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08 – Alex Mathers – Self-Taught Illustrator; 23,000 Medium Followers

Above (if you're viewing this on the blog) is a piece of Alex Mathers' artwork. SIGH, I wish I could draw like that. Alex and I bonded over a lot of things--one of them being that he's an INFJ just like me (#INFJPower). He's also a bit of a world traveler who works and lives wherever he wants to. Right now he's in Bangkok, Thailand. Previously he's lived in London and Tokyo. Did I mentioned he worked at Google for a bit? This man has done so many things it's impossible for me to mention...

07 – Jenny Blake – Author of the Best-Selling Book ‘Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One’

Jenny Blake is an ex-Google employee, best-selling author, and entrepreneurial badass who's best known for her book, Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One. After working at Google for five years after college (and loving it), Jenny decided to take a leave of absence to promote her new book, 'Life After College.' After a tough couple months transitioning to the solopreneur lifestyle (and a dwindling bank account), Jenny blossomed into a successful public speaker, coach, author,...

06 – Todd Brison – How To Be An “Intrapreneur”

Todd Brison has 51,000 Medium followers--which is insane--but that's not what we're here to talk about today. Todd has a special story. A couple years ago he doubled his salary and founded a new position in his own company because of one idea. After pitching his project to some of the big heads in the organization, Todd was promoted and given a whole new role in the company. We call these people Intrapreneurs, and I believe you can be one, too. Todd is a fantastic writer. He got started on...

05 – 11 Reasons I Sacrifice Money To Work Wherever I Want

Music Credit: Bay Breeze, by FortyThr33 In today's episode I read you a post that received 5,000+ views on Medium. It's called 11 Reasons I Sacrifice Money To Work Wherever I Want, and it was also re-published on aPlus. Last summer I went on a cross-country road trip for four straight months. That trip was later featured in a viral video on NowThis and is the basis for many of my articles on Medium, where I have 12,800 followers. Many wonder why I choose this lifestyle over a more secure,...

04 – How To Travel The World By Bicycle – Thomas Despin

Thomas Despin rode across the world on a bicycle. Yeah. Crazy enough, his travels took him to cities like Barcelona, Budapest, Miami, New York City, and finally Bali. Everything he needed--his tent, food, clothes, and belongings--were just packed on the back of his bike. When he arrived in New York City a year after he began this undertaking, Thomas found the city was super receptive to his dream. He took pictures with inquisitive residents and even met his idol, Casey Neistat, in the...

03 – Stay Relentlessly Curious, And You’ll Win – David Kadavy

Music Credit: Bay Breeze, by FortyThr33 David Kadavy lives in Colombia. He has a top podcast that's received 500,000 downloads. He's written an Amazon best-selling book (Design For Hackers) that occupied the #18 spot in the Amazon store. He has 30,000+ followers on Medium. So what is he? A designer? A podcaster? A writer? Part of the reason he's so hard to define is because he's always followed his curiosities. David looks at learning and what we're meant to do as more of an evolution than...

02 – Becoming A Top Medium Writer With No Experience – Tiffany Sun

Music Credit: Bay Breeze, by FortyThr33 Tiffany Sun started writing on Medium in 2015. As she says herself in this week's episode, she wasn't that great at first. That changed. Today she has over 21,000 followers on this gargantuan platform, and boasts "Top Writer" status in 5 of the most coveted categories. Overall, she's one of the top 200 most-followed writers on the platform. For perspective, last year Medium averaged 60 million unique visitors per month, and it's estimated that...

01 – Introduction To The Post-Grad Survival Guide Podcast

Music Credit: Bay Breeze, by FortyThr33 The Post-Grad Survival Guide Podcast is for the lost recent graduates of the world. We don't know what we're doing, where we're going, or why we're employed at the crappy entry-level jobs we're at now. I wanted to help with that, and show an antidote to the rat-race that seems to be suffocating so many bright minds today. Every Wednesday we interview another entrepreneur/blogger/digital nomad to tell their story, help us uncover what really matters,...