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The Property podcast with a difference from host Paul Rose - former co-founder of the UK's biggest property sourcing network and former estate agent and deal packager/sourcer, Paul share's his knowledge and thought's on all things property and business. MUST LISTEN: For people looking to get involved and start a property based business.


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The Property podcast with a difference from host Paul Rose - former co-founder of the UK's biggest property sourcing network and former estate agent and deal packager/sourcer, Paul share's his knowledge and thought's on all things property and business. MUST LISTEN: For people looking to get involved and start a property based business.








EP:61 Part Three - Your Most Asked Questions on Deal Packaging and More...

Paul is back with part three of the series on starting your own deal packaging business. In this episode Paul answers your most asked questions so don't miss out on this one. Work with Paul 1 to 1: Join the waiting list here Visit the Website: Find out more...


EP:60 Part Two - Marketing, Income & Mindset for Sourcers

Part two of the series is here... Paul dives head first into so much on this episode, it's a must listen for anybody considering starting a sourcing business. Paul covers marketing, how to scale your business and how the right mindset is all powerful in your approach to property and business. Work with Paul one to one Join the waiting list here


EP:59 Part One - How to Set Up Your Property Sourcing Business

Listen to part one of Paul's - Series covering how to start and operate and scale a property deal sourcing business. Paul will dive into a different area of the business each episode, so make sure you subscribe to avoid missing out on teh next episode in this series. Join the waiting list to be mentored one to one by Paul here Here are the useful links from todays show to help you get set-up and compliant Business set-up and Compliance: Join the waiting list for mentorship one to one with Paul: CLICK HERE


EP58: How to Become a Property Sourcer in 2023

We are back!!!! Paul is back with a new episode on: how you can start your own property sourcing business in 2023! Join us on this episode and also be sure to check out all our free property resources below. Free Property Training Join Paul's Mentoring Waiting List Here Online Shop


EP 57: How to Build a Pipeline of Investors Or JV Partners

In this NEW podcast episode Paul, talks about the best ways you can build a pipeline of property investors or JV partners. Many people struggle with this and it's often the most simple things that yield the very best results. Listen to Paul give you real world and online ways you can target investors in episode number 57 of the podcast. Free Training PSN Website


EP56: Property Mindset Battles

Paul, is back after a long break away (he has a good excuse) - In this episode Paul, talks about mindset and in particular how to beat those demons that hold you back in your business! Contact us on the show: Show Links: Pauls Facebook Profile Free Property Training


EP:55 Planning Gain Explained

Paul returns after a break to chat about 'Planning Gain' and how you can benefit without developing anything at all! Special Offer Lifetime Access to Mentoring: Follow us on Facebook:


EP:54 Free Property Tools & Training

Episode 54 may well be short but it's packed full of freebies for our podcast listeners! As a special thank you to our listeners we put together these amazing property tools and free training so here it is... FREE Property Training


EP:53 Recycle Your Cash & Build a Portfolio Fast

Host Paul, helps Investors recycle their cash and build a property portfolio quickly with limited funds! Sounds amazing doesn't it? That's exactly what happens when you apply the BRRR strategy and leverage creative finance. In this episode Paul, gives you the low-down on how to actually use the strategy and also dispels some common myths spread by property guru types. Podcast Links: Kevin Wright Facebook Kevin Wright YouTube Channel If you would like to learn more about property, investing or other strategies we provide free training and paid online courses too… and what makes us different to others is - we charge lower fees and give you maximum value and we don’t harp on about daft things like chasing financial freedom and giving people unrealistic ideas. If you want down to earth, affordable training and support, check out what we offer on the link below. We also offer 1 to 1 mentorship and support on our Property BaseCamp programme and all our training is now available on pay monthly options allowing you to spread the cost and get started! CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE COURSES CLICK FOR 1 TO 1 MENTORSHIP CLICK FOR FREE PROPERTY WORKSHOP


EP52: Property Business Struggle - Must Listen

Host Paul discusses a common issue with newbies to property - Feeling overwhelmed, unsure of how to move forward with your property business? This is massively common and most people just need to make some subtle changes and maybe have a slight mindset shift and approach to really get going! In this episode, we talk about how you can hit reset and power through the second half of 2021! Links: Deal Sourcing Special Offer (May 2021 Only) Free Training Property Workshop Free Property Resources Our Website - PSN Property Education Join Our Facebook Group - The Deal Sourcing Community


EP51: Deal Analysis - Finding Comparables

Host Paul is back to give you some more property brain food - Let’s talk comparables… A lot of people struggle with finding comparables, so I’m going to share how I approach finding the best comparables possible and give you lots of tips too. Podcast Episode Links: Access Free Training Join Our Facebook Property Deal Sourcing Community Property Data Website Our Blogs and Property Articles


EP50: Off-Market Property Deals

The holy grail of property deals - the off-market deal! Host Paul, discusses everything off-market... how to find them, what not to do and how to position yourself and take advantage of your off-market leads. This episode is a must if your an investor looking for off-market deals or if you are a deal sourcer and want to generate off-market deals for your clients! Strap in and enjoy episode 50 of The Property Side Hustle Podcast! Free Property Workshop See you on the next episode for more property brainfood!


If You're A Property Sourcer, Don't Do This!

Join me as we talk about things you should not do as a property sourcer! The daft thing is... many people are guilty of these sourcing sins! Join The Facebook Group: Watch Our Free Workshop:


EP 48: Sourcing or Investing in Tenanted Properties

This week host Paul, gives you some top tips and guidance on buying properties with tenants already in place! Get the full low-down on how to source and invest in properties with sitting tenants! Get Free Property Training Join Our Facebook Community


EP 47: Running a UK Based Property Business from Overseas

Host Paul, dives into the story of a Property BaseCamp member who has found himself stuck overseas due to lockdown 3 in the UK. Kushal decided instead of trying to get back to the UK, he would stay on in India and spend time with his extended family. He has two property projects underway with a third around the corner.... so how did he manage it all? Join the Facebook group community: click here Website:


Ep 46: How to Find Investors - Simple Hack!

Do you want Investors to fall into your lap every single day? (not literally!) Well... today's episode has Paul sharing a stupidly simple way, you can have qualified investors doing that every single day. Sometimes the best options are the simplest and this is a great example of simplicity winning over complexity and costs! Did we mention that this is a completely free tactic and will only cost you your time? FREE PDF GUIDE - Download Now! Join Our Facebook Group - The Property Deal Sourcing Community Deal Sourcing Course Limited Offer - CLICK HERE


EP 45: Is Property Right For Me? Introvert / Extrovert

This weeks podcast is an interesting look at what personality traits make you a good fit for property or not... Paul discusses his own battles on his journey into the property sector and shares his thoughts on the ideal traits that make you a good fit for property. Join the Facebook Sourcing Group: Podcast Listener Sourcing Course Offer: Website: Property Blog:


Ep 44: Beat The Fear: Talking to Agents, Vendors & Investors

Requested by a member of the Facebook group 'The Property Deal Sourcing Community', this podcast is all about beating the fear... The Fear of Talking To Agents, Vendors & Investors! Paul gives you a simple three step hack to combat the fear in these situations. Many newbies to property avoid what they fear, they put roadblocks up and actually stop their own business from moving forward. In this episode Paul, lay's down his experience and how you can make some simple changes that can benefit you. Join the Facebook Group Now: Visit Our Website:


Starting A Property Business in 2021? Must Listen!

Join Paul on this extended podcast episode as he discusses how you can get started, the steps to consider and the likely costs of getting set-up. *NOT TO BE MISSED - If your looking to get started in property and want to know how best to do so, without spending thousands of pounds on courses! Podcast Exclusive Listener Offer Click Here: Join the Facebook Group The Property Deal Sourcing Community: Visit Our Website


The Importance of Your Property Investor List!

Host Paul, dispels the myth you need a huge list of investors to be successful in property. He also dives into where your focus should be and how you should approach investor relationships to further your own business. Check out our new website: Free Training and More: Till next time, take it easy and stay safe Paul