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RSP #32 with Brian Roberts (Dreamworks)

I met Brian in 2003 at a Roller coaster convention. Yes, there are actually Roller coaster conventions and yes, it's embarrassing to be a part of them. Turns out Brian was an upcoming Hollywood producer and I had no idea. When you don't know, you just become friends, and friends we are. 15 years later, we are still close and enjoy this conversation of random topics and some back history. Won't you join us? SUBSCRIBE TO THE ROCKSTAR SUPERHERO PODCAST HERE: ITUNES -...


RSP #31 with Ian Buchanan (The Bold and the Beautiful)

This week (or should I say YEAR?) on the show, I had the blessing of speaking to the soap opera legend, Ian Buchanan and wow... what fun that was. I was incredibly intimidated, possibly because I also realized I was speaking with Dick Tremayne from the early 90's ABC show, Twin Peaks. Who can't submit to the legendary smile and charms of everyone's favorite Dick? Between his career in modeling, to the many times he's shifted from soap opera to soap opera (being killed off, etc), he's...


RSP #30 with Ray Brook (Procter & Gamble)

Here's an interview with the amazing Procter & Gamble executive, Ray Brook of Summit Seekers. Incredible true story! Hear his exploits while hiking the PCT, Kayaking the Sea of Cortez, climbing various mountains around the world, or biking all 50 states, 10 provinces and still finding time for his amazing wife. Just wait until you hear his proposal story! You won't be able to stop listening, and I believe this is an IMPORTANT interview... one that you'll find tremendous value in and...


RSP #28 with Jim Grey (Caligula's Horse)

Every so often, I'm blessed with a fabulous guest that belies expectations. This week on the show, I have a chance to meet and chat with one of my favorite singers, Jim Grey, from Caligula's Horse. I love love love this band. I mean, I love them. Like LOVE them. Did I mention that I love them? Yeah, that. Jim was a humorous, engaging gentleman. His whole style, his demeanor and skills are just so amazing in juxtaposition to what music surrounds him. I love this band. I can't stop saying...


RSP #27 with Martin Barrett (SOZO Wines)

I was honored to meet Martin years ago at a private event for a well known international author and newspaper columnist. At that meeting, I was able to partake of his great wines, only then discovering that his company, SOZO Wines, does something remarkable. SOZO donates a significant portion of its profits to help those that cannot help themselves. Whether we are talking about homelessness, sex trafficking or the like, SOZO is there little by little to make its mark. In fact, if you buy...


RSP #26 with Sam Fishman (Madison Rising)

This episode of the Rockstar Superhero podcast features Sam Fishman, the drummer of the well known "most patriotic band in the world," Madison Rising. Sam came to me via another great friend from the midwest and I had a great time chatting. Sam is a very talented drummer, full of great groove and completely plays for the song. A great guy and fun personality, I found the best part was asking about his personal life and his passions. Like yours truly, Sam loves roller coasters. This makes...


RSP #25 with Diego Tejeida (Haken)

Wow.... glad to be back to share this amazing interview with one of my favorite musicians, the incomparable Diego Tejeida from the monstrously talented progressive rock band, Haken. Haken hails from London and Diego hails from Mexico. How did these 2 superpowers collide? Listen to the podcast and find out! Make sure you listen to the whole thing because we met in an odd (and probably not that unique) way. That said, I love this guy. He's so kind, gentle, lovely and talented, I cannot...


RSP #24 with Jem Godfrey (Frost*)

After a long hiatus for the RSSH Podcast, I was finally able to get in touch with a legendary producer and songwriter to start off 2017 right! Check it out! This week's podcast features Jem Godfrey, the leader, keyboardist, singer and songwriter for Frost. He has served as a producer for the well known English bands Atomic Kitten and Morcheeba and has acted as a song writer for iconic performers Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) Jennifer Ellison, Shayne Ward, and Holly Valance. He...


RSP #23 with Thomas Erak (The Fall of Troy)

First and foremost, Happy Holidays from Rockstar Superhero Podcast! This week's show is one of those 'best moments' for me as an interviewer. I got to meet someone new to me and make a real connection. My guest is Thomas Erak of the post hardcore band, The Fall of Troy. What better guest to give to you, my listeners, for this week's show, right? It's rare that I get to talk to a real rockstar.... what I mean by this is the fact that having a discussion with a very popular musician is...


RSP #22 with Dr. Ken Barrett (Inspiration & Results)

Do you want to learn the secret to being an amazing human being and business professional all while living a life of quality? I got some first hand insight into 'what it takes' and I encourage you to listen to the entirety of this week's podcast. Dr. Ken Barrett has some amazing secret sauce and he gives us a tiny bit today, at least enough to get you to come back for more....I'm sure you'll love what Dr. Ken has to say and I hope you'll give him a shout to learn more about what he can...


RSP #21 with Dissona (Chicago)

Dissona is a progressive metal band from the Chicago area. Don't you dare call them progressive metal, though. Truth is, Dissona isn't sure how you would quantify them, but I can tell you that they are great. Musically proficient and kind, the guys gave me an hour to annoy and question them. For that alone, I am humbled. Make sure you check them out, if you're in the Chicago area, or when they head back out on tour. I'm positive big things are coming for them. With this level of talent,...


RSP #20 with Annie Lobert (Hookers for Jesus)

Check out this week's podcast with Annie Lobert from Hookers for Jesus and Destiny House in Las Vegas, NV. I thought I knew so much about her, but I was wrong. I hope you'll listen to this special superhero interview, because her story is redemptive and powerful and one everybody should hear. Originally, I had planned to ask her a number of crazy questions, but I only got 30 minutes with her, so I just let her tell what she could with the limited time. No matter what it was a giant...


RSP #19 with Windowpane (Seattle)

This week's podcast is with the iconic Seattle rock group, Windowpane. Ever wanted to know what it's like to be a band for the greater part of 2 decades and wonder if your breakthrough is ever going to come? This interview gets you under the skin of the scenario. I'm pleased to know them and share their story with you. They are on the cusp of international success and fame. Most bands would have quit by now. Not Windowpane. Ever. Dig it. 0:00 Intro 1:52 Glenn tells me to cheek the...


RSP #18 with Tom Erak (Barry Manilow, Randy Meisner)

There are so many unknown musical legends out there, it's sick. What is always troubling to me is that those same legends rarely get their due, whether it's on a record (I know, because it's happened to me numerous times) or live. Session guys rarely get the financial reward or the fame. It's a bummer, but I'm trying to change it a little, in my own small way. It's time for you to meet Tom Erak. A tremendous talent on the bass guitar, Tom tore across the musical landscape in the 1970's...


RSP #17 with Sarah Woodbridge (London Calling)

This week's podcast features my amazing friend from England, Sarah Woodbridge. Sarah did what most immigrants do when they come to the country. They travel around, see the sights, find a good job and settle down. Sarah did most of that, but a migraine headache and a bad back sent Sarah on a downward spiral of drug addiction which fragmented her life and family. Yet, Sarah proves that passion, purpose, and hope all provide a path out of the darkness. Sarah is a perfect example of what it...


RSP #16 with Spike O'Neill (Part 2 Surprise) - (CBS Radio)

So, Spike and I had so much fun last week that we decided to meet this week and pick up where we left off. Because of the ADD nature of our conversations, we inevitably hit some cul-de-sacs, but rest assured, this podcast is lengthier and more "important" than the last. I'm sure you'll dig it, so dive in and enjoy! 0:00 Intro 4:30 Flashers in San Francisco. Surprise! Ohio Players. Aggressively nubian. 6:25 Trump hurts Spike's heart. Guilt of equivalence. College movies. 9:25 Rob joined...


RSP #15 with Spike O'Neill (CBS Radio)

This week's podcast is a real get for me. Due to knowing the "right people" (thanks to Scott Adams), I was able to snag a sit with the radio legend, Spike O'Neill. Spike has been on the radio/TV/internet for 28+ years and he's amazing. Quick witted, kind, insane, a tad weird, and more than a little bit dirty, Spike was a joy. It's my hope I can spend more time with him in the near future, let alone actually convince him to have his own podcast, which HE SHOULD DO. He's a great guest and a...


RSP #14 with Sean Flaharty (Eyes of Freedom)

This week's podcast features Sean Flaharty, the director of Eyes of Freedom: The Lima Company Memorial. Sean's story isn't unique, but it is profound. His life took a dramatic and unexpected turn in 2005, when his friend from childhood died in the deserts of Iraq, along with 22 other men. At first, Sean was determined to enlist and join his brothers in arms overseas, but fate dealt a different hand. Sean would take the "story" of those lost in battle overseas to the masses. Having seen the...


RSP #13 with Jeff Rogers (OneAccord Partners)

Jeff Rogers - The Key is Authenticity This week's podcast features the experience and vision of Jeff Rogers, the founder/CEO of OneAccord Partners in Kirkland, Wa. Jeff is the kind of business leader you want and need in your life: Focused on you (a great listener, BTW) and loaded to the brim with authenticity. He challenges and raises the bar of many business owners in the world, whether assisting them through a sale or transition, or just influencing as best he can. He's the real...


RSP #12 with Admand Wong (Integrity Financial)

Neither Admand or I know how we originally connected, but here we are, 8 years later, and closer friends than ever. He's a great guy... gifted as a Financial Advisor (a true fiduciary) and also living life in a pastorship role with his wife and child. He's a fabulous guy, caring for so many around him. Admand is focused on developing relationships with youth and helping others in stricken countries around the world. He's a true missionary and he takes that role very seriously. Whether you...