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Financial and retirement planning guidance from mid-Michigan's Dan Reese & Brent Oliver of Avery Wealth.

Financial and retirement planning guidance from mid-Michigan's Dan Reese & Brent Oliver of Avery Wealth.


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Financial and retirement planning guidance from mid-Michigan's Dan Reese & Brent Oliver of Avery Wealth.




Ep 50: Protecting What’s Yours After You Pass

Welcome to the Retirement Café. Today we are going to talk about the three hurdles you need to clear in order to ensure that your wishes are carried out when you are no longer here. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 49: Protecting What’s Yours While You’re Alive

Today on the Retirement Café, we are going to talk about why having your goals and wishes in your estate plan is so crucial. This will not only give you peace of mind, but your loved ones as well. This ensures that everything goes smoothly in a time of high stress and emotion. Dan and Brent will talk about the things you should get in place while you are still in good health and the difference this can make. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 48: Are Investors Their Own Worst Enemy?

Today on the Retirement Café, we are going to discuss how we get in our own way when it comes to money. As humans, we feel a wide variety of emotions and can act irrationally because of them. When putting together a long term retirement plan, these emotions often cause problems and can be a detriment if not kept in check. Dan and Brent will discuss some of the ways we can combat these emotions on today's show. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 47: The Power of Planning in Reverse Order

Today on the Retirement Café, we are going to talk about the power of planning in reverse order. That may sound a little odd to some, but I think by the end of our episode today Dan and Brent will help you to see the power of this concept. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 46: 2022 Tax Issues for Retirees

Today on the Retirement Café, we are going to get into everyone’s favorite topic: Taxes! More specifically, we are going to talk about as a retiree, what issues you should consider when reviewing your 2021 return. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 45: What the Market Taught Us In 2021 - Part 2

Welcome back as today we are going to finish our two part series on What the Market Taught us in 2021. Last time we talked about who put together this list of lessons can you give us a recap on how this came about. Link To Article: Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 44: What the Market Taught Us In 2021 - Part 1

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” Every year the market has a way of reminding us of lessons taught in previous years. Today we are going to begin a two-part series on What the Market Taught us in 2021. Link To Article: Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 43: Managing the Fear of Retirement

Today on The Retirement Café, we discuss common fears that pop up as you approach retirement and some steps you can take to alleviate these fears. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 42: Creating Your Charitable Giving Strategy

Today on The Retirement Café, we are going to discuss creating a charitable giving strategy. As we start a new year, this seems like a great topic to tackle. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 41: Critiquing Your Plan Through 4 Frames

Today on The Retirement Café, we are going to talk about how to critique and analyze your retirement plan through four distinct frames. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 40: Will a Market Crash Ruin Your Retirement

Today on The Retirement Café, we are going to discuss something that most retirees worry about at some point in retirement: A market crash ruining their retirement. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 39: The Wealth Planning Pyramid

This week on the Retirement Café we are going to discuss the Wealth Planning Pyramid. It’s something Dan and Brent use regularly in their practice, and they felt it would be beneficial to spend some time reviewing it. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 38: Should I Be Working With A Fiduciary?

One of the buzzwords around financial planning and investment management is fiduciary. On today’s show we are going to spend some time talking about what a fiduciary is and if a fiduciary may be appropriate for your needs. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 37: All About Roth IRAs

Today we are going to discuss one of the most powerful tools in financial planning. The Roth IRA. They have been around for over 20 years, but many people don’t fully understand what they are and if they should be using them. Hopefully we will be able to clear much of that up today for everyone listening! Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 36: All About Required Minimum Distributions

One of the more confusing parts of owning a retirement account is required minimum distributions. Today we are going to jump into the topic and try to help you better understand what RMD’s are and how they can affect your retirement planning. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 35: Sudden Wealth - Blessing Or A Curse?

When we think about receiving a large lump sum of money, we tend to look at that as a positive thing. However, if you look at the statistics among NFL players and lottery winners, they end up filing for bankruptcy only a couple years after receiving those big checks. On today's show, Dan and Brent talk about some proactive steps you should take when receiving a large amount of money and where most people go wrong. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 34: Avoid the Herd! Get Your Free College Money Report

College is one of the most expensive investments you will make in your life. But most people do not shop for college in the same way they would for a house, or car. Instead, they ask their child what university they're interested in, visit the campus, and worry about the cost later. Dan and Brent talk to us about a tool that will help compare prices between different universities and help shop smarter for college. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 33: Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words With Your Money?

On this show, we want you to look at your finances in a different way: visually. Research shows that many people learn and understand concepts better when they can see them in a visual format versus in other ways. So Brent and Dan are going to break this down today and discuss some of the tools they use to present information visually. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 32: The Groundhog 401(K)

Today's episode is all about better understanding your 401(k) plan and strategies that you may be able to use to optimize it. Contact: 517-783-1695


Ep 31: Success Key - Tracking Your Past, Present and Future

Today’s episode is all about keeping tabs on where you have been, where you are currently, and where you are heading. Dan and Brent consider this one of the biggest keys to long-term success. It also can be one of the most challenging tasks when dealing with money. Contact: 517-783-1695