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Katie Kozlowski: Money is Energy, It Grows and Expands

Everyone has their own unique money story. In this episode, Katie Kozlowski shares her money story, how she used to handle her money and how she handles her money today. Tune into this episode to learn more about Katie's story, including the fact that money is energy that can grow and expand.


Jessica Valor: Being Your Own Powerful Creator

Everyone has the ability to be their own powerful creator but not everyone takes that opportunity to be a creator it's time to be your own powerful creator. Today on the podcast we are talking with Jessica Valor about all things alignment and being a powerful creator with your money story.


Nancy McKenna: Mistakes Smart Parents Make that Cause a lot of Student Loan Debt

Student loans don't have to be a burden for everyone. There are some things that you can do starting today to prepare for college and student loan debt. Tune into this episode with Nancy McKenna as we talk about student loans, debt and some of the things that both Nancy and I have learned over the years with our own experiences.


Michelle Jackson: So What if Your Money Story isn't Sexy?

Your money story isn't meant to be sexy, it's messy and all over the place. Today on the podcast, we have Michelle Jackson from Michelle is Money Hungry. Michelle and I talk about all things money - the good, the bad and the ugly. Michelle has learned many lessons over the years around money and we have dug into these beliefs and stories in this episode.


There are no money blocks, just money beliefs that make up your money story

I don't believe in money blocks, they are something that you really want to remove from your system. But everyone has money beliefs that have formed in your subconscious mind from the time you were really little based on the things that you saw and heard while growing up. And most of the time, you only had a part of the story. You really don't know why those you picked your beliefs up from did exactly what they did.


Welcome Back! Let's Talk About Money!

Welcome Back to The Prosper + Profit Podcast! After a break of more than a year, we are officially back and publishing episodes again. I was burnt out, and beating myself up for not always publishing two episodes a week. But I'm not over all of that, feeling much better and so much more inspired than I was ever before. But I'm not beating myself up anymore and we are going to publish regular episodes on this podcast again. We need to talk more about money and have regular...


Meditation: Do you breathe deep or shallowly?

The depth of your breath - shallow or deep - can affect your stress and fears. As we grow up, stress and fears affect a lot of parts of our lives. And we no longer take the deep breaths we originally learned to do. In this meditation, I walk you through relearning the process of breathing deep again to help relieve stress and stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.


What is a Money Relationship?

What really is a money relationship? Do you have one? Do you need one? How can a money relationship help you? What is a money relationship as compared to a money mindset? Tune in to this episode and learn what a money relationship is and how it affects you.


Guided Meditation: What is Your Money Comfort Zone?

How much money are you really comfortable receiving? Use this guided meditation to find it and begin building the amount of money you are able to receive right now.


Interview with Tash Corbin, Aligning with Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

Tash Corbin is a business strategist who has had to work hard on her money story over the years. Her money story started with her dad being an entrepreneur and showing her that she always had to work hard to make money and it wasn't always easy. So because of that, Tash worked a corporate job for a while to get away from being in business for herself. But then decided to have her own business and things aligned perfectly for her when she became a business strategist. Tune in to this...


Interview with Nathalie Doremieux, Living a Life of Freedom, No Matter Where You Live

Nathalie grew up with not having much money, but learned at a very young age that she could start making money doing something she loved and came easy to her. She then moved to California to live the American Dream and work in Corporate America. Nathalie has learned many lessons along her journey and continues to learn more each day. Tune into today's episode to learn more about Nathalie's journey and money story.


Interview with Stacey Hylen, Optimizing your Business to Find Your Hidden Profits

Stacey is a Business Growth Strategist and she helps you build your sales techniques to bring in more business and still be able to spend time with the ones you love. In this episode we dig into Stacey's money story and how it has shaped who she is today. She started in sales when she was only in 3rd grade and has used and honed her experiences as a sales expert to get to where she is now. Tune in today and listen to her money story.


Interview with Erica Blair, Become a Digital Nomad with your Personal Story

Erica hit financial rock bottom and took out a loan for $25 to start her business. Then she turned that $25 into $5000 and never had to borrow money again. This is only a part of Erica's money story and she has worked hard at changing her money story on a regular basis. Tune in today to listen to all of Erica's story.


Interview with Boom Shikha, From Frugal to Worth it

Boom Shikha learned to live frugally because when she was growing up her father told her that kids were expensive. So she swore off getting married or having kids, too. But frugal living cost her quite a bit in bad experiences and she has been working on changing her mindset to being enough now. Tune in and hear the rest of Boom Shikha's story today.


Interview with Madison Black, Creating the Slow Health Movement

This interview with Madison Black explains how Madison went from having huge amounts of debt, no job, and no money and having creditors calling her asking for their money, to getting out of that debt and now living a life a digital nomad debt free. She has changed her life significantly simply because she made the decision to make a change. Tune into this episode today and see what you can learn to take into your story.


Money Mindset Series with Lisa Carpenter, Transform Your Personal Relationship with Food & Money

Lisa Carpenter is a transformational life and nutrition coach helps you connect with your feelings over why you do what you do to find the real root causes. In this episode, Lisa and I talk about Lisa's money story, but also how your relationship with food affects your money relationship as well. Tune in today and listen to this inspiring conversation between Lisa and I.


52: Interview with Fatema Karim, Helping Empowered Entrepreneurs in their Business

In this interview with Fatema Karim, we dig into her money story and how she picked up her husband's money story, and then promptly changed things for both of them. Today she lives a life of financial freedom, almost debt free because of changes she has made over the years. Tune into this episode today and learn more about Fatema's story.


51: Money Mindset Series with Jodi Robinson, Budgeting for Healthy Eating

In this installment of the Money Mindset Series, Jodi Robinson and I talk about eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle without breaking the budget. It is possible to be able to do this and you can do it too. Tune into this episode and learn some of Jodi's tricks and tips to be much healthier and not break the bank.


49: Interview with Shereen Thor, Awaken the Rebel Within

Shereen Thor is a rebel and has started a movement called Awaken the Rebel. She has always been rebellious so this movement fits her perfectly and today we dive into her money story and learn what has made her the way she is around money. Tune into this episode and learn more about Shereen's story.


48: Money Mindset Series with Michelle Lowbridge, The Energy Editor

Michelle is the Energy Editor and this has allowed her to help many entrepreneurs with their money blocks and their energy system. In this episode, we break down how Michelle got to where she is today (because she has her own money blocks too) and exactly what she did to get to where she is. Plus we talk about how you can work on yourself with Michelle's techniques and get her book. Tune into this episode today and learn more about kinesiology and how you, too, can start eliminating your...