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Blockchain, Cyrptocurrency and the Future of Payroll & HR – with Anita Lettink – #09 - The Payroll Podcast

In this special Payroll Podcast, we interview Anita Lettink, SVP, Strategy & Alliances at NGA HR to learn more about what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are, and more importantly, how these technologies will impact the future of Payroll and HR. We attempt to demystify blockchain and cryptocurrencies and separate the hype from the reality to understand how these relatively new technologies could impact the payroll & HR departments of tomorrow


#PassionForPayroll and creating effective Global Payroll Control Frameworks – with Max van der Klis-Busink – #09 - The Payroll Podcast

In this exciting episode of the payroll podcast, we talk with GPMI 2018 Payroll Global Vision Award winner, Max van der Klis-Busink, International Payroll Manager at Royal Dutch Shell about his #PassionforPayroll and his journey in developing one of the first ever Global Payroll Control Frameworks.


Solving Payroll & HR Workforce Challenges with LMS – with Shaun Wilde, #07 - The Payroll Podcast

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it has become essential for businesses to keep teams up to speed with the latest trends and methods but, in payroll and HR, with everything else to manage, how can you possibly find the time to train your team effectively? Discover how an LMS solution could be the answer to your workforce learning and development challenges


Payroll Entrepreneurship and Payroll API with Stuart Hall – #06 - The Payroll Podcast

Learn the key skills required to successfully launch your own payroll business. Discover the pitfalls and practical steps payroll professionals can implement right away to ensure entrepreneurial payroll success. Develop your knowledge in relation to payroll API Software and understand how this new technology may impact payroll departments of the future.


Raising the Profile of Payroll – Kate Upcraft #05 - The Payroll Podcast

More Kate Upcraft discusses managing large-scale payroll operations, government legislation lobbying, consultations and practical steps everyone can take to help raise the public profile of payroll. This jam-packed podcast is full of excellent advice, tips, and networking guidance. It is both though provoking and entertaining! Discover the tools that can help you propel your career to the next level as Kate takes us on a journey from her time as payroll manager for one of the...


Wellness and Working Well by becoming “Super-Human” – with Hari Kalymnios. #04 - The Payroll Podcast

The way we’re working isn’t working. As our lives get busier and busier, boundaries between work and leisure blur and we spend less time thinking about what we’re putting our bodies through. If you work in payroll or HR, you are probably reading this and thinking “that’s me”! Hari teaches listeners on the Payroll Podcast how they can “unlock your inner superhuman” to become the best payroller, HR leader, entrepreneur, employee, parent or friend that you can be. To do this Hari shows you...


Global Payroll & Jurisdictional Compliance with Adrian Morrisey from Immedis #03 - The Payroll Podcast

Adrian delights Payroll Podcast listeners with fantastic advice and guidance on critical payroll subjects including Global Payroll Compliance, RPA, Jurisdictional Payrolls, Global GDPR Considerations. Discover the tools that will help you elevate your payroll career to Board level. The post Global Payroll & Jurisdictional Compliance with Adrian Morrisey from Immedis #03 appeared first on JGA Recruitment.


The Future of Payroll and the CIPP with Vickie Graham - The Payroll Podcast

Vickie Graham takes The Payroll Podcast listeners on a journey through the history of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals - more familiarly known as the "CIPP". Since Vickie Graham joined the CIPP in 2003, the Institute of payroll professionals has evolved significantly, gaining chartered status in 2011. In this Payroll Podcast episode, Vickie discussed the opportunities that the CIPP offers to aspiring payroll professionals. We discuss qualifications, training and other...


1. Preparing Payroll for GDPR with Richard George - The Payroll Podcast

Richard George, Director of Education at The Learn Centre takes Payroll Podcast listeners on a journey through the complexities of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). Richard provides practical advice to help you prepare for GDPR and avoid common mistakes to help you develop a robust plan for payroll compliance. Join Nick Day, Managing Director of JGA Payroll Recruitment as he asks Richard the tough GDPR questions that payroll and HR professionals would like answered. Discover the...