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Plans and Permits 101 – Understanding The Process

This week Kevin is joined by Yajaira Amador from Houston Plans and Permits. If you are currently preparing to do any type of residential or commercial construction project you can't avoid the Planning and Permitting process. In this episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin and Yajaira breakdown the process, cost and what you can do to expedite the process to save time and money. Listen up for some real good information! SPECIAL GUEST: Yajaira Amador | Project Manager Houston Plans and...


“Do It For The Likes” – Using Social Media To Brand Your Business

This week Kevin is doing it for the likes (#doitforthelikes) with Tristen "Branding Jedi" Sutton. Be prepared to take notes or listen twice because you will definitely want to apply these techniques to your social media branding campaigns. If that's not enough and you want more be sure to take advantage of the special offer extended to TREOL podcast subscribers! SPECIAL GUEST: Tristen Sutton | Social Media Branding Strategist Tristen Sutton Consulting T: 281-766-0814 | @tristenesutton...


Commercial Lease “Hacking”

After a brief hiatus Kevin returns to The Real Estate of Life looking good and feeling even better. In this installment of TREOL Kevin breakdown commercial leases and highlights some key aspects of commercial leases that you should be aware of before you sign on the line. So lean in, listen up and learn.


Using “Hard Money” As A Tool To Fund Real Estate Investments

Kevin continues Money May with Darel Daik CEO of Noble Mortgage & Investments, LLC. In this episode Kevin and Darel explain exactly what Hard Money is and how it can be used as a tool to assist in funding potential real estate investment deals. Many investors often overlook this funding option because they don't understand how to effectively use hard money. This episode of The Real Estate Of Life will help answer some of your questions about what Hard Money is, how to use it and when to...


Finding Private Funds For Your Real Estate Investments

Kevin kicks off Money May with special guest Attorney Deon Warner, who specializes in real estate transactions. If you are interested in utilizing private investors to fund your real estate transactions or if you need to know how to properly structure your agreement after you have located a private investor you will want to listen to this podcast closely. SPECIAL GUEST: Attorney Deon Warner, J.D. WARNER & ASSOCIATES, PLLC Email: Website:


Alternative Ways To Invest In Real Estate

Kevin closes out Real Estate Investment Month with an in depth conversation with Eric S. Tait, M.D., MBA who offers up some alternative and creative ways to get into the real estate investment game without having to be a real estate expert. In this episode of TREOL you will discover the importance and necessity of having a good team in place to grow your portfolio, making sure your "paperwork" is in order and why your should focus on counting your money instead of worrying about what...


Well Seasoned Real Estate Investment Advice

Real Estate Investment month just keeps getting better. This week Kevin sits down with Craig Cassel, the man who ultimately changed his life by introducing him to real estate. Craig Cassel is a seasoned real estate investor who currently owns over 40 properties in Houston's historic inner city and has a wealth of knowledge about almost every aspect of real estate investing. So grab your pen & paper, lean all the way in and listen closely as Craig provides you with some "well seasoned" real...


Investing In Short-Term Rental Property

Kevin continues Real Estate Investment month with special guest and short term rental investor Brandon Cheatham. If you are looking for options beyond the typical buy and lease, investing in short term rental property might be the perfect option. With the continued growth of Airbnb, Flipkey, HomeAway and other short term rental programs this has quickly become a very profitable business model for some real estate investors. So lean in and listen closely as Kevin and Brandon provide a bit...


The Scarcity Mentality

This week Kevin closes out Motivational March with a brief discussion about the concept of "The Scarcity Mentality" and the effect it has on many of our daily lives. If you are asking yourself "Exactly what is the scarcity mentality?" you may have already adopted this way of thinking and not even know it. To get a full explanation of The Scarcity Mentality check out this episode of The Real Estate of Life.


Characteristics of Successful Real Estate Agents

Motivation March continues on T.R.E.O.L with this weeks special guest John Lusink a highly successful Real Estate Agent, Managing Broker and Business Coach. John has over 30 years of experience in real estate and has coached thousands of agents while serving in the capacity of a Managing Broker. In this episode of T.R.E.O.L Kevin & John discuss some of the characteristics that successful Real Estate Agents have and utilize which tend to lead to more overall success in the ever changing...


Rolls Royce Dreams with Big Wheel Ethic – Pt.2

This week Kevin is back with part 2 of his "Motivational March" conversation with award winning author, coach and motivational speaker Taft Mohair. In part one of this two part podcast Kevin and Taft discussed why knowing your purpose in life is important. In this followup episode Taft will share some of the success tactics he empowers his clients with and how you can apply theses same tactics in your journey to success. / To purchase the...


Rolls Royce Dreams with Big Wheel Ethic

Kevin kicks off Motivational March with award winning author, coach and motivational speaker Taft Mohair. In part one of this two part podcast Kevin and Taft discuss why knowing your purpose in life is important and the impact that walking in your purpose ultimately has on your life. If you are wondering what all this has to do with real estate check out part one of Rolls Royce Dreams with Big Wheel Ethic. / To purchase the International Bestseller...


Why Kevin Loves Real Estate & why you should too

This week Kevin talks about why he loves Real Estate and why you should at-least consider "dating" real estate. The possibilities are endless and who knows you too might just fall in love with Real Estate. Check out this weeks installment of TREOL and see if you and Real Estate are a match made in heaven.


The Myth & Truth About “Off Market Opportunities”

In this installment of TREOL Kevin explains the myth and truth about the often requested "OFF MARKET OPPORTUNITY". Do off market opportunities really exist? If so where do I find them? Am I really getting a good deal? Do I really need a broker or can I just take a Real Estate class and hit the ground running? If you are searching for the truth about "Off Market Opportunities" be sure to listen closely to Episode 31 of The Real Estate of Life.


Top Three Things You Need To Know Before Investing In Commercial Real Estate

February is question and answer month so be sure to submit your real estate related questions. This week Kevin explains the "Top three things you need to know before investing in commercial real estate". So get your pen and pad ready to receive some valuable information that could save you time and money.


The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made – “Confession of a Top Producer”

In this episode of The Real Estate of Life Kevin talks about the biggest real estate investment mistake he's made thus far and provides some helpful tips to keep you from making the same mistake. So listen and learn from the "Confession of a Top Producer".


Building Wealth in 2018 – The Q&A Podcast

In this first installment of TREOL for 2018 Kevin answers some questions submitted by TREOL listeners & viewers. Check out Episode 28 of TREOL and if you have a question that was not answered, just to go to and submit your question. This year Kevin is focused on helping you build (more) wealth so don't just listen - take action and make the most out of everyday in 2018!


Know Your Numbers

In this weeks final installment of TREOL for 2017 Kevin encourages people to "Know Your Numbers" in order to get a realistic view of where you stand financially. If you plan on building wealth in 2018 you have to know exactly where you are in order to get where it is you want to be and that means not being afraid to know your credit score, your assets vs liabilities and ultimately your net worth. Check out Episode 27 of TREOL to find out how to calculate your numbers so you can build...


Setting SMART Goals For Success In 2018

Kevin remains on topic as he continues his efforts to prepare listeners for a highly successful year in 2018. This week Kevin breaks down just how to set and achieve SMART goals for 2018. It's not enough to just set goals, you must have a plan to accomplish those goals if you truly want to be successful . If you are asking yourself - "How do I set SMART goals?" You can start by listening to TREOL Episode 26.