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The Personal Finance Show is a place for people to tell their personal finance stories. Everyone has a personal finance story.

The Personal Finance Show is a place for people to tell their personal finance stories. Everyone has a personal finance story.
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The Personal Finance Show is a place for people to tell their personal finance stories. Everyone has a personal finance story.






78 - Owen Winkelmolen

Owen Winkelmolen wants you to talk to someone...anyone...before you make any investment decisions. Ideally it would be someone in the personal finance realm. A coach like me, or a financial planner or advisor. But please just talk to someone, because if you do, you might save yourself from making the huge financial mistake Owen made in his late twenties. You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out exactly what happened, but let’s just say it was a bad enough experience that Owen...


77 - Saijal Patel

Saijal Patel wants you to know that women are 80% more likely to live in poverty in retirement than men. This is a terrible statistic. Seriously, why is anyone living in poverty in retirement. If someone is retired, that means they have either worked at a job or a business their whole life, or have supported someone else who worked, in one way or another. And this person now gets to live in poverty? Why is this acceptable? Saijal doesn’t think it’s acceptable. She started a company...


76 - Beau Humphreys

For this episode, the host becomes the guest and my wife becomes the host! I decided that after 75 episodes it was time to become the guest and tell my story. I’ve talked a lot on the show about my history with addiction but just bits and pieces here and there. I asked my wife, Kaila, if she would take over as the host for an episode and she agreed! We talked about how I got into my gambling addiction, how I got out of it, and what I learned about personal finance, and life in general,...


75 - Recap of Episodes 1 to 74

For my 75th episode I decided to record a 75 minute episode with 74 1-minute (or less) segments, one for each of the 74 shows published so far (leaving 30 seconds for the introduction and whatever is left for the sign-off). Each segment has an introduction/commentary and a short clip of the show. So if you want to experience the evolution of The Personal Finance Show without spending 75 hours, now you can get a taste of the first 74 episodes in only 75 minutes. NEXT EPISODE 76 - Beau...


74 - Larry Bates

Larry Bates want you to Beat The Bank. That’s the title of his new book and it’s all about challenging the status quo of Canadians paying the highest investment fees in the world and believing that the financial industry has their best interests at heart. You see Larry spent his whole career on the business side of the banking and investment worlds. One day he was sitting up in his ivory tower and a phone call from his sister changed everything. That’s when he decided to use his knowledge...


73 - John Lanza

John Lanza wants to help families raise money-smart, money-empowered kids so that they can live happier, more fulfilled lives. John is the creator of the Money Mammals and the author of The Art of Allowance. I want to tell you everything about the Money Mammals because I like them so much, but it’s probably best that you listen to the interview and then go to Youtube and search for the Money Mammals. Describing them as puppets who are in a band and sing and play songs about money, just...


72 - Loonie Doctor

The Loonie Doctor wants to keep new doctors from falling into the lifestyle inflation trap. The Loonie Doctor prefers to remain anonymous so all I can tell you is that he is a doctor and he lives somewhere in Southern Ontario. As you may have heard, doctors are always the best at managing their own personal finances and it’s not surprising. I want my doctor to be really good at being a doctor. They have tons of information in their brains and for many, there is no more room for...


71 - Tom Drake

Tom Drake is known as the godfather of Canadian personal finance bloggers. In fact, Tom just hit his 10-year blogging anniversary this month, February 2019. Originally Canadian Finance Blog, Tom rebranded to Maple Money and now even has a podcast called the Maple Money Show (I was on as a guest in November 2018). Tom has created thousands of personal finance posts over the years and he did it all while working a full-time job during the week, at a company that he started with 18 years ago...


70 - Michelle Hung

Michelle Hung is on a mission to empower women to take control of their finances by providing them the education and support in order to gain the confidence they need to make their own investment decisions. Michelle has a degree in math, is a Chartered Financial Analyst and worked on Bay Street as an investment banker for 7 years. But instead of keeping all of this financial knowledge to herself and continuing to make buckets of money in IB, as she calls it, Michelle decided to focus on...


69 - Jason Butler

Jason Butler wants you to know that you can still have fun and live your life while you are in debt. Jason graduated from Savannah State University in 2008 with around $25,000 in debt, but due to a variety of factors, which we discuss in the interview, his debt increased to over $72,000 by 2015. His most recent debt report from the end of December 2018 has his total debt down to just over $66,000. In 2013 Jason started The Butler Journal, and starting blogging about his debt repayment and...


68 - Rubina Ahmed-Haq

Rubina Ahmed-Haq wants you to know that personal finance can be exciting! Rubina is a personal finance expert and has been a broadcast journalist for 20 years.. Rubina’s experience in broadcasting means that she has this ability to take dry financial topics and make them interesting. 20 years in broadcast journalism also means that Rubina has some very interesting stories, some of which you will hear in this interview. Rubina did an excellent job as host of the Canadian Personal Finance...


67 - Nico Barawid

Nico Barawid wants you to know that personal finance is very different for immigrants. And it’s even harder if you’re an immigrant who is also a woman or person of colour, like Nico’s Mom. Nico came to the US from the Philippines with his parents when he was very young. Despite the fact that they were both medical residents and eventually doctors in the US, Nico’s parents faced a lot of financial discrimination because of their lack of credit history. And the worst part about this is...


66 - Jackie Lam

Jackie Lam wants you to be proud of being frugal. Frugal doesn’t mean cheap. There was a time when Jackie needed to be frugal because she had no choice. But today, for her and many others, being frugal is really about making sure that her spending behaviour aligns with her values. It’s about making money decisions that help you live your best life. But for many years, Jackie was shamed for her frugality. Whether it is actually a symptom of living in poverty or a value choice, many...


65 - Damion Lupo

Damion Lupo wants you to ask yourself: How can I serve and contribute to others in a deep and meaningful way? If you’re just chasing dollars without meaning, you could end up rich if you’re lucky, but even if you are one of the lucky ones who makes millions, there’s a good chance you’re going to be miserable. Damion’s been there. He made millions and then lost it all. And he wasn’t able to get back on track until he found meaning and truth and focused on that instead of just making...


64 - Melissa Leong

Melissa Leong wants you to spend smart, save right and enjoy life. Those are the words on the cover of her new book Happy Go Money, which was just released this week! Melissa is a personal finance writer, on-air personality, speaker and bestselling author. You might be thinking, Beau, you can’t say bestselling author if Melissa’s first book just came out. Well we didn’t talk about this in the interview but Melissa is already a bestselling author. Her self-published paranormal adventure...


63 - Cal MacWilliam

Cal MacWilliam helps developing countries get money when they need it most. Cal is a senior economist at the World Bank, a global organization that helps to reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries. Cal will meet with the government officials of these countries, who have already reached out to the World Bank for loans or grants, and provide them with the funding they need. OK it's not that easy. The government officials might need to make a few changes, before...


62 - Zena Amundsen

Zena Amundsen wants you to know that money is emotional. One of the emotions often associated with money is fear. That’s what Zena felt when she separated from her husband for 2 years, with 2 small children and absolutely no knowledge of her personal finances. It was during that time that she decided to stop worrying about money and start learning about it instead. Today she is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a Certified Cash Flow Specialist. She’s...


61 - Mr. Prairie FIRE

Mr. Prairie FIRE wants you to discover something about yourself by knowing your finances. Mr. Prairie FIRE, let’s call him Fred, is an anonymous Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE) blogger in the prairies of Western Canada at Fred calls his discovery of the FIRE movement his financial enlightenment. After surviving 3 large financial crises in a very short time period, he was determined to take control of his finances. Specifically Fred was drawn to the FIRE...


60 - Elizabeth Naumovski

Elizabeth Naumovski is the host of a new television show called Finance is Personal. On the show she talks with women who are experts in personal finance, while educating viewers about financial literacy. Elizabeth decided to make women the focus of her show because she believes we need to change what is referred to as the women's money mindset. Many women are not interested in spending any time on their personal finances and this can be detrimental if there is a need to manage money...


59 - Glen James

Glen James wants you to know that money doesn’t really matter. Glen has a very successful financial planning business in Australia and hosts Australia’s top podcast for millennials, called my millenial money. Glen believes that if you follow your passion, focus on helping others, start your own business and automate everything that you can, then the money will come. But it doesn’t come overnight. Glen is in his early thirties, but he started in business almost two decades ago, and by the...