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Why Advisor Should Consider A TAMP With Clint Sorenson

On this episode, Clint Sorenson of WealthShield comes on the podcast to share his thoughts on the role of TAMPs today and in the future. We discuss the benefits to RIA's and potentially breakaway advisors. The bottom line.....LEVERAGE. If you are struggling to grow your business, this episode will walk through how you could leverage a TAMP to outsource the functions that are most likely taking up most of your time. Connect With Clint LinkedIn:...


Rewiring Clients For Retirement With Professor Jamie Hopkins

Professor Jamie Hopkins joins me for this episode to discuss how financial advisors can build a model to help clients 'rewire' the way they think about and manage retirement income. We discuss retirement income literacy and the implications for financial advisors. His new book, Rewirement: Rewiring The Way You Think About Retirement!, recently hit the bookshelves. Interesting Note: Clients without advisors are MORE literate about retirement income than those with financial advisors....


How Financial Advisors Can Become Better Leaders With Elizabeth McCourt

Leadership expert Elizabeth McCourt comes on the podcast to share her thoughts on how financial advisors can become better leaders. Connect With Elizabeth Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:


Communicating With Clients During Market Volatility With Charles Sherry

Charles Sherry is a financial writer, analyst and speaker who is an expert on the topic of leveraging communication to increase advisor visibility. On this podcast we go deep on client communications issues during periods of market volatility. He is is a regular contributor to popular Horsesmouth blog and he brings almost 25 years of industry experience, including six years authoring the highly-rated Schwab Market Update. Connect With Charles LinkedIn:...


'Generosity As The New Currency' With New York Times Best Selling Author Ellen Rogin

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP® comes on this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast to discuss how she grew her business through referrals with her philosophy of 'Generosity' as a currency. She is a Financial Advisor, Speaker, Money Expert and NY Times Best Selling Author. She is a host of Horsesmouth Advisor Radio and she has been regularly quoted in The New York Times, Money,,, The Huffington Post, and US News and World Report. Connect With Ellen Facebook:...


When Independence Does Not Make Sense For A Financial Advisor With Brett Danko

Brett Danko is an industry veteran who has seen it all. He comes on the podcast to discuss why a financial advisor should NOT go out on their own. He has seen the bad outcomes, as well as the good. His insights should be informative to anyone considering a move. His deep experience training thousands of CFP® professionals (myself included!) and running is own national RIA allows him to provide a robust 360 degree view. Connect With Brett LinkedIn: Link Website:...


How To Use Demographics To Thrive As A Financial Advisor

Mark Parrott is the author of Meta-Trends And The Next Economy and a financial advisor with a very unique and insightful approach to the business, the economy and adding value to small business owners. Mark and Jay Coulter discuss: The value of created Intellectual Property in your practice. How the Certified M&A Advisor designation changed his value proposition to clients and prospects. The Alliance of Certified M&A Advisors. How Financial Advisors can add 'Extreme Valuation' to...


The Private Practice Millionaire & Econologics with Christopher Music

Christopher Music came on the podcast to discuss his work through The Econologics Institute and how he serves private practice professionals through his RIA. Any financial advisor who wants to take their business to the next level will find valuable ideas and strategies in this wide-ranging interview. Econologics and the Econologics Institute What is a Private Practice Millionaire? The 3 Roles of a true business owner: Technician - Be good at what you do Executive - Managing people...


Fixed Income Strategies For Todays Market with J.R. Rieger of Dow Jones S&P Indices

J.R. Rieger is the Global Head of Fixed Income Indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices. He joins me on the podcast to discuss: Active vs Passive fixed income challenges and opportunities Fixed maturity date ETF's Munis vs Corporates in a rising interest rate environment Individual bonds vs Mutual Funds vs ETFs


2018 M&A Trends Financial Advisors Need To Know With Phil Flakes

Phil Flakes is the CEO of Succession Link, a firm that specializes in peer to peer transactions for financial advisors, insurance practice and accounting firms. There are 50 potential buyers for every seller in the market. Phil and Jay Coulter discuss current M&A trends that you need to know if you are considering a transaction this year.


How Client Engagement is Being Disrupted For Financial Advisors With Julie Littlechild

Julie Littlechild is a client engagement expert and industry thought leader. On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast, Jay Coulter interviews Julie to get her thoughts on how financial advisors can increase their client engagement in this environment. How financial advisors should change their approach to engage with clients. Research shows that clients are satisfied. Why should advisors change? What fundamental change needs to happen today? What trends are driving engagement...


Dr. Pfau On Managing Sequence Of Returns Risk In Retirement Planning

On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast, Dr. Wade Pfau and Jay Coulter discuss managing sequence of returns risk in retirement planning. Last spring Dr. Pfau had an article published on titled ”4 Approaches To Managing Sequence of Returns Risk In Retirement.” It is a very popular post on the site. We examine each approach from the financial advisor's perspective. 1. Spend Conservatively -> Is the 4% number correct in this low interest rate environment? 2....


How Financial Advisors Can Build A Franchise Ready Business With Duncan MacPherson

Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems joins Jay Coulter for this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast. Duncan is one of the industries top thought leaders in the areas of practice management and business development. He is a well-known industry keynote speaker and the author of several books including his most recent titled 'The Advisors Playbook'. What We Discuss: Duncan's Framework For Building A Critical Path To Franchise Readiness: 1. Why: Demography and Commoditization 2....


Stress Management For Financial Advisors With Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack Singer joins Jay Coulter on The Resilient Advisor Podcast to discuss two issues that hold many financial advisors back: Stress & The Impostor Syndrome. We also dive into 'Learned Optimism' and how it impact financial advisors. Connect With Dr. Jack Facebook: @DrJackTheFunSpeaker Twitter: @drjacksinger Website: Email: About Dr. Jack Singer (From his website) I am a nationally-renowned psychologist,...


The Student Loan Epidemic & Your Clients With Joseph Reinke

As a financial advisor, the student loan problem is a major issue when building financial plans. On this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast, Joseph Reinke, CFA of FitBUX shares his thoughts on solutions to this issue. Connect With Joseph Twitter: @Fitbuxofficial Facebook: @Fitbuxofficial Website: About Joseph Joseph Reinke is the CEO and founder of Fitbux, Inc. FitBUX is introducing innovative finance products and technology to the student lending...


How Sophisticated Advisors Incorporate Home Equity Into Retirement Planning With Professor Jamie Hopkins

Professor Jamie Hopkins comes on The Resilient Advisor Podcast with Jay Coulter to discuss how sophisticated financial advisors are using home equity as a tool in retirement plans. Jamie has been feature on Consuelo Mack’s PBS show WealthTrack (Link), Forbes (Link) and MarketWatch. Reverse mortgages are not what they used to be. This episode will be very informative for any financial advisor or financial planner who is stuck in the dogma that the industry has around these tools. You owe...


Does A Commodity ETF Allocation Make Sense? An interview with Will Rhind

Will Rhind, the CEO and Found of GranitesShares joins Jay Coulter on this episode of The Resilient Advisor Podcast to discuss portfolio construction with broad-based commodity ETFs and gold ETFs. What We Discuss: Does it make sense to use the ETF structure for commodity structure? The Bloomberg Commodity Index vs the GSCI Index. The implications of the recent energy drawdown. Mean Reversion implications for index investors. COMG vs COMB Gold ETF's as a part of a...


Overbought markets, the death of volatility and misconceptions about gold - An interview with Charlie Bilello.

On this podcast, Charlie Bilello from Pension Partners comes on to discuss some of their recent research on the equity markets, volatility and how to position gold in a portfolio. Tags: The Resilient Advisor, Resilient Advisor, Jay Coulter


What does Morgan Stanley's Protocol exit mean for your business? With Attorney Joel Beck.

This week Morgan Stanley is exiting the Recruiting Protocol. While the implications are not exactly clear at this time, Attorney Joel Beck discusses what we know at this time. Connect With Joel Phone: (678) 783-3692 Office Email: Website:


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