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A podcast about running a business in a holiday town

A podcast about running a business in a holiday town
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A podcast about running a business in a holiday town




Chatting with Kerrie Howland from Yamba Art Space

Kerrie Howland is an art educator and wanted a space to teach her workshops and classes as well as have a gallery. I am still quite fascinated by businesses in the creative sector and this was a great insight into Kerrie's world. Recorded in Yamba Art Space, so apologies for the background noise - Neighbour was being a bit noisy at the start!


Chatting with Michael Vincent from Bike Shop Yamba

Erm... the tables have turned and the regular host of this podcast is interviewed by his first guest! A few people had asked about Michael and what he had done in the past, and Antony Perrin, from Irons and Craig, was up for the challenge of interviewing the interviewer, so here you go! Michael has done quite a few things such as contact lens designer, chairman of Fitness Australia, business coach in the Middle East and living on a cattle station. All seems quite a stretch to a bike shop...


Chatting with local artist, Peter McGrath

Is the arts sector part of the business community? Can you run a business as an artist? Can art help non artists (such as myself) improve their businesses? These are questions I wanted to ask local artist, Peter McGrath.


Chatting with Meredith Morshel from Kitchen To Table, Yamba

Been wanting to chat with Meredith for ages. Her store is another iconic Yamba store, Kitchen to Table, now in its 13th year! Find a gap in the market, execute and do it well - that's exactly what they have done!


Chatting with Alicia Berdar, from Willow Botanica, Yamba

From wandering home, having just been fired, to opening her own retail business in just 8 days - I knew that there was something special about this lady the first time I chatted to her. There is are reasons why she was able to open her doors in just 8 days, when most people would just talk about it, or spend 3 months designing business cards, yet not actually do anything! Check out her Facebook page!


Chatting with Brett Austin, from Yamba Diamond Martial Arts

I am always admired the quiet humility that Brett has. He took over a struggling martial arts school with just a 16 students and has built it up to over 100 in just 3 years. He has a business that actually doesn't cater for the tourists and YDMA is simply part of the weekly routine for many locals. We chat about how he turned the business around, some of his principles about how he runs his business and the importance of authenticity. What he speaks of holds true for all businesses, such as...


Chatting with Paul Buchtmann, roving product demonstrator with Sudal

Something a little different for this one.... I first met Paul at our local Freemasons and we stayed connected via Facebook. Paul doesn't live in Yamba, rather in Picton, around 80km SW of Sydney. What Paul does is travel the eastern states as a B2B product demonstrator, which means he is visiting businesses, big and small, in small regional areas as well as big cities. Paul also has 30 years experience in marketing CRM's, way before CRM's were an essential part of business. It's been a...


Chatting with Adam Gordon from Catalyst Consulting International

Fascinating chat with Adam Gordon, whose family has been in Yamba for over 100 years. Though not in a traditional bricks and mortar business, Adam has been helping businesses for years to plug holes in their profitability through understanding their business better and now specialises in helping businesses to secure government funding and win tenders by improving their application process. He has some fantastic insights that can help all businesses!


Chatting with Lauren Priest from Lone Rock Wholefoods, Yamba

Another iconic Yamba business is Lone Rock Wholefoods, and I am chatting with Lauren about her business and some of her experiences and tips for running a business in a holiday town.


Chatting with Antony Perrin from Irons and Craig, Yamba

Irons and Craig is one of the iconic Yamba venues. Had the pleasure of chatting with Antony about his place as well as tips for all small businesses, not just those in holiday towns


The Seachange Business Podcast - Intro

This is all about running a business in an area that is a holiday town - Quick 5 minutes to explain what we are all about!