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Danielle Baird, Recruiting Specialist

@DANIBAIRD1 -- LINKEDIN: I have been in Human Resources for 10 years. I just really enjoy working and helping people. There was no way I could go into a health field like nursing though; I would bring all the patients home with me. So I was called into the HR world and eventually migrated to recruiting. I have recruited across the board; administrative, light industrial, IT, healthcare, etc. I have worked with large companies, small, one man shows and non-profits. Many interesting positions...


Tris Revill, In-House Recruiter and Sourcer

@TRISREVILL -- LINKEDIN -- WEBSITE: I'm a Full-stack Recruiter. I started out as an agency recruiter. I am currently freelancing for some of the world's top Tech companies. I have helped leading tech companies and startups build teams all over the world. My approach is to mix a technical and commercial approach using data-driven decisions to attract and engage the right people for your jobs.


Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic: Using Science To Predict Performance

@DRTCP -- LINKEDIN -- TOM'S WEBSITE: Tom was on the show just a few months ago and not one of the expert recruiters who called in agreed with his contention that personality assessments do a lot more to help us understand candidates than resumes and interviews. However I find Tom to be a very articulate speaker who produces many well-written and compelling articles on FastCompany, Harvard Business Review and a number of other sites so I, personally, want to hear more of what he...


Anthony Caputi, Retained Agency Recruiter

@ANTHONYCAPUTI -- LINKEDIN: Your partner for recruiting sales executives. Working on retainer, I recruit sales executives who fit your culture, understand your market, and deliver key results that help you grow your business. My clients are entrepreneurial U.S. and European companies. My approach ensures that you see candidates who have the drive, discipline and track record to execute your vision, wow customers and grow revenue.


Joe Mullings - Social media marketing for headhunters

@JoeMullings -- LINKEDIN: Martial Artist, Muscle-Man, Headhunter, Social Media Marketing Pro. Joe Mullings is a lively, articulate speaker and we're probably going to talk about all sorts of things but among them, for sure, will be Social Media Marketing for what Joe-Joe calls, the Kitchen Table Recruiter, the little guy or gal who works from home in a bathrobe or yoga pants. If you think he's way too negative about good, old-fashioned cold calls, by all means call in and take him on.


Raine Lunke, Talent Acquisition Rainmaker

@RaineLunke -- LINKEDIN: Raine (pronounced rainy) is a talent acquisition leader with 15+ years’ experience. Her passion for recruiting is fueled by building teams, strategy, programs and driving operational efficiencies. Her success as a recruiter was a result of her direct sourcing methodologies while establishing strong rapport and professional credibility with hiring managers. In 2012, she left corp recruiting to fulfill a personal challenge of learning and working in the staffing...


Mike Durre, Hospitality Recruiter

@DineInnRecruit - LINKEDIN: Specializes in recruiting General Managers for Hotels and Restaurants. Executive Chefs, Directors of Food and Beverage, Sales Directors and Managers and many other leadership positions at hotels and restaurants.


Jason Barber, Cold Caller

LINKEDIN: Jason Barber got his start selling the hard way by going door to door and getting rejected over and over; teaching him to be resilient to rejection. At the age of 19 he worked for a leading automotive group in Michigan and became the number one sales rep in two short months. He was quickly promoted to run the entire sales and financial operations for the entire group by the age of 23. He was able to increase their sales optimization and targets by more 300%. He moved on to work for...


Alan Fluhrer, All-Round Recruiter

@ALANFLUHRER -- LINKEDIN: LinkedIn Recruiter Admin and power user. Strong experience in Recruitment and Staffing, Consultation, Diversity Relations, Project Management, Systems Implementations, Process Design, Compliance, Sourcing, Research, Event Management, Vendor Management, Recruiting Marketing/Media, SEO, Social Networking Tools, Surveys, Email Deliverability, Recruiting Metrics and Measures. "Alan and his team are the best at uncovering the best candidates for us. They consistently dig...


Dean Da Costa, Super Sourcer

@DeanDaCosta -- LINKEDIN -- WEBSITE: Summary of Qualifications • 20 years Staffing / Recruiting, Resource / Talent Management, HR, Training and PM in Fortune 100s • A-Z full cycle recruiting/staffing. • Expert in Lean Recruiting with the ability to analyze recruiting models and metrics that result in decreased time to fill ratio, budget spend, and increase in ROI and productivity. • Recruiting for Agency / Contingent, Consulting, Corporate, Executive, Military/Veteran, College/Campus,...


Zachary Gallinger - Marketing For Recruiters

@Zgall1 - LINKEDIN: At Talent Hero, we believe that every recruiter can grow their business using a systematic approach to online lead generation. Our mission is to teach you exactly how to do it. We want to show recruiters that they can find new clients and candidates without cold calling, attending networking events or simply sitting around and waiting for a word-of-mouth referral. Whether you want to dominate online search, run ads on Facebook or use your email list to maximum effect, we...


Joey Mullings, The Modern Agency Recruiter

@JOEMULLINGS -- LINKEDIN: My firm and I have completed more searches in the medical device industry than any other search firm. More than 5,000 searches with more than 500 different companies in the Life Sciences space. The Mullings Group, established in 1992, is the country's leading Executive Search Firm in the medical device space. Specialties: Clinical, Regulatory, Marketing, Research & Development, Reimbursement, Operations and Business Development. Heart Failure, Ophthalmology,...


Mike Rasmussen, Corporate Recruiter

@MikeRADP -- LINKEDIN -- You must depend on yourself and your own inner vision to meet your goals. This has defined me my entire career - results. Whether on a team achieving results or on projects I owned. Personal Fact - Myers Briggs Personality type ENFP ATTENTION Staffing Agency Recruiters. I typically DO NOT fill my roles through agencies.


Matt Gibbs, Co-Founder of

@MattJamesGibbs -- LINKEDIN: Recruiterly is a community-driven, industry-specific digital ecosystem that helps both individual recruiters & companies to build their brand in a way that differentiates them as experts in their given markets, thanks to these 3 primary facets: Verified & rated public recruiter profiles that uniquely showcase industry expertise in a way that’s easy for employers to find and review A recruiter community that’s equipped with feeds and other tools that improve...


Michelle Letherby, Agency Recruiter

@LETHERBYS -- LINKEDIN: Almost 20 years - Recruitment, International Search, Executive Search, Job Finder, Career Builder, Business Development - UK & Overseas (UAE, Africa, Europe). Career Coach and Career Performance. Michelle Letherby is an International Recruiter, Executive Career, and Business Coach, founder of Career Clear and Director of Letherbys – an International Search Consultancy working with businesses and professionals to take their careers and business to the...


Steve Lowisz, Recruiting Trainer

@SLOWISZ -- LINKEDIN Specialties: * Creator and Trainer of the Results Based Interviewing System * Creator and Chief Trainer of the Recruitment Education Institute * Global, Speaker, Trainer & Educator * Recruiter Training & Development * Hiring Executive/Manager Interview & Candidate Assessment Training * Candidate Attraction, Development and Retention * Diversity Recruiting Strategies and Implementation * Recruitment Research * Global Sourcing * Executive/Retained Search * Primary Research...


Martin Dangerfield, Global Head of Recruitment, Resourcing and People

@MDangerfield -- LINKEDIN -- COMPANY I'm a seasoned recruiter, leader and strategist (with a small 's'). With a straight-talking, results-focused approach I have recruited on a Global, Regional and Local level, creating and leading teams of recruiters and HR professionals in multiple locations. In addition to continually reviewing the market for new recruitment technology, I write, blog and I speak across the world about HR technology and how to get the best from your recruitment function....


Amy Miller, Super-Recruiter

@ALARECRUITER -- LINKEDIN - CAKES I help rescue resumes from ATS black holes. I'm also a featured blogger and frequent contributor to the greatest online communities for recruiters - & RecruitingDaily


Amy Poirier, Recruiter

@AmyBeth911 - LINKEDIN: I am a strategic and leadership-driven Senior Recruiter with expertise in sourcing, talent acquisition, skill development, and personal training. I am exceptionally skilled at managing and developing relationships with staff and business leaders in order to drive business growth and to improve internal operations. If you're looking for an experienced Recruiter to provide your organization with cost-effective, creative solutions to all of your workforce challenges.,...


Rocky Ricardo, Agency Recruiter

@ROCKYRECRUITER -- LINKEDIN: I specialize in full-cycle technical recruiting for: - Broadcast Media: Software and Infrastructure talent experienced in TV Everywhere (TVE), Video-On-Demand (VOD), Over-The-Top (OTT), Online Video Platforms (OVP), and Media Asset Management (MAM). - Broadcast Media: Ad Sales, Digital Analytics and Consumer Insights, Distribution. - Cloud: Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Infrastructure: EC2, S3, Lambda, CloudFront, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, Aurora, etc. - Senior...