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Inspirational, insightful and thought-provoking conversations with some of the world's most impressive millennial entrepreneurs. From Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients like Alexa Buckley, Sarah Pierson, Gemma Sole and Meika Hollender, to pioneering millennials including Brittany Garth and John Logan, every story is unique.

Inspirational, insightful and thought-provoking conversations with some of the world's most impressive millennial entrepreneurs. From Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients like Alexa Buckley, Sarah Pierson, Gemma Sole and Meika Hollender, to pioneering millennials including Brittany Garth and John Logan, every story is unique.
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Inspirational, insightful and thought-provoking conversations with some of the world's most impressive millennial entrepreneurs. From Forbes 30 Under 30 recipients like Alexa Buckley, Sarah Pierson, Gemma Sole and Meika Hollender, to pioneering millennials including Brittany Garth and John Logan, every story is unique.






Raj Jana: The Power of Choice

As the son of an ex-pat, Raj Jana has always been familiar with change. Growing up constantly moving from country to country, Raj quickly learnt to adapt to any situation and become comfortable with the uncomfortable. His ability to embrace uncertainty and tackle challenges head-on, set him up for success during his college years and during the time he spent working as an engineer at Chevron, the world’s largest integrated energy company. A sobering experience in the workforce, however,...


Natalie Thorogood: Changing Your Mindset

From an early age, Natalie Thorogood has always exhibited signs of a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Her passionate desire to create and sell products inspired her to start many side projects and even launch her own fashion label at just sixteen years old. Natalie’s keen focus on self-development and her determination to expand her skillset, compelled her to travel the world and learn to adapt to different situations. It was after coming home from one of her travels that she stumbled upon...


2018 Reflection

It's the end of another year, my peers. It's time to reflect on all that was the year of 2018 and appreciate how far we've come and how much we've all grown this year. In today's episode, recorded on the 31st December 2018, I share with you all how I've grown this year and look back on the person who I was heading into 2018. This year, I learnt to love myself. This year, I learnt to trust the process. This year, I learnt to embrace this journey I'm on. This episode is completely...


Lily Wu: How to Transform Problems into Opportunities

While many of us received our very first pay cheque from working in the retail or hospitality industry, Lily Wu’s first source of income came from a $300 pair of Adidas shoes and a determination to avoid hefty shipping rates. Although she didn’t have a traditional part-time job, Lily never allowed her lack of resources to dictate her choices, but instead, chose to find creative solutions to overcome her problems. Although Lily continued to face many challenges at University, such as her...


Madeleine Buchner: Transforming Loneliness Into A Life-Changing Mission

While most nine year old’s spend their days going to school and making friends, Madeleine Buchner was running fundraisers and hosting charity events. Then again, Madeleine isn’t your typical nine year old. After her brother was diagnosed with a myriad of health conditions, Madeleine spent her childhood accompanying her family in and out of hospital and growing up around doctors and nurses. When her mum was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer, Madeleine was suddenly thrust into the role...


Adrian Osman: How To Bounce Back From Failure

For many high achievers, failure can feel like an incredibly daunting prospect. Although it’s inevitable to encounter setbacks in life and in business, experiencing failure can lead to feelings of shame and unworthiness. Consequently, the weight of these demoralising emotions can often result in many entrepreneurs giving up on their dreams. However, for millennial entrepreneur Adrian Osman, the setbacks from failing his first five business ventures was actually the launching pad he needed to...


Natasha Takahashi: How Different Environments Can Unlock Your True Potential

The notion that we should travel in order to find ourselves is common among millennials, perpetuating the belief that to become our true selves we must change our circumstances and go abroad. While Natasha Takahashi has spent the majority of her young adult life moving from country to country, she wholeheartedly believes that what we are looking for can be found within ourselves. She has found that different environments and undertaking continual self-reflection, is the key to unlocking our...


Will Strange: Leveraging Your Network & Re-Defining Success

Throughout your lifetime, how many of you were asked the question ‘What do you want to do?’ I’m sure you’re still hearing that question today. But how many of you were asked what DON’T you want to do? For Will Strange, answering this question was incredibly crucial to pursuing his success in life and in business. Although Will attended a prestigious private school that strongly encouraged everyone to go to University, he knew that tertiary education wouldn’t suit him at all. Going against...


Jess & Stef Dadon: Seizing Confidence & Gaining Independence As A Woman

For many of us growing up, empowered female role models were few and far between. Without them, and in situations where traditional gender roles have prevailed, it can be difficult to see ourselves (I’m speaking to all of our female peers out there) as strong and independent women. Today’s guests were fortunate enough not to have this issue. Jess and Stef Dadon grew up surrounded by strong women and were empowered to be whoever and whatever they wanted from a young age. With an uber...


Brynn Chadwick: Seeing Things For What They Are

How many of you were told after finishing high school that you should go to university, get a ‘good job’ and ultimately, provide for yourself and your family? I’m guessing plenty. I most definitely was, and so was today’s guest, Brynn Chadwick. Growing up between New Zealand and Australia, Brynn graduated high-school on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and was told that he only had two options: to go to university and pursue a traditional career in the corporate space or become a...


Lucy Bloomfield: Living Life On Your Terms

Were you a naughty child? Did you ever try and squirm your way out of things so that you wouldn’t get in trouble? Did you have a strong desire to do whatever you wanted regardless of what you were told? Today’s guest, Lucy Bloomfield, was exactly this child. For as long as she can remember, Lucy has done exactly what she wanted to do regardless of whether or not it was considered ‘right’ or ‘appropriate’ by others. As a result, Lucy experienced a series of life-changing events that have...


Max Hertan: Always Be Learning

As children, many of us are encouraged to find our passions and do what we love. Often though, as we grow older the idea of pursuing passion gives way to other priorities. As adults, we tend to conform to society’s expectations about the way we spend our time and the way our careers progress. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case for today’s guest Max Hertan. Rather than losing the focus on passion as he grew, Max’s career is built around his passion. Instead of following the traditional path...


Michelle Akhidenor: Solo Episode #1

This first solo episode of mine has been a long time coming. I’m so grateful to finally have the opportunity to share with you my journey since launching this podcast and business in October of last year. The past eleven months have been a whirlwind of phenomenal opportunities that I would have never dreamt possible, coupled with plenty of breakdowns and periods of severe self-doubt. In today’s episode I get upfront and personal with you all about my story and why I decided to create The...


Jen Hansard: Feeling the Fear and Doing It Anyway

It is not often that when we hit rock bottom we make the conscious choice to stay there. Usually, we do all we can to get back on our feet; to rebuild and to numb the pain in the process. Today’s guest Jen Hansard hit rock bottom right before deciding to start what is now a highly successful green smoothie business. Despite being in a devastating financial position, on government support without health insurance, Jen made a decision. Instead of numbing the pain, she decided fight through...


Ash Davies: Falling in Love with Problems and Business

For most of us, the environment we grow up in has a profound impact on the way we live our lives, and today’s guest is no exception. Raised around a 60-year strong family business, Ash Davies was exposed to entrepreneurship and business from an early age. Within that context Ash, unlike many, grew to view problems as business opportunities. It was this mentality that prompted him to found his first business at age 14, and go on to pave his own unique path. However, it wasn’t until Ash took...


Bobby Oparaocha & Michael Husky-Nguyen: Creating something that fuels change

Have you ever felt like you had to follow the path your parents had paved out for you? That following your dreams and doing something unconventional was not a viable option? I bet many of you have. When it comes to pursuing your passion and doing what you genuinely care about, there are a multitude of reasons that many of us don’t consider this a viable career option. Our parents are often a large part of that. We love our parents but as much as we can say defiantly that their opinion does...


Adam Stone: Catching the Entrepreneurial Bug

Growing up with an entrepreneur for a father and adopting a strong entrepreneurial mindset from a young age, Adam found himself creating businesses from the age of eleven. At age fourteen, he created a business which eventually took off and grew its customer base to 130,000 paying clients in a short two and a half years. In 2013, Adam was awarded Australia’s Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award by the Entrepreneur’s Organisation. It was his experience competing on the world stage in...


Jason Lim: The value of entrepreneurship

Growing up in Malaysia with a father as an entrepreneur, Jason was exposed to entrepreneurship and what it means to create something of your own, very early on. It was because of his father’s thriving business, that he was able to come to Australia and study at the University of Melbourne; an opportunity that he is very grateful for. It was when he met the founders of YBF Ventures in Melbourne however, that his career in entrepreneurship really began. Jason Lim is the Chief of Staff at YBF...


Rich Edwards: The importance of having a vision

Growing up in a family-run business, Rich was exposed to entrepreneurship and business very early on. It was having a clear vision and strong desire to one day run a business of his own, however that fuelled his obsession with entrepreneurship and ultimately, led to the creation of his now thriving business. Rich Edwards is the CEO & co-founder of Repairly ( – the on-demand technology repairer in London that collects your phone/ tablet, repairs it and then returns it...


Dana Zingher & Levi Young: Starting before it’s perfect

Growing up with a father who was an 80’s British Pop singer and a mother, a model, Levi learnt the importance of taking risks and challenging yourself very early on. As for Dana, her father was the CEO of a big shipping company and mother, a housewife, so for her it was learning how to conduct herself in a male-dominated industry that was of importance. It wasn’t until the two became hooked on a business idea, however, that they harnessed all they’d learnt growing up to create something...