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The business of recovery is changing fast. Many executives are getting left behind. The Recovery Executive Podcast talks to experts in the field on marketing, operations, M&As, billing, and growth to help you build your organization, serve more of those who need help, and stay on top.

The business of recovery is changing fast. Many executives are getting left behind. The Recovery Executive Podcast talks to experts in the field on marketing, operations, M&As, billing, and growth to help you build your organization, serve more of those who need help, and stay on top.


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The business of recovery is changing fast. Many executives are getting left behind. The Recovery Executive Podcast talks to experts in the field on marketing, operations, M&As, billing, and growth to help you build your organization, serve more of those who need help, and stay on top.






Consolidating the Industry around Value & Quality with Matt Morgan

Addiction Campuses has an entirely new leadership team post acquisition and they're completely transforming the company around value and quality. Matt Morgan, the new CEO, is leading that charge, and someone I am personally a big fan of. Coming with extensive experience growing and scaling large healthcare companies, he brings us fantastic insights into how he's applying that expertise at Addiction Campuses.


EP 61: The Legal Ins and Outs of Addiction Treatment with Harry Nelson

Healthcare laws are complex to say the least. Regular attorneys just don't know enough, which is why I'm having Harry Nelson, Managing Partner of Nelson-Hardiman on this episode. We look at the current legal landscape for addiction treatment, how it's changed, and what are some of the pitfalls like free housing, travel arrangements, and marketing.


EP 60: Executing on Operations That Drive Turnarounds & Growth with Manny Nsien

Ever had to turnaround an organization that was bleeding money and make it profitable? It's not easy. Manny Nsien, COO of Shadow Mountain Recovery, walks us through his experience doing exactly that. Then he talks further with me about what it takes to succeed in today's treatment landscape. I personally consider Manny to be one of the best COO's in the business, so get ready for some great insights.


EP 59: Operationalizing RCM & Billing with Ben Dittman

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management is far more than submitting a claim followed by checking to see how much was collected. There are numerous steps in the process and not having them operationalized is a quick way to start losing serious revenue. Ben Dittman, CEO of Avea Solutions, walks us through the systems and processes providers need to know.


EP 58: Improving Sales Performance Thru Accountability & Culture with Amy Kelley

How do you get industry leading performance out of your business development team? The answer, not surprisingly, is different than what most providers focus on with their business development and community outreach teams. In this episode, I speak with Amy Kelley, VP of Business Development for Promises Behavioral Health, We go through the tactics, strategies, and philosophy that has enabled her to build one of the highest performing teams right now as the company rebuilds after the old...


EP 57: Re-thinking Co-dependency with Carrie Wilkens

Families really want to help their loved one, but often feel at a loss. In some instances, they even feel actively discouraged from supporting their loved one for fear of being labeled an enabler or co-dependent. In this episode, I speak with Carrie Wilkens, founder of The Center for Motivation and Change, where we explore a heavily evidence-based, but little used strategy, called CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training).


EP 56: M&A Trends Moving into 2020 with Kevin Taggart

It's been 2 years since our last podcast on mergers and acquisitions. A lot has changed in that time. Kevin Taggart, Managing Partner at Mertz & Taggart, shares insights into the M&A landscape in behavioral health this year. Have valuations changed? Are residentials and traditional PHP/IOPs even on the radar anymore? Where is MAT trending? What's with all the talk around Autism? Kevin answers all these questions and more.


EP 55: Quality Clinical Processes at Scale with Lori Ryland

Maintaining consistent clinical quality at 80+ facilities is no small task. How can you create standardization across the organization while also allowing for your own clinician's talents to shine through? We also dive into the importance of skills-based therapies as a very necessary component of effective clinical (as opposed to simply psychoeducation). Lori Ryland, Chief Clinical Officer for Pinnacle Treatment Centers and someone I hold in high esteem, joins us on this episode.


EP 54: How to Negotiate Better In-Network Contracts with Lee Peterson

Most facilities are moving in-network, but contracted rates offered by insurance providers vary wildly from almost criminal to very well-compensated. What's the process for going in-network and what can providers do to get the best contracted rates possible? In this episode, we talk with Lee Peterson, who facilitated negotiations for all of Hazelden Betty Ford's in-network contracts, to learn tips and strategies to get the best possible outcome for your program.


EP 53: Specialized Peer Recovery Support as a Revenue Driver with Trey Laird

We know how important peer recovery support for improving the chances of long-term recovery, but how do you make it part of a sustainable business model? As an aspect of treatment that isn't much reimbursed yet, and that also has low margins, how can providers offer this valuable service in a way that doesn't compromise their ability to stay afloat. Trey Laird, CEO of The Lighthouse CT, shares some answers.


EP 52: Brand Is Far More Important Than You Think with Kelly Farrell

The largest, longest enduring companies in the world have brand. Think Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Nike. WeWork, on the other hand, had hype. In addiction treatment, there was a lot of hype, but little brand, which ended up being the downfall of many a treatment center. Many owners & operators don't understand brand. It's viewed as fluff or a byproduct of marketing. However, brand is actually one of the most important assets your business can build. Why is that so? How do you do it? These are...


EP 51: Pinnacle's Principles For Sustainable Growth With Joe Pritchard

Joe Pritchard, CEO of Pinnacle Treatment Centers, joins us to talk about their continuing success driven by quality clinical care, focus on mission, regionalization, and, most important of all, patience. With decades of experience in the field, and starting out as a behavioral tech himself, Joe offers us insights into what it takes to grow into the role of CEO, and turning 4 centers into 80 across a full continuum of care.


EP 50: Understanding the Neuroscience of Addiction with Dr. Marc Lewis

Put simply, addiction is extremely complicated. It's not genetics, it's not choice, it's not neurochemical imbalances. Instead, it's a complex interaction of all of these. On this episode, I have one of the world's leading neuroscientists on addiction, Dr. Marc Lewis, walk us through the neurobiology of addiction in laymen's terms. My hope is that we're able to bridge some of the gap between the neuroscience and clinical practice, something notoriously difficult to do, but I believe we...


EP 49: Behind the Scenes of Insurance Reimbursement with Cigna's Doug Nemecek

What does the future hold for insurance reimbursement in addiction treatment? Is it bundled payments or value-based care? What does it take to build relationships with payors and get higher reimbursements? Is it really true that payors paid high amounts for urine screens just to offset excess profit? Doug Nemecek, Chief Medical Officer for Cigna, answers these questions and more in this episode of The Recovery Executive Podcast.


Ep 48: Why Are Moms Losing Faith in American Rehabs with Ally Aabram

A large percentage of callers into any treatment centers are moms looking for help for a son or daughter. Yet, it turns out that many rehabs are doing a poor job of meeting these mothers' needs. Ally Aabram, a mom who has a son that has been through 20 rehabs, talks about her experiences, where rehabs could better support mothers, and why so many moms are losing faith in rehabs as a viable option to help with addiction.


EP 47: How to Collect Patient Responsibility the Right Way with TJ Ferris

Unlike the rest of healthcare, it's not uncommon in addiction treatment to hear of programs not collecting patient responsibility - co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Some programs fear that, because "everyone else does it," they have to as well or won't be able to compete. This is not the case, and TJ Ferris, CEO of The Revenue Solution, walks us through how that's done the right way. We also need to mention that programs that collect patient responsibility portions of...


EP 46: Initiating Turnarounds and Accelerating Growth with Ted Bender

Moving from clinician to the CEO of Addiction Campus's Treehouse center, Ted Bender has helped turn around struggling centers and accelerate the growth of successful ones. He shares his experience as a clinician and an executive leader in terms of what to do first and where to focus in order to achieve success when coming into a new program.


EP 45: Expanding Treatment and Saving Lives Using Methadone with Nick Stavros

Methadone has often gotten a bad rap within the addiction treatment space, and sometimes for good reason. Perhaps this is why so many treatment providers are unfamiliar with how it works both clinically and as a business model. CEO of Community Medical Services, Nicholas Stavros, walks us through the numbers of how many people their centers help (sometimes 1,000s a day!) and how the business model compares to programs that don't incorporate MAT.


EP 44: Achieving Long-term Success with Bob Poznanovich

Hazelden Betty Ford is one of the most successful programs in the country. Their name is known across the US and they're succeeding even while other programs struggle to keep the lights on. Bob Poznanovich shares some of the strategies and tactics that contribute to their success from a business development and sales perspective. It's an episode you don't want to miss.


EP 43: Preparing for Value-based Care with Jacob Levenson

Value-based care is coming. The payers want it. Lots of people are talking about it, but none of us really know what it means. Jacob Levenson, CEO of MAP Health Management, enlightens us on the ins and outs, as well as how to prepare for this shift.