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#109. David from “Ryderwear”

From Garage Startup to Multi-Million dollar business, our next story is one that highlights that if you believe in that idea you have in your head you CAN bring it to life. I interview David from Ryderwear, a global clothing brand based out of Adelaide. Some great themes resonate with me (and hopefully you too) in this episode: BOTTLENECKINFLUENCE MARKETING GUTTRIALERRORSHORT GAME Until next time, keep INNOVATING, OVERCOMING and PROSPERING


#108. Dr Jana from the “Aust. Centre for Business Growth”

My guest in this episode is the highly awarded thought leader and global expert on entrepreneurial leadership & business growth, Dr Jana Matthews. Dr Jana shares with us some fantastic insights, including: LEAVE THEIR STAFF BEHINDBEING READYGROWTHSTART-UPPENDFOLD’s GRANGEDIRTY WORDIf you’re in business and are keen to grow, this is a must listen episode for you. Keep INNOVATING, OVERCOMING and PROSPERING


Russell from “Pocket Casts”

This episode is about the rise and rise of (in my opinion) the best podcast app available - and it was built right here in Adelaide! It’s a story of how a couple of Adelaide guys who quit their day jobs, developed a killer-app and ended up winning a Google design award against billion-dollar competition. We cover lot of topics through their journey. Some of my favourites include: RISK ADVERSESTRATEGYBACK YOURSELFOVERSEAS BUYERYou can find Pocket Casts on Twitter @pocketcasts. If you [...]


Matt from “The Good Crisp Company”

Today I have a classic “David & Goliath” story for you. It’s about an Adelaide-based distribution company that has been in business for 30 years, but decided to re-invent itself with a new brand & product to take on a market dominated by a very large competitor. “The Good Crisp Company” are now selling their “world first” product in over 4,000 stores in the US ! Some great learnings in here for all you Entrepreneurs out there, including: AM I WACKY OR AM I GENIUSLOCAL CONNECTION TO YOUR...


Dr Alex from “Myriota”

My guest on this episode Dr Alex Grant, CEO of Myriota. Myriota are an Adelaide-based tech startup developing technology for the Space/IoT industry and have recently attracted US$15M in Series-A Venture Capital.! In this episode Dr Alex and I cover: 1. Why Myriota’s technology & IoT is going to CHANGE THE WORLD 2. The most VALUABLE intellectual property you have in your company is your PEOPLE 3. How Government funding into RESEARCH can help deliver great innovation 4. Why it’s...


Daniels from “EcoCaddy”

If you’ve run a small business, or are running a small business, the story my next guest has to tell is probably all too familiar to you. I interview Daniels Langeberg, the CEO and founder of the Adelaide based personal transportation business EcoCaddy Daniels shares a lot of his success and a lot of the challenges he has faced in building his business. In this episode you are going to hear about: 1. The importance of having a MENTOR, early on and during your business journey 2. How...


Joseph from “Massive Joes”

Hang on to your headphones people. In this episode, I talk to Joseph Mencel - if you look at the photos I have posted on our webpage, and on Instagram/Facebook, you might be mistaken for thinking that Joe is just a very cut body builder. What you don’t see is the very driven, very smart and very successful entrepreneur and CEO. Joseph’s business, Massive Joes, is an incredibly successfully online and bricks/mortar business that provide sports supplements, apparel and sports/nutrition...


Tim from “Renew Adelaide”

If you are a budding entrepreneur, then this is a great episode for you. I interview Tim, the CEO of Renew Adelaide. Renew Adelaide offers rent-free properties for creative entrepreneurs looking for space in the Adelaide CBD and Port Adelaide to bring their business to life. A fantastic initiative funded by the Government of South Australia and the City of Adelaide. You can find Renew Adelaide at: -Instagram: -Facebook:...


Phil from “Caparezza”

Today our guest is Phil, who runs a great business in Adelaide. If you’re in business, or thinking about going into business, you HAVE to listen to this episode. There is something in here for everyone: -Why staying true to your vision pays off -The importance of doing what you love -The most cost effective thing you can do to differentiate yourself from your competition -Realising there are really tough times that business owners can go through