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Dive into the latest happenings in the Vail Valley direct from the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Vail Valley Partnership brings you the scoop on business news and current issues to advocacy alerts and community conversations.

Dive into the latest happenings in the Vail Valley direct from the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Vail Valley Partnership brings you the scoop on business news and current issues to advocacy alerts and community conversations.


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Dive into the latest happenings in the Vail Valley direct from the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Vail Valley Partnership brings you the scoop on business news and current issues to advocacy alerts and community conversations.




Spring Biz Preview 2022 with Chris Romer

Erik Williams sits down with Vail Valley Partnership President and CEO Chris Romer (on his Birthday!) to discuss the winter that was and the summer we should expect. As all destination metrics continue to point upwards Chris discusses what successful businesses are doing in this climate and give us an actual silver bullet for employee attraction and retention!


Climate Action Week 4/21-30

3/31/2022's really like week and a half...but it should be every week! Erik is joined by Will Barror, a Sustainability Fellow with Walking Mountains Science Center to talk about the upcoming event and some off the cuff questions about the green state of our valley. Climate Action Week is an extended week of events to inspire climate action and highlight local climate action partners! Throughout the week, events will be held that correspond with each Climate Action Collaborative (CAC)...



Join host Erik Williams as he sits with Town of Vail Economic Development Manager Mia Vlaar and Founder and CEO of Better Destinations Cathy Ritter to discuss the upcoming Vail Destination Stewardship Plan. Over the next nine months, The Town of Vail will be creating a Destination Stewardship Plan, with the goals of: Managing the growth of our tourism economy, protecting our way of life and the natural environment that we all love, and maintaining a world-class experience for our visitors...


Better Brands with Callosum

VVP gets a chance to sit down with Clare Hefferren, Founder/CEO of Callosum to talk personal and professional brands, flow state, life and so much more! Clare is a sophisticated tomboy and passionate people’s champion. No longer an aggressive Chicago bull in a china shop, she cultivates community by advocating for access to nature & building outdoor industry brands. Through Callosum’s purpose to Make Better Brands for a Better Planet, Clare works with growth-stage companies and nonprofits,...


Legislative Preview 2022

Erik Williams gets a chance to pick the brain of Vail Valley Partnership President and CEO Chris Romer about the upcoming legislative session at a state, federal and local level. What does advocacy look like for our valley and how do we speak the needs of this valley primarily at the state level? Chris highlights some important upcoming legislation including the unemployment insurance trust fund, housing, paid family leave and other bills we will be watching/advocating for that have direct...


Medequip - "roll in and walk out"

Join VVP on our first ever "Plodcast" (it's a thing) where we tour the facility at Medequip in EagleVail learning about all that they do. Drew Meyer, MSPO, CPO, Managing Orthotist/Prosthetist talks about his journey and unique role in this valley. See through our eyes as we look at where actual miracles are crafted, allowing people motion or support where they thought they wouldn't have it again. For more than twenty-five years, medical professionals across the nation have come to Medequip...


Three Thank Yous

The data is showing that we will see more guests this winter than we've ever experienced. We're also experiencing a shortfall of skilled workers in almost every industry. How do we maintain the standards of this place that we're all so proud of? How do we insure that our guests, the economic lifeblood of our community, remember this place for the good experiences and want to return? Vail Valley Partnership President and CEO Chris Romer discusses a simple strategy that we can all adopt in the...


Movie Wisdom for Business!

Join Chris Romer and Erik Williams from Vail Valley Partnership as they discuss their favorite movie quotes and how they apply to business. From Ferris Bueller to Alien to Rocky to Harry Potter, join these two self-proclaimed "movie nerds" as they compete to find the best quote that speaks to the business needs of the Vail Valley. And, as promised in the episode, here's a link to the podcast that inspired us to take our shot at...



Vail Valley Partnership sits down with Amy Friel from 9Health:365 to share the "good news" about health care! Building on its 40+ years of preventive health fairs in every corner of Colorado, nonprofit 9Health:365 now offers a new service that makes it easier to stay healthy every day. 365: Comprehensive is the affordable solution that makes preventive health care outrageously accessible for small businesses and their teams. It combines text-based telehealth with unlimited medical guidance...


Public Adjusters with Adjusters International-MBC

VVP was honored to learn from Dan and Michael from Adjusters International about what exactly is a public adjuster, when should you use their services and what are those services. Listen and learn with us. In their own words: Public Adjusters – advocates on behalf of the insured, not the insurance company after a catastrophic loss: frozen pipes, fire, wind and storm, etc. We interpret the details of your policy, determine coverage, and properly file a full and accurate claim for a fair...


SpeakUp ReachOut

Vail Valley Partnership sat down with Erin Ivie and Carol Johnson from SpeakUp ReachOut to talk National Suicide Prevention Month, real stats in Eagle County and what you can do to help someone in need. More information and resources available HERE. SpeakUp ReachOut is a group of individuals who are dedicated to providing suicide prevention, intervention and loss support services to those in need. Services offered include: suicide prevention and awareness education, community connection...


Board Service Basics

UPDATE: Our October 6th date is currently full, we are working another session on Oct 7th. Presented in partnership with the Town of Vail We at Vail Valley Partnership are REALLY excited about these guests. We've been following the work of Dr Jill McCrory and Dr Steve Swafford with Leadership Outfitters. These are two nationally recognized educators and they join us for a conversation about a one day program they will be leading called Board Service Basics. This is coming directly from our...


Feel Good Solutions with Holly Johnson

Author, Coach, Marathoner, CEO and more; Holly Johnson joins Vail Valley Partnership for a discussion of her new book and shares some tangible ways in which business owners, community members and YOU can start feeling better...about everything. Do think feeling good is out of reach? Feeling good is really quite simple. It comes down to choices. When you think about it, a bad day is really just a series of moments. If you make the shift from a day to a moment, it’s a lot easier to let go and...


Vail Beaver Creek Resort Properties Career Development and Employment

Alicia Gresley, Business Development Manager with Vail and Beaver Creek Resort properties joins us to talk about how the lodging community has fared since COVID and what we can expect in the near future. We also spend time talking about professional development, career pathways and part time options through Vail Resorts. More information about employment can be found at, however, in the words of Alicia, it’s always best to stop by and talk to someone....


Sports Psychology with Dr. Harlan Austin

VVP is honored to be joined by Dr. Harlan Austin, a Sport Psychologist with Howard Head Sports Medicine. Dr. Austin discusses what is Sports Psychology, how does it come into play at the highest level of athlete as well as...the rest of us! From visualization and mindfulness to easing the anxiety of youngsters in their sports Dr. Austin gives us some tangible and actionable ideas that we can all benefit from. Learn more about Howard Head Sports Medicine HERE Learn more about the service...


Vista Eagle County

Join Colton Berck, Community Engagement Coordinator and Angleo Fernandez, Chief Culture Officer as they discuss Eagle County's Vista initiative. Learn more and get involved at Vista is a bold reimagining of how community members and decision makers can work together to produce realistic, effective outcomes. It invites residents and leaders to come together more frequently and conversationally to create solutions. Eagle County will act as the primary convener for Vista...


Connecting to Peer Support with Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

VVP gets a chance to sit down with a panel of amazing mental health professionals to talk about peer support programs, sports psychology and overall mental health. Learn more at GET SUPPORT: PEER SUPPORT GROUPS Our Peer Support Group program offers ongoing group oriented care with a qualified and vetted group leader. A peer group is a gathering of 2-10 people with shared experience, to allow for healing through story telling. This is hosted by a trained peer leader...


Language Justice with the Community Language Cooperative

Rosa Guzman Snyder and Indira Guzman from the Community Language Cooperative join Lauren Emenaker from the VVP to talk about how local businesses can take steps towards language justice. Language justice when it comes to racial justice aims to remove the language barrier and provide full acceptance and recognition of the “whole self” for people of color, allowing for full and unapologetic leadership. In other words, language justice is about giving everyone the opportunity to participate in...


Dave and Matt Vans

Erik Williams from VVP interviews the actual Dave and Matt from Dave and Matt Vans! Hear how these two entrepreneurs followed their passion in creating this business, navigated the challenges of COVID and manufacturing in the mountains and ultimately found a level of success that they never anticipated...or did they? Find more info at


Valley Dreamers

Host Erik Williams interviews Eagle Valley Senior Zaira Najera about the new club Valley Dreamers, the impact they are already making and hears about one of their first events, Destigmatizing Labels. More info at