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The Fixed Income Conundrum For Financial Advisors (Forecast Free Friday 5-24-19)

Are you struggling with what to do with your fixed income allocations? Most advisors are looking for answers. Clint Sorenson CFA, CMT and I discuss advisor options including Invesco US Bulletshares.


Professional Networking As A Financial Advisor With Frank Agin

Frank Agin is a Professional Networking expert. He came on the podcast to discuss his top strategies and tactics that he coaches Financial Advisors to use in their practice. Connect With Frank: LinkedIn: Twitter: Website: AM Spirit:


International Allocations, Emerging Markets & Domestic Bias (Forecast Free Friday 5/3/19)

'Forecast Free Friday' is a new concept from The Resilient Advisor Podcast. The goal is to help you build a more informed portfolio through the lens of history, math and behavioral economics. Each week Jay Coulter, CFP®, CIMA® and Clint Sorenson, CFA, CMT of WealthShield discuss the most important issues in the capital markets. Today's Topics: Domestic outperformance since 2010 International PE (TTM) divergence Emerging Markets Domestic Bias Recency Bias


The Challenges Of Tech Integration During The M&A Process With Greg Friedman & Shaun Kapusinski

In my experience, tech integration does not receive the appropriate attention on the front end of M&A deals. This leads to some real integration challenges. Putting a critical lens on the tech stack during the process will present opportunities for both parties to streamline systems and deliver a better client experience. My guests on this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast have published a new book to help financial advisors and firms navigate this process. Order Your Copy: The...


Negative Divergence, Lumber-Gold Ratio & Small Cap Struggles (Forecast Free Friday 4/26/19)

'Forecast Free Friday' is a new concept from The Resilient Advisor Podcast. The goal is to help you build a more informed portfolio through the lens of history, math and behavioral economics. Each week Jay Coulter, CFP®, CIMA® and Clint Sorenson, CFA, CMT of WealthShield discuss the most important issues in the capital markets. Today's Topics: The negative divergence of the bond and stock market today. What the Lumber - Gold Ratio could be telling us about volatility. What...


The Blind Spots Of TAMPs Today With Kyle Wiggs

Kyle Wiggs of eXact Strategies comes on the podcast to discuss the blind spots and challenges faced by the major TAMPs today. We also discuss fee compression in the space and how technology is driving innovation. Connect With Kyle LinkedIn: Website: About Kyle (From his LinkedIn Profile) I am a managing partner for eXact Strategies responsible for the growth and distribution of technology and products. I lead a team of experts...


The Dark Side Of Behavioral Finance With Susan Bradley

I am a self-admitted behavioral finance nerd. I love the academic lens on why we make the financial decisions that we do. My guest on this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast is going to present a different lens on this subject. Susan Bradley believes that there is a ‘Dark Side’ to behavioral finance and she explains exactly what she means on this episode. Listener Giveaways Transition Journal Giveaway - Only for the first 10 people: 3 Questions Overview PDF:...


The Collaborative Advisor: Transforming Clients Into Partners

On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast, Celeste Blackman joins me to discuss how to drive collaboration with clients, teams and inside your firm. Celeste is an international consultant and co-founder of The Green Zone Culture Group. She has taught communications in the Executive MBA program at the Wharton School of Business for more than 15 years. She has worked with NASA, Chevron, The United Nations, the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute. Connect...


The Art & Science Of Referrals With Bill Cates

Bill Cates is widely recognized as one of the foremost experts in the art and science of acquiring new clients through referrals and personal introductions. He is president of Referral Coach International. Bill is also a bestselling author. His third and latest book, Beyond Referrals, lays out the steps to converting referrals to what he calls “Engaged Introductions” and, ultimately, new clients. Free Report: Five Secrets to Multiplying Your Best Clients...


Reinvent Your Practice With Rule-Based Behavioral Investing With Dr. Daniel Crosby

Dr. Daniel Crosby is one of the industry's top thought leaders on Behavioral Finance. He authored the New York Times bestseller 'The Laws of Wealth' and is the host of the popular Standard Deviations podcast. Daniel recently joined Brinker Capital as the Chief Behavioral Officer. On this episode, we discuss how financial advisors can leverage his 'Third Way' of looking at investing through a behavioral lens. There are granular applications that you can implement in your practice...


How The Family Office Model Can Differentiate Your Practice With David Snider

David Snider came on The Resilient Advisor Podcast to discuss how financial advisors can differentiate themselves by integrating tax and legal services in the client experience. If you are interested in learning more about the Harness Wealth platform email or visit Connect With David LinkedIn: About David Snider David Snider is the Founder & CEO of Harness Wealth, a financial technology...


Improving Investor Decisions With Behavioral Science With Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein

On this episode, Aaron Klein and I discuss the application of behavioral science in our industry. Aaron is the CEO of industry-leading fintech company Riskalyze. He also shares his thoughts on recent developments in the fintech space. Aaron produces the Fintech Report Card on each month. Connect With Aaron LinkedIn: Twitter: About Aaron (From The Company Website) Aaron’s career has largely been...


How Top Advisors Communicate With Clients In Volatile Markets With Vince Caine

Vince Caine and Jay Coulter discuss how top advisors are communicating with their clients during this period of volatility.


How To Profit From Crypto Inefficiencies With Eric Ervin

On this episode of The Resilient Advisor podcast, Jay Coulter interviews Eric Ervin who is the CEO of Blockforce Capital. We discuss the blockchain inefficiencies, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ETFs and "Alpha Donors."


The Future Of Fintech And Digital Advice With Michael Kerins

On this episode we explore the future of fintech with the CEO of RobustWealth, Mike Kerins. The digital advice space is changing rapidly and if you are not paying attention you are putting your business at risk. Mike shares his thoughts on how he sees the space unfolding in 2019. Connect With Mike On LinkedIn: About Mike Mike Kerins, CFA, FRM | Founder and Chief Executive Officer Mike Kerins is the founder and CEO...


What Makes a Client Experience Extraordinary With Julie Littlechild

Julie Littlechild is a client engagement expert and industry thought leader. This is her second appearance on The Resilient Advisor Podcast. In this episode, Jay Coulter interviews Julie to get help listeners learn her strategies on building an exceptional client experience. From the podcast - Asses your Client Experience: Connect With Julie Twitter: @jlittlechild LinkedIn:...


Burn Survivor And Top 1% Ironman On Finding Your Motivation With Shay Eskew

Shay Eskew's life story is inspirational. He ranks in the top 1% of IRONMAN worldwide despite burns on 65% of his body. He is an active father of 5 children while managing a successful professional and speaking career. He is now an author. Learn his story and techniques for motivation on this episode of The Resilient Advisor with Jay Coulter. Connect With Shay Book: What The Fire Ignited Website: Facebook: Twitter:...


The Power Of Thematic Investing In Today’s Market With Chris Versace

On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast, Chris Versace helps listeners understand the power of 'Thematic Investing.' Chris is the Chief Investment Officer of Tematica Research. He is the chief editor of Tematica Investing and Tematica Pro as well as the author of the Monday Morning Kickoff, which has become a must-read for RIA’s and Money-Managers around the world. Chris is also the co-host of the Cocktail Investing Podcast: and author...