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Breaking the Stoner Stereotype

Envision a "stoner" in your head. Do you see a tie-dye shirt, or a suit and tie? The industry is changing, and so are the people working in it. Some people see this as the death of a culture. Others see it as the birth of a new one. Tune into the Final episode of Tony Don't Smoke OG Season 1, where Chip, Tony and Collin talk about stereotypes, whether or not cannabis is the next designer drug, and more!


Connecting to Your Cannabis: Tony Don’t Smoke OG

You can tell when your cannabis is sad. What if your cannabis can tell when you're sad too? Find out in Tony Don't Smoke OG Ep. 109.


Getting Cannabis Industry Jobs: Industry Employment Guide

It seems like a new state is legalizing cannabis every few months! And you know what the means...a ton of cannabis industry jobs! But if you don't know where to look, how to apply, and what the requirements are where you're looking, you'll fall behind the competition. In this week's episode of The Real Dirt, Chip talks about some of the biggest legal states and how to get a job in each market. He also sits down with The Real Dirt Content Manager Travis Crane. Travis left his life in rural...


The New Taxonomy of Cannabis

The taxonomy of cannabis is changing. That is, the definition of what makes cannabis cannabis is changing. What we know as indica and sativa is not the full truth. It's been diluted a lot through pop culture and a lack of scientific information regarding the origins of cannabis and how it has been bred through the generations. In this week's episode of The Real Dirt, Chip sits down with Jessica Baker to talk about the new science coming out about the origins of cannabis. It turns out, that...


Is Hemp Constitutional in Colorado? Harvest Special Pt. 5

Amendment X could bring a big change to the Colorado hemp industry. In the final Harvest Special episode of The Real Dirt, Chip dives into Amendment X, what it means for Colorado, and how it could put the state ahead or behind, depending on how you look at it. Hear all the details now on The Real Dirt!


Seed Breeding: luck or skill?

Every grower dreams of seed breeding. The reality is anybody can plant a seed and get results. They just might not be the results you want. In this weeks installment of Tony Don't Smoke OG, the gang puffs on some OG and Cookies as they talk seed hunting and breeding, and how big of a pain in the ass it can be. Roll up a shorty and enjoy this week's Tony Don't Smoke OG!


Maintaining Cannabis Quality: Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 107

Cannabis quality isn't everything when it comes to growing, but it's definitely at the top of the list. In this week's episode of Tony Don't Smoke OG, Chip, Tony and i225 talk quality and how to maintain consistency in your grow. Roll up a shorty and enjoy this episode of mild weed snobbery!


Cannabis Culture and Community: Harvest Special Pt. 4

Another harvest has arrived, and will soon have passed. It always helps me remember the beauty of cannabis culture and the community it has built. This week's Harvest Special is more of a conversation between Chip and you, as he dives into what makes our culture great, some of the issues our community faces, and of course, more trim tips! So roll one up and get into the dirt of harvest with The Real Dirt.


Croptober Problems: Harvest Special Pt. 3

Savage squirrels, wildfires, rain and more are turning this Croptober into something of an event! Tune into Part 3 of The Real Dirt Harvest Special to hear how people are dealing with extreme weather and unwelcome pests.


Curing Cannabis: Harvest Special Pt. 2

Curing cannabis is essential to a successful harvest. Listen to this week's Real Dirt episode, Part 2 of the Harvest Specials! Chip goes in depth about the best ways to cure cannabis, and how to trim according to each cure.


Harvesting Cannabis: Harvest Special Pt. 1

Every grower looks forward to harvesting cannabis that they have been growing for months. Well, harvest season is here and it's time to get to work! While the real stuff comes in October, preparation is key. In Part One of The Real Dirt Harvest Special, Chip talks trimming, and how important it is to get a good team of trimmers, or make sure to do a good job yourself. Grab your scissors, roll one up, and get to trimming with The Real Dirt!


The Science of Isolating Terpenes

In this episode of Tony Don't Smoke OG Tony, Chip, I225 and Colin talk terpenes. Hear how The Werc Shop isolates specific terpenes in order to give vape pens and other concentrates their desired flavors and effects. Plus the gang smokes a bunch of different strains and talk about the legendary dog, Luna. Roll one up and tune in!


Smokin’ on Sativa: Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 105

Sativa strains get a bad rap, man. It's not because all sativas are bad, or people just like other varieties that much more. It's that nobody is getting a good, well-grown sativa anymore! The new industry is bringing in some great cannabis, but also some not-so-great cannabis. IN this episode of Toy Don't Smoke OG, Tony and Chip are joined by Colin from The Werc Shop to talk cannabis quality, why sativas have the reputation they do, and more. Toke up and tune in!


Grow Management and Lambs Bread

Managing a grow operation only gets more difficult as it grows. But with a proper grow management system it can all run smoothly. Chip, Tony and secret guest I225 talk about managing a grow while the gang puffs on some cookies and talks the origins of Lambs Bread, one of Tony's favorites.


Cannabis Tests: fact or faux?

Tony Don't Smoke OG Ep. 3! Chip and Tony talk the myths about white ash and if it really has anything to do with quality and if cannabis testing is all bullshit.


The Origin of Trainwreck: Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 102

Trainwreck. It hits like a freight train and leaves you wanting more afterward. But where did this elite strain get its start, and why is it so damn good? Hear Chip, Tony and Dan from Humboldt Integrated Cannabis share their theories on this segment of Tony Don't Smoke OG.


Humboldt Cannabis in a Crunch

Northern California produces some of the finest cannabis in the world. But what makes Humboldt cannabis different isn't just the quality, but its story. Hang out with Chip on his Humboldt beach as he walks and talks about the history of Humboldt and how it became the cannabis mecca it is known as today.


CSI Humboldt: Breeding top shelf feminized seeds

CSI Humboldt is sought after for it's elite seed inventory and feminized seed bank. But how did CSI get it's start? What made its founder quite comic books to pursue cannabis? Find out in this episode of The Real Dirt!


Tony Don’t Smoke OG Ep. 101

Indulge in a little bit of weed snobbery with Chip and Tony in a new Real Dirt installment, Tony Don't Smoke OG! These short, sweet and to the joint episodes are perfect for your morning coffee and joint, lunch break joint, dinner joint, or a joint just for the hell of it!


60 Nuggets Explained: how to know your cannabis

All cannabis is not created equal. The Real Dirt found this out after we hosted the Cultivate Showdown in which the top growers from across the country came to showcase their best flower. There was a lot of great flower, but also a lot of not so great flower. This led us to the question, can you determine the quality of cannabis without ever smoking it? Join us on this episode of The Real Dirt when Chip sits down with his wife Jess Baker, Jacob Sarabia and Travis Crane to analyze some of the...