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76: Meditation: Do you breathe deep or shallowly?

The depth of your breath - shallow or deep - can affect your stress and fears. As we grow up, stress and fears affect a lot of parts of our lives. And we no longer take the deep breaths we originally learned to do. In this meditation, I walk you through relearning the process of breathing deep again to help relieve stress and stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.


68: What is a Money Relationship?

What really is a money relationship? Do you have one? Do you need one? How can a money relationship help you? What is a money relationship as compared to a money mindset? Tune in to this episode and learn what a money relationship is and how it affects you.


67: Guided Meditation: What is Your Money Comfort Zone?

How much money are you really comfortable receiving? Use this guided meditation to find it and begin building the amount of money you are able to receive right now.


66: Interview with Tash Corbin, Aligning with Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

Tash Corbin is a business strategist who has had to work hard on her money story over the years. Her money story started with her dad being an entrepreneur and showing her that she always had to work hard to make money and it wasn't always easy. So because of that, Tash worked a corporate job for a while to get away from being in business for herself. But then decided to have her own business and things aligned perfectly for her when she became a business strategist. Tune in to this...


64: Interview with Nathalie Doremieux, Living a Life of Freedom, No Matter Where You Live

Nathalie grew up with not having much money, but learned at a very young age that she could start making money doing something she loved and came easy to her. She then moved to California to live the American Dream and work in Corporate America. Nathalie has learned many lessons along her journey and continues to learn more each day. Tune into today's episode to learn more about Nathalie's journey and money story.


51: Money Mindset Series with Jodi Robinson, Budgeting for Healthy Eating

In this installment of the Money Mindset Series, Jodi Robinson and I talk about eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle without breaking the budget. It is possible to be able to do this and you can do it too. Tune into this episode and learn some of Jodi's tricks and tips to be much healthier and not break the bank.


48: Money Mindset Series with Michelle Lowbridge, The Energy Editor

Michelle is the Energy Editor and this has allowed her to help many entrepreneurs with their money blocks and their energy system. In this episode, we break down how Michelle got to where she is today (because she has her own money blocks too) and exactly what she did to get to where she is. Plus we talk about how you can work on yourself with Michelle's techniques and get her book. Tune into this episode today and learn more about kinesiology and how you, too, can start eliminating your...


46: Interview: Kelly Roach, Building Unstoppable Success

Kelly Roach has built her life and her business because of how she grew up - with little money and embarrassment around money. But she was determined to make a change and she has succeeded in making that change in her life. Tune into this episode and learn what Kelly has really done to change her life around and really become unstoppable in her life and business.


45: Money Mindset Series with Rachel Andujuar, Being Confident in Your Career

Are you really confident in the job you are working right now? It doesn't matter if you work for someone else or for yourself, but your confidence and happiness in this job does matter. So are you confident in your job? Rachel Andujar is a career strategist that helps you build your confidence in your career. And in this episode, we talk about how this confidence also affects your money. Tune into this episode today and learn more about building your confidence in your career.


42: Interview: Megan Tsui, The Unleashed Business Consultant

This interview goes deep into Megan's story to learn more about her and how she has changed her life over the years. She did hit a financial rock bottom and then was able to climb her way out of that rock bottom and become a much better woman in the process. Tune into Megan's story today and then let us know what your biggest takeaway was.


39: Interview: Limor Markman, Becoming Financially Fabulous

Limor Markman empowers women to live an unapologetically Financially Fabulous life. And I absolutely LOVE that. Limor, herself, has a very empowering money story and based on our conversation in this episode, she continues to empower herself regularly, because she really is a financially fabulous woman. Tune in today and listen to Limor's story.


36: Interview: Amy Mewborn, Helping Women with their Money

Amy Mewborn has a very similar message with helping women build their relationship with their money and have financial freedom. She also has a very unique money story that she shares with us today. Tune into today's episode and learn more about Amy and her money story.


33: Interview: Louise Campbell, Helping Graphic Designers Everyday

Sharing these interviews with you every week is one of my favorite things to do. Each interview is from an amazing woman who has a unique story to tell and she is willing to share her story to help you on your path. That is why we have this podcast - to help you on your path to building your financial independence. Today, I get to interview Louise Campbell. She helps graphic designers get paid easily by teaching them the tactics that she had to learn for herself. Louise also has a rags to...


30: Interview: Melissa Pharr, The Wealth Creation Coach

Every week I get to bring you another interview with another amazing woman, so that you are able to learn how each woman has built her money story to what it is today from what she grew up with. And this week, I"m excited to share an interview with Melissa Pharr. We dig into Melissa's money story and share some of her money memories that really make her who she is today. Melissa Pharr began her entrepreneurial journey in September of 2009 and has launched several businesses since. It...


28: Interview: Linda Ugelow, Get More Empowered and Confident on Camera

In this episode, Linda Ugelow, a life and business coach, shares her raw and real money story. She really dives right into sharing so many details that make her who she is today. Tune in today and listen to Linda's story.


24: Interview: Whitney Hansen, Helping Millenials Become Financially Independent

Whitney Hansen is a personal finance coach and entrepreneur. She teaches overwhelmed millennials how to pay off debt and be financially independent. She gives them the tools to have more fun with money, while sprinkling in a little silliness. Some of her accomplishments are paying off $30,000 in 10 months, buying her first home at 19, and paying $472 for her master's degree. Tune into this episode and learn more about Whitney and her money story.


23: How Can You Run Out of Money

Can you really run out of money? That is the question that is being asked to me a lot lately. But yes, it is very possible. In this episode, I break down a few reasons why you run out of money and some more reasons for what you do about running out of money.


22: Interview: Tess Wicks, Live a Life of Luxury & Financial Freedom

Tess Wicks is an advocate for women with their personal finance and taking control of their life to live a rich and happy life. Join in on this fun conversation that I had with Tess today and continue to build your relationship with your money.


21: What is Financial Independence? What does it mean to you?

Everyone wants financial freedom and financial independence, but they don't always know what it means. In this episode, I dive into what financial independence can mean and give you an exercise on how to define it for yourself. Tune in today and figure out what financial independence means for you.


20: Meditation: Open to Receive Abundance

Use this guided meditation channeled by Clarissa Wilson to open your own channels to receiving more abundance in your life.


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