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Episode #161~15 Types of Journals That Will Change Your Life

Are you ready to change your life with documentation. Writing things down is the best way to hold yourself accountable and make some things happen. A goal not written down never happens. I love journaling for so many reasons. In this podcast, I share with you how journaling can turn your life around with just writing things down. These 15 types of journals are everything to upleveling to your next level in every area of your life. Check out the blog here. Are you interested in business,...


Episode #161- How to Connect with Your Target Audience on Instagram

Instagram is all the buzz in social media. With all the changes, and more to come, IG continues to connect the young and old alike. I personally like IG a whole lot and I feel like I am just scratching the surface with building my platform. In this broadcast, I deliver 6 ways plus more that you can build a business and connect with your followers by using Instagram. Are you connected with me on Instagram Check out my BLOG for more business and life tips. Check out what I do to help you...


Episode #160 Be Peaceful Inspite of

This message is from a live broadcast. I share with my audience some peaceful tactics when everyone, even people you know, seem to be against you. Check out the blog Nichelle on Instagram Catch your love life Travel with me


Episode #159 - How to Create a Wins Consistently

Everybody wants to win, but most aren't willing to do what it takes to win. Winning requires strategy and the right attitude. In this short message, I share several tips to position and prepare you to win consistently. The Blog Instagram The Start Up CEO Love Thy Marriage


Episode #158 - How to Target Your Right Customers for Business

There are so many ways to find customers, but every customer is not for your business. Targeting gives you specifics on who is right for your business. Targeting the wrong customers can cost you time, money and resources. In this quick tip hack, I share 3 ways to find the right people. The Blog Instagram


Episode #157 - Affirm Your Abundance

Now I might get a little "churchy" on this episode, BUT it's time for you to stop playing small and start claiming your abundance. If you need to hear a word today that will make you leap into your greatness, then this message is for you. Send me a message via IG and let me know how you plan to use this info in your life. Blessings and much success. Nichelle Connect with me on Instagram Check out what I do to help you! Read my blog!


Episode #156 - How Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Business and Life With Codrin Arsene

If you've never thought about it or if you heard about it and did not know what it is or was, now is your time to become familiar with what is and will be the future of doing business and living life. Artificial Intelligence or AI, is on the move and is changing the way we do business and the way you work. Tune in as our sponsor and special guest gives us a deep insight into how you can use AI to your advantage. Learn more about out sponsor of this broadcast, Codrin Arsene, the CEO of...


Episode #155 - Get Your Money Right & in Order for 2019 with Guest William Rassman,

Before the new year strikes, prepare and get your financial house in order. In this interview with our sponsor William Rassman Certified Financial Planner of Centric Captial Advisors, we discuss tips, strategies, nuggets and a rule of thumb about money, budgeting and investment strategies to become more savvy and profitable with money. You will learn what to do now to start off the new year strong and financially powerful. William's new book, Atlas Shift, scheduled to be released January...


Episode #154 - 8 Ways to Increase Your Profits During the Holiday Season and Beyond

Ready or not here it comes. The holiday's are among us. Now is the perfect time to bring this year to a profitable close. In this podcast, I share 8 profitable ways to make more money during the holiday's and beyond. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram. Learn more about what I do to help you at The Start Up CEO. Catch some more biz tips on the blog.


Episode # 153 - The Top Fears That Will Hold You Back

Fear is real. It can be an illusion if you know what you are fearful of. Fear can hold you back from opening your gifts and living the life you so deserve. In this broadcast, I share 4 fears that will take over your life if you allow it to. Don't give up and don't give in. Lock fear out. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM. Learn more about what I do to help you at The Start Up CEO.


Episode #152 - 8 Ways to Know if You Have Job Burnout

Oftentimes we do what we have to do and keep on doing it because we fail to understand that there is something better out there for us. A job is a good way to make ends meet, BUT owning a business is a great way to free yourself. In this podcast, I share some tips as to how to identify with a breaking point. Stay focused, plan, prepare and execute. Know your worth and don't be afraid to uplevel to your nextlevel. Are you social? Connect with me on INSTAGRAM. Learn more about what I do to...


Episode #151 -Truth Be Told- 5 Facts About Making Money Online

I don't know about you, BUT collecting dollars while I sleep has been an obsession of mine these last several years. I've taken classes. I've studied. I've dibbled and dabbed into different ways. I've lost money too. BUT.. when I made money, I knew the nomad lifestyle was real. In this podcast, I share different principles and tactics that I've tried and learned to help me make consistent income without even trying too hard. Just imagine if I put my back into it.. LOL! If you find this...


Episode #150 - 5 Ways to Build Industry Influence

You are your brand and your brand and your brand is you. Your influence and who influences you can help you up level to your next level in your career, life, business and relationship. Pay attention to what and who gives you energy. In this live broadcast, I share 5 valuable tips to help you build industry influence. Share the broadcast with others. Give a review of your thoughts on iTunes. Send me a DM on Instagram. Check out my blog for inspiration, motivation and business tips at The...


Episode #149 - 5 Ways to Deliver Gratitude in Your Life

Gratitude is your altitude to a great life. In this podcast I share what give me gratitude and why I believe it's important to say thank you for it. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to share it with you. If you haven't taken time today to realize your gratitude, I pray this podcast temps you to do it. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram Sign up for tips, tricks, happy info and motivation to start, market, grow and profit in your life, business and career here. Read more...


Episode #148 - When is the Right Time to Buy a House?

Have you made your dreams of home ownership come true? If not, these tips will share with you why, how and when. As a licensed Realtor/Broker, I speak with client regularly who have to make the decision of when to buy a home. Hopefully these tips will enlighten you and give you the answers you need. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram for inspiration, motivation and business tips. Check out the Blog. Have you subscribed to The People Connect Podcast yet? Don't forget to give us...


Episode #147 - 12 Hacks to Finding Your Creative Juices

Excuse the interuptions... BUT I kept going anyway. Are you stuck in a rut and don't know what to do next? Your creative side may be hiding and waiting for you to uncover it. In this episode, I share 12 hacks to get you uncomfortable and started with your being greater in your greatness. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram. Are you on my email list for tips and strategies? Sign up here. Don't forget to share and subscribe to The People Connect Podcast so you don't miss an...


Episode #146 - Mindset Shifting to Greater

Are you using the gifts that God has blessed you with? Is you mindset ready for what you want to accomplish. Mindset is everything. In this episode I share how to prepare and move forward and towards your greater life. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram and my Blog Learn more about what I can do to help you at The Start Up CEO Thanks for listening and subscribing to The People Connect Podcast. Please share the podcast.


Episode #145 - 5 Ways to Earn a Consistent Profit in Life & Business

If money is or has ever been a problem in your life, learning these 5 steps can transform your life and your business forever. I share life tips and struggles in conjunction with steps to overcome and push through. If you like what you hear, please share the podcast as well as subscribe. Check out my for BLOG inspiration, motivation and information. Learn more about what I do to help you at The Start Up CEO info page. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram for more tips, life hacks...


Episode #144 - 5 Reasons When Quitting May be Your Best Option

Typically we are told that quitting is for losers. I would agree with that for the most part except under these circumstances. In this LIVE broadcast, I give solid reasons why quitting may be good for you. Let me know what you think. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram


Episode #143 - 3 Things They Wish You Didn't Know

Somethings are left blank intentionally. If you are not curious, it will probably go unnoticed. Don't let life pass you by and not be an active participant. During this LIVE broadcast, I break down the specifics of what you should know that they wish you didn't. Are you social? Connect with me on Instagram