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238: Don’t Save for Retirement with Daniel Ameduri

Daniel Ameduri is Co-Founder of the Future Money Trends Letter. He is a self-made multi-millionaire, full-time fact finder, and a proud father of 3. After warning family and friends in 2007 about the coming market and mortgage collapse, he started his own YouTube channel, VisionVictory, which has received 10 million video views. On March 18, 2008, Daniel called for Dow 8,000, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Washington Mutual. During the mortgage crisis, he helped people buy Put...


237: Conservation vs. Creativity – Friday Fundamentals

With 7 Billion people and growing rapidly on the planet today, we face some serious challenges that weren't once a problem. From food, water, and housing to healthcare, education, and resources, we are faced with some large scale challenges that must be addressed. Government officials, scientists, economists, physicists, and so many other smart people have worked towards solutions for many of the challenges we face today. These solutions can be categorized into two simple categories -...


236: Building a Real Estate Business with Pete Barrow

Pete Barrow, along with his sons Sam and Isaac, founded Parrot Property Group, a family-owned business based in Indianapolis. They focus on providing the reliability and responsiveness that you need in order to make your real estate investment a success. Parrot Property Group has a team of 5 members with approximately 80 years of combined experience in construction and real estate investing. Parrot Property Group provides a full-service solution for real estate investors in Indianapolis....


235: Accelerate Your Growth – Friday Fundamentals

Throughout your life, you've been on an ever-evolving journey. From learning to take your first steps and say those first words, to growing up and accomplishing so many great things, you have grown significantly. The pursuit of growth is what many desire, but few actually realize about themselves. We want to improve, grow, learn new things, see new places, try new experiences, and do as much as possible in our short time here on this earth. Growth comes in many different forms and paths...


234: Projects to Profit with Michael Green

Michael Green is a successful house flipper and the host of The Flip Factor, but at one point in time this success was just a teenage boy’s dream. At the age of fifteen, prompted by late-night infomercials, Michael bought the book No Money Down by Carlton Sheets, which planted the seed of eventually becoming a house flipper. But the road to success wasn’t always easy. Growing up next to the projects in Baltimore, Michael found himself getting into trouble, and his relationship with his dad...


233: Find Success – Friday Fundamentals

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Being successful at something usually requires commitment, courage, and consistent action. You have to be committed to achieving your goal, whatever that may be. You'll inevitably run into hurdles and challenges along the way, and that commitment you've made to yourself to achieve success will be the driver in pushing yourself. Pushing yourself to achieve high levels of success will also require courage. You might find yourself taking the path less...


232: Investing in Self Storage with Kris Benson

Kris Benson Kris Benson is the chief investment officer for Reliant Investments, a subsidiary of Reliant Real Estate Management and one of the top 30 commercial self-storage operators in the U.S. in 2018. Kris is part of the investment committee and develops institutional-quality self-storage investment opportunities for accredited investors. Kris’s investing goals have always been about changing the paradigm of trading time for money in order to have time for more of the things we love...


231: Create Your Own Reality- Friday Fundamentals

Create Your Own Reality If you're like anything like me, you were raised with the blueprint to go to school, get a good education, go to college, and get a job. This is a common path for the middle class. It's one that works. It's proven. If you take this path, chances are you'll live a comfortable life earning a comfortable wage. That's where I found myself at the young age of 23 looking for my next step. What I found was.. I was at the end of this blueprint. This was it. This is what I...


230: Building a Successful Real Estate Company with Gabe DaSilva

Gabe DaSilva is Founder and President of DaSilva Group Inc. Prior to forming his firm Mr. DaSilva held several positions with both public and private financial institutions in the Greater New York City Area. Mr. DaSilva specializes in implementing effective profitability optimization strategies and conducting complex financial valuations and analyses. Key Points Building a vertically integrated real estate business Creating a culture of success Systems and processes to grow your...


229: Begin With the End in Mind – Friday Fundamentals

Begin With the End in Mind When starting any new venture you think about what your goals are, what the end product or result looks like, and then start building towards those. This goes for any new sport or hobby you pick up, your education, career, and your life. When you take this approach, you are building the foundation for your success. Begin with the end in mind is a phrase many have heard. Beginning with the end in mind isn't just some fancy phrase though. It has quite the merit....


228: Value of Cash Flow with Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith brings with him more than fifteen years of extensive business experience in market evaluation, property analysis, management systems, due diligence, finance, and more. Mr. Smith and his affiliates co-manage multiple investment funds, which specialize in investing in manufactured home communities (MHCs), and participates in the ownership and/or management of over 20,000 MHC lots. Ryan graduated from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. An...


227: Your Psychology – Friday Fundamentals

Your psychology is perhaps the most important quality in your life. It controls what you do, how you do it, and ultimately how successful you can be. With the right psychology, the sky is the limit. With the wrong psychology, you might never reach your full potential or even come close. Have you ever come across someone who seems to be less driven, less qualified, or less capable than you, yet is more successful at something specific? If it isn't due to capabilities, intelligence, or some...


226: Make It Happen with Gino Barbaro

Gino Barbaro is an investor, business owner, and entrepreneur. He has been investing in real estate for 15 years and has grown his multifamily portfolio to 900 units in just over 3 years. He has teamed up with Jake Stenziano to create Jake and, a real estate educational company that offers coaching and training… The post 226: Make It Happen with Gino Barbaro appeared first on The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom.


225: Financial Freedom – Friday Fundamentals

Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Freedom can mean many things, and obviously here on The Real Estate Way to Wealth and Freedom, it's a pillar. In the U.S. and throughout much of the world, we are privileged with many freedoms. Freedom to live where we want, work where we want, do what we want, raise a family how we want, and so much more. We have countless opportunities available to us. Freedom is about being able to take...


224: The Benefits of Being a Leinlord with Bob Fraser

Bob Fraser is on a mission to help investors take advantage of one of the most effective and overlooked avenues of real estate investing: residential mortgage notes. As Founder and Principal of Aspen Funds, Bob has purchased more than 1,000 mortgage notes earning double-digit annual returns without the risk and volatility of traditional investing options. Bob has personal experience with the unpredictable nature of public markets. In the 90's, he launched a tech company, raised $44...


223: Mindset Matters – Friday Fundamentals

Mindset Matters As humans, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, grow, expand, learn new things, experience new places, and overall become better people. Look at how our world has changed in the past couple hundred years. There are two famous pictures that show just how fast people, technology and times can change. These two pictures were taken of the Easter Day Parade on 5th Avenue in New York City - one in 1900 and the other in 1913. The 1900 Easter Day Parade shows 5th Ave....


222: Funding and Protecting Your Real Estate with Bruce Mack

Bruce Mack, owner and founder of Platinum Financing Group, knows that his funding options and asset protection programs are the perfect solution for all business owners to achieve complete financial freedom. As a licensed financial advisor and former owner of a licensed and bonded credit repair company, Bruce empowers small business growth through customized funding options, including lines of credit, corporate credit building programs, and more. He’s especially passionate about educating...


221: Freedom vs. Security – Friday Fundamentals

Freedom vs. Security Life is full of choices. You have the ability to live your life how you want for the most part. Work a 9-5, be an entrepreneur, travel the world, buy a home, raise a family, adopt a child, marry a spouse, etc. There are so many different ways you can live your life, and it's completely up to you to decide. When you ask someone what they want in life, you'll get typical answers like health, happiness, prosperity, wealth, etc. Those all make sense. Who wouldn't want those...


220: Break Away Mindset with Greg McCluskey

Greg McCluskey is a professional real estate investor with over 21 years of experience. At a young age, his father instilled within him the importance of family, education and entrepreneurship. He started his real estate training after graduating college where he worked for Franklin Covey for 3 years. With limited experience, he purchased three properties in a span of 30 days each returning a hefty profit $88,000, $76,000 and $74,000. This allowed him to quit his job and go on to build...


219: Your Reality – Friday Fundamentals

Your Reality Reality - the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. Reality is the world we see around us - people, government, society, culture, wealth, etc. Everyone wants to be better. Everyone wants to improve, grow, achieve more success, and create their own reality. Your reality is in your own mind. "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it." - Charles Swindoll Your reality isn't some external...