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The recruitment marketing podcast offers unbiased opinions and insights from marketing leaders in the recruitment industry.

The recruitment marketing podcast offers unbiased opinions and insights from marketing leaders in the recruitment industry.
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The recruitment marketing podcast offers unbiased opinions and insights from marketing leaders in the recruitment industry.






Jeremy Russon - Recruitment is about efficiency in marketing

In 1995 writing an advert was a 15 minute job to stick and advert in a window. 95% of the work was the candidate process. Now, it is winning the marketing battle, winning the war for talent. Meet Jeremy Russon, a recruitment expert, he has worked across the industry from sourcing to advising tech start ups. We discuss everything from how the industry has changed, to the need for specialist events and educating marketing teams.


Gareth Saunders - Right Talent. Right Place

This week's guest is Gareth Saunders, Head of Customer Marketing UK&I for The Adecco Group. Gareth has worked across the FMCG industry for multi-million pound brands. We discuss Adecco's latest campaign Right Talent, Right Place - using humour to break down walls in the recruitment industry, as well as the differences between marketing in recruitment and FMCG companies, how to start building your strategy when you join a new company and how to build a team.


Adam Gordon - How to actually implement automation

This week we talk to Adam Gordon, CEO of Candidate ID discussing how marketers can actually start implementing automation. The crawl, walk, run approach to getting to the perfect ecosystem and how we can all begin to build a ‘profit centre’or‘engine room’from the marketing team. A real approach to implementing automation that will benefit the business. Monitoring candidate activity to generate daily candidate and client leads and how marketers need to invest time in consultants personal...


Stan Wasowicz - Harnessing the power of personal brands

Stan is a fantastic character and knows a lot about both the recruitment and employer brand markets. The topic of personal brands is coming up more and more, as people are finding the voice on social media. Individuals are more important than brands now. As marketers we need to understand how to leverage that. Stan also talks about how he has driven his career by wanting and needing to be at the forefront of the industry. Shout outs this week to Bill Boorman for his meet-ups, Scott Millward...


Scott Millward - Don't Automate Stupid

We are back with a bang sharing a conversation with maverick Scott Millward, Marketing Director at Matt Burton Associates. We focused on the importance of content, building a personal brand and being effective online. 🚨Personal branding - Scott is calling out Recruitment 🗣️ Anxiety 👋 Stop posting self-serving content and plan content that serves the industry ✌️ Scott is officially more engaged then Gary V 🏃 Get rid of 12 month marketing plans – sprints are the best way for you to...


Áine Connellan - Networking isn’t giving away secrets, get out and talk to peers

Meet Áine Connellan: 🎙 How her remit expands outside of just ‘traditional’ marketing 🎙 Buying into companies and brands not just recruitment marketing 🎙 Networking isn’t giving away secrets – get out and talk to peers 🎙 Being a female on the board 🎙 Organic growth is more important than paid growth


Richard Turrell - Why quality of content trumps quantity

Another of Adam’s Nicoll’s hires – Richard Turrell, Head of Marketing at Stanton House. 🎙Picking Recruitment over Chelsea FC 🎙A Customer Focused model that underpins Stanton House 🎙The KPI culture is a lazy word for Micromanagement 🎙Why Whitepapers create a great foundation for a marketing team 🎙Is quality content or quantity of content important? 🎙Reporting marketing’s impact to the business 🎙As an industry we need to slow down our ideas for new technology and start working on...


Jack Dixon - Transitioning from Recruiter to Marketer

Every marketers worst nightmare - a recruiter turned marketer...but Jack is different. But there is something different about Jack. He has a marketers approach to recruitment marketing. He was the first to admin he doesn't know everything so created himself a supportive community of industry experts he could learn from. Jack encompasses everything that is great about the recruitment industry and shows it is possible to be a great marketer from a recruiter.


Owain Wood - Improve user experience to improve candidate quality

This week we spoke to Owain Wood about his career from Red to Acre and now Head of Marketing at Carmichael Fisher. Owain has worked at almost every type of recruitment agency now, he shares interesting insights from seeing company through investment, MBO and he talks about how they turned a typical recruitment company into a technology company by innovating the client offering through marketing. We also chat about: 🎙 How CSR has become much more important in the industry 🎙 Why Owain...


Sean Furey - You don’t have to rush up the corporate ladder

This week I speak to Sean Furey, Brand Manager at The SR Group in London, to discuss his career progression and the first instalment of strange requests marketers receive. We also chat about: 🎙️ Approaching marketing as a Brand Manager, and the nuances of marketing into the legal industry 🎙️ Why it is beneficial not to rush up the corporate ladder 🎙️ In the recruitment industry, only being an academic marketer will not get you all the way 🎙️ Having an adaptable campaign plan, and...


Kathy Walker - Support for marketing needs to come from the top down

This week's episode features Kathy Walker, Associate Director of Marketing at McGregor Boyall. Kathy started her career in recruitment at the REC, she then moved into the industry with ITHR Group and has now been at McGregor Boyall for over 4 years. 🎙️ Kathy talks about the benefits of having a CEO passionate about marketing, who is open to developing the team and how support for marketing needs to come from the top down. She has a great network of peers in the industry and uses their...


Katrina Chui - Position yourself as a business partner

This week I talk to Katrina Chui, APAC Marketing Manager for Phaidon International. We met up while I was on holiday in Hong Kong to discuss what it is like working in a different office or country to your manager and how she has started the marketing department in Asia from scratch, for Phaidon International. She also talks about: 🎙️ Presenting herself as a business partner 🎙️ Setting up regional marketing from scratch 🎙️ How to find your quick wins 🎙️ How she educates on the...


Zinzan Clements - You do have a budget [for marketing automation]

Zinzan is originally from Australia and currently lives in London working for DMJ Global as the Marketing Manager. Zinzan discusses: 🎙️His unique story getting into the recruitment industry 🎙️Moving from a start-up in Australia to the UK recruitment industry 🎙️Implementing marketing automation into two agencies 🎙️What to do starting out as a lone Marketing Manager 🎙️The lift in the gig & freelance economy 🎙️The importance of getting yourself out there and learning something...


Anita Duignan - Don't be afraid to ask questions, everyone makes mistakes, learn as you go

We talk to Anita Duignan, Senior Marketing Executive at Phaidon International. We discussed: 🎙️ Working at one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in the world 🎙️ Overcoming the fear of public speaking 🎙️ Management is a skill, it’s something you need to learn 🎙️ Should we be printing sales brochures anymore? 🎙️ Consider your website your shop window Anita's advice to anyone starting out or early in their career...don’t be afraid to ask questions, everyone makes mistakes...


Adam Nicoll - Recruitment marketers have to be the toughest out there.

We talk to Adam Nicoll, Marketing Director at Randstad, for the UK and Middle East. We discussed: 🎙️ Being the sole marketer in his second recruitment role 🎙️ What it was like being at the leading risk management recruitment agency during the collapse of Lehman Brothers 🎙️ Why marketers in the recruitment industry have to be the toughest out there 🎙️ Why your website should be your leading source of candidate acquisition 🎙️ The importance of building your team first when starting a...



Welcome to the Recruitment Marketing Podcast. Here is a quick introduction and explanation of discussions I will be having with marketing leaders in the recruitment industry.