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Join Tori Ganahl and the rest of the SheFactor team as we dish out real-life tips and tricks on topics such as your love life, future/current career, healthy living, money talk, and more. Grab your favorite cocktail (or Starbucks drink) and settle in for real, raw, and hilarious conversations as we dive into what makes us, as women, unstoppable.


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Join Tori Ganahl and the rest of the SheFactor team as we dish out real-life tips and tricks on topics such as your love life, future/current career, healthy living, money talk, and more. Grab your favorite cocktail (or Starbucks drink) and settle in for real, raw, and hilarious conversations as we dive into what makes us, as women, unstoppable.






Life Update: Recap & Lessons From My Six Month Hiatus

In case you didn't notice (because let's be real, we all have a LOT going on these days), I've been MIA since August 2021. SO much has happened and I'm giving you the FULL update here in this episode. From my health to moving to Denver to relationship ups and downs, navigating this season of my life has been far from easy. But I'm coming to you as a new woman. A woman I wouldn't have dreamed of being six months ago. In this episode, I deep dive into: Rate & Review The SheFactor Podcast |...


Ali McGregor: Mastering Your Emotional Health & Muting What No Longer Serves You

You know those moments of regret that still haunt you from your PRE-growth journey? All those drunk hookups, toxic friendships, and cries for love & attention... yeah, those moments. Those are all thanks to EMOTIONAL ILLITERACY, aka the lack of control over our emotions and our inability to healthfully cope. On the other side of the regrets, missteps, and "WTF" moments is EMOTIONAL HEALTH. And today's guest Ali McGregor is joining us to share how she found her way back to peace, self-love,...


Emma Musto: Quarter Life Crisis or Eat Pray Love Moment?

In the first episode of this new chapter of The SheFactor Podcast, 26-year-old Emma Musto shares her real-life 20's version of Eat Pray Love (minus the divorce and Julia Roberts). In fact, it just might be better than the classic book & movie we all love… Needless to say, Emma was never destined for a “traditional” life, starting from the time she and her single mom lived 50/50 between Romania and Miami. It took a LOT of sudden change, wrong directions, and doing what she felt like she...


Olympics Special Edition: Erica Ogwumike #TBT Interview From SheGrad 2020

In honor of her Olympic debut on the Nigerian women's basketball team in the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, we're throwing it back to SheGrad 2020! Erica shares her secrets to doing it all in her 20s, and we mean ALLLL OF IT... Not only is she an Olympic athlete, but she's also attending medical school, playing for the WNBA, and sharing as many moments as she can on her YouTube channel! GO ERICA, we're cheering you on in all aspects of life, girlfriend! Find your girl gang at | Rate...


The Secret To Self-Acceptance & Reawakening Your Inner Child

Our twenties are so much about unlearning everything we’ve been spoon-fed up to this point so we can return to the core of who we really are. As we grow up and start to do the inner work, we can unlearn all of the stories and beliefs conditioned to protect us over the years and tap into those traits and gifts still within us -- our natural-born state of love, enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, compassion -- to enhance our quality of life, well-being, and happiness as an adult! By healing,...


The Ugly Side of Self-Growth & Knowing When You Need To Shift

The truth about self-growth is that it's not always pretty. In fact, it can be raw, emotional, hard, and exhausting. And sometimes you get so caught up in who you're becoming that you forget who you are. This week, Tori talks about the difference between being vulnerable with others and really being vulnerable with yourself. In this journey of self-discovery and evolution, we all have dark moments. We are all moving through something behind the Instagram highlight reel, the habitual "I'm...


Carrie Creed: You Grow Through What You Go Through

In our twenties, it's easy for us to get caught up in what's holding us back from the life we're dreaming of. Dwelling on the latest office drama, being too hard on ourselves for not crossing everything off our to-do list, or even just feeling unmotivated by the season of life we're in. But for today's guest, the little inconveniences of her twenties were the least of her worries as she contemplated whether or not she'd be able to ever live a normal life again. In today's episode, Carrie...


Jenna Reiss: Following Your Heart & Breathing Into Being You

"Follow your heart." We've heard it over and over again since we were kids, but what does it really mean? In traditional terms, the word courage comes from Latin and it means "acting with your heart." So, following your heart could mean having the courage to do what you think is right. But how the heck do you know what's right when your heart is telling you one thing, your head is telling you another, and everyone around you is telling you even MORE?! Just breathe. Easier said than done in...


Brenna Guinan: Keeping It REAL All The FCKN Time, Even When It's Hard

On this week's episode, the tables are turning (literally). Tori invites a dear friend and host of the REAL FCKN TALK podcast Brenna Guinan on the show to interview her about the mental and physical health issues she's been facing for the last several months. Brenna may be a licensed therapist and mental health counselor, but she's also real AF and doesn't hold back when it comes to talking about her own sh*t, too. Tori and Brenna sit down to talk about the deep stuff, with comedic relief...


Rocío "Luz" Cadena: You Are a Human BEING, Not a Human DOING

Wondering where we've been for the last month? Host Tori Ganahl is back and ready to give you a glimpse into the ups and downs of her life during the last several months. Over the next few weeks, Tori's laying it all out on the table as she brings on guests (old and new) to dive deeper into the struggles she's been facing. During this week's episode, we're throwing it back all the way to November where it all began featuring an interview with Rocío "Luz" Cadena, the founder of Life of...


Cheyenne Baker: Naps (& Snacks) Are Necessary

Ever wonder how a people-pleasing perfectionist defines success?! It's probably not what you’d think... Today's guest on our mini-series Success in 6 Minutes has a pretty simple formula for success: Naps (and snacks, duh...), Gratitude (all the blessings, rainbows & unicorns), and making sure your close circle is elevated. But it hasn't always looked like that. Cheyenne Baker is a 24-year-old with a penchant for expressing her thoughts through writing and amusing rants on her IG stories....


SheLeads Success Summit: A One Day Summit To Level Up Your Leadership

Introducing... the SHELEADS SUCCESS SUMMIT: A one day summit to level up your leadership 💥 This power-packed day is for the emerging woman leader, intentionally designed for her to explore the top leadership skills she needs NOW to be an effective leader tomorrow. If you haven’t noticed, we’re a little obsessed with acronyms and alliterations over here at SheFactor… So naturally, our topics are fully embodying the spirit of She: S ⚡️ Self-Accountability + Alignment H ⚡️ Humility E ⚡️...


Melissa Herrera: Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

In honor of Women's History Month, we're asking ourselves... "What does it mean to be a woman?" For today's guest Melissa Herrera, being a woman means being resilient. Melissa is the host & creator of Mimosa Sisterhood, a women’s history & lifestyle podcast dedicated to celebrating & amplifying women’s voices, past and present. But don't mistake her for a historian. What started as two girlfriends in college studying feminist history who regularly ditched class to drink at the bar, has now...


Sexless In The City feat. Kat Harris from The Refined Woman [Intl. Women's Day Part 2]

Let’s talk WOMANHOOD. In honor of International Women’s Day, we have a special two-part series this week talking all about the parts of being a woman we rarely ever talk about… periods, sex, desire, and honoring our bodies. Kat Harris of @therefinedwoman joins us to ask the hard questions about desire. As a 35-year-old virgin, she’s done the DEEP work questioning what sex means on her journey, especially related to her faith. Over the years, she’s researched what the Bible says about this...


Let’s Talk Periods, Hormone Honeys! feat. Katrina Swanson, Hormone Coach [Intl. Women's Day Part 1]

Let’s talk WOMANHOOD. In honor of International Women’s Day, we have a special two-part series this week talking all about the parts of being a woman we rarely ever talk about… periods, sex, desire, and honoring our bodies. Gone are the days where women used to go away together to celebrate the coming of their period under the moon, dancing and connecting over this beautiful thing that only we as women get to experience. When did we make talking about our periods “awkward” or feel “icky”...


Travel The World For Free (But Stop Anti-Asian Hate Crimes FIRST) with Travel-Hacker Julia Menez

We had been planning on sitting down to record a podcast with one of our SheFactor members Julia of @geobreezetravel since last May but put it off until it was time to talk all about FINANCE (she IS the queen of travel hacking and credit card points, duh). Little did we know, the timing of it all would surface a much more alarming conversation… Ever since the rise of COVID-19, there has been a MAJOR increase in hate-crimes against the Asian community. But as much as people want to believe...


What It Actually Means To Be Anti-Racist, Celebrating Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, we're bringing you a very special panel episode today from our SheCares Wellness Summit. Meet Christa Clarke, Cierra Kaler-Jones, Stephanie Morimoto, Cheryl Sutherland, and Peggy O'Flaherty. This episode highlights the importance of allyship and activism in the fight against racism. These women beautifully portray the importance of education, support, and inclusion, and share their own stories and experiences dealing with racism in today's world. In this...


To Find Love, Find Yourself with Lindsey Metselaar from We Met at Acme Podcast

Why does dating in your 20’s seem like such a hot mess at times? Lindsey Metselaar, the host of We Met at Acme, joins us to spill the tea on all the secrets she’s learned over the years of growing her millennial dating podcast. Lindsey talks about how her 20’s shaped who she is and all the tough but necessary lessons to learn about the dating scene. On her podcast We Met at Acme, Lindsey talks about the things we are often too shy to speak about but are dying to know. We Met at Acme is for...


Mexico, Margaritas + Marriage? feat. Tori's BF Tony

In this second annual Valentine’s Day episode, Tori sits down with her boyfriend Tony during their vacation in Mexico! Tony & Tori reflect on everything that has changed since last year’s episode and spill on everything from new TV show binges to yummy homemade meals to their future relationship plans. And of course, they take questions from the listeners on all things dating, relationships, and some hints on when a ring might be coming... Tune in as Tori & Tony give us the tea on: How...


Home-Based + Heart-Centered with Self-Made Millionaire Martha Krejci

What’s it like to dive headfirst into something that you’ve been dreaming of doing? To suddenly quit your corporate job off a mere gut feeling to start your own company with no prior experience? Well, today’s guest knows a thing or two about going after what she wants, and she’s here to tell you just how taking a leap of faith really feels. Martha Krejci’s life is the comeback story you didn’t know you needed to hear. From her lowest low of alcoholism and depression to riding the high of...