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Cannabis Seeds Genetics with Mr Soul - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

While studying Nuclear Engineering at a college in Upstate NY, Mr. Soul also learned to grow marijuana in a spare room of my apartment. After sending a letter to the Super Sativa Seed Club in Amsterdam, he became the sole distributor of their seeds in the United States. Now, he is one of the most world-renowned cannabis cultivators in the industry. Now he runs Brothers Grimm Seeds, known for breeding strains such as Cinderella 99 and Apollo 13.


Cannifest 2018: The green 420 festival - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Chip chats with Steve Gieder, organizer of Cannifest, a 420 festival that encompasses both earth day and 4/20 in one big, fun green week festival full of panels, games and the best growers in Humboldt. With the festival coming up in a couple weeks, Chip and Steve talk about past Cannifest events and what to expect at the next Cannifest in Humboldt.


Where has Legal Marijuana Landed Colorado? - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Andrew Livingston is Director of Economics and Research at Vicente Sederberg, LLC. He has been involved with the legal cannabis industry since the Amendment 64 movement back in 2012, and his love for the plant and how people use it led him into a full time career. He shares his thoughts on cannabis use throughout the country, effectiveness of current laws and where he sees the future of the industry going.


Navigating Marijuana Laws with Christian Sederberg - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Times have changed. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the need for cannabis related legal services, only now the focus is on keeping businesses compliant, not keeping them out of jail. Chip sits down with Christian Sederberg of Vicente Sederberg, LLC. a marijuana law firm that helps cannabis businesses stay compliant and keep up with the ever-changing laws and regulations of the legal cannabis industry.


I Heart Jane: The Amazon of Cannabis - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

What started as an idea for an easier way to find and buy some Mary Jane has evolved into a revolutionary new platform that unites consumers and dispensaries under one service. Hear how I Heart Jane is changing the cannabis industry on this week's episode of The Real Dirt!


Interpreting Terpenes and Marijuana Strains - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Max Montrose started the Trichome Institute, a program which teaches cannabis brands, budtenders and consumers alike how to analyze their cannabis. He also invented 'Interpening', the process of interpreting terpenes to determine if strains really match their descriptions and features. Listen to how he got his start in the cannabis industry on this week's episode of The Real Dirt Podcast!


Heather Moore from Earl’s Leadville - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

High up over 10,000 feet in Leadville, Colorado, Heather Moore grows some of the best cannabis in the state. From a front desk worker at a dispensary to the unofficial grow manager for Earl's in Leadville, Heather has become one of the few female growers providing top notch cannabis to the recreational industry. Listen to her chat with Chip about growing at over 10,000 feet and how she got her start in the industry.


Phishin' For Weed - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

The fast and the furious on the phish lot. Well not the Phish lot, but the parking lot High West cannabis. This was our first joint podcast with Mindful Millennial. We dive into Phish present past and future. Fish on !


The Healing Power of Cannabis, Ayahuasca & Plant Medicine - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Chip and Jessica Baker recorded this episode in the Amazonian jungles of Peru at Refugio Altiplano, an Ayahuasca Retreat. Jessica Baker is a world-renowned herbalist, acupuncturist, aromatherapist and educator. Jessica has taught at the Arcata Massage Collective, The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and is an Assistant Supervising Practitioner at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is also on the faculty of the Holistic Cannabis Academy and is a Cornerstone...


How Heavy 16 Nutrients became an Industry Leader – Bryce Patterson & James Kachel, Heavy 16 - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

When Heavy 16 founder, Bryce Patterson was five years old, he started thinking about making his own nutrients. His dad was an "amateur horticulturalist" with a rose garden, hanging baskets and a pristine lawn. As a kid, Bryce's dad used to take him to a boutique garden center to buy specialty fertilizers. Fast forward a couple of decades. Bryce went to college for horticulture, worked in nurseries, continued growing "everything," tested different fertilizers, elements and dosages. He still...


Inside the Grow & Production Operation of The Clinic – Josh Malman, The Clinic - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Josh Malman is the Grow Operations Manager at The Clinic. The Clinic started in 2009 and was one of the first chain dispensaries in Colorado. Josh went to high school with Max Cohen, founder and CEO of The Clinic. After getting a horticulture degree and growing traditional potted flowers in Half Moon Bay, he heard that Max was "up to something" in Colorado and contacted his old buddy. In 2010, Max and Josh met in Colorado, formulated a plan Josh and his wife relocated within two months....


How Nectar Sunglasses Broke Into the Cannabis Industry – Sean Holmes, Nectar Sunglasses - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

In 2010, Sean moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work with a successful entrepreneur and learn the hacks of the business world. He and his friend then launched an online fitness program that "failed miserably." The rebound from his first business was Nectar, an affordable, stylish lifestyle and specialty sunglasses brand. As Sean said, "I just remember being in the shower and my dad had called me and was like, 'What are you doing down there?' I was like, 'I got an idea. It's for sunglasses.' And...


From Mowing to Growing Grass: Pioneering the Legal Cannabis Cultivation Industry – Greg Gamet, DANK Dispensary - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

In 2008, Greg Gamet was a landscaper with dreams to grow medical cannabis and $1500 to start do it. He went to Cultivate Colorado to buy a grow tent, a 3x3 tray and "something to grow hydro." He talked to his wife and said, "I want to grow my own medical cannabis in the basement." Of course, you need your wife's blessing to do anything. Greg is one of the guys that believes anyone can do what he did - because he did with next to nothing. He then went from cutting to growing grass to...


How to Create a Simple, Sustainable & Scalable Grow – Joel Payne, Earl’s Leadville - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Joel Payne is a co-owner of Earl's Dispensary in Leadville, Colorado. One of the things that Joel has become known for is being a grower who focuses on growing high quality weed, organic, do-it-yourself on a large commercial scale. He’s the master of creating incredibly sustainable and scale-able grows. Joel has the unique perspective of growing cannabis in the climate that comes with being in Colorado’s highest incorporated city. He’s truly one of the growers that doesn’t ever use...


The Evolution of Cannabis Strains & Cultivation Technology – Dave Malone, Green Dot Labs & Doug Marvin, Botanicare - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

“You can only polish a turd so much. It's poop in, it's poop out, and that's kind of a general rule of thumb, and inside joke of all hash makers. It comes down to the product that you're extracting these days.” On this episode of The Real Dirt with Chip Baker, I’ve got not one, but two cannabis cultivation pioneers. Call it a dynamic duo. Today I’m here with Dave Malone, founder of Green Dot Labs and Doug Marvin, head of Research & Development at Botanicare.


How to Grow Three Pounds of Weed Per Light and Why You Should – Josh Haupt, Three A Light - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Josh has been a grower for over 15 years and has become one of the most well-known cannabis cultivators around because of his unique growing methods and his massive yields. In Josh’s grows, he is producing a half pound per square foot, or 1,100 lbs a month on average, which comes out to 150 lbs every 2.5 days. At any given time, he’s growing anywhere from 40 to 60 strains. Josh wrote the grower’s bible, Three a Light as a step-by-step guide about how to yield at least three pounds per...


The Truth About the Hemp Marketplace and How to Break In – Adrian Zelski, iHEMPX - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

For Adrian Zelski, cannabis is a spiritual guide. It has helped him overcome alcoholism, excel as the front man of a successful band and land a successful career in the emerging hemp industry. Adrian is probably most commonly known for being the front man for the Athens, Georgia based band, Dubconscious. But, in addition to being a talented musician and cannabis connoisseur, Adrian is the Director of Operations for the brand new International Hemp Exchange aka iHEMPx. iHEMPx is based in...


Season One Mashup - The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

Content for The Real Dirt Season 1 Commercial The post Season One Mashup appeared first on The Real Dirt with Chip Baker.


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