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A conversational, topical back and forth about recent blogs, client questions, observations to help our clients become more rational investors.

A conversational, topical back and forth about recent blogs, client questions, observations to help our clients become more rational investors.
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A conversational, topical back and forth about recent blogs, client questions, observations to help our clients become more rational investors.




Listener Questions and Re-Framing Risk (EP.68)

Welcome back to the podcast everybody, we have another great round-up episode for you where we field questions that you sent in and cover a bunch of things we think you need to hear! We discuss how you should weight your stocks and bonds ratio and times that you could think about changing it, we also talk about index funds, Michael Burry and why his reputation is a bit overstated. Then we get into the different types of risk! We cover volatility, uncompensated risk, skewness, and inflation...


The Pursuit of Finances and Fun with Jill Schlesinger (EP.67)

From a trader on Wall Street to a financial advisor with her own firm, our guest today, Jill Schlesinger, has accumulated a lifetime of knowledge in the investing and financial world. Today she is a household name and well-known media personality, appearing on a variety of CBS shows and hosting her own podcast called Jill on Money. But she is far more than an investment expert: she also has a ton of insight into people’s emotional and psychological responses to money, sharing with listeners...


Asset Allocation Funds, Private Equity IPOs, and The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EP.66)

Welcome back to Rational Reminder Podcast! We kick off today’s episode with a discussion about the gap between investor performance and fund performance, the potential reasons why asset allocation funds produced a positive gap and the role that timing and volatility play in a negative behaviour gap. IPOs have been in the media a great deal lately – and not for particularly positive reasons and we tackle the topic with reference to specific companies. We also talk about Dimensional’s paper on...


Investing Based on the Evidence Pyramid: A Few Lessons from the Medical Profession with Dr. Wendall Mascarenhas (EP.65)

Our guest today on the Rational Reminder Podcast is Dr. Wendall Mascarenhas. Wendall is a listener, DIY investor a medical professional. He actually reached out to us on Twitter and suggested this episode, a listener-centric discussion as well as one comparing the different approaches to evidence from the medical and the financial communities. We thought this was a great idea and the perspective that Wendall offers is very illuminating and thought-provoking. We discuss some of Wendall's own...


Back to the Basics: Dividends and Explaining Factors to Benjamin’s Mom (EP.64)

Michael Burry says we should get out of indexing. Jim Cramer says it’s time to jump in. These are interesting times in the world of investing! On today’s episode, we discuss Burry’s recent claims about passive investing and advise on a plan of action should he turn out to be right. Benjamin recently posted a new video on dividends, and we have a conversation about the responses the video triggered and give some good reasons for our stance about the irrelevance of dividends. We also talk...


Sustainable Investing: A Philosophical and Environmental Perspective on Your Money, with Tim Nash (EP.63)

We have a really special episode in store today as we welcome Tim Nash, the Sustainable Economist! Tim shares a vast amount of knowledge and ideas with us on how investors wishing to put their money where their heart is can go about investing more ethically and sustainably. We hear about Tim's journey into investing and economics and how he wound up doing the work he currently does, helping investors clarify where their money is going and how to put it portfolios that are more aligned with...


The Rational Round Up: Tax Loss Selling, Gold, Michael Burry and More! (EP.62)

Welcome back to another episode of the Rational Reminder! We are doing another variety show for all of you and this week we cover some news, current affairs, questions and of course our staple bad advice of the week! We start the show looking at the restructuring of swap-based ETF's from Horizons before looking at Michal Burry's latest commentary and predictions. From there we move onto John Rekenthaler's recent article on Morningstar about Canadian financial advice and what it is lacking....


Ted Seides: Much More Than a Betting Man (EP.61)

We have another phenomenal guest joining us on the podcast today. You might know Ted Seides from his famous bet with Warren Buffett or, more recently, from his widely successful Capital Allocators Podcast. Ted is what we would call a classically impressive guy, having studied at both Ivy League frontrunners Yale and Harvard and having founded Protégé Partners, an asset management and advisory firm that specializes in hedge funds. In addition, he has trained under the legendary David Swensen,...


Valuation Theory and the Imminent Recession (EP.60)

Welcome back to the Rational Reminder everybody! We are taking this episode to round up all the recent goings-on and tackle a few residual issues that we believe need some attention. We start off by contemplating how much we have both been learning with the wealth of guests that come through our doors. We would never be confronted with this many ideas and inspiration if it were not for this great platform on which we find ourselves! From there we go on to discuss all the recent talk of a...


Financial Economics and Annuities: Rational Planning for Retirement (EP.59)

Welcome to another episode of the Rational Reminder Podcast! We have a fantastic guest joining us today to talk about annuities, or in more general terms, pensionization. Alexandra Macqueen is certified financial planner, who is also a financial author, editor, York University educator, consultant, and speaker. Alexandra co-wrote a book with Dr. Moshe Milevsky called Pensionize Your Nest Egg: How to Use Product Allocation to Create a Guaranteed Income for Life, an incredible resource on our...


The Ins and Outs of Real Estate: Mortgage Rate, Rentals, REITs and Variable Annuities (EP.58)

On today’s episode, Benjamin and Cameron are talking real estate, specifically mortgage rates and REITs. For the first time since the early 90s, fixed mortgage rates are lower than variable ones, which have always been the popular choice. However, due to the fact that Canada’s yield curve is inverted, short term rates higher than their long-term counterparts. This is not usually the case, which makes it a great time to consider a fixed term mortgage, bearing in mind that it requires some...


A Masterclass in Business: Money Philosophy with Barry Ritholtz (EP.57)

On today's episode we are so happy to be joined by none other than Barry Ritholtz! As the founder and CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management, host of the Masters in Business Podcast and regular financial blogger for more than 15 years, Barry is someone we have been dying to speak to on the show and who we have taken loads of inspiration from over the years. We talk to Barry about his own podcast which has been going strong for years now and is just about to reach its 250th episode! He also...


GIC's, Portfolio Questions and Education Saving Plans: What's Right for You in Your Retirement and Education Preparations? (EP.56)

On the show today we are going back to basics, just Cameron and Benjamin going through some useful topics for your financial benefit! We start talking about GIC's and the article on MoneySense that led to this conversation. GIC's have a somewhat mix and match reputation, one which we believe has been often misunderstood and misrepresented. We try to show in which ways people have been misled into thinking that GIC's are the best option when, we believe, they are not. From there we turn to...


Being Frugal: The Crux of Financial Happiness (EP.55)

Joining us on the podcast today is Jonathan Clements, former Wall Street Journal columnist, founder of HumbleDollar and author of From Here to Financial Happiness, How to Think About Money and several other books. Jonathan is a well-known name in the world of personal finance as he has been giving financial advice for more than 20 years. Today he talks about the role of stories in shaping people’s understanding of and relationship with money by sharing an anecdote from his own childhood. He...


The S&P Dow Jones & S&P 500: A Brief History (EP.54)

Today on the Rational Reminder Podcast we have joining us Dr. David Blitzer who is the Managing Director and Chairman of the S&P Dow Jones index committee. He has been there from the time when indexes were barely even being traded and the first time S&P Futures began trading, and since then, indexing has turned into the massive phenomenon we all know today. Indeed, S&P indexes were (and still is) at the center of this explosion. Today Dr. Blitzer talks to us about the early days of indexing...


The Real Value of Financial Advice: An Empirical Perspective (EP.53)

Live in the studio with us today is Preet Banerjee, renowned speaker, personal finance expert, consultant and author of Stop Overthinking Your Money. He is also the founder of MoneyGaps, a hybrid-advisor platform designed to help financial advisors make financial planning accessible to more Canadians. Having done a reality TV show and with a popular YouTube channel, Preet is on the forefront of the finance world, and he is here to talk to us about the findings that his DBA research has...


What drives the value premium? (EP.52)

Welcome to this week’s Rational Reminded Podcast! Today we’re diving into the recent CPPIB report that portrays actively managed funds in the most optimistic light. But before you trade in your index funds, we look at the methodologies and calculations employed by the report and show why there are a number of issues with their findings. Benjamin shares his proposal for an alternative analysis that employs a more risk appropriate benchmark, and we discuss why the report can be seriously...


Writing About Money: Advocating for Consumer Rights with Ellen Roseman (EP.51)

On the Rational Reminder today we are joined by Ellen Roseman from The Toronto Star, who has been writing and working in the realm of Canadian personal finance and consumer rights for many years. We have a great chat about her work history, what has driven her career and what motivates her to continue to pursue her path of creating financial awareness for more people. We discuss the position of advocacy for consumer rights and how that translates into her everyday work, her most important...


Tax Tales: Considering The Tax Implications Of Asset Allocation ETFs (EP.50)

Welcome back to the Rational Reminder Podcast! We’re nearing our one-year anniversary, and we are still getting more listeners every episode and we have some incredible guests lined up for you! Today we are tackling more technical issues and some interesting topics overall. We explore the tax implications of VGRO or any of the asset allocation ETFs of Vanguard and iShares and discuss the scenarios in which it might be more advisable to configure the asset allocation that you want using a...


Insights into Horizons: Continuous Innovation in the Canadian ETF Market (EP.49)

On today’s episode, we are joined by Jaime Purvis, Executive Vice President at Horizons ETFs. Having been the company’s third ever employee, he has worked at the company for nearly 24 years and provides an in-depth inside look into how Horizons has come to have the reputation of being ahead of the curve in the Canadian ETF market. He takes us through some of Horizons history, how they got into ETFs, as well as giving some insights into how these products were chosen. Given the instability of...