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Join Tori Ganahl and the rest of the SheFactor team as we dish out real-life tips and tricks on topics such as your love life, future/current career, healthy living, money talk, and more. Grab your favorite cocktail (or Starbucks drink) and settle in for real, raw, and hilarious conversations as we dive into what makes us, as women, unstoppable.

Join Tori Ganahl and the rest of the SheFactor team as we dish out real-life tips and tricks on topics such as your love life, future/current career, healthy living, money talk, and more. Grab your favorite cocktail (or Starbucks drink) and settle in for real, raw, and hilarious conversations as we dive into what makes us, as women, unstoppable.
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Join Tori Ganahl and the rest of the SheFactor team as we dish out real-life tips and tricks on topics such as your love life, future/current career, healthy living, money talk, and more. Grab your favorite cocktail (or Starbucks drink) and settle in for real, raw, and hilarious conversations as we dive into what makes us, as women, unstoppable.






#18: How Loving Yourself Can Improve Relationships [Folk]

Emma Nacewicz is one of SheFactor’s newest brand ambassadors. She is on the show today to share her journey from extreme dieting to developing a healthy relationship with food and her body through intuitive eating and acceptance. For anyone struggling with food or fitness, this episode is an inspiring account of how you can do that in your own life. Key Takeaways: [1:05] - The main thing that drew Emma to SheFactor was that it’s all about women helping women. So many women feel stuck...


#17: LIVE from the Chicago Squad Launch [Folk]

Today’s episode features two guests here to talk about how they turned their passions into a career. Jeana Anderson Cohen started her business around mobilizing community and fitness. Kendra Peterson turned her passion for cooking into a career cooking for people and families who have food issues. Each guest talks about how they navigated into their current career paths, their focus on community, and advice for young women in their 20’s. Key Takeaways: [1:00] - Jeana talks about her...


#16: Part 2 with Jen Thurman: Relaxing into Gratitude This Season [Folk]

Jenn Thurman joins the show for another episode to talk about gratitude during the holidays. She shares some tips & tricks on how to combat the season, and how you can turn your expectations into agreements to really make this holiday season what you want it to be. Key Takeaways: [1:25] - For Jenn, folk encompasses, actual family, friends, and the family you choose. Folk is about maintaining connections with those people. [2:50] - Identifying your core group of people is really...


#15: From Side Hustle to Full-Time Job [Future]

Today’s guest is Shelby, a photographer from Utah. She joins Tori on the show to talk about how she lived out SheFactor method and made everything she loved into a career. She talks about some of the challenges she faced when turning her photography hobby into a business, as well as advice for anyone else who is interested in starting their own business. Key Takeaways: [2:50] - Shelby has always loved photography, ever since she was little. She would do some “fashion photography”...


#14: Part 1: Friend or Colleague? 3 Steps to Balance Your Relationships [Folk]

In today’s episode, Jenn and Tori discuss finding authenticity during times of transition. They talk about boundaries between our personal and professional selves, some of the common transitions many young women experience, and then some tricks and advice on how to manage things during this time. Key Takeaways: From our sponsors: From November 5 - November 30, you can get 15% off your entire order by using the promo code SHEFACTOR15 at check out. [1:58] - Tori talks about why...


#13: What Women Need in the Workplace

In today’s episode, Tori shares the way SheFactor is leading empowerment for women in the workplace. She shares some statistics about millennial and Gen Z girls in the workplace, and some of the common issues they are facing. She also talks about what SheFactor has to offer that can help you and your company create strong habits. Key Takeaways: [10:50] - Millennial and Gen Z women are the least engaged generation in the workforce. Tori shares some statistics regarding retention rates,...


#12: What Does Freedom Mean to You? [Freedom] / LIVE interview with Laura Cox Kaplan

Laura Cox Kaplan joins Tori in a live interview from the DC launch event. Laura left her c-suite level career about three years ago to pursue a podcast that focuses on women’s leadership, She Said/She Said. In today’s episode, she talks about what it was like to make that transition, how we can foster good working relationships with our male coworkers, and some of the lessons she’s learned in the three years she’s been working on the podcast. Key Takeaways: [1:05] - Laura is the...


#11: Weddings, Houses, and Puppies — Oh My! [Freedom]

In today’s episode, Emma Walker joins Tori on the podcast to talk about her blog, and how she’s handled the transition from being in school to being an independent blogger. She’s at an exciting point in her life, with a wedding and a new house on the horizon, and she talks about how she’s balancing these things with her social media presence. They talk about anxiety, transition, and finding authenticity in today’s world. Hot Seat Introduction: If she could be any character in a TV Show,...


#10: Changing the World by Changing Yourself [Fuel]

In today’s episode, guest Maria Warren joins Tori to talk about her journey to health and wellness. She talks about coming to the US from Guatemala, and how the events in her life led to her health coaching career. She shares some tips and tricks on how she is empowering her clients to live their best lives. Hot Seat Introduction: Maria’s favorite color is teal, and her spirit animal is a dolphin. The best piece of advice she’s ever been given is that “the word no is a full sentence.”...


#9: From Harvard to Hard Times [Folk]

Today’s guest is Kayci Baldwin. She went to Harvard for college, then started her own company, and now is a brand manager at Brooklyn Boulders. On today’s episode, she talks about some of her own experiences as a woman of color in the workplace. She also shares some advice for anyone who may be in a similar situation in their work. Hot Seat Introduction: Three words that Kayci would use to describe herself are rebellious, intuitive, and resilient. If she had to choose, she would choose...


#8: What's Holding You Back From Your Dreams? [Future]

Today’s guest is a working mom who has struck a balance between a full-time career and getting to spend time with your kids. Kim joins the show to talk about how the idea for her business came out, some of the common perceptions of women in the work field, as well as some tips about health and fitness for any pregnant mamas out there. Hot Seat Introduction: Three words she would use to describe herself: motivating, fun, and weird. She would prefer the beach to the mountains or the city....


#7: How to Design the Life You Love [Fashion]

Today’s guest is Lisa Mayer, the founder, and CEO of My Social Canvas. In today’s episode, she talks about how she built her company and how they continue to carry out the vision of helping to inspire young women. Today, My Social Canvas is building a global community of Gen Z designers and entrepreneurs. Listen to hear Lisa’s advice for other women entrepreneurs, as well as how MSC is inspiring women around the world to design the lives they love. Hot Seat Introduction: One thing Lisa is...


#6: Face Masks and Netflix [Faith]

Description: On today’s episode, Tori speaks with the University of Colorado – Denver student, Taylor. In this chat, we talked about some of the different challenges Taylor has faced as a transfer student and a commuter student, as well as how she’s connecting with others through social media and the podcast she self-started. Taylor shares her tips and tricks on how she’s getting ready to go back to school, and how she balances everything during the school year. This is episode is relatable...


#5: Deep Dive Into Silhouettes and Spheres

Description: Today’s episode is a deep dive into the Silhouettes and Spheres of SheFactor, the main components to help you find yourself and achieve your goals. Tori describes the characteristics of each Silhouette and a detailed breakdown of the Spheres and how we can use this to set and achieve our goals each week. Key Takeaways: [1:05] - There a couple of different aspects of the brand that come together: the book, the app, Squads, and fun content in the podcast and on the blog. The...


#4: Part 2: Why Now with Founder Heidi Ganahl

Description: This episode continues our interview with Heidi Ganahl, founder, and CEO of SheFactor. In this interview, Heidi talks more about the tools and resources SheFactor has to provide, and how her own experience fueled its creation. She shares her own Journey to She, and what she hopes for the future of SheFactor and the women of the world. Key Takeaways: [0:00] - Heidi didn’t have plans to be an entrepreneur, but as a kid she was always trying different things and had a lot of...


#3: Part 1: Why Now with Founder Heidi Ganahl

Description: The founder and CEO of SheFactor is the guest on our show today. She joins daughter Tori to talk about SheFactor from her perspective. This is an opportunity for Heidi to share why she started it, the vision behind it, and what they hope to achieve with SheFactor in the world. Key Takeaways: [0:55] - SheFactor is a way to empower women, especially younger women, with tools and tactics to create a life that they love, and that they choose. Heidi’s idea was to help them...


#2: Finding Yourself with Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe

Description: Former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe joins Tori on the podcast today to talk about her experience on the show, as well as how she’s been building her brand since coming off the show. She has a wine brand and a scrunchie brand, as well as a podcast. She and Tori discuss what attracted her to SheFactor, and how she’s using her voice and brand to inspire women today. Key Takeaways: [2:30] - In getting to know Kaitlyn, we learn that she (and Tori) is...


#1: My Journey to She with Host Tori Ganahl

In this pilot episode of The SheFactor Podcast, host Tori Ganahl shares her story from growing up with her mom, leaving college and the start of her career as well as the events that led to the creation of SheFactor. SheFactor changed her life by helping her design a life she loved in a job she didn’t love and find her passion and purpose. Join Tori on this Journey to She as she shares the highs and lows of how SheFactor changed her life. Key Takeaways: [0:15] - Tori shares the...