 days of the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002. For four years, Carey worked across a network of eight resorts as senior VP of marketing for the American Skiing Company using his wide range of skills to build brands and revenues. From his experience building Sugarloaf as a skiing destination, despite the mountain’s remote location, to the launching of new brands, Carey has been involved in many aspects of ski resort operation.


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Episode 272: Crafting Words That Sell: The Art of Copywriting with Stephen Church

In this episode of The PR Maven® Podcast, host Nancy Marshall speaks with Stephen Church from Copywriter Pro, covering a wide array of topics from Stephen's background in psycholinguistics and his journey from teaching English globally to entering the family retail business and eventually founding Copywriter Pro. They delve into the significance of Freelance Writers Appreciation Week, Stephen's deep dive into SEO and commercial copywriting and their collaboration on the PR for the commemorative china for Prince William and Kate's royal wedding. The conversation navigates through Stephen's perspectives on the British Monarchy, the evolution of SEO, and the nuanced challenges of copywriting. Stephen emphasizes the importance of clarity, conciseness and compelling content, highlighting the indispensable role of understanding and communicating the benefits of products or services. They also explore the potential impacts and utilities of AI in copywriting, stressing the need for authenticity and human touch in creating engaging and effective copy. The discussion concludes with Stephen's recommendations for aspiring writers and a reminder of the essence of continual learning through reading. 00:00 Welcome to The PR Maven® Podcast with Stephen Church 00:51 Stephen Church: A Journey from Language Lover to Copywriting Pro 02:16 The Royal Wedding China: A PR Success Story 05:41 Stephen's Take on the Royal Family and The Crown 11:26 Diving into the World of Copywriting with Copywriter Pro 13:28 The Art and Challenges of SEO and Copywriting 21:44 The Power of Copywriting: Insights from Maya Angelou 23:32 Local Business Success: Leveraging Nancy's Marketing Techniques 25:14 Back to the Podcast: Continuing the Conversation with Stephen Church 25:41 The Royal Connection: From Weddings to Speech Writing 26:37 The Art of Letter Writing and Its Personal Touch 27:35 AI in Copywriting: Threat or Tool? 32:56 Maximizing LinkedIn: Strategies for Effective Networking 36:56 The Essence of Effective Copywriting: Clarity, Conciseness and Compelling Content 41:50 The Importance of Reading for Aspiring Copywriters 44:05 Connecting with Stephen Church and Wrapping Up Mentioned Episode 20: Michael Katz, Chief Penguin at Blue Penguin Development Episode 222: Will You Really Make Money by Doing What You Love? With Michael Katz, Chief Penguin at Blue Penguin Infographics 15 Copywriting Tips 11 LinkedIn Profile Tips 6-point recipe for SEO success About Stephen Stephen Church is a seasoned copywriter and the founder of Copywriter Pro, a company dedicated to helping growth-minded businesses attain more and better-quality clients through clear, concise and compelling words for their websites. Church's profound love for language and its impact on behavior steered his educational path toward psycholinguistics at university. Prior to his venture into the corporate world, Stephen had an extensive career as an English language tutor across various countries, including Madrid, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and London. In the early 1980s, he returned to the UK to join his family's long-established retail business, where he quickly adapted to the digital era by launching a pioneering e-commerce site. However, it was Copywriter Pro that truly allowed Stephen to merge his passion for language with professional pursuits. Beyond his professional achievements, Stephen maintains a keen interest in the royal family and significant events, despite his candid stance on the institution itself. His connections and endeavors, from promoting commemorative china for royal weddings to engaging in thoughtful discourse on modern monarchy, reflect a multifaceted individual with a deep appreciation for both history and the evolution of communication.


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Episode 198: How To Combine PR and Personal Branding To Create Success for Your Business, With Amber Lambke

How can you combine PR and personal branding techniques to make your business successful? In this episode, Amber Lambke, co-founder and CEO of Maine Grains, shares her business success story. Amber explains how the topic of grains was missing from conversations, how she helped start Maine Grains, and how she uses speaking engagements to start conversations and inspire others within the industry. In addition, learn who the famous Maine Grains customer is, and how Amber has been on her baking show! 00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven® Podcast 01:26 Introducing Guest: Amber Lambke 03:02 Why Maine Grains Was Started and the Growth of the Company 06:22 How PR and personal branding techniques helped build the brand 11:59 Training employees to represent your brand and company 13:19 How the Kneading Conference inspires others 20:49 Maine Grains’ 10th anniversary 28:39 Amber's Appearance on Martha Stewart’s baking show 30:13 Advice to entrepreneurs on using PR and personal branding 33:42 Helpful Resources Related Episodes Episode 219: Growing Your Passion Into a Brand, With Cherie Scott, Founder and Owner of Mumbai to MAINE Episode 201: How To Change Your Leadership Style for the Better, With Kevin Hancock, Chairman and CEO of Hancock Lumber Episode 68: What It Is Like To Be An Entrepreneur In Maine, with Julene Gervais, Producer and Host of Greenlight Maine About Amber Amber Lambke is co-founder and CEO of Maine Grains, Inc., a gristmill housed in a repurposed jailhouse, which has spurred the revival of grain production in Maine. A driving force behind Maine’s sustainable foods movement, she has been a leader in bringing economic vitality back to Skowhegan, Maine, by reviving the region’s grain growing and processing industry. She was also the founding director of the Maine Grain Alliance, a nonprofit geared toward preserving regional grain traditions from earth to table. Bonus Q&A 1. Amber, Maine Grains has continued to grow and flourish through the pandemic and beyond. How are you managing the growth to ensure quality and consistency of the brand? We use a SWOT analysis process to continuously assess where our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. The goal of course is to use our strengths to create opportunities and reduce threats, while mindfully addressing weaknesses. We know that our strong brand creates new opportunities for sales channel development in the face of increasing competition in the freshly milled flour category. We will continue to grow and flourish by creating value-added products and baking mixes that make baking at home and eating delicious and healthy, while grains become even more convenient and accessible. We are also focused on developing and retaining talented staff and consultants who work with us to be able to implement our growth goals and remain consistent and current with our brand look, feel, and messaging. 2. How are you staying focused on Maine Grains while also helping the Skowhegan area grow its economy and offer more opportunities to residents and visitors? Collaboration is critically important both for growing Maine Grains, and helping the surrounding Skowhegan community grow. Collaboration increases the audience for our business while helping to achieve mutually beneficial goals. I have to be careful about over-committing my time, but try to participate on committees, boards, and gatherings where I can learn new connections, stories of impact, or lend my experience and expertise. The cross-pollination of ideas is critical to maintaining a ‘big picture’ perspective and seeing the impact of our collective hard work on the economy and vibrancy of Skowhegan. 3. How has public relations helped Maine Grains become more well-known statewide, nationally and even internationally? Public relations in business is really the art of good communication. I believe that good, clear communication that moves people...


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Episode 164: How to Adapt to Changing Customer Preferences, With Dana Bullen

From running the rental shop at Sugarloaf to becoming president of Sunday River, Dana Bullen joins Nancy to talk about his career in the ski business. While it may have been all about the snow when he started his career, Dana describes how people also take their experience into consideration, from the food to guest services. It all comes back to the snow at the end of the day, so Dana describes the importance of snowmaking and how Sunday River shares the snow conditions with its audience. 00:00 Introduction to the PR Maven Podcast 01:40 Introducing Guest: Dana Bullen 05:06 How Dana knew he wanted to be the president of a ski resort 07:20 Building the Sunday River brand 10:27 Adapting to Changing Marketing Techniques 14:48 Dana’s Personal Brand 19:35 The importance of snowmaking at Sunday River 24:02 How Sunday River promotes snowmaking 26:39 Training team members to achieve a common vision 32:01 Helpful Resources Related Episodes Episode 104: How To Grow an Already Established Brand With Karl Strand Episode 249: Spreading Inclusion and Acceptance Through Storytelling, With Lisa and Scott Wentzell and Heidi Bullen Episode 56: Chip Carey, Retired Chief Marketing Officer at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort About Dana With more than 30 years of ski industry and management experience, Dana Bullen began serving in his current role as resort president of Sunday River in September 2004. He worked his way up the ski-business ladder shortly after earning a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Maine Farmington in 1988, holding various positions at Sugarloaf as well. In 2017, he was inducted into the Maine Sports Hall of Fame. A native of Farmington, Maine, Dana enjoys skiing, fishing, hunting and the Maine outdoors. Bonus Q&A 1. Dana, the pandemic and climate change are both impacting your business. How is Sunday River responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by these external factors? The ski business like any outdoor-based industry adapts to outside influences constantly. The Sunday River team is made up of seasoned veterans who embrace the need to constantly improve to meet the needs of our guests. The great news is that we still get to live and play in the outdoors. 2. Sunday River continues to expand and evolve, which is so impressive! How do you manage your team so they are all focused on the same goals? Sunday River has a team of 1,000 leaders. The best example of this was their reaction to the devastating storm in December 2023. We had washed out roads, culverts, bridges, buildings and ski-related infrastructure. Within 24 hours all roads were passable and within 00 hours (about 4 days) we were open for skiing again. This did not happen with one person leading or even 50 people leading. It happened because all 1000 folks were moving in the same direction, working independently in their respective areas of expertise but also mindful of the collective good of the team. We had a team member who was stranded in the hotel, cut off from the resort, with a washed-out bridge that first night of the storm. They need their medicine. Without encouragement or direction, two team members (one who was a raft guide) took it upon themselves to go get the medicine and raft it across. That is the best example I can share of folks leading on their own. We are blessed with so many of these folks. 3. What is the most impactful thing that Sunday River has done to grow its customer base and continue to grow the business? While we continue to improve our snowmaking and create the most modern lift system in the East, the IGLU we built this year was unique and took on a life of its own.


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Episode 104: How To Grow an Already Established Brand With Karl Strand

In this episode, Karl Strand shares the path his career has taken to become the general manager at Sugarloaf. Karl explains how his parents’ love of restaurants led him to a career in food and beverage operations, which also led him back to Sugarloaf, where he discovered his love of skiing in his younger years. After working his way up, Karl became the general manager at Sugarloaf. Nancy and Karl reminisce and share stories as well as talk about the powerful Sugarloaf brand and community. Karl also talks about plans for the future. 00:00 Introducing Guest: Karl Strand 01:45 Introduction to the PR Maven Podcast 02:46 How Karl’s Parents’ Love of Restaurants Led to His Career Path 06:25 The Benefits of a Well-Rounded Background in a Leadership Position 07:32 The Sugarloaf Community 12:14 How To Engage Audiences of All Ages 14:22 The Legend of Paul Shipper 17:05 Sugarloaf’s Powerful Brand Symbol 23:35 Instilling Company Values in Employees 30:10 The Values of Surveys for Decision-Making 33:12 Sugarloaf’s 2030 Plan 39:00 Helpful Resources Related Episodes Episode 56: Chip Carey, Retired Chief Marketing Officer at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Episode 164: It’s Not Just About the Snow Anymore: How to Adapt to Changing Customer Preferences, With Dana Bullen, President of Sunday River Episode 249: Spreading Inclusion and Acceptance Through Storytelling, With Lisa and Scott Wentzell and Heidi Bullen About Karl After graduating from Bryant University, Karl Strand entered the lodging industry and soon discovered his passion for food and beverage operations. This led him to work in fine dining venues in nearly every region of the United States, and toward his completion of studies at the Culinary Institute of America. Karl began his career at Sugarloaf and Sunday River in 2004 when he was hired as Vice President of Lodging and Property Management for both resorts. He has held a leading role in managing key segments of Sugarloaf and Sunday River's operations. In April 2015, Karl was promoted to the position of Sugarloaf’s general manager. Bonus Q&A 1. Tell us about your expansion plans on West Mountain and where you stand in the process currently. Bucksaw Express and the West Mountain Trails opened on February 16, 2024. The ribbon cutting and opening to date have been a tremendous success with lots of positive feedback. The addition of nine new trails and a high-speed quad increases our capacity and helps spread out the number of guests we can accommodate both in terms of trails and lift lines. It’s notably the largest single-year terrain expansion done in the East, at least since the 1970s. The new zone provides opportunities for future growth, including summer weddings at Bullwinkle’s and real estate development. All trails as part of the West Mountain Expansion were intentionally designed for those who like to cruise and keep it mellow. All are green circle terrain except two, so it bodes well for families and those just learning to ski or for those that prefer easier terrain. It’s unlike anything we have at Sugarloaf and changes the way we ski/ride our mountain. 2. What is it about Sugarloaf that continues to draw more and more skiers and snowboarders every year? Community. The community and varied terrain. It’s a real skiers’ mountain, and with the addition of West Mountain, we truly have it all. From above tree line skiing to now wide-open mellow cruisers, Sugarloaf has the opportunity to attract even more people here and keep them coming back. 3. What events do you have planned for 2024 that you are most excited about? Resort activations have been building off the excitement and success of our annual Spring Reggae Festival by adding new events like EDM (Electric Dance Music) in January, Fire on the Mountain, a weekend totally dedicated to Grateful Dead music in February and now, adding a Country Music Weekend to the line-up in March....


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Episode 271: Does Public Relations Play a Role for Churches and Religious Ministries? With Liz Williams

In this PR Maven® Podcast episode, host Nancy Marshall sits down with Liz Williams, the communications manager for the Episcopalian Diocese of Georgia to discuss her journey to this unique position. Liz elaborates on her journey from a marketing undergraduate to eventually working in the church's youth and children ministries. She also recounts her experience with a non-profit for mental and behavioral health before becoming communications manager. Nancy and Liz discuss the varied responsibilities, including managing social media, public relations and larger church communications. Their discussion also touches on the upcoming Episcopalian Communicators Conference, set to take place in Portland, Maine. The conference's aim is to build community amongst communicators and equip them with crucial tools. Liz discusses the importance of crisis communication within the church community, and Nancy provides details about her upcoming keynote and crisis communications workshop. 00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome 00:18 Liz Williams: Her Journey and Role in the Episcopalian Diocese of Georgia 02:21 The Importance of Communication in Ministry 04:14 The Role of Branding and Social Media in Evangelism 05:32 Details about the Upcoming Episcopal Communicators Conference 08:12 Choosing Conference Locations and the Excitement for Portland, Maine 10:45 The Importance of Crisis Communications in the Church 16:12 Break and Book Promotion 17:08 The Power of Personal Branding and Networking 24:34 The Importance of Empathy and Compassion in Crisis Communications 24:39 Details about the Crisis Communications Workshop 30:34 How to Register for the Conference 33:04 Liz's Recommended Podcast and Contact Information 35:18 Closing Remarks and Anticipation for the Conference About Liz Liz Williams is the communications manager for the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia. She has a deep passion for the church and its liturgy, hymns and compassion for others. Liz has served in various positions within the church and has found her calling in ministry and communications. She has also worked for a nonprofit in mental and behavioral health for children and families. Liz's career path led her to her current role as the communications manager for the diocese. She is excited about the upcoming Episcopal Communicators Conference in Portland, Maine, where she will be a keynote speaker and workshop presenter. Liz emphasizes the importance of personal branding and growing a network of connections. She believes in the power of listening and making others feel seen and heard. Additionally, Liz will be co-presenting a crisis communications workshop, where she will discuss the importance of empathy, compassion and planning in effectively communicating during times of crisis.